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Event:  Pittcon 2009
Event Dates:  Monday, March 9, 2009 09:00 AM -
Thursday, March 12, 2009 03:00 PM

Floor Plan: 


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EVENT DATES: Monday - Wednesday, March 9 - 11, 2009 9:00AM - 5:00 PM. Thursday, March 12, 2009 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM. Below you will find all exhibitors for this event, click on exhibitor name for more details. If your printouts are being cutoff on the right margin then select "File", "Page Setup" and adjust your margins accordingly.
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Our company is specialized for development, production and sales of 100% maintenance- and wear-free magnetic stirrers and reaction blocks. 2mag-Magnetic Stirrers are submersible and made for using in ovens up to 300°C and up to 96 stirring points, for volumes from 5ml up to 250 liters and new slow-moving bio-stirrer line. 2mag-Reaction Blocks are made for a temperature range -80°C up to +300°C and available with reflux cooler and inert gas sample protection. Customizing is our business. 100% “Made in Germany”.
Specialists in the design, manufacture and marketing of consumables and bench top instrumentation for the life science industry. In addition to our own products we offer custom design tool making as well as contract injection moulding services. 4titude will be exhibiting products for PCR, Sequencing, Compound Storage, and Assay Screening along with the launch of a new Microplate Heat Sealer.
An ISO 9001 certified company, designs and manufactures a complete line of viscometers, electronic balances, scales, weighing indicators and controllers for pharmacy, laboratory, food service and industrial applications, as well as advanced electronic blood pressure monitoring equipment for both home health care and professional markets. Founded in 1977, A&D is a multinational company with operations in Asia, Australia, Europe, Mexico and the United States.
Our name is a synonymon for more than 200 years of constant innovation within the optical measurement industry. Kruess Optronics’ high precision instruments are setting bench marks: a new density meter with 5 digits behind the comma is the new flagship which will be introduced soon. Polarimeters, refraktometers and stereo-zoom microscopes are to be highlighted from Kruess Optronics’ broad range of products. German engineering at its finest is a commitment to Kruess Optronic.
We are the innovators of out-of-laboratory FTIR products. Today we continue to focus on bringing FTIR to more and more diverse applications and end users. The extremely portable and rugged systems are designed to enable users to develop dedicated methods that are deployed in out-of-lab environments.
4470Established in 1978 as a non-profit, public service, membership association, A2LA is dedicated to the formal recognition of competent laboratories. As the United States’ foremost independent laboratory accreditation organization, we offer accreditation programs to every type of testing and calibration laboratory — including manufacturer and supplier in-house facilities and government and university research laboratories — in nearly every field, as well as to inspection bodies, proficiency testing providers, producers of laboratory reference materials and product certification bodies.
3627Science is one of the world's leading weekly general scientific journals. Science has a weekly print readership worldwide of over 700,000 and offers online access to over 1 million viewers. The journal presents peer-reviewed original scientific research articles and reports, and science and research news, as well as policy forums and perspectives on current topics. AAAS, the publisher of Science, is the world's largest nonprofit general science association with programs in science education, policy, and international rights and cooperation.
We offer peptide chemists worldwide a complete line of peptide products and services. From automated peptide and organic synthesizers to laboratory equipment (freeze dryers, HPLC systems, evaporators) to accessories (HPLC columns for peptide, organic and protein chemistry) to high quality protected amino acids, resins and reagents, custom peptide services and expert technical support, you will find that aapptec will meet all your synthesis needs.
Our company offers a wide range of solutions for process and laboratory applications. ABB combines on-line, at-line and laboratory analyzers, advanced process control and application knowledge to create greater value for its customers. Our portfolio includes: high-performance FTIR/FTNIR analytical system solutions and spectroradiometers for petroleum, chemical, life science, metallurgy and remote sensing/aerospace markets as well as standard and specialty process gas chromatographs, multiwave photometers, physical property analyzers and continuous gas analyzers.
745Our company is a leading manufacturer of the best value AbelBonded GC (AB) GC capillary columns and packed columns with complete offers of GC columns that replicate performances of brand-name products. Abel also provides very competitive prices of chromatographic supplies including syringe filters and SPE. Abel is looking for world wide distributors awarding with very flexible and favorable discount rates. For more information, visit our website,
1986Proficiency Testing and Calibration Standards. Organic, Inorganic & Third Party Criteria Analytical Reference Materials (ARM) for Performance Testing, Calibration, & Quality Control. The AbsoluteGrade PT program features a complete line of Proficiency Testing samples. Our knowledgeable technical staff, Easy-to-use onLINE WebPT™ Data Entry System, wide range of products, & low cost keeps your lab calibrated, controlled and accredited. Custom Formulation Services. NELAC/A2LA Accredited Proficiency Test Provider Certificate: 2429.01 ISO 9001:2000 ANSI-RAB Registered Quality System. ISO 17025 Compliant.
1054ATL and iCD are leaders in Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS), providing cutting edge technology using SOA, WPF, WC, Java, .NET, SQL Server and Oracle in a modular configuration. As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and ISO 9001 certified, we pride ourselves on providing a total data management solution and commitment to excellence in product quality, support and training. The Sample Master® Pro LIMS, Result Point™, LABQ and VALIDAT product lines provide a total laboratory automation solution.
1839Offering the most comprehensive selection of Organic and Inorganic reference standards. New standards include those for the analysis of biofuels, plastic additives, dyes, explosives, UOP and ASTM methods as well as upgraded products for PIANO and physical properties analysis. Industry exclusives include over 190 PBDE standards plus many metabolites, all 209 PCB congeners and metabolites, and many pesticides and their metabolites. All products made using ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 17025 quality system.
The ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board/ACLASS provides non-profit accreditation to Calibration and Testing Laboratories (ISO/IEC 17025), Reference Material Producers (ISO Guide 34) and Inspection Bodies (ISO/IEC 17020) as well as Training. ACLASS is a signatory to the ILAC Mutual Recognition Arrangements which provides international recognition. We serve manufacturers, suppliers, in-house facilities, government, and university research labs in over 15 countries.  Customers include the USP, American Type Culture Collection, Sypris Test and Measurement, Boston Scientific, Phillips Medical, Intertek, GE, Sartorius, Lockheed Martin.
3974With 10,000 members, the Division of Analytical Chemistry is the third largest division of ACS. It organizes programming at the spring and fall ACS meetings and also partners with Pittcon to program at their meetings. The Division website provides a variety of information and member services, including the Analytical Sciences Digital Library. The Division has a wide range of outreach programs including student travel grants and regional meeting support. Its award program includes undergraduate, graduate and professional awards. This member oriented and directed group works for you! Please join or volunteer to help.
3486See the new lineup of balances from Adam Equipment for 2009. We offer a complete range of precision weighing instruments including research analyticals, high capacity scales for pilot production, portable compacts for the field, and more. Our products are designed with intuitive operation to make everyday lab work easy and complex applications simple. Every product is factory tested and calibrated in Danbury USA before shipment, and built with the perfect balance of dependability and performance since 1972. Online at:
We are specialized in providing many air quality solutions from the laminar hoods, biosafety cabinets to the modular clean rooms. We propose a standard line of products and we can follow client specifications.
4016DNA/RNA oligonucleotide analysis (Oligo PRO™) and for size based protein analysis (Protein PRO™). In 2009, a 96 and 24-channel fluorescent system for DNA/RNA fragment, carbohydrate and protein analysis will be released.
We also manufacturers a flow-cytometry based instrument capable of rapid microbial detection and enumeration (Micro PRO™).
Our company provides analytical scientists and managers with software for data handling and interpretation, chromatographic method development, impurity identification, material science studies, open-access laboratories, and more. Over the past decade, ACD/Labs has developed one of the most comprehensive integrated software for NMR, MS, HPLC, Raman, and IR on the market. Characterized by easy-to-use chemometric applications, processors, and managers, ACD/Labs’ molecular spectroscopy software is actively used in both industrial and academic research facilities around the world.
1617ACE ultra pure HPLC columns are designed to meet the most challenging of chromatographic applications. A wide range of particle sizes, pore sizes, bonding chemistries and column dimensions are available. Excellent column performance (up to 200,000 plates/metre) and reproducible chromatography with acidic, basic and neutral molecules is ensured by the most stringent of validation protocols.
(APS), is newly formed company with the focus of bringing the laboratory the Products of Tomorrow, Today! APS has reached an exclusive agreement with Capp A/S to represent the Cappbrand pipette line in the U.S. The Capp Aero pipettes truly represent the most unique pipettes on the market. Capp is the only pipette which the lab can easily convert from left to right handed and adjustable to fixed volume. With this new patented design, APS now brings the world's first "fixed volume" multichannel pipette as well as the world's first 64 channel pipette to the laboratory.
963We’re an integrated media company with a science grouping containing the Bioscience Technology, Chromatography Techniques, Drug Discovery & Development, Laboratory Equipment, R&D Magazine, and Scientific Computing brands. These brands comprise a diversified portfolio of print publications, e-newsletters, specialized directories, vertical-search databases, conferences, ancillary media vehicles, and associated web- and electronic-based services. Our products are created to educate and inform chemists, life scientists and researchers on the application of technology-based products and processes in the medium best suited to their needs.
Our company manufactures a variety of laboratory instrumentation products including: fraction collectors, magnetic stirrers, water baths electrophoresis units and rocking incubators. Advantec MFS Inc has an extensive line of membrane filtration that includes MCE, PTFE, PCTE and Nylon filters as well as Glass Fiber, Polyflon and Quartz pre-filters. Products also include disposable syringe units, Petri dishes, gridded membranes and media to meet your Micro needs, cartridges, capsules and glass, plastic or stainless filter holders. Our products uphold the highest manufacturing standards to ensure quality, durability and longevity.
Our company has transformed itself from a manufacturer of chromatography consumables into an innovative global supplier of chromatographic solutions. Our products and services include: HPLC columns, accessories and supplies; GC columns, accessories and supplies; solid phase extraction equipment, cartridges and accessories; general lab. supplies (syringe filters, vials/caps/septa); chromatographic purification solutions (equipment, columns and bulk media) and services from sub-gram to kilogram. With Agela Technologies, you get better performance at lower cost!
3634, SR37
Our company is a leading provider of measurement solutions in the electronic and bio-analytical markets. Our bio-analytical instruments and related software are currently used in over 100 countries in the life sciences, academia, research, pharmaceutical, environmental and chemical industries. Agilent has a wide selection of technology platforms, including: Liquid Chromatography; LC/MS; LC/MS/MS; Microfluidics; Microarray; ICP-MS; Gas Chromatography; GC/MS; GC/MS/MS; Workflow Automation; CE/MS; Particle analysis; Atomic force microscopy; Informatics; along with a complete line of associated columns, reagents, consumables and parts.
We are a global leader in the design, development and manufacture of innovative filtration media for a wide variety of industries, markets and applications.  Ahlstrom offers a complete range of products for sample preparation and analytical analysis including, high purity cotton and cellulose filters, glass microfiber filters, prefilters, thimbles, chromatography and blotting papers, seed germination, soil and specialty testing papers.  Our products are approved for use in a multitude of wet chemistry and instrumental applications including EPA, ASTM, STM and CFR methodology.
Our company develops rugged, ultra-compact optical systems for immediate identification of unknown chemicals. FirstDefender (Raman) and TruDefender FT (FTIR) provide field-based identification of explosives, narcotics, TICs/TIMs and white powders for first responders, military and public safety personnel. TruScan is a handheld Raman system for the pharmaceutical industry, providing rapid raw material verification. With honors including the Frost & Sullivan 2008 Chemical Identification Product of the Year and an R&D 100 Award, Ahura Scientific delivers the most innovative handheld optical instruments available.

Manufacturers of the polyproLABS® line of Fume Hoods, Lab casework furniture, Laminar flow clean air stations, Gloveboxes, and Modular cleanrooms, all constructed in hot acid resistant polypropylene material, with NO exposed metal, for critical Trace Metals Analysis processes.  In addition, since 1959, Air Control, Inc. has designed and manufactured a wide array of products which provide controlled environments for many applications.  These include acid (polypropylene) and solvent (stainless steel) wet process stations, desiccator (Lexan and acrylic) dry boxes, pharmaceutical powder containment systems, isolators, and a large variety of custom designed and quality manufactured related equipment.  Air Control's three divisions may be found at,, and

Our company is the largest supplier of EPA protocol gases and sole-source supplier to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) for gaseous Standard Reference Material candidates (SRMs). Air Liquide specializes in pure and mixed gases for all types of scientific, medical, and industrial applications. Worldwide manufacturing facilities provide convenient delivery, while offers online ordering and innovative etools that empower specialty gas users to significantly reduce operating costs and ensure environmental regulatory compliance. 800-217-2688
CryoEase® microbulk solutions from Air Products can provide you with a cost-effective, reliable alternative to cylinders, with the advantages of bulk supply for your nitrogen, argon, or oxygen needs. This supply option uses specially designed delivery tankers for smaller volume deliveries in tight access areas and innovative on-site storage systems. We can also provide you with turnkey gas delivery system installations from point of supply to point of use.
2710Our ductless fume hoods with fully automated filter saturation detection systems and back-up filters enable us to conform to all relevant safety standards. Eco friendly design is energy efficient and pollution free. We specialize in customizing filters and enclosures to user specified requirements, thus protecting the environment and the operator. Products include PCR workstations, downflow benches, acid hoods, weighing and robotic enclosures, and laminar flow cabinets
3860Manufactures a complete range of ductless fume hoods and laminar flow hoods designed to protect the operator, the process, or both from toxic vapors, fumes, gases, and particulate. In addition to standard hoods, AirClean Systems manufactures numerous application-oriented products such as PowderSafe balance enclosures, PCR workstations, and microscope enclosures.
2021, SR49
Our company specializes in engineering the right solutions for analytical and life science laboratories. From high-purity gases (99.999%) to high-tolerance blends; from regulators and manifolds to complete laboratory design services; from cryogenic gases and freezers to Airgas-managed off-site repositories, you’ll find it all with Airgas. With more than 65 specialty gas labs — two thirds certified to ISO 9000 standards, three certified to ISO 17025 standards — 23 AcuGrav™ automated specialty gas fill stations, and automated FTIR analysis, Airgas provides consistent top quality, local inventory and reliable delivery.
Our company manufactures a range of highly innovative gas analyzing solutions and laboratory equipment. The Gas Detector Array GDA2 for First Responders is specifically designed to detect and monitor most common hazardous gases including chemical warfare agents (CWA).  Fast Quality Control can be realized with the Electronic Nose PEN3. The EDU3 offers an easy way to perform the whole analysis cycle including enrichment and desorption and can be coupled to different detectors in a flexible way.  Airsense is well-known for transferring sensors technology towards in the field or industrial applications (i-PEN-series).
955Our Company offers LIMS software product named BTLIMS. BTLIMS enables laboratories to manage complex processes and comply with national and international quality management system requirements. With its excellent flexibility, BTLIMS can be easily configured to match the dynamic processes of virtually any laboratory in environmental, industrial hygiene, public health, food, water and chemical industries. The easy-to-use, yet powerful, management system proves to make BTLIMS a vital tool for any laboratory.
We offer the next generation of AFM's and AFM-NanoRaman Systems. Featuring the NEW AIST-NT SmartSPM™ ATOMIC FORCE MICROSCOPE and the New OmegaScope™ 1000 AFM-NanoRaman system. All feature Automatic AFM Set-up, Low noise, Fastest Scanning Times, a fully expandable Open Controller, a 1300nm AFM laser does not interfere with the most popular Raman lasers, and a scan head fully designed to be Integrate with optical spectrometry and achieve the NanoRaman performance using TERS / SERS.
925Kromasil® is a spherical silica media for analytical to process-scale HPLC, SFC, and SMB applications. Kromasil has superior mechanical and chemical stability with high available surface area. Products include Kromasil 100Å as Silica, C4, C8, C18, Phenyl and Amino; Kromasil 60Å as Silica, Diol and Cyano; Kromasil 300Å as Silica, C4, C8, and C18. Kromasil chiral phases include the tartaric acid-based TBB and DMB along with the polysaccharide coated phases like the cellulose-based CelluCoat™ and amylose-based AmyCoat™ phases.

Our company is the source for Science and Laboratory furniture systems, casework, fume hoods and Laboratory equipment.  Our environment is the responsibility of not only individuals but also the corporate community.  Our “GreenG3” fume hood can save vast amounts of energy while adding extraordinary safety features. ALC-Collegedale can contribute toward LEED Credits with a product line utilizing renewable, recyclable and FSC materials.

Parafilm M is a semi-transparent, flexible, thermoplastic, highly waterproof sheet material.  It’s unique properties make it ideal and adaptable for many important laboratory uses .  It molds and seals itself tightly around test tubes, flasks – and various instruments and objects with irregular surfaces.  It is highly insensitive to moisture vapor, moisture loss and moisture absorption and yet permeable to gasses sufficiently to make it ideal for working with culture media.
Our company manufactures a full line of detergents for superior laboratory cleaning of BOD bottles, environmental sampling equipment, pipettes, HPLC lines & trace analysis labware. Each Alconox brand rinses free leaving no interfering residues behind for reliable results. Alconox, Inc provides certificates & technical support to meet laboratory accreditation guidelines, FDA validations, ISO audits. Alconox cleaners are designed for a variety of methods from manual, ultrasonic, immersion to machine washers. Alconox brands are sold through leading distributors in the laboratory, healthcare, & industrial fields in the USA & over 40 countries.
4332We are a world-class manufacturer of high purity and reagent grade chemicals and Labware for life science and high technology research, development and production. Product ranges include solvents, chirals, organics, organometallics, inorganics, isotopes, polymers, stains and dyes, and Labware. Products highlighted at Pittcon 2009 will include specialty solvents, specialty glassware, and products for organic synthesis and drug discovery. Isotec isotope offering includes Deuterium, Caron, Nitrogen and Oxygen labeled compounds, NMR Solvents, Reference Standards, Noble Gases and Gas Mixes.
Our company is a leading manufacturer and supplier of specialty and high purity chemicals available in quantities for research or production. The 2008/09 Alfa Aesar Catalog includes more than 30,000 products and over 3,000 new items. In addition, the catalog also includes a full line of Platinum Labware, Spectroflux® alkali borate analytical fluxes and the Specpure® brand of analytical standards.
Our company manufactures a unique brand of MFCs along with other flow and pressure instrumentation used in applications where competitive devices may not have the flexibility or durability to survive. Alicat is an intellectual warehouse of engineers and personnel educated and tested in a variety of disciplines. Alicat understands there is seldom an “off-the-shelf” solution to a dilemma. That is why we are always ready to customize our core products to fit the need of the customer whenever necessary and in record time.

Our company is an analytical instrumentaion company that develops and markets solutions for smell, taste, and chemical profliling: electronic nose and tongue analyzers and laboratory services in chemical and sensory analysis to outsource your project. These solutions address the needs of R&D, product development/formulation, marketing, regulatory affairs, quality assurance and quality control departments in various industries: food & beverage, plastics and packaging, pharmaceutical industry, personal care, tobacco, environment, chemicals. 

Our company sells a full range of custom analyzers based on the Agilent 7890A GC for ASTM, GPA and refinery applications. The GEANNA High Speed Refinery Gas Analyzer rivals micro GC speeds with an analysis time under 100 seconds. Liquid sampling valve is standard and the systems can double as a fast and reliable LPG analyzer as well.  Look to Alpha Omega for custom applicated GC, GC/MS, and HPLC systems. New and reconditioned systems available, along with repair services, contracts, and customer training. Your source for many parts for HP/Agilent instruments, we help extend the life of your older chromatography instruments
1886Affordable new and used combustion analysis instrumentation for CHNOS in metals, steel, iron, coal, oil, organics and acid digestion. Supplies and standards for combustion, fusion, food protein, elemental analysis. Glassware, tubing, standards and other supplies for ICP/AA analysis and Graphite Flameless AA. Worldwide and in-house certified SRM’s for petroleum, coal, food protein, water, soil, metal. Ceramic crucibles, boats, liners and other high temperature ceramic combustion supplies. Graphite crucibles, quartz and precision glass blowing. Supplies for XRF and metallography. ISO 17025 certified.
Our company provides a wide range of useful electrochemical products including QCM and EQCM flow cell, a compact size of Ring-disk electrode apparatus, and Conductivity meters. We are also dealing with batch and flow type of Spectroelectrochemical cell, developed new types of electrode, IDA electrodes, ITO and Pt/Au Grid electrode and silk printed electrode based on customer's inquiry. We sincerely hope that you will absolutely enjoy our cost-effective and quality products with our high-integrity support.
Our company supplies a wide range of instruments for catalysis research. Altamira’s single and multi-station instruments are custom-configured with options that include liquid feeds, high-pressure operation, and GC/MS integration.
Our company is the world’s largest scientific society with over 160,000 members worldwide. At the ACS booth, discover the many benefits of ACS Membership and receive your free gift for signing up. Pick up your free copy of C&EN, the leading newsmagazine of the chemical & life sciences world and find out how to recruit top scientific talent with ACS Careers and C&EN Classifieds. Learn more about ACS journals including Analytical Chemistry and the Journal of Proteome Research and the new ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces journal debuting in 2009.
For issues in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, American Drug Discovery is your go-to source for cutting-edge, unbiased editorial that covers subjects such as: assay development, cell culture, combinatorial chemistry, protein expression, gene expression, crystallography, informatics/bioinformatics, microarrays, SNP analysis, laboratory automation, and liquid chromatography. For your FREE subscription, visit
2025, 2221
Our publications are edited for North American chemists and life scientists for the application of instrumentation to analytical chemistry, bio-analysis and applied spectroscopy. Editorial includes application notes, technical articles, and information on current laboratory instrumentation. Home Page   St. Andrews conducts research which serves an international group of clients who are seeking reliable marketing intelligence to help them make critical sales and marketing decisions.
The journal dedicated to pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical contract services, includes regular sections on contract manufacturing, contract research, contract packaging, formulation/development services, contract analytical testing, APIs, stability testing, and clinical research. To read online, please visit www.pharmoutsourcing. Also online, visit Pharmaceutical Outsourcing Company Focus 2008 at

2239American Pharmaceutical Review is the leading review of business and technology for the pharmaceutical industry throughout North America. Each issue offers our readers unbiased editorial on the following topics: research and development, analytical development and control, equipment and facility manufacturing, information technology/compliance, and regulatory affairs. To read online, visit

Our Electronic Instruments Group (EIG) is a recognized leader in advanced monitoring, testing, calibrating, and display instruments for process, aerospace, power and industrial markets worldwide.  AMETEK EIG has annualized sales of approximately $1.4 billion.   AMETEK is a leading global manufacturer of electronic instruments and electromechanical devices with annualized sales of more than $2.4 billion.

Quizix, Inc. is a manufacturer of extremely high precision fluid pump systems. Quizix has developed three lines of high performance pumps, associated electronic control components, and PumpWorks, our user interface software.  Quizix pump systems were originally designed for use in the core analysis area of oil field research, and have been cited in numerous papers presented at technical conferences on core analysis and related research.  With the introduction of the QX Series pump, Quizix’s market has expanded to other laboratory and science markets, as well as to production environments where precision in flow rate or volume measurement is critical.
Petrolab Company offers Analytical Testing Instrumentation for field or lab use.  Petrolab’s range of products includes: Grabner vapor pressure, distillation, flashpoint, gas/diesel/jet fuel, color, viscosity and water-in-crude test instruments; Petrotest’s fuel, biodiesel, oil, grease, wax, and asphalt testing equipment; Lawler’s fuel and lubricant testing apparatus; Tamson / Labovisco’s chillers, baths, and viscosity apparatus; and Lovibond/Tintometer color measurement instruments.
4855The ProLine Mass Spectrometer features a compact benchtop design and offers MS from 1 to 300 AMU at a very affordable price. Features include real-time, multi-stream, multi-component, quantitative analysis with automatic sample and calibration inlet valve switching. Weatherproof or hazardous area configurations are available. The ProLine mass spec. is ideal for both R&D and on-site gas analysis applications. See the IPS-4, the newest generation of process spectrophotometers. In addition, AMETEK offers the Trace Analytical Gas Chromatograph product line.
1153Chrom&Spec is a 21 CFR Part 11 compatible Chromatography Data System for GC, HPLC, GPC, CE and Planar Chromatography. Chrom&Spec can control more than 100 devices from various manufacturers. In addition, almost any detector can be connected to the system through an optional RS232-powered true 4-channel 24-bit ADC. The new version features an advanced report generator, unique algorithms for traditional chromatography and multi-channel data processing: spectral identification, calculated channels, peak deconvolution by means of factor analysis or EMG approximation. Software customization and development of device drivers is offered to OEMs.
3644AMPTEK is the world leader in supplying low cost thermoelectrically cooled X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) Detectors and Electronics for the OEM. The Si-PIN, SDD and CdTe detectors, with their Preamplifiers and Digital Pulse Processors (DPP), are ideal for OEMs developing table-top or hand-held XRF analyzers. Applications include RoHS/WEEE, Process Control and Alloy/Lead analysis. The XR-100SDD detector has 139eV resolution at 100,000 counts/sec. For their high reliability and performance, AMPTEK detectors were selected to perform XRF on the surface of MARS.
2910Since 1961 Analtech has been manufacturing quality thin layer chromatography plates, providing friendly and expert technical assistance and helping customers solve real problems with real solutions. In fact thin layer chromatography is our sole focus. We carry an extensive line of over 500 formats of plates, as well as a wide range of accessories and lab supplies. Lab managers, purchasers and educators alike have come to know Analtech as the reasonably priced, responsive experts in thin layer chromatography.
Our company is a new Canadian manufacturer of valves and fittings for chromatography. Our expertise in trace gas analysis and five years of development, has lead to a completely new, patented design of diaphragm valves for GC injection, switching and selection for both lab and process. this advanced technology has sparked innovative changes and improvements for HPLC. We have solutions for your applications and applications for your solutions. Come and talk to us and see the future.
Our company provides quality reconditioned instrumentation and used laboratory equipment across the globe. Each of our skilled technicians has over a decade of commercial lab experience necessary for professional installation, training and support. We specialize in GC, GC/MS, HPLC, IC, AA, ICP and a wide variety of autosamplers. AIR also provides reliable used laboratory equipment; Balances, Ovens, Chillers, Centrifuges, Hoods, Extraction and Concentration equipment. Visit us at for more information on Service, System Rentals, leasing and laboratory/equipment purchases.
Our company (APG) is an international provider of proficiency testing and quality assurance services. Proficiency testing (PT) schemes and Quality Control (QC) standards are available for laboratories that test drinking water (WS), waste water (WP), soils and hazardous waste, and microbiological samples. APG has all DMRQA analytes to satisfy DMRQA requirements. APG has evaluated almost 2,000,000 data points. APG is A2LA accredited and meets the requirements for ISO/IEC 17025:2005. Since 1982, we have been helping environmental labs improve the quality of their data.
4077The Analytical Sciences Digital Library (ASDL) is a free electronic library accessible at providing valuable educational materials such as animations, applications, class materials, laboratory exercises, and tutorials. The weblinks catalogued in ASDL have been peer-reviewed and annotated. The Journal of the Analytical Sciences Digital Library (JASDL) publishes peer-reviewed articles and curriculum modules. ASDL has something for everyone: educators, students and practioners. Get involved with ASDL by contributing new content, signing into our professional directory, or volunteering to serve as a reviewer.
1417Analytical Scientific Instruments (ASI) develops innovative product for HPLC, Micro LC, and LC/MS. We manufacture a broad range of instruments, components, and consumables including: PrimeLine isocratic and gradient HPLC and UHPLC (high pressure) Pumps with Micro, Analytical, Semi-Prep, and Prep Pump Heads, PrimeLine isocratic and reciprocating Syringe Pumps, Post Column Reactor (PCR) Modules, QuickSplit Adjustable, Fixed, Makeup, and Multi-Port Flow Splitters, HyperShear Static Mixers (HPLC and UHPLC), and PrimeLine HPLC Replacement Parts. We can also apply our engineering and manufacturing expertise to meet your specific OEM project requirements.
2575Our company celebrates 20 years of business focused on supplying electrochemistry sensors and other solutions. Our custom design & manufacturing capabilities are industry leading and provide a cost effective solution to hundreds of customers worldwide. We can provide you with a pH, Conductivity, Dissolved Oxygen, ORP, or any of about 18 Ion-Specific aqueous sensor technologies to address your customers' testing needs. We also provide custom injection molding capabilities, engineering services, and have a host of laboratory accessory products (stirrers, electrode holders, calibration standards, etc) to round out your offering.
Our company develops and sells innovative software for analysis of molecular spectroscopy data. The Analyze IQ software suite is specifically designed for analysing mixtures, using patent-protected new techniques based on machine learning technology, as well as supporting a range of standard chemometric techniques. The suite includes software for data management, and a library of Raman spectra. Analyze IQ also provides a range of services, including development of OEM software solutions, training, data validation and analysis, and bespoke model development.

Our publications operate as a high quality filter, prioritizing and synthesizing primary research literature in 37 disciplines for the Biomedical, Life, Physical, and Social Sciences. Our comprehensive review articles help researchers prioritize and navigate the vast amount of primary research literature that is available to them. Annual Review of Analytical Chemistry® addresses measurement science in general, with a focus on concepts, materials, chemicals, and/or processes. The series draws from disciplines as diverse as biology, physics, and engineering, with analytical chemistry as the unifying theme.

ANSUL® SPILL-X® Hazardous Spill Control Products  Acids, organics, caustics, formaldehyde… no matter what the spill, make sure you have an ANSUL® SPILL-X® spill treatment agent on hand. It’s the easiest, fastest, and most efficient way to handle a small to medium chemical spill before it becomes a big problem. SPILL-X-A® agent neutralizes and solidifies most organic and inorganic acids. SPILL-X-S® agent adsorbs organic solvents like benzene. SPILL-X-C® agent is a neutralizer and solidifier of caustics like sodium hydroxide. And SPILL-X-FP® agent polymerizes and solidifies formaldehyde spills.

Our company and its subsidiary Antec (USA) is a supplier of analyzers based on HPLC with electrochemical detection (ECD). Dedicated ALEXYS analyzers for the neuroscience, pharmaceutical & biotech, clinical & diagnostic, food & beverage and environmental market have been developed. Typical applications include the analysis of neurotransmitters (monoamines, GABA, glutamate, ACH), aminogycoside antibiotics, disulfides, glutathione, carbohydrates, flavonoids, vitamins, EPA phenols, polyphenols, etc. Magic Diamond™ a new electrode material for unprecedented performance in HPLC-EC will be displayed for the first time.
Our company produces high-quality measuring instruments for industrial and research applications. In the fields of density and concentration measurement it is the world leader. Its portfolio also includes viscometers, rheometers, polarimeters and refractometers; and instruments for X-ray structure analysis, microwave synthesis and microwave decomposition. Openness to customer requirements forms the basis for new product ideas. Anton Paar’s strong R&D department and its partnerships with research institutes turn these ideas into instruments at the cutting edge of technology.
We are a global professional scientific society for all individuals and corporations with interest in the fats, oils, surfactants, detergents and related materials fields. For the past 100 years, the role of AOCS in the fats and oils industries has been to promote the science and technology of lipids through harmonized analytical methods, proficiency testing, peer-reviewed technical publishing, and providing venues for technical discussions and educational opportunities. Today, AOCS is a global partner in the science and technology industry, with over 4,500 members thought 90 countries.
Established in 1992, AppliChem GmbH supplies over 5,000 chemicals and biochemical's to the worldwide research community through distribution and subsidiaries. Most products are available in bulk and sold throughout the Life Sciences including the Chemical, Diagnostic, Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics Industries. In addition to products, single and multi-step custom synthesis services are provided. AppliChem also offers unique technology and know-how in the area of inactivation, decontamination and degradation of biomolecules. Bench scientists, production and licensing personnel and distributors welcomed.
4072Manufactures process analyzers for online gas or liquid composition. AAI product line revolves around a UV VIS NIR diode array process spectrophotometer that provides simultaneous determination of multicomponents for a range of concentrations. Applications in the environmental, chemical, petrochemical & pharmaceutical industries include: CEM, sulfur recovery (tailgas, hydrogen sulfide, mercaptans, sulfur dioxide) aromatics, NOx, ammonia, chlorine, metal ions, color and more. IR sensors for moisture, CH4, CO & CO2. AAI is a supplier of Spectroscopy-grade fiber optics. Continuously refining our products, providing for a greater control of your process.
1051, 1619
Our company is now a part of Life Technologies Corporation (NASDAQ:LIFE), a global biotechnology tools company dedicated to improving the human condition. Applied Biosystems systems, consumables and services enable researchers to accelerate scientific exploration, driving to discoveries and developments that make life even better. Life Technologies was created by the combination of Invitrogen Corporation and Applied Biosystems Inc.
4063We are a world leader in the design, development and manufacturing of sintered porous metal media, components, and engineered assemblies. We offer a wide range of porosity, from submicron to over 100 micron, using stainless steel, titanium, hastelloy, Inconel, Monel or Nickel to include temperature and corrosion resistance applications. Through extensive secondary capabilities and the use of technologies such as laser cutting and electron beam welding, APT, Inc. produces a wide range of custom and OEM assemblies, providing total solutions to many different industries. Located here in the US we also serve Europe and Asia from our sales office in Sweden
1977ARE is a manufacturer of accessories and consumables for fluid transfer in HPLC and LC. We offer a complete line of tubing and capillaries in a wide variety of diameters and materials, high and low pressure fingertight fittings and connection accessories, accessory kits, column hardware, high and low pressure filters in different materials, cutters, tools, solvent saver, degassers and valves. We offer custom manufacturing in PEEK, SS, PTFE and other materials. Located in Berlin (Germany) we serve from here Europe and Asia. Our US sales office in Eatontown , NJ serves the Americas.
3871Environmentally sound chemistries: systems for solvent free reactions/extractions, polymer fractionation and polymer impregnation. Systems for nanoparticles manufacturing, aerogel drying, critical point drying. See the many different applications for supercritical fluids, not just extraction. Laboratory systems, pilot plants. NEW student-friendly supercritical fluid instrument for college labs. Expanded clean room for filling DNA and other bio-packings. Have your packings custom filled in any quantity, any size, any volume. Solid phase extraction... applications…largest selection of SPE products, also flash chromatography.
Our company is a superior analytical testing and consulting laboratory providing molecular and elemental analytical services for the environmental, pharmaceutical, agricultural, textile, and research communities. A “one size fits all” mentality for analytical chemistry often yields erroneous results for complicated situations which equates to money and time. Defensible data, customer service, and fast turn around times at a competitive price, that’s ASC.
2269On-Line Process Analyzers for Continuous Liquid Chemical Analysis for Closed Loop Control. Concentration Monitors by Titration, Colorimetry, ISE & Voltammetry for Most Anions, Cations & Trace Metals. Industrial Rated for all Hazardous Area Classifications. Turn-Key Solutions using Applikon Designed "Preconditioning Systems" for the Most Harsh & Challenging Applications. 99% Uptimes Guaranteed with High Accuracies and Low Maintenance. From Single Sample Point to Multiplexing and Multi Chemical Parameters our Diverse Range of Products are Suitable in Most Process Manufacturing and Environmental Industries.
Laboratory Water Purification at prices you can afford! AQUA SOLUTIONS has saved its customers millions of dollars over the past 20-years, by providing lab water systems that cost less to purchase, install, operate, and maintain. Our Type I Systems produce 2-3 LPM of 18-Megohm water directly from ordinary tap water. Analytical, Biological, and Ultra-Low TOC versions are available with or without built-in Reverse Osmosis Pretreatment for operation anywhere in the world on 12-Volts DC. They are made in the USA, certified by CSA, have the CE mark for export, and include a 2-year warranty.
Our company manufactures broadband, high power amplifiers from dc – 45 GHz, 1 – 50,000 and a full line of complimentary accessories. Our A3 series of amplifiers features variable output impedance to better match applications with load impedances other than 50 ohms.  Power available in 800, 1500 and 5000 watts, this amplifier family covers 10 kHz to 3 MHz and has been used in florescent lighting, ultrasound, plasma generation and testing applications and for general lab use.
Our company manufactures Ultrapure Type I water systems, general deionization units and water purification cartridges for the scientific community. Replacement cartridges fit most major brands of water systems. The featured Gemini Ultrapure water system incorporates Multipass UV and microprocessor controlled dispensing function for the most critical applications. As a division of ResinTech, Aries Filterworks is intimate with the core technology of deionization. Products are made in the USA using ResinTech's premium resins, carbons, and specialty medias.
Our company is an ISO 9001:2000 registered company that designs, manufactures, and markets Computrac® precision moisture, solids and ash analysis instruments and Jerome® toxic gas detectors. These instruments are used in research and development, quality control, process control, and environmental monitoring applications. We provide comprehensive pre- and post-sale customer service including application development, training, and instrument calibration and repair.
Our products and services enable laboratories to quickly and easily optimize liquid handling processes and document testing protocol to ensure data integrity, compliance, and efficiency. The PCS enables fast and easy frequent interim verifications for all of your handheld pipettes. The MVS allows you to verify accuracy and precision, troubleshoot, and optimize the performance of your automated liquid handlers and multichannel pipettes. LHQA is a comprehensive, scientifically based, rigorous pipette technique training and certification program. Trust your results. Today.
2208We manufacture the Vapor Phase FTIR Detector for GC/FTIR analysis. The bench-top system provides the separating power of the GC with the structural idenification of the FTIR. The unit can be combined with an MS to produce FTIR & MS data in a single GC injection. The Universal TITAN PTV inlet for split/splitless and LVI injection modes. Field service and maintenance solutions on Agilent and Hitachi equipment.
Our company is the leading provider of seamlessly integrated microanalysis solutions, for a wide range of automated particle characterization applications involving; product purity, contamination diagnostics, predictive maintenance and other statistical process control initiatives. Incorporating electron beam and elemental microanalysis technologies, ASPEX units are deployed today solving a broad spectrum of complex microanalysis problems, from the identification of foreign particles in inhaled pharmaceuticals to coating failures of implantable medical devices. Outsourcing services include Method Development, System Validation, and Project Management Support.
3975This organization fosters the interchange of ideas among managers from a variety of institutions and companies. Our unique strength lies in providing a forum for laboratory managers to interact with others who have similar problems and who are willing to share solutions and ideas that have worked in their laboratories. Individual and corporate memberships are available. For details on membership or our annual conference and workshops, please visit our website.
2509Organized in 1898, ASTM International is one of the largest voluntary standards development organizations in the world and a trusted source for technical standards for materials, products, systems, and services. Today, ASTM continues to play an international leadership role in the standardization needs of the global marketplace. ASTM’s 12,000 standards, developed by the work of over 140 technical committees, are crucial to the information infrastructure that guides design, manufacturing and trade worldwide. These standards and related technical information are available online, on CD-ROM, and in print.
Our company was established in 1990. Our Industrial group manufactures and services the Astoria, Astoria2, and Astoria Discrete analyzers for laboratories that are monitoring nutrients, ions and other tests in water and wastewater, soils and plants, wine, beer, pharmaceutical, and other markets. Our Clinical group manufactures and services the SPOTCHECK system, which laboratories use to monitor the health of newborns. Additionally, both groups produce and market convenient reagent kits for their bench-top systems.
For over 68 years, ATAGO has been an industry leader in designing and manufacturing high quality refractometers and polarimeters. ATAGO Instruments are used in over 155 countries world-wide in many different industries. On display will be our full line of refractometers, the RX-5000 Alpha Digital Benchtop, the In-line Brix-Monitor CM-780, the NEW water-resistant MASTER-series hand-held, as well as our best-selling Digital “Pocket” PAL-series refractometers. ATAGO’s fully automatic AP-300 Polarimeter will also be available.
4578Specialize in providing smart solutions for elemental analysis and liquid handling! We are an industry leader in the innovation, manufacturing and supply of high-tech scientific instruments with long-term technical support. Our product line includes Atomic Absorption Spectrometer, Atomic Fluorescence Spectrometer, Microwave Digestion Systems, and a versatile line of cost-effective automatic liquid handling systems, VERSA. Our products are sold through leading distributors in mining, petroleum, chemical agricultural pharmaceutical and medical, environmental and commercial laboratory industries worldwide.
856Develop and globally implement Matrix software products, including Gemini, a modern LIMS built with .NET tools that provides an identical interface for Windows or an Internet browser. Gemini is configurable without using custom code or scripts, hence is faster to deploy and easier to support. “Track-IT”- a flexible Sample Tracker that may track samples or other items such as: pathology slides and tissues, hazardous waste, instruments and test apparatus, clinical samples, controlled labels, customer complaints and more. Stability Express is a complete solution for managing and reporting pharmaceutical / food stability studies.
Our company, a leader in the field of fiber optic spectroscopy, manufactures portable spectrometer systems, light sources, fiber optic cables & sampling accessories for UV/VIS/NIR measurement from 190-2500 nm. Avantes instruments are configurable with a variety of detector arrays and communication options including USB, USB2, Wireless, and RS232. We offer spectroscopy systems for research environments along with OEM spectroscopy components for integration into other systems. Avantes welcomes custom engineering and OEM inquiries. Avantes has thousands of spectrometers in the field and experienced sales engineers to assist you with your application needs.
3278We are a leading provider of instrumentation, supplies, software and service to life science and biochemical analysis markets. With our wide-angle perspective we are delighted to serve researchers, Institutes, laboratories and other organizations active in Biotech world.
Our company is a source of high-performance precision tools and optical inspection systems for industrial, scientific, research and education applications. Product lines include alignment tools, video inspection systems, magnifiers, precision knives, pliers and cutters, illumination equipment and other workbench solutions. An electronics innovator since 1983, Aven is located in a high-tech corridor of Southeast Michigan and is the parent company of SharpVue, which designs and manufactures integrated digital microscope technology.
Our company provides Custom Design and advanced Contract Manufacturing services for photonic customers in the medical, military, aerospace, communications, and industrial markets. Avo's Design & Manufacturing Services provide customers with support throughout all stages of the product lifecycle – Concept thru Prototype and into Production. Avo's personnel and equipment are an extension of its customer's business, providing transparent services at the volumes needed. High-value design, rapid prototyping, volume manufacturing, electro-optic performance testing, and environmental testing are all part of Avo's standard offerings.
2036Your partner for: efficient modulated-blackbody Mid-IR Sources for non-dispersive infrared and photo-acoustic gas sensing; compact high-speed sensitive Mass Flow Sensors for responsive carrier gas control and leak detection applications; custom refractive and diffractive Micro-Optics Development for optical instrumentation. With our experienced engineering team, advanced MEMS foundry capabilities and total quality management approach, we turn ideas into solutions. Since 1999, as an ISO 9001/2000 certified and ISO TS 16949 compliant supplier, axetris has been serving OEMs in instrumentation.
Our company offers a broad line of software and hardware products and services for all forms of industrial and laboratory vibrational spectroscopy – Near-IR, Mid-IR, UV-Visible, and Raman. Products include spectroscopic probes, flow cells, multiplexers, analytical instrument software, and integrated systems for laboratory and on-line analysis. The Symbion software products provide a standard interface for analytical instruments, controlling all aspects of data acquisition, analysis, trending, display, and communications while archiving all data in a standard data base format accessible to DCS and enterprise wide data systems.
Our company offers Hands-On HPLC and GC training courses at its award winning facility in downtown Chicago. We have been training professionals in chromatography for more than 20 years. Our repeat customer base includes every major pharmaceutical, chemical and petroleum company in the US, along with most of the major government labs. Our lead instructor, Dr. Lee Polite, has trained more than 8000 professionals in 17 countries, with rave reviews! Axion is an Alliance Training Partner with Agilent Technologies. We are also the sole provider of hands-on chromatography courses to the American Chemical Society.
Known for our innovation as-well-as our depth of product offering, Axygen, Inc. is a world-wide manufacturer of high quality laboratory consumables, PCR purification kits, and Crystallography products for molecular biology, research, chemistry, and clinical laboratories. Axygen specializes in an extensive line of consumables for automation and high-throughput screening, PCR products and sealing options, and general laboratory plastics including Maxymum Recovery® pipette tips and micro-tubes.
The Total Product Development Company™ provides full product development and stand-alone services for the pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device industries. Full IND Development, Full NCE Development, Full ANDA Development, Full Medical Device Development.  Our Group of Companies include:  Azopharma Contract Pharmaceutical Services, ApiCross Drug Delivery Technologies, IQsynthesis, AniClin Preclinical Services, Cyanta Analytical Laboratories, ADMEQuant Bioanalytical Services, AvivoClin Preclinical Services, Acromon Clinical Research Organization.
3953Provides high value solutions for photonics. A versatile product portfolio comprises an Off-The-Shelf selection of lasers, spectrometers, and sampling accessories for the deep UV to the longwave NIR. OED and OEM services provide innovative solutions for the design, development, and quality manufacturing to the most demanding requirements for analytical, industrial, medical, biophotonic, and diagnostic applications. ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified.
4564Distillation equipment for recycling HPLC solvents, purifying chemicals and petroleum distillations. Spinning band and packed column distillation systems. Distillation systems for recycling HPLC, GPC, Industrial and Environmental Testing Solvents. Distillation systems for use in Polymer, Flavor and Fragrance, Essential Oils, Food and other industries. Distillation systems for ASTM D2892, D5236 and D1160 distillations. Vacuum Distillation Equipment. Fully automatic and manually operated distillation equipment.
Our company is a global provider of sealing and connecting solutions for a broad range of analytical instrumentation and UPLC equipment. Our custom-engineered PTFE and UHMW seals feature a unique canted-coil™ spring technology that enables them to deliver improved performance, reliability and durability, even under the most demanding environmental conditions.
839A device technology company, developing and commercializing Ball SAW Sensor devices. Ball SAW is a new sensing platform technology based on the company's spherical device technologies. Ball SAW Sensor has a unique surface wave propagation characteristic, which minimizes the surface wave energy decay, stabilizing the SAW energy over much longer effective length than conventional SAW devices.
Our company has been contributing itself to R&D and manufacture of precision pumps since 1997.It has been accepted by the customers because of its high quality products and excellent services for ten years. Longer products have been in the lead on the Chinese market and have been used widely in the field of Pharmaceutical industry, fine chemical industry, environmental protection, biochemical industry etc.
Our company sets the standard in automated gas analysis for; Indoor Air Quality of toxic gases in the workplace, Environmental Source Monitoring, Ambient Air Networks, Mud Logging during hydrocarbon exploration and trace impurities in Specialty Gases. Products include the Series 8900 Gas Chromatograph, the Series 9000 Total Hydrocarbon Analyzer, and the piD-TECH plus photoionization sensor. All products are customized at the factory for your particular application.
2914Our company is a game-changing supplier of ultra-compact, ruggedized UV/VIS/NIR/Raman spectral engines based on our Volume Phase Gratings. The SuperGamut Spectrometer features an f/2 design for compact size, high throughput at low cost of ownership. Our Nunavut dispersive NIR 1064nm Raman spectral engine features 3x the throughput than conventional systems for high sensitivity, fluorescent-free measurements. We serve global OEM customers in telecom, process control, fiber sensing and biomedical markets.
1057Industry leading BLISS LIMS is specially designed for Refining, Petrochemical, Chemical, and Bulk Pharmaceutical laboratories. 25 years experience delivering successful laboratory automation projects through proven and reliable project methodology, experienced staff and innovative technology. Baytek provides integrated instrument interfaces, web based user interface/enterprise dashboard, integration with process systems including PI and IP21, bi-directional interface with SAP, and RFID sample tracking. We proudly demonstrate TurboTube™, a sample vial distribution system for the entire laboratory. Visit for more information
Beijing Conference and Exhibition on Instrumental Analysis (BCEIA),sponsored by the China Association for Instrumental Analysis, and supported by the Ministry of Science and Technology, PRC has been a biennial professional international event with its aim to promote academic exchanges among the related scientists of various countries and trade cooperation between the concerned Chinese and foreign partners in this field .The 13th Beijing Conference and Exhibition on Instrumental Analysis (BCEIA2009) will be held on October 14-17,2009 at the China National Convention Center in Beijing, China.
3721, 3821The exciting worlds of genomics, proteomics and cellular analysis continue to unfold daily. Beckman Coulter’s specialized solutions integrate hardware, software and chemistries tailored to the requirements of each area. By serving as a valuable research partner, these leading-edge tools help researchers do their best science, their way. Beckman Coulter also offers a variety of analyzers for the characterization of particles, including particle sizing and counting, laser diffraction, zeta potential and submicron analysis, and an applications laboratory equipped to support the full range of particle characterization.
Our company is a professional manufacturer of specialty glass instruments. We produce hollow cathode lamps, glass to quartz sealing, glass to metal grade seals, Hygiene General Equipment, and various quartz instruments used in atomic absorption analyzing. Shuguangming also produces high quality Nebulizers, Spray Chambers, ICP Torches and Accessories at fair and reasonable prices. Shuguangming is dedicated to meeting customer demands from around the world, and producing quality glassware apparatus for research and development labs.
1973Our company is the largest and most widely recognized developer and manufacturer of Vapor Generation-Atomic Fluorescence Spectrometers in China.Our new products include the AFS-9230 Atomic fluorescence Spectrometer, AFRoHS-400 RoHS, 4-element Detector, SA-10I Speciation Analyzer, FIA-6000 series Auto Flow Injection Analyzer, and TMW-100 series Dielectric-assisted Microwave Digestion System. Among these, the SA-10I Speciation Analyzer can be used not only for speciation measurements of As, Se and Hg, but also for non-speciated measurements of As, Pb, Hg, Se, Sb, Bi, Cd, Te, Sn, Ge, and Zn in aqueous samples.We are the AFS technology innovators.
Our company is an Italian company manufacturer of analytical balances, electronic precision balances, moisture balances, videomicroscopes, monitors for microscopes, with headquarter in Monza (Milan) Italy. The experience stored in the years starting from the eighties and the direct design of our products ensures to Bel to be strongly innovative. Each product of Bel Engineering combines "italian style", quality, design, performance.
Our Scienceware® brand is a top choice among laboratories throughout the world for quality laboratory supplies. Bel-Art Products has been manufacturing supplies for science in the USA for more than 60 years. Our Scienceware® product range include everyday items ranging from magnetic stirring bars, containers, laboratory racks and sample containment to desiccators, fume hoods and much more! This year some featured products include: Sense-Able™ metal detectable, Plum Emergency Eye and Skin Wash products as well as a variety of other miscellaneous laboratory tools and supplies.
Our company designs, manufactures and sells Life Science and general purpose lab equipment through our dealer distributor network world wide. Products include Vortexers, Mixers, Shakers, Rocking Platforms, Dry Bath hot blocks, Centrifuges, Autoclaves, Hotplates, Magnetic Stirrers, Hotplate-Stirrers, Thermal- Tube Shakers, Loop Sterilizers and bench top cooling blocks for tubes and plates. We provide excellent margins and offer private labeling and custom design options for our distributors. We are presently seeking distributors in most countries. Web Site:
Our company is a leading scientific journal publisher satisfying the information needs of the pharmaceutical, chemical and bio-medical research community. All journals are available in print and online. The following are some of the leading journals, Current Medicinal Chemistry, Current Pharmaceutical Design and Current Drug Metabolism. Bentham also offers a large and diverse line of open access journals online. For additional information and to see other new products please visit our web site at
2414Acid Purification Systems with all Fluoropolymer wetted parts; economical and simple to operate. World’s only High Pressure Reaction Vessels with complete fluoropolymer vessel liners, including inside of vessel cap. Fluoropolymer Microwave Digestion Vessels with pressure controlled venting system, for small sample prep in an acid resistant, non-contaminating vessel. Fluoropolymer: Labware, Bottles, Storage Containers, Valves, Fittings, Stirrers, Sleeves, Gas and Liquid Sampling Bags, Cap Liners, Adapters, Filters, Tubing, Sheet, Rod, and Film. Fluoropolymer custom machining, fabrication and coating.
We are a manufacturer of accessories for Chromatography. Main products are GC columns for the separation of chiral compounds, LC columns and PressFit products to connect or split GC columns.
Our company is a Leading Light Source and Opto-Mechanical Manufacturer supplying Mercury, Zinc, Cadmium, 10-K Zinc, UV Grid, Infra-Red and High Output Germicidal Lamps for a Wide Range of Industries. ISO9001:2000 Certified. Applications include: Analytical Instrumentation, UV Ozone Generation/Sterilization, Spectroscopy, Waste Water Neutralization, IR Gas Analysis, IR Spectrophotometers, Photochemical Reactions.
2719Precision fluid handling solutions featuring Bio-Chem Valve™ isolation valves, pinch valves, micro pumps and relief valves and Omnifit® fittings, adaptors, customized tubing sets, bottle caps, rotary valves and chromatography columns. Valves are designed to handle pure or aggressive fluids with precision and the highest level of chemical inertness. Fittings and adaptors move fluids cleanly and efficiently. Applications engineers work with you to provide solutions for both OEM instrument manufacturers and laboratory end-users. Bio-Chem Fluidics is your one stop solutions provider.
CelLuminate™ nanoparticles are able to enter and deliver a payload into any cell with active endocytosis. CelLuminate™ has been tested on a range of cell types including stromal, epithelial, endothelial and MSC stem cells, and cell lines such as CHO and KB cells. The very high cell compatibility of CelLuminate™ allows the delivery of large amounts of fluorophores. Provided the delivered fluorophore is not cytotoxic, CelLuminate™ can be employed to fluorescently track cells in 2D and 3D environments for extended periods CelLuminate™ exploits the natural cellular endocytic pathways, to deliver fluorophores within live cells.
Our company will display state-of-the-art liquid handling instruments coupling ergonomic design with reliable high performance. Hand-held electronic and mechanical pipettors, in single and multi-channel formats; and precision-manufactured disposable pipet tips will be shown. Robotic pipetting solutions are available for OEM opportunities. Pipette repair and calibrations services are available from Pipette MD, a division of Biohit Inc. Microplate readers & washers, and ELISA-formatted diagnostic kits for research in assessing atrophic gastritis will be displayed
Our company is a major supplier of EC-LAB scientific instruments used in electro-analytical research and electrochemical sensor development. Bio-Logic instruments are based on a unique modular design that allows for increased capability built into the instrument initially or easily added afterward. EC-Lab’s full-featured software packages are designed for new users, advanced users or those developing their own software. An additional product line on display, based on state-of-the-art stopped and quench flow mixing technology and spectroscopy, is ideal for rapid kinetics measurements in chemistry and biology. A full line of accessories is available.
Our company is committed to the manufacture and supply of high quality plastic laboratory supplies. We believe in meticulous control and setting standards of excellence. Biologix strives to develop long-term relationships with our distributors by providing you and your customer the products you need at the best prices available. Our manufacturing facilities are ISO 9000 certified and comply with GMP regulations. Biologix also serves as an OEM/Private Label provider.
Our company sets the new standard of excellence in the pipette tip industry. With over 50 years experience in manufacturing laboratory consumables, our team has the knowledge and expertise to provide innovative, state-of-the-art products that are second to none in quality, while also providing excellent service, and savings to the researcher.
737BiOptix Microarray BioAnalyzer Model 207B applies a novel highly-sensitive label-free technology for reliable real time molecular interaction detection and measurement of kinetic constants. The sensor array format allows simultaneous affinity measurements of diverse analytes such as oligonucleotides, antibodies and other proteins, bacteria, viruses and glycans, as well as identification of non-specific binding effects with unsurpassed sensitivity. Applications include pharmaceutical and biotherapeutic drug discovery, development and manufacture, rapid point of care diagnostics, environmental monitoring, and leading edge research.
Spectroscopy & Chemistry Informatics Solutions: KnowItAll Spectroscopy Software (data management, search, processing, analysis, chemometrics); Spectral Data (over 1.4 million spectra - with NMR, IR, Raman, MS, NIR, UV-Vis - includes Sadtler Data); Structure Drawing (ChemWindow); PhysChem - ADME/Tox Property Prediction, Metabolomics, and more. New products highlighted include: New Spectral Mixture Analysis Software and AnalyzeIt Polymer IR (software to interpret IR spectra of polymers).
We provide information and news on emerging technologies, manufacturing, and development trends for professionals involved in the biopharmaceutical industry. Bioresearch Online covers issues ranging from fermentation and cell culture to contract services and outsourcing. Visit to find solutions from Discovery To Delivery. Your solutions are here.
2604Biosensing Instrument (BI) Incorporated is devoted to providing high-performance Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) instruments for creative research and efficient analysis. Using innovative designs, our instruments offer high sensitivity for detecting analytes of various sizes, a wide time response range for slow and fast kinetics, and maximum versatility and flexibility. In addition to Liquid SPR, BI offers Gas SPR and Electrochemistry SPR. Our Products are ideal for: Life Science Research, Biosensors, Electroanalysis, Drug Discovery, Food Quality and Safety, Environmental Science, and Gas-and Liquid-Phase Chemical Sensors
Our company is a ISO 13485:2004 certificated company manufacturing Optical Multisample Cuvettes for Chemical Chemistry and Biotechnology products (Micro/CryGen-tubes and storage boxes) for Research Labware. We also produce various CE Marked Plastic Consumables for life sciences. Expertise and accuracy made Biosigma one of the preferred OEM contractor for the major Diagnostics industries.
We are a global company specializing in life science technologies. With products, knowledge and experience in the areas of genetic analysis, medicinal, analytical and process chemistry our customers include the world’s top 30 pharmaceutical companies, top 20 biotech companies, and leading academic institutes. Discovery chemistry products include; microwave synthesis, resin bound scavengers and reagents, solid phase extraction (SPE), flash purification cartridges and systems, and reaction screening instruments. The company is committed to developing innovative products that improve efficiency and results for discovery chemists.
Our company is the North American Affiliate of Biotech AB of Sweden and specializes in Vacuum Degassing solutions for HPLC systems. Additional products include Helium Sparging and Solvent Delivery systems, LC column filters, in a variety of materials and porosities, and Hydrophilic filters for SPE applications.
Our company, previously an exclusive supplier to OEM robotic manufacturers, is now introducing a complete line of laboratory consumables available through select distributors world-wide. Specializing in pipet tips for robotic instruments, pipet tips for manual pipettors, PCR tubes, centrifuge tubes and deep well plates. By utilizing decades of experience in injection molding, automated manufacturing and the latest quality techniques Biotx produces the highest quality life science consumables for the market today. With over nine patents registered this year, Biotix is adding innovation to products in new exciting ways.
We are proud to introduce two brand new, one-of-a kind spectrometers: (1) world’s first and only Raman instrument that combines Raman Optical Activity (ROA) with Raman microscopy. (2) A second generation of Vibrational Circular Dichroism (VCD) spectrometer – ChiralIR-II incorporating all digital processing and DualSource, DualPEM operation. VCD is a rapidly growing technique for unambiguous determination of absolute configuration and monitoring of asymmetric reactions. We will also exhibit extensive protein spectroscopic databases, unique sampling cells, and accessories for temperature controlled studies.
4348We will demo POPLC, the methods development kit that quickly optimizes HPLC separations. POPLC optimizes isocratic and gradient separations and may convert your existing gradient methods to isocratic. We will also display our full line of HPLC columns.
We have assembled under one roof, the scientific, engineering and design resources needed to consistently deliver breakthrough products. All of these facets are combined into a single, cross-functional team that eliminates traditional departmental barriers and overhead. This new kind of product development merges our capabilities with those of our clients, to quickly and efficiently deliver feature-rich products to the marketplace.
3310Tunable Infrared Quantum Cascade Lasers (4 to 17 microns) and other IR sources. Infrared Detectors, UV detectors.
3618Products with application in virtually every lab. Highlights include BRAND’s comprehensive lines of mechanical and electronic pipettes, bottletop dispensers, and high-throughput-screening consumables. Also featuring many new models of VACUUBRAND® dry chemistry diaphragm and rotary vane vacuum pumps; electronically controlled systems, and mercury-free gauges and controllers. Additionally, VITLAB volumetric and general plastic labware, PFA products for trace analysis, BRAND cuvettes and PCR products, and Bochem stainless steel laboratory support jacks will be on display. Available through preferred laboratory dealers.
Ultrasonic bench top cleaners sizes from 18 oz to 21 gallons, assortment of baskets, beaker holder, support racks.  A full line of aqueous cleaning solutions for all your cleaning needs. Cell disrupters analog and digitial and a liquid processing systm for larger volumes, with a complete selection of additional attachments, microtips, cup-horns, flow thru attachments and our sound proof enclosure box.
Value Added Partner of Thermo Scientific, Brechbuehler, Inc. specializes in GC, GC/MS Systems.  With over 37 years experience our solutions are based on the FOCUS or TRACE GC and DSQII and POLARISQ GC/MS systems and feature CTC autosamplers, Sniffer 9000 GC-O system, Prep9000 GC fraction collector, VarioSplit programmable splitter, MCSS 2DGC and more.  NEW PRODUCTS:  BENCHTOF-DX, BenchTOF-dx is a fast, high performance reflectron time-of-flight (TOF) mass spectrometer (MS) from ALMSCO, Odor Search: Determination of odor active compounds, GAS Analyzer: Analyzer for the petrochemical industry.  Think different, THINK PINK, Think Brechbuehler…
4054Brightwell’s patented Micro-Flow Imaging™ technology is designed for rapid measurement of particle size, shape, count, and concentration. Sample is continuously drawn through a cell and imaged, and each individual particle is detected, measured, and stored. Advanced image analysis utilities permit isolation of sub-populations based upon filters derived from unique morphological parameters. MFI is exceptionally well suited for analysis of: highly heterogeneous particle populations, highly translucent particles, very small sample volumes and very low particle concentrations.
1448, SR02See how the best of Brinkmann has become Metrohm USA! Expanded local sales and service personnel as well as 4 fully functional applications labs provide you with the best instruments and support. Featured products include: Metrohm titration and automated analysis systems, customizable process analyzers, ion chromatography systems, pH/ion meters and electrodes, instruments for voltammetry measurements and oxidative stability testing; Eco Chemie Autolab potentiostats and galvanostats; VELP Scientifica Kjeldahl analyzers, block digesters and solvent extractors for fat/fiber determination; Yamato spray dryers.
3675Liquid Flow Meters/Controllers for very low flow rates (down to 500 nanolitres/minutes); analog and digital Mass Flow Meters/Controllers for gases for laboratory applications, process gas control and gas distribution systems; Coriolis style Mass Flow Meters/Controllers for gases and liquids; Electronic Forward and Back Pressure Controllers; microprocessor based Readout/Control/Blending systems; 'CEM' Direct Liquid Injection systems for mass flow control of vapors; customized (OEM) flow/pressure sensor and control solutions.
2380, 2477For 75 Years-Viscometers, Rheometers and Texture Analyzers, that's what we've been about. From the Research Lab to QC and Production Control we have the Instrumentation to make life easier. When you want product consistency when dealing with viscosity, you want a Brookfield, the World Leader in Viscosity Measurement and Control. Our Technical Staff is always ready to help with your Viscosity Application-75 Years, it's hard to stump us when it comes to Viscosity.
3213Particle, polymer and protein characterization instruments. Featuring innovative particle size, zeta potential, and molecular weight analyzers. All instruments include easy-to-use, leading-edge software. For size measurement, use our dynamic light scattering (DLS) and disc-centrifuge instruments. Eliminate electro-osmotic effects with Brookhaven Instruments’ zeta potential analyzers. Determine zeta potential by particle electrophoresis and phase analysis. Use Brookhaven Instruments for polymer solution characterization, including determination of absolute molecular weight by static light scattering. Detectors for SEC/GPC.
Our company has lead the industry in flow measurement and control for decades in numerous applications, from simple to complex. Brooks’ devices are unsurpassed for reliability, repeatability, accuracy and performance. That is why no other company can solve your flow challenges and improve your process in as many ways as Brooks. When you partner with us, you’re partnering with an experienced team with deep application expertise and an exceptional support network to deliver the best flow solutions for your specific applications. Visit us online at or call 888.554.FLOW.
Our company is an internationally recognized leader for trace metals analysis and metals speciation technology including lab services, analytical instrumentation, and contract research. Lab services include trace level mercury, arsenic and selenium analysis and speciation including methyl mercury and inorganic arsenic. Products include atomic fluorescence based analytical systems for trace level total mercury and methyl mercury as referenced in EPA Methods 1630, 1631 and 245.7. And now introducing, MERX, the world’s first commercially available automated methyl mercury system for EPA 1630.
1928NIR Transmission Analyzer for Agriculture and Food Industry, analysis of whole grain, dairy products, convenience products, cereals, sweets. NIR Reflectance Analyzer for flour and baked goods, food ingredients, feed and pet food, dry materials. UV/VIS/NIR high resolution spectrometer, process-spectrometer and analyzer for lab, on-line production and quality control.
World’s most comprehensive range of scientific instrumentation available under one brand - a brand synonymous with excellence, innovation and quality. Bruker is the global market and technology leader offering complete molecular characterization in chemistry and proteomics; solutions for materials research and nanotechnology; offering clinical research tools in molecular diagnostics and imaging; and CBRNE detection tools for homeland defense. Visit our website to discover our technologies and solutions.
2064We are proud to announce the launch of 2 new products. The SpeedExtractor and the M-560/565 series of melt point apparatus. Buchi is the world leader for Rotary Evaporators and is proud to continue it’s dedication to reliability, automation and safety. Our products include Laboratory and Industrial Evaporation Systems, Vacuum systems, Spray drying, Chromatography, Universal extractors, Automated Kjeldahl systems, and FT-NIR systems. We offer a range of Support Solutions including Method development, Application support, a full Service Department, as well as customization.
Our company will be displaying it's full line of analytical instrumentation including AA, IR and UV/Vis spectrophotometers and Gas And Liquid chromatographs.
Our company specializes in technical and legal document translations for over 60 language pairs (all European, Asian and Middle-Eastern languages). Additional services include international DTP and interpretation. Very competitive rates and turn-around time quotes can be easily confirmed for free, usually within an hour. Established in 1936, the firm has extensive experience serving industrial, instrumentation, medical/ pharmaceutical, law firms and service businesses. Professional experts available in technical manuals, marketing brochures, packaging, catalogs, articles, software, web content, contracts, patents, and more.
Your system solution partner from concept to Kanban manufacturing the most reliable liquid and gas products and systems including: solenoid valves, proportional valves, micro-pumps, mass flow controllers, gas boxes, manifolds, combined with ISO approved design, assembly and testing. Burkert’s team understands Next Generation requirements for innovative designs, lean manufacturing, packaging, quality.
2507Pharmaceutical/Biotechnology TOC Vials <10ppb for USP Method 643, WFI, and PW and EPA Method 5035A custom preservative vial kits. Certified Pre-Clean CONTAINERS for environmental, chemical, industrial sectors. Providing glass and plastic containers, insert liners, closures in different sizes, shapes, Certificates of Analysis Two reporting levels and three stringent cleaning protocols to lower limits as described under the EPA guidance, Contaminate-Free Sample Containers, also buckets, cans, and drums.
Our company provides innovative products used for chemical analysis. We develop, manufacture, sell, and service analytical instruments that detect, measure, analyze, and monitor chemicals in liquids, solids, and gases. Our products include laboratory and on-line analyzers to detect: Arsine, Ammonia, Sulfur, Nitrogen, Chlorides, Phosgene, Hydrogen Sulfide, Hydrogen Cyanide and analyzers using GC-detectors. Come by our booth to find out more about our low detection limits of NOx (low ppb).
An instrument company, introduces the FlowVPE, a new product in its series of Variable Pathlength Extensions. Employing the power of Slope Spectroscopy (TM), the FlowVPE is designed for PAT applications. Similarly to the SoloVPE, the instrument can generate the linear correlation between Absorbance and Pathlength not previously possible with other spectrophotometers, and uses this relationship to make easy and accurate concentration determinations. Applications include proteins, nucleic acids, dyes and stains, food additives, drug compounds, petro-chemical and waste water.
Since 1993, C/D/N Isotopes has provided its customers with superior quality and exceptional service. Researchers from around the world depend on C/D/N Isotopes as the company for deuterium labelled products.  All of our products are manufactured exclusively by us. They are the direct result of inquiries from customers. Our Custom Synthesis capabilities allow us to develop products that our customers need at a reasonable price. Our quality control ensures that the isotopic enrichment and chemical purity of our products meet the highest standards.
2405The C2V-200 fast micro GC (Gas chromatograph) is a hand-held sized, simple to use, high quality gas analyzer. The C2V-200 works with easy exchangeable column cartridges, has a low gas consumption and temperature programming with fast ramping. The innovative chip-based micro GC is standard equipped with an integrated micro thermal conductivity detector (TCD) and optionally with a NESSI (SP76-1.0) compatible foot. Typically separations are completed in 20 seconds with a 1 ppm detection limit. The C2V-200 is applied in industrial process, natural gas, and laboratory applications. C2V also serves OEM customers with customized targeted GC modules.
1319Stirring made easy. New electropolished accessories with additional propellor and shaft sizes in stock. Caframo adds more selection to the full line of overhead stirrers and accessories for everything you mix. Caframo mixers give you the power and control you need for General Lab, Cosmetic, Pharmaceutical, Education and Industrial applications. From the ultra-compact Petite Digital stirrer to the Ultra high torque BDC1850, Caframo stirrers are built to be safe, quiet and reliable. Made in Canada – Shipped around the world.
2152Cal Sensors, a worldwide supplier of infrared detectors and emitters, offers lead sulfide and lead selenide single element and 256 element array detectors from stock or manufactured to your custom requirements. Stop by our booth to see the 256 array operating in SPECTRAL PRODUCTS compact spectrometer, the SM301. NEW PRODUCT: MIRA4 – 4-color PbSe quadrant array.
High Purity Products for Laboratory Chemistry. Caledon has been a trusted supplier of high-purity chemicals for over 35 years. We take pride in our products, our outstanding customer service and our commitment to quality. Trust Caledon to offer the high-purity products that you need for the stringent requirements of your lab. High-Purity solvents, Anhydrous solvents, Trace Metal Grade acids, Distilled Acids, Environmental Standards, AA & ICP Standards, Biomarkers, Buffers, Digestion agents, Adsorbents, Detergents, Silica, Alumina, Florisil, TLC Plates. To stock your lab, browse, email, call, or stop by the booth to discover what we can do for you.
623CaliberLIMS is a new generation LIMS company with a 7 year history of serving regulated industries like Pharma BioPharma Manufacturing QC/QA operations. CaliberLIMS has been designed on 100% web-technology with GLP and security regulatory compliance as per 21 CFR Part 11. Validatable integration with ERP/ CDS/ ECM and SAP certified integration of the highest standards. Instrument connectivity, easy quick implementation and fully scalable from one to twenty plus sites. Caliber LIMS fits into any industry application, including Petrochemical, Water Analysis, Foods, Metallurgy or Environment. Defect prevention by design... Quality by design.
Our company has been providing quality gas analyzers and systems used in Industrial, Environmental, Process and Automotive applications for over 25 years. CAI's goal is to provide innovative, cost effective and reliable solutions. We believe there is no substitute for personal attention to the product requirements and support needs of our customers.
Our company is a premier provider of leading-edge technologies enabling researchers in the life sciences industry to create life-saving and enhancing medicines and diagnostic tests more quickly and efficiently. Caliper is aggressively innovating new technology to bridge the gap between in vitro assays and in vivo results and then translate those results into cures for human disease. Caliper's portfolio of offerings includes state-of-the-art microfluidics, lab automation, liquid handling, extraction and evaporation workstations, optical imaging technologies, and discovery & development outsourcing solutions.
Complete TLC system which features the automatic TLC sampler for sample application, the Automatic Developing Chamber for plate development and our TLC scanning densitometer for the most versatile densitometer evaluation available, including variable spectra recording and multiwavelength scanning. The digital image acquisition, storage and analysis system. Ancillary equipment for thin-layer chromatography. Information and consultation on TLC application lab services and contract work. Raytest Radio Activity Detectors for TLC scanning and HPLC monitoring and other monitoring systems.
The leading innovator of viscosity management and control products, our proprietary technology sets our viscometers apart. Patented sensors using only one moving part--a piston driven electromagnetically through a small measurement chamber--continuously cleans the fluid chamber for the most accurate results, using only 2 ml of sample. Measurement capabilities range from 0.2 to 20,000 cP and pressures of 20,000 psi or higher with our custom engineering capability. If you need an accurate, reliable viscometer with high-throughput, Cambridge Viscosity has the right technology for you.
Our company develops, markets & services life science enterprise solutions for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, chemical companies & academic research organizations. Software products include enterprise, workgroup & desktop versions of ChemBio Office, including ChemBio Draw, with knowledge management (Chemistry, Biology, Process & Manufacturing E-Notebook & Compliant DB), chemical & biological informatics (Inventory, BioAssay, Registration & Workflow LIMS), & scientific database (ChemBioFinder Gateway, The Merck Index, ChemACX) solutions.
1575Camlab Plastics, a UK based manufacturer of quality laboratory plastics, labelling and inventory systems, has been supplying laboratory equipment and consumables for over 59 years. Core products in the range include Micryo® cryogenic labels and freezer/storage solutions.

We will be show-casing our extensive and innovative range of Sample Security Tubes and Bottles featuring the Patented Double Tamper Evident Bottle and Closure.

Camlab is expanding its International Dealer portfolio - Are you looking for opportunities to expand yours?
Vacant territories include some areas of USA, Canada and South America.
763Our company manufactures sorbent tubes. Since 1991, Camsco has grown to become a leading manufacturer of consumables used in dozens of leading thermal desorption instruments. Tubes made in stainless steel, glass, quartz and Teflon. Camsco supports the U.S. military, The Department of Homeland Security, Environmental Protection Agency as well as hundreds of companies in industry, quality, security and emergency response. Camsco is continually expanding its role with emerging markets and research and development. Finally, Camsco is seeking foreign distributors.
Our company manufactures products for viscosity testing, including automatic and manual viscometers, viscosity standards, and related products. The CAV-2100 and CAV-2200 provide high-throughput automatic kinematic viscosity testing of oils and additives to ASTM D 445 precision. The miniAV Series offers entry-level kinematic viscosity automation at affordable prices. PolyVISC automatically determines dilute polymer solution relative viscosity. Other products include Tanaka petroleum testers, manual and automatic instruments for ASTM/SAE lubricant testing, -30°C to +200°C constant temperature baths, and flash point standards.
2688On-line and lab-particle sizing for solids and slurries from .7 micron size with no upper limit. CANTY Crystal Scope is used to measure the concentration seeding and analyze the seed growth in the process. Opacity and Interface detection are among the systems using CANTY VISION technology. Systems are image based for true shape, size and color analysis. Process vision and lighting systems for level, foam detection, and turbidity.
3918caprotec™ is pioneering an innovative, and proprietary technology to reduce the complexity of biological samples through functional isolation of protein- or enzyme families. Capture Compound Mass Spectrometry (CCMS) is using small synthetic molecules (Capture Compounds™) to interrogate native proteins, even lipophilic membrane proteins, in virtually any biological sample. CCMS Technology is made available to researches in several different configurations: caprotec provides pre-configured Capture Compounds as convenient, ready to use caproKits™.
1076Cardinal Health, Scientific Products Distribution has provided quality products and services to laboratories for more than 50 years. Our mission is to help laboratories improve their economics, standardization, labor utilization and results by providing a complete offering of products and innovative technologies that improve laboratory efficiency and enhance productivity.

We invite you to visit our booth where we will be showcasing products and supply chain solutions from Cardinal Health and the industry-leading manufacturers we represent.
Our company offers a full line of upright, inverted, stereo and confocal microscopes, image analysis systems and digital cameras for all materials applications including research, metallurgy, surface topography, particle analysis, metrology, quality assurance, and failure analysis. Carl Zeiss specializes in high-resolution digital imaging systems for demanding applications.
Our company division offers a comprehensive line of spectral sensors, spectrometer components and dedicated solutions for process analysis covering a wide spectral range (UV-VIS-NIR). Zeiss offers on-line, at-line and in-line systems for color measurement, concentration and layer thickness as well as analytical and process monitoring software packages specifically tailored to your requirements.
Our company and its divisions serve the global semiconductor manufacturing and testing equipment markets with leading-edge optical and particle-beam technology. Products range from top level systems for lithography production tools to process control and metrology tools for mask evaluation, failure analysis and research. The NTS division of Carl Zeiss SMT offers leading-edge particle-beam technology including the following product groups: SEM, TEM, Helium-Ion-Beam systems and FIB/SEM workstations. This broad product portfolio enables one-stop solutions for imaging, testing, characterization, manipulation, process control and failure analysis.
1753Manufacturer of manual and automated presses for a variety of applications, including IR and XRF pelletizing, laminating, molding sample preparation, physical testing, oil extraction and other specialized applications. Carver also offers a full line of parts and accessories for a variety of applications. The booth features our new Auto Series press control system. The user friendly control allows more flexibility when setting press parameters. Information on our other products will be available at the show as well.
Our company produces the most authoritative databases of chemical information, covering disclosed chemistry and substance information from journals, patents, and selected web sources. The CAS Registry is the source and most reliable collection of CAS Registry Number identifiers. CAS's SciFinder and STN services make this content accessible for search and analysis.
2341Manufacturer/distributor of stock and custom case solutions. Our facilities produce reusable protective packaging in a variety of materials: plastic, metal, fabric (including molded soft cases), and wood — with or without foam or molded interiors. We inventory thousands of cases for immediate delivery: Pelican, Zarges, SKB, Otter, Hofbauer, and Gator among others. Engineered to accommodate your requirements for the protection, organization and display of your valuable instruments/merchandise while in transit. Customize a stock case with a foam or plastic interior for quick turnaround or let us develop a custom case to meet your needs.
3105Engaged in R&D, manufacturing excellence and quality improvement, CASIX focus on developing and manufacturing high quality crystal, precision optics components and optical sub-assemblies for different market applications. CASIX has launched a comprehensive quality control system and a strict management system and moreover we're certified for ISO9001 by SGS UK in 1998 and ISO14001 in 2006. VitroCom manufactures ultra high quality precision glass ferrules and alighnment sleeves for the fiber optic market from borosilicate and clear fused quartz glasses. &
For over 30 years, CDS Analytical, Inc. has been providing analytical instruments worldwide for the analysis of complex samples by GC, GC/MS, and FT-IR. Our products include pyrolyzers, thermal desorbers, autosamplers and sample concentrators for pyrolysis, thermal desorption, dynamic headspace, purge and trap, and trace analysis. We pride ourselves on providing application specific solutions, backed by the best service in the industry.  CDS provides analytical solutions to a broad range of industries including polymers, biofuels, forensics, environmental, food & packaging, pharmaceutical, paints & coatings and homeland security.
4978CE Elantech is proud to introduce the Thermo Scientific Flash 4000 Combustion N/Protein Analyzer. This innovative instrument combines true large sample capability (1-2 grams nominal) with reduced cost per analysis by utilizing permanent Twin Traps for CO2 and Moisture removal which regenerate after each analysis. Flash 2000 is also featured and is available in a range of configurations: N/Protein through CHNS/O for both solid and liquid samples. CE Elantech also distributes Microstructure Instrumentation from Thermo Scientific and will display the Pycnomatic ATC Densitometer and the NIR Technology International line of Near Infrared Analyzers.
3279For over 30 years, chemists have trusted CEM for award-winning, advanced microwave laboratory systems for analytical sample preparation, chemical synthesis, bioscience applications, and compositional testing. The versatile, best-selling MARS System can be configured for extraction, digestion or synthesis. MARS can help reduce solvent usage for extractions by 90% and still perform 80 extractions and filtrations in less than 4 hours! The Discover platform offers the greatest flexibility for a multitude of reactions from chemical synthesis to bioscience applications.
Established at the University of Washington in 1984, is a consortium of Industrial and National Laboratory Sponsors addressing multidisciplinary challenges in Process Analytical Technology (PAT) and Process Control through fundamental and directed academic research in areas related to real-time measurement.
2117Manufacturer of valves, fittings and regulators for compressed gases. Provides source-to-process solutions for the handling of gas including specialty, semiconductor, corrosive, industrial, and medical. Products include cylinder valves, line valves, regulators, and fittings in materials such as brass, ASB, stainless steel, nickel, and Hastelloy®. Over 80 years of service to the compressed gas industry.
Our company manufactures precision ceramic parts for various analytical instruments, in particular HPLC pumps (pistons, check valves, valve parts, etc.) Materials are Aluminum Oxide, TZP Zirconia (white or black), ZTA and TZA. We also manufacture various sapphire parts, such as pistons and balls & seats. Ceramaret exports 80% of its production worldwide. Ceramaret is certified ISO 9001:2004, ISO 14001:2004, ISO 13485:2003
Our company serves the scientific, medical, and industrial markets with optical fiber, fiber bundles, assemblies and spectroscopic fiber accessories. CeramOptec produces stock and custom silica / silica, plastic-clad silica, hard polymer-clad silica, silver halide optical fibers, capillary tubing and low loss bundles and assemblies for UV, VIS, and IR transmission. Products for high (+380°C) or low (-190°C) temperature, low to high NA (0.12 to 0.53). Replacement bundles and assemblies for most spectrometer systems and UV curing systems.
3632To your custom specifications, CeramTec can press, stamp, cast, laser, metalize, grind, and/or injection mold Alumina, Zirconia, Silicon Nitride, & Silicon Carbide. Our Ceramaseal™ hermetically sealed electrical & optical components include: feed-thrus, multi-pin connectors, coaxial connectors, thermocouples, isolators, viewports, & accessories. These components can be built to endure extreme conditions (ultra-high vacuum environment, temperatures ranging from cryogenic (4 K) to 450 °C, pressures 25,000+ psig, or corrosive or caustic environments) while maintaining an unsurpassed level of reliability and performance. ISO9001:2000.
1321Analytical Reference Standards/Custom Services-Cerilliant offers 3400+ catalog standards including Alcohol, Drugs, Metabolites, Impurities, Phytochemicals and Environmental Contaminants including EPA Methods, Inorganics, Nitroglycerin & by-products, Explosives and Chemical Warfare Verification. Cerilliant provides custom services including synthesis, analytical certification, packaging & certified solutions. Cerilliant’s quality system meets or exceeds the requirements of ISO9001:2000, ISO34, most of ISO17025 & FDA’s CGMP regulations, Parts 210 & 211. A comprehensive COA is provided with every product. Call 512-238-9974 or visit
Our company provides novel software solutions for dramatically improving the quality and accuracy of mass spec data from virtually any mass spec
instrument. Its award winning MassWorks software enhances the accuracy of formula ID for high resolution instruments such as TOF, Orbitrap, or FT ICR MS
instruments. MassWorks also enables formula ID on ion trap and even single quadrupole systems, instruments not typically known for such applications, with either GC
or LC/MS. In addition, all systems benefit from much improved reproducibility and better signal-to-noise.
2703, 2803
Our company is a worldwide leader in sample handling and sample introduction technologies for elemental analysis. CETAC provides a comprehensive range of product based solutions for the analysis of elements in samples ranging from drinking water and high purity acids to radioactive waste. We develop, manufacture and market a family of products and services that provide essential solutions to customers around the globe, including autosamplers and micro-autosamplers, laser ablation systems, mercury analyzers, and nebulizers.
1751Computerized electrochemical analyzer/workstation, electrochemical detector, AC impedance analyzer, potentiostat, galvanostat, bipotentiostat, and multi-potentiostat; Handheld potentiostat/bipotentiostat; Scanning electrochemical microscope (SECM); Time-resolved electrochemical quartz crystal microbalance (EQCM); Amp booster; Picoamp booster and Faraday cage; Multiplexer for potentiostat/galvanostat; Accessories including cell stands, working, reference and counter electrodes, Electrode polishing kit, thin-layer flow cell, and spectroelectrochemical cell.
3919We're specializing in laying out a laboratory, manufacturing and setting up laboratory products such as lab table, fume hood and biological safety cabinet.
3628High purity chemicals for use as reference materials and in laboratory work. 1200+ pesticide and metabolite standards including banned and discontinued substances. More than 13,000 organic and inorganic standards support EPA, ASTM, UST, air and International Methods. Small quantity packaging minimizes storage, waste and disposal requirements. ISO 9001:2000 - Certified since 11/95. ISO/IEC 17025:2005 - Pending Accreditation First Quarter, 2009 (Perry Johnson Laboratory Accreditation, Inc.)
3519Manufacturer of visual and instrumental test kits for measuring more than 50 parameters for water analysis. Our kits feature self-filling reagent ampoules that simplify and speed water quality testing. Industries served include water treatment, chemical process, power generation, petroleum refining, food & beverage, environmental and others. Analytes include: ammonia, chlorine, COD, chloride, oxygen (dissolved), phenols, nitrate, phosphate, detergents, hardness (total), hydrogen peroxide, ozone, iron, nitrite, sulfide and more. For more information contact us at 800-356-3072 or visit our website.
Our patented high-speed, wide-field Chemical Imaging technologies enable you to see your chemistry quickly and clearly, allowing you to make better decisions faster. With ChemImage, you can view the morphology, composition, and structure of chemical or biological samples and visually understand the relationship between the size, shape and distribution of chemical constituents in two or three dimensions. Our unique technology drives product development—and competitive advantage—for a wide and deep range of industries.
Our company provides customized analytical services to solve challenging problems involving consumer and industrial products, plastics, packaging, food & beverages, personal care products, paints, coatings and more. We specialize in deformulation, material and contaminant identification, failure analysis, competitive product analysis and polymer testing. Chemir also provides testing and expert witness testimony for legal issues.
Facility is ISO 9001 certified, FDA registered and DEA licensed.
4874New 3.0 micron Prolene®, 1.5, 2.0 and 2.5 micron aromatic hydrocarbon resistant Etnom™ thin-film sample cup windows push the limit for sulfur and other light element transparency. Over 40 XRF Sample Cups and thin-film windows are RoHS compliant. Manual and Automatic SpectroPress® Systems; PelletDies™ and SpectroPellet® Film die protectors; SpectroMill® and GyralGrinder® grinding machines; comminution vessels; PelletCups®; Grinding/Briquetting additives; Fusion Fluxes; AutoFluxers®; SpectroCertified® oil standards, single and multiple elements in individuals and sets; Accessories; Free “Analyte-Line % Transmittance Chart” and CD Catalog.
956HORIZON® LIMS automatically captures electronic records from any instrument, spreadsheet, scanner, or other enterprise data source, publishes reports through a web portal, and translates data into knowledge using management dashboards and self-service BI and analytics tools. HORIZON v10 is a 100% web-enabled, technology-neutral data management solution for environmental, clinical, public health, energy, industrial hygiene, food/safety, and other laboratories drowning in paper, regulations, and QC requirements.
Our company is a precision pump manufacturer and a scientific instrumentation OEM integration partner for companies in the life sciences, chemicals, electronics and analytical equipment industries. We design and sell high precision syringe pumps with a broad range of services for both OEM instrument integration and end user use. Chemyx blends in-house design and manufacturing, allowing for fast customizable projects and flexibility for changing future requirements. Our scalable services allow clients to better plan for capital expenditures and also to grow and evolve based on their business needs.
523We fix broken separations. Discover the advantages of the liquid stationary phase.
4078The Chicago Chromatography Discussion Group is committed to promoting an interest in -and providing a forum for- the exchange of information in all areas of chromatography. Founded in 1961 by several pioneers in gas chromatography, CCDG was the first chromatography discussion group in the United States. Our motto, Sharing in Knowledge, has been the key to the accomplishments of the past and the challenges of the future.
Our company of West Chester, Pennsylvania offers a full range of chiral chromatography products and services for chiral separations. Products include HPLC and SFC columns for analytical, semi-preparative and preparative resolutions. We also offer bulk chiral stationary phases, produced under cGMP, which are available in 20 micron particle size. Services range from assistance with analytical method development through outsourcing separation services for the purification of gram to multi kg quantities. For the separation of chiral compounds that will be used in early stage clinical trials, our laboratory operates under cGMP.
3585Distributor of HPLC and GC instrumentation, supplies and accessories, including: autosampler vials, columns, filters, fittings, PEEK tubing and fittings, solid phase extraction cartridges, protein crash plates, positive pressure manifolds, evaporators, flash chromatography cartridges, syringes, tubing, valves, pumps, detectors, evaporative light scattering detectors, and data handling software. HPLC systems.
Our company is an employee-owned company that specializes in providing the greatest accuracy in color separation, optical quality and signal purity economically for your OEM applications. We provide application engineering support, short cycle times and are as comfortable designing and manufacturing custom optical filters as we are our catalog items.
Our brands products include sample vials, HPLC and GC consumables and accessories for chromatography
1116For more than 90 years, customers have relied on Chromalox for the utmost in quality and innovative solutions for OEM heating applications. Chromalox manufactures the broadest line of electric heat and control products, including heating components, immersion heaters, circulation systems, heat transfer systems, boilers, industrial and comfort air heating, heat trace cables, sensors and precision electronic controls. Chromalox has multiple manufacturing, engineering, warehousing and sales locations throughout North America, Europe, and China.
Our company is known in the chemical analytical industry worldwide as a company that specializes in supplies for gas chromatography. The main products designed and manufactured at CRS are electronic crimping and decapping tools, gas purifiers, ferrules and injection port septa. Other important manufactured products are injection port liners, packed columns and sample preparation accessories. CRS also provides sample vials, caps and seals, syringes for sample injection and capillary GC columns.
Our company is a provider of complete analytical solutions for laboratories involved with drug discovery, environmental analysis, forensics, food & flavors, Homeland Security and petrochemicals. Established in 2003 as the U.S. subsidiary of Idstein, Germany-based CHROMTECH GmbH, CHROMSYS serves as a North American distributor of CHROMTECH’s and its partners´products for gas chromatography, liquid chromatography, mass spectrometry, lab automation and chromatography data systems. Key to our success is our ability to integrate systems from top manufacturers and provide excellent applications support.
1445(WDXRF) PORTASPEC® X Series Portable and Bench Top X-ray Analyzers for Elemental Analysis and Coating Weight Measurement of Chrome and Titanium Pretreatment. Also Portaspec XLE for Coating Weight Measurement of Phosphorus or Zirconium Pretreatment. Sample Preparation Equipment: Electric Arc Button Remelt Furnace and Pica Blender Mill
Our company will be demonstrating our new 1190 laser particle size analyzer, which features enhanced software capabilities and increased automation for all samples. We offer a wide range of laser particle size analyzers capable of analyzing samples from 0.04 to 2,500 microns. Cilas analyzers allow the user to view particle size distribution and particle shape! All systems feature patented dry jet dispersion technology for superior performance in dry mode. Wet and dry dispersion are seamlessly integrated in the same instrument. Our systems are the most rugged, accurate and versatile analyzers available.
2609With more than two decades of experience in the world of weighing, we are one of the leading manufacturers of Electronic Scales & Balances used in Pharmaceauticals, Laboratory, Jewelry Industries. We specialize in Analytical, Precision Balances. We also have a wide range of Industrial scales Viz. Platform Scales, Bench Scales, Crane Scales, Counting Scales, Moisture Analyzer. Please visit our website for further details.
3980My company is specializing in producing biological microscope,stereo- microscope, metallurgical microscope,digital microscope,three beam balance ,Ultra-low freezer, freeze dryer ,chiller and other instruments. These were used in teaching, medical, researching, and lab of university.
733, 832World leader in sample preparation by fusion for XRF, ICP and AA spectrometry, Claisse offers gas and electric automatic fusion apparatus (M4 Gas Fluxer, TheBee Electric Fluxer and Peroxide Fluxer), and platinum-ware (molds, crucibles…) for bead and solution preparation. Industry leading fused borate fluxes (lithium tetraborate, lithium metaborate, mixtures…) feature the lowest moisture/highest purity with integrated non-wetting agents. See our new weighing/dosing machine “TheAnt” and our “rFusion Modular System” for the latest in automated fusion capabilities. Analytical consulting and Pt-ware polishing/scrap services are also available.
Our company is in its sixth decade of supplying fluid power, motion and process control devices to the Scientific, Medical, and Analytical markets. We understand the need for precision, reliability, and purity in your critical applications and are dedicated to providing expert solutions to meet and exceed your expectations. We ensure that every product meets the highest standards of quality and performance by 100% testing all products before they reach our customers.
3315Professional organization that fosters the understanding and application of vibrational spectroscopic sciences: infrared, near infrared, Raman and chemometric methods used in these spectroscopies. Through the voluntary efforts of its members, the society sponsors scientific conferences, creates symposia for research presentations, provides social activities to stimulate informal discussion, and recognizes excellence in vibrational spectroscopy through three sponsored awards (the Coblentz, Williams-Wright, and Lippincott Awards). The society also administers the ABB Bomem-Michelson Award. The Coblentz website can be found at
3855Since 1955, Cole-Parmer has been a leading source of laboratory and industrial fluid handling products, process instrumentation, lab equipment, and supplies worldwide. We’re proven experts in the fields of temperature measurement and control, electrochemistry, and fluid handling, and feature several high-quality product lines—including Masterflex® pumps and Oakton® instrumentation. Our highly trained technical Application Specialists can assist in selecting products tailored to your specific application. We deliver solutions our customers can trust.
2809Laboratory Testing Equipment for determining the physical properties and performance characteristics of Fuels, Lubricants, and Materials. North American Distributors of Waukesha Engine-Dresser CFR Products, Eralytics, Falex, Normalab, PCS Instruments, Parker Hannifin, Strama-MPS, and Ramin’ Corporation. Instrument Sales and Service. JFTOT ASTM D3241, Octane ASTM D2699 and D2700, Cetane D613 and D7170, Vapor Pressure D5188, D5191, D5492, D6377, D6378, D6897, Fuel Lubricity D5001, D6078 and D6079, Particle Counters, Distillation D86 and D1160, Flash Point D56, D92 and D93, Penetration, Cold Flow D2500 and D97, Tribology Testing, and Glassware.
2417The premier analytical instrumentation service company in the Northeast. Specializing in Agilent/HP GC/MS, GC and LC systems. Quality hardware, data system and software support for your laboratory. Full service contracts and phone support are available for most systems. Service on other manufacturers equipment, such as Gerstel, Tekmar, OI and many others is available. Visit our website at
Our company manufactures gas pressure and flow control equipment and delivery systems for the worldwide industrial fabrication, medical gas distribution, laser, research, specialty gas, and semiconductor industries.
CTI manufactures electrochemical and disposable biosensors, membrane switches, graphic overlays, and flat or formed RFI/EMI shielding. The company offers laser cut prototyping without the high cost of tooling. Working from intial design through final shipment, CTI can meet the most demanding specifications while maintaining the highest quality. ISO 13285 and ISO 9001 certified.
3743Instruments for food, pharmaceutical, petroleum, metal and chemical labs. New Traceable® Instruments: timers, stopwatches, conductivity standards, humidity meters, thermometers, barometers, pumps, tachometers, controllers, moisture meters, light meters, anemometers, sound meters and calipers. ISO 9001 Certified. Instruments are supplied with a Traceable® Calibration Certificate, traceable to NIST. Calibration complies with ISO/IEC 17025 requirements and is A2LA accredited. Traceable® Certificates are recognized in 75 countries through A2LA’s participation in ILAC-MRA. Control Company is an ISO34, A2LA Accredited Certified Reference Material Producer.
Our company is a manufacturer of high performance NIR, Raman, UV and VIS spectrometers and spectroscopy systems. We provide rugged and portable devices that are ideal for use in the laboratory or factory environment. All our devices are permanently calibrated for wavelength, using our AutoCal feature. By using a variety of array detectors, silicon and InGaAs, cooled and un-cooled, we are able to match your price and performance requirements. Our products can be configured to cover a spectral range anywhere between 180nm to 2500nm.
2918Since 1916, CoorsTek has manufactured high-quality labware for scientific industries. Made exclusively in the United States, our premium labware products are available in a variety of shapes, from crucibles, mortars and pestles to funnels and desiccator plates. Our selection of materials includes porcelain, high-purity alumina or porous alumina. Choose CoorsTek, an industry leader throughout the world, for quality labware.
3480Providing innovative and affordable solutions for 20+ years to the analytical, process and renewable fuels industries (Biodiesel, Ethanol, Methanol and Coal). NEW for 2009, the S-4100 PDA UV/VIS Spectrophotometer from Scinco and solid/liquid automation for the Mitsubishi/DIA Model CA-200 Simultaneous Dual-Channel Coulometric/Volumetric KF & Bromine Index-Number Analyzer; the Model AOX-200, a Compact, Automatic TOX/AOX Analyzer and Model NSX-2100; a Simultaneous Trace Sulfur-Nitrogen-Chloride Analyzer.
Our company was founded in 2005s, that be one of a best professional manufacturers that disposable life sciences plasticware, our products lines are available in cell culture, HTscreening drug discover, Immuno-assay, protein crystallization and tissue transplant, IVF, Liquid handling,etc. We also offers rapid solutions to problems by consultancy, design and R&D plasticware mold for apply in Biotech, Pharmaceutical , BioMedical and Life Science institute. Our Major, TC surface treatment , R&D, Injection, Mold design, Plasticware welding, Printing , Assembly, Sterilization by Gamma.
Formerly California Pacific Lab Safety. Manufacturer of ECO Funnels, Chromatography Funnels and Secondary Containers. ECO Funnels reduce harmful emissions and help prevent fire while solving the open waste container problem. Made of HDPE with a gasket in the lid, sturdy hinge and latch. Unique design will prevent container over-filling. Available with variety of screw cap sizes to fit common waste containers. Can be customized with HPLC Adapters. We guarantee our ECO Funnel products. Other safety products include: cabinets, cans, eyewear, gloves, coated glass bottles, plastic bottles, carboys and drums. See us for your lab safety needs!
Our company is the only company offering a complete line of instrument supplies and consumables designed to solve the challenges of the laboratory today. We manufacture the majority of our products and can supply you with a complete line of consumables including metals and organic standards, glassware, sample vials, pump tubing, cones and detectors, syringes, columns and liners for all the major OEM manufactures of ICP/ICPMS and GC/GCMS instruments. We can also offer solutions for the challenges of today’s laboratory including automation, sample preparation, sample throughput, increase detection limits and problem sample matrixes.
2074CPS Disc Centrifuge Particle Size Analyzers measure the size of particles by how long it takes the particle to pass through a liquid in a rotating disc. Measurements are quick and easy, and results include size and weight distributions of particles in the range of <0.003 to 40 microns. Ideal for use with both organic and inorganic nanoparticles and is unique in its ability to characterize particles in the range of a few microns down to a few nanometers.
1218Our company is a leading UK provider of Laboratory Consumables and Professional Consultancy Services. We are specialists in design and delivery of E-Learning for Analytical Chemistry as well as Professional Multimedia for Web and stand alone delivery. Our web based learning portal is rapidly becoming the No. 1 site for professional development in analytical chemistry. Visit us to see examples of web-based learning, electronic manuals, booth presentations, instrument launch collateral and other media. Visit us for individual or corporate wide E-Learning in Analytical Chemistry or multimedia materials.
Manufacturer of ultra sensitive fluorescence and luminescence detection instruments for biological and chemical research and detection applications. Using Creatv’s proprietary Integrating Waveguide technology, Signalyte-II can test small samples (less than 35 microliters). Illumination by high power LEDs is available from 365 to 635 nm. Emission is measured by spectrometer from 300 to 800 nm. Multiplex detection is possible for up to four analytes. Dynamic range is six orders of magnitude. Experimental data demonstrates that Signalyte-II is 10 to 1000 times more sensitive than a 96 well plate reader, depending on the dye.
3521Hydranal, Aquastar and Watermark Karl Fischer moisture reagents, water standards and titrators, ISO 9001 standards for environmental and food testing featuring the highest quality neat pesticide standards. Our own standards laboratory with custom standard capability and all new updated EPA methods plus inorganic IC, ICP and AA standards. Fine organic and inorganic laboratory chemicals and fine biochemicals and electrophoresis consumables from Serva as well as electrophoresis chambers from ATTO and Serva.
The Chemical Reference Material Manufacturers Association is a non-profit corporation acting as a trade association for manufacturers of chemical reference materials. Members include: Absolute Standards, AccuStandard, Cambridge Isotope Laboratories, Cerilliant, Chem Service, Crescent Chemical, Environmental Resource Associates, High Purity Standards, Inorganic Ventures, LGC, MV Laboratories, NSI Solutions, R. T. Corp, Ricca Chemical Company, SCP Science, SPEX CertiPrep, Sigma-Aldrich/Supelco, U. S. Pharmacopeia, VHG Labs. Associate members include A2LA and NIST
Our company is a manufacturer and service provider of cryogenic equipment and accessories. Custom fabrications, OEM fabrications, and a full line of standard containers, vessels and accessories, depict the product mix. Our extensive materials inventory allows for quick, reasonable responses with flexibility, size variety and optional equipment. In house engineering can assist in product design and development for meeting application requirements perfectly.
3587Based in Reno NV. CrystaLaser designs and manufactures ultra-compact pulsed and continuous wave DPSS laser systems, diode laser systems in a broad wavelength selection, from ultraviolet, violet, blue, green, red to infrared for applications in flow cytometry, confocal microscopy, particle sizing and counting, genomics and protemics, Biomedical diagnostics, DNA sequencing, fluorescence, Raman spectroscopy, holography, data storage, interferometers, seeder lasers, Optical communication, etc.
Our company has focused on providing innovative solutions for life science research. Crytalgen supplies a broad line of products that covers lab consumables, bio-reagents, kits, lab liquid handling and a full line of products for protein crystallography research. Crystalgen now offers more than 2000 unique products under well-known trade markers. Our commitment to the advance of life science research has led to products that are first to market with novel design and features. Please visit our web site:
for more information.
Our company has a wide variety of thermoplastics and composites to meet the demanding performance requirements of scientific, testing, and process control instrumentation. Recognizing that materials used in instrumentation must often stand up to extreme environments (corrosive chemicals, vacuum conditions, high temperature, high pressure, and repeated sterilization) while maintaining high purity and reliability we supply the following materials from locations nationwide: ABS, Acetal, KYDEX® thermoplastic sheet, HDPE, PEEK, Polypropylene, PPS, PTFE, PVDF, Radel R®, TECATOR™ polyamide-imide, UHMW, Ultem®, DuPont™ Vespel® Polyimide Shapes, and more!
Our company is the leader in nano-flow management technology. We have more than 19 years experience in the development and the manufacturing of high performance capillary and nano-HPLC system and accessories. Our ultra-high pressure splitless nano HPLC offers 15,000psi operation pressure range for high throughput, high sensitivity, and high resolution analysis of complex biological samples. We will introduce a fully automated ultra-high pressure Binary solvent gradient nano-UHPLC-MS and a 2-Dimensional Nano-UHPLC system for proteomics applications. We will also introduce capillary and nano-HPLC columns from 0.5 to 100cm x 75 to 320um id.
Our company is excited to be introducing 100s of new products this year! Visit us at booth 2615: Pick up our Volume 1, Issue 1 of All Things Photonics our New 2009 Catalog. Learn about our new laser products. Learn about our new exciting filter products that will save you money, time and improve your system performance. Visit us at to get the lastest information on products and capabilities to save you money, time, and energy.
We provide affordable and reliable HPLC for both education and industry applications. Completed with manual injector, pump, detector, and workstation software, the FirmusTM HPLC System integrates simplicity, precision, accuracy, and reliability. It provide users preliminary hand-on experience and training purpose. It also can be used in a non-regulatory environment for small-scale purification, synthetic reaction checking and other applications with manual injections. Furthermore, the system is ideal for column washing /conditioning, preliminary checking of chromatographic figures of merit before analyzing the samples on the qualified HPLC.
Our company is a manufacturer of innovative laboratory test equipment designed to streamline laboratory practices while improving accuracy and precision. During Pittcon 2009, CytoCount will unveil a breakthrough life science instrument that dramatically transforms the way scientists and researchers address their most common cell counting needs. In development for over five years, this groundbreaking laboratory tool offers researchers worldwide a highly efficient, accurate and affordable automated alternative to manual cell counting. All of CytoCount’s products are manufactured to the highest quality standards possible.
2610International distributor of equipment and supplies for the life science market. We offer a wide range of products including balances, centrifuges, water baths, pipettes, shakers, microscopes, and a myriad of lab supplies. We have two exclusive equipment lines, FINEPCR and LabGenius, that feature shakers, vortexers, stirrers, mixers, water baths, incubators, ovens, homogenizers, and more.
One of the market leader in Korea, exporting our products in more than 50 countries.  Manufacturing general laboratory equipments and expanding products and product lines.  CE-mark, CE-MDD and ISO 9001, ISO 13485 Certificates.  PL (Product Liability) Insurance is available for all Wisd Products.
Our company is one of the very few actual manufacturer of spherical silica gel " DAISOGEL" for high performance liquid chromatography from analytical to preparative. We control the manufacturing process from raw material to the finished product. DAISO Fine Chem USA, Inc. and DAISO Fine Chem GmbH are the corner stone of DAISO's world-wide presence as a global supplier to the pharmaceutical and life science industry.
1117Bettersize is a China manufacturer specialized in laser particle size analyzers. We provide the market with 400 sets of laser particle size analyzers each year. Our products consisting of many models work with outstanding performance. We provide at reasonable price along with considerate service. Our instruments have ever been sold to many countries such as USA, Canada, Japan, India, South Korea, Chile, Nigeria and other countries. You are welcome to visit us at our Booth 1117 in Pittcon 2009.
Our company develops and supplies gaschromatographs and automatic sampling systems including: MASTER TOF Time of Flight Mass Spectrometer the new mass detector for fast GC/MS. MASTER GC for FAST and conventional GC and the new revolutionary cold injection system FAST on-column. MASTER TD, the new Thermal Desorber for extraction of volatile and semi-volatile compounds. MASTER AS, the new Liquid Autosampler with 160 vials and robotic advanced technology. MASTER DHS the new Dynamic Head Space with increased sensitivity of analytical system up to 100 times. FAUST based on a new technology can detect vapour emissions of military,civil and improvised explosives.
Our company is a independent company solely dedicated to chromatography software development. The flag ship product Clarity Chromatography software is the top choice for thousands of users around the world. Clarity - universal solution for laboratories - covers tools for GLP/ 21 CFR Part 11 compliance, optional control modules (more than 170) and extensions ( PDA, GPC, SST,CE), variety of A/D converters and much more.Clarity is highly regarded for it easy of use, excellent performance and cost-effectiveness. Clarity is sold in 60 countries and 8 instrument producer sell OEM version.
Our company is a manufacturer of tunable, room temperature, External Cavity Quantum Cascade Laser systems in the Mid-IR, advanced molecular detection systems, and imaging instruments. The company's room temperature Mid-IR tunable lasers provide the core technology for significant advancement in the fields of medical diagnostics, homeland security, military applications and industrial/environmental monitoring. Both Pulsed and CW mode-hop-free solutions are available with broad tuning in the 4 to 12 um region.
Our company is a world leader instrument manufacturer for water activity and thermal properties. AquaLab water activity meter is the fastest, most accurate meter for rapid microbial limits, shelf-life, stability and quality testing. AquaSorp Isotherm Generator rapidly generates robust isotherms with hundreds of points to map the complex relationship between water activity and moisture content. KD2 Pro Thermal Properties meter quickly and easily measures thermal conductivity, thermal diffusivity, and specific heat of natural and engineered materials and liquids.
We offer handheld gas chromatography based sensor systems for detection of chemical warfare agents, environmental contaminants, and process chemicals. Our systems are based on microfabricated components coated with designer materials. Defiant can select from a diversity of components for chemical collection, separation, and detection to maximize selectivity and sensitivity for your application. Each system is battery operated and uses ambient air as the carrier gas. These systems can be used for handheld applications, continuous facility monitors, or gas modules can be produced for OEM applications.
Our Healthcare and Life Sciences division is a leading supplier of IT products and services, providing flexible, efficient, and scalable solutions needed in a healthcare environment. Our mission is to help customers solve real business challenges and enable a world class, patient-centric healthcare system.
3709Italian manufacturer of portable instruments, bench top and transmitters for: tempreature, relative humidity, pressure, air velocity, light, sound level, pH, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, We also produce elements for weather stations measuring temperature, humdiity barometric pressure, rainfalls, solar radiations.
We are National Calibration Centre SIT n.124 for Temperature, Humidity, Pressure, Acoustics, Photo-Radiometry, Air velocity.
Our company manufactures Raman spectrometers and accessories for academics, industry, and OEM. The ExamineR Raman microscope utilizes a proven microscope platform with outstanding imaging and spectral characteristics. Ideal for teaching and research the Advantage Series features four wavelengths; 532nm, 633nm, 785nm, and 1064nm. The Inspector Raman and RockHound are handheld spectrometers used for a variety of portable applications in reaction monitoring, geology, and nanotechnology. The new ReporteR palm-sized material identification system weighs 11oz and identifies unknowns through preprogrammed libraries.
Manufacturer of DenLine Protection Plus® Lab Coats.  Designed for Medical Laboratory/Blood borne as well as Quasi Clean Room Applications.  Clean, non-linting fabric with high particle filtration efficiency, anti-static, tapered sleeves and fitted cuffs, protection from splash & spray of all aqueous liquids, select solvents and oils.  Stain resistant material.  Air permeable Coats offer the comfort of cotton.  Hot water (160°F/71°C) commercial wash.  Durable industry exclusive 200+ wash rated, cost per wash over life of product lower than cotton/polyester.
3848Experts in selective thermionic ionization detection (TID) for GC and stand-alone applications. Inexpensive ceramic ion sources for the Agilent 6890/7890 NPD provide femtogram N detection and non-tailing P peaks. Other ion source types provide easy selectivity changes to Nitro compounds, Halogenates, or Oxygenates (especially Phenols, Carboxylic Acids including Formic Acid, Glycols, and Trace Water). DET NPD/TID hardware retrofits for Varian and SRI GC models including Tandem TID for 2 simultaneous signals per each sample.
725World Leader in the Manufacturing of Channel Electron Multipliers. Producing multipliers for over 20 years, DeTech offers unparalleled service and quality. We welcome and encourage the challenge for designing new and innovative detectors to meet your needs. Our manufacturing flexibility allows us to specially form our multipliers in a variety of shapes and sizes while still producing maximum lifetime and gain. DeTech also has capabilities in Fabrication, Contract clean room assembly, specialty coatings, and custom glass extrusions and draws.
Dex-O-Tex® – Scientifically SuperiorTechnologies from the leader in polymeric and cementitious construction chemistries designed to repair, protect and beautify commercial, industrial and institutional decks, floors and walls. Including acrylics, epoxies, urethanes and cementitious systems, decorative and functional floor and wall coating systems; chemical, slip and temperature resistant floor and coating systems; ESD and conductive; underlayments, waterproofing membranes and repair systems; promenade and roof decking; parking deck and sport surfacing; moisture vapor control, and marine deck coverings.
2535On-site test kits that are quick, easy to use and afford the user an economical advantage over time consuming and costly laboratory methods. Our products include, tests for environmental contaminates in water, soil and oils; lubricating oil analysis and moisture in organic matrices. Visit our webb site:
Our company was established in 1994 and today includes 65 employees in 40,000 square feet of manufacturing facilities. Our process capabilities include slitting, laminating, printing, die cutting, laser cutting, kiss cutting, embossing, contract assembly and packaging with cleanroom and low humidity facilities available. Products include membrane switches, graphic overlays, dome labels, titer plate covers, base cards, wound dressing, transdermal patches, flex circuits, gaskets, filters and various thin film, tapes and adhesive backed components for medical device, diagnostic and analytical applications.
Our company delivers critical fluid handling solutions to diagnostic instrument makers. Diba technology includes flared fluoropolymer tubing assemblies now available with Diba’s Torque Right™ fittings; lined or coated aspirate/dispense probes with integrated level sense; in line reagent heaters; and custom reagent & waste bottle caps and bottles with quick disconnect ports and integrated straws. Diba services include fluid system development assistance from our engineering staff; quick-turn, production quality samples; production and maintenance kits made to OEM specifications; in house custom extrusion; and model shop. Diba…Fluidics Made Simple!
516We are a manufacturer of pumps and valves for dispensing, metering and other low flow applications. We have optimized the mag drive, leak free, external gear pump and the rotating, valve-less, ceramic piston pump. Our isolation solenoid valves are ideal for applications requiring little or no heat transfer to the fluid. Our Customer Service/Prototype Center provides specs and samples quickly...please use this link: We are also ISO 9001/13485 certified and have extensive experience developing fluid handling components and their controls.
We are a company dedicated to developing innovative chromatography products including HPLC and GC columns, sample preparation products, bulk chromatographic media, reference chemicals, and chromatographic accessories and equipment. Our products are designed to meet the most challenging of chromatographic applications. A wide range of particle size, pore size, bonding chemistries and column dimensions are available. Excellent column performance and reproducible chromatography with acidic, basic and neutral molecules is ensured by the most stringent of validation protocols. Strong relationships with customers are a key component of our culture.
4485, SR29, SR30, SR31, SR32Product introductions include a new solution for companies using chromatography to monitor samples. Don’t miss the award-winning UltiMate® 3000 Intelligent LC series, including the state-of-the-art RSLC system for accelerating UHPLC and traditional HPLC methods, the MDLC system for proteomics, the titanium system for bioinert flow paths ideal for analyzing biomolecules. Important updates to our ICS line of industry-leading ion chromatographs featuring RFIC™, RFIC-ER™, and RFIC-EG™. New consumables/columns. IC/MS and LC/MS systems. ASE® 150 and 350 accelerated solvent extractors.
Our company is a manufacturer of pharmaceutical laboratory test equipment, specializing in Dissolution products and services. Distek also provides solutions for UV Fiber Optics, Media Preparation, Physical Testing, Disintegration, and Validation Services.
Our company provides a revolutionary fluid dispensing and array tape platform for genetic screening and discovery -- and more importantly -- our customers have experienced transformational outcomes and value.  Our patented array tape automation has revolutionized microplate processing with customized embossed wells in continuous plastic tape. This innovative and modular platform enables ultimate flexibility to address various genetic screening processes and chemistries. Our solutions have delivered quantum gains in throughput and cost reductions for our customers.
1315The World’s only fully integrated, Windows network compatible, modular Portable and Lab Gas Chromatography Systems for virtually every GC method. Modules can be mixed and matched to make 100’s of cost effective, application specific configurations! Imagine the same results on both your Lab and Portable GC’s, because they use the same components and Methods. GC Accessories include: Autosamplers, Purge & Traps, Air Samplers, and a MicroExtractor. The choice is up to you, if you can dream it, we can build it!
3927Our company manufactures disposable pipette extraction (DPX) devices and products. DPX is a drastically improved solid-phase extraction product that improves throughput, is readily automated, uses less solvent, does not require conditioning steps, requires minimal training to use, and saves money. Applications for forensic and clinical toxicology include the simultaneous extraction of acidic, neutral and basic drugs in urine; THC and metabolites in blood and urine; and anticoagulants in tissue specimens. DPX tips are also used for pesticides in fruits and vegetables; QuEChERS; melamine; and mycotoxins in food matrices.
We are the dominating market leader with respect to pipetting devices in China with an actual total market share of 40%.Our main product range shows Diagnostic Instruments and Liquid Handling Devices for your personal needs. The key factors for success are certainly our people and partners world-wide. Besides, DRAGON is following a strict quality management system and is certified by ISO standards and all our products are CE mark registered. Visit us under
4288New Filter based Fluorescence Detector. Low-cost quality instruments for LC and HPLC. Ideal for routine industrial process monitoring, teaching labs, Q.C. and R&D. Field transportable. New, modular units stack for easy system configuration. Products include: UV-Vis variable, filter (fixed) and dual wavelength absorbance detectors , fluorescence and conductivity detectors. Isocratic, binary and quaternary analytical and preparative HPLC and Flash LC.
O.E.M. and private label inquiries welcome.
513We are the DTRA Research and Development Enterprise Chemical and Biological Technologies Directorate (DTRA RD-CB) and our Agency’s focal point for chemical and biological scientific and technical expertise. We are also dual-hatted as the Joint Science and Technology Office (JSTO) for Chemical and Biological Defense under the DoD Chemical and Biological Defense Program (CBDP). In these roles we seek to provide cutting edge technology solutions that reduce the threat from weapons of mass destruction and empower warfighters to achieve their missions in a chemical, biological or radiological environment.
2903, 3769
Our laboratory worksurfaces, sinks and accessories are revered worldwide for their resistance to the heat, moisture and chemicals common in harsh laboratory environments. Our new environment friendly Greenstone surfaces are now available with post-consumer recycled content to help “green” your lab construction and renovation projects and sustain our planet.
2271Proudly introducing in 2009, Model JTD-505III automated purge & trap sampler and also introducing L-column2 HPLC column with unique endcapping technology. Also will exhibit Curie Point Pyrolyzers, recycling preparative HPLC and unique laboratory glassware as well as complete line of HPLC columns.
Found in 1988, we become one of the largest analytical companies in China.  Over the years, our instruments have been used in the fields of environment,
quality control, CDC, mining, chemical and others. The company is capable of designing and manufacturing GCs, LCs, AAS, AFS, and CODs. In 2006, we started to market our latest new product GCMS-3100, the first GC-MS made in China. Our products also include water purification systems, air generators, thermal adsorption device, hydrogen generators, chillers, and auto samplers.
4515Join the thousands of people who will attend the annual Eastern Analytical Symposium and Exposition (EAS) on November 16-19, 2009, in Somerset, NJ. The EAS educates and informs with a strong technical program of the latest research presented in invited and contributed oral and poster sessions; presentations of prestigious outstanding achievement awards; and numerous short courses covering various areas of Analytical Chemistry. In addition, hundreds of exhibitors display state-of-the-art instrumentation, equipment, products, and services at the exposition. An employment area also offers Analytical Chemists many options for employment.
2048The Eastern Plastics brand of IDEX Health & Science specializes in close-tolerance, complex machining, and assembly of plastics for laboratory apparatus, test and measurement products, IVD instruments, medical equipment, clinical diagnostics, surgical instruments, multi- and single-layer manifolds, and fluidics applications.
4525Our line of classic reciprocal shakers from benchtop to floor models. Clinical rockers, tube rotators, hand action shakers and tube rollers. Sample preparation blending containers for use with Waring blenders or Eberbach explosion proof large scale blender power units. New options include centrifugal flow blending assemblies and pressure sealed assemblies. Our technical staff will be available to discuss equipment design or modification.
1018For over 20 years, ECI Technology has been producing world class chemical analysis tools for the Semiconductor, Printed Circuit Board and Pharmaceutical industries. ECI builds analyzers to the highest standard in quality, accuracy and reliability, satisfying the most stringent specifications of the world's most complicated manufacturing processes.
2378Data recording solutions for Chemistry labs: Electrochemistry - Potentiostats for Cyclic voltammetry, Chromatography, Capillary Electrophoresis, Flow-Analysis and General Data Recording. The core is the eCorder analog to digital recorder. Software control with “Chart” or “Scope” software makes the ecorder system extremely easy to learn and use. Systems are suitable for Research or Teaching! Plug and play allows effortless recording of any signal. Contactless conductivity detectors are available for integration into existing Capillary Electrophoresis systems. Recording and control systems are available for constructing your own budget CE/FIA systems.
Our company is the world’s largest supplier of EDS, EBSD, WDS and Micro-XRF systems providing technical and performance leading solutions for materials characterization. EDAX’s seamlessly integrated systems provide a powerful combination of elemental information from EDS and WDS and structural information from EBSD offered in the Pegasus, Neptune and Trident. The new Orbis Micro XRF system provides a powerful platform for reduced spot X-ray analysis and X-ray mapping on a large variety of materials. EDAX raises the standard with advanced features in an easy to use format, providing exceptional results and tools that assure confidence in those results.
Our company offers innovative products, first class service, a single source of technological expertise and customized systems for the semiconductor, solar, and vacuum technology industries. Our products include vacuum pumps, instrumentation, thin film deposition systems and components for the scientific instrument, R&D, lens coating, industrial & chemical processing industries.
We are creating new possibilities for life science research and drug discovery & development with innovative Microflow™ and Nanoflow™ fluid delivery systems. Delivering dramatic increases in analysis speed, throughput, and sensitivity, Eksigent’s leading-edge liquid chromatography systems are being used by prominent research, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology firms around the world.
Our company provides analyzers, service and consumables as follows; vario family of CHNOS elemental analyzers (MICRO/EL/MACRO/MAX) - featuring small footprint, milligram to macrogram sample size, stable calibration, low-maintenance design, IRMS options, no-stacking 60-120 position carousel, 10-year furnace warranty, excellent service. Rapid N cube analyzer - providing accurate automated nitrogen/protein determination in food, feed and soil. Safer, faster and less expensive than Kjeldahl. Vario TOC/TNb analyzer - water, sludge, solids. Isoprime isotope ratio mass spectrometers (IRMS).
743Manufacturer & supplier of ICP-OES/AES & ICP-MS Standards & accessories. Our ICP standards are available in volumes from 50ml to 500ml volumes and stocked at 10, 100, 1,000 and 10,000ppm. Accessories includes automated and manual digesters, hydride generation, acid purification and autosamplers. Our service department offers application support & instrument service (Method Development, Troubleshooting, Instrument Familiarization & more). New this year are GC, GC-MS and HPLC Standards ( See our new products at the booth or online at WWW.ICPSUPPLIES.COM
2277Water Purification Systems for scientific and medical applications. ELGA, with over 70 years experience pioneering water purification systems, continues to apply cutting-edge research with ergonomic and innovative design. A global network of service centeres ensures an unrivalled support, no matter where you are, for water purification systems.
We are over 5 decades in the science of Design, Development and manufacture of Lab analytic instruments. Its expertise in R&D and manufacturing processes are offered as a collaborative service to global partners in the USA and European region. Its Software and Hardware design group has Core competency in Lab & Analytical Instrumentation spanning various Engg. disciplines and Application verticals. We have established OEM relationships to be a gateway to the Asian markets and also be a “hub and spoke” model in the supply chain in the region. Established quality metrics meeting rigorous UL and CE certification standards are the hallmark of ELICO.
German based company with over 50 years experience in developing, manufacturing and selling ultrasonic equipment. Competence through own R&D and application lab. ISO 9001, CE, UL certificates do reflect the commitment to high quality, leading technology, best services.  Product range:  Full digital ultrasonic table top units, including true multi frequency models. Wide range of laboratory accessories, such as bottle holder, beakers, beaker holder, test-tube holder, acid resistant tank inserts, multi test sieve holder, special cleaning reagents.
Our company is a leading publisher of search and discovery tools in Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, and related areas. We publish over 125 journal titles, including prestigious society publications, books and e-books per year, including titles under the Academic Press imprint. With innovative electronic products and services such as ScienceDirect, Scopus and Reaxys, we continue to refine our portfolio to serve the needs of educators, researchers, and students worldwide. Visit our booth to see our new and bestselling titles, learn about the Impact Factors of our high quality journals, and discover how our products can improve your research productivity.
We provide innovative High Voltage Power Supplies with high performance in miniature, cost effective packages. Standard, off-the-shelf products range from ultra-miniature high voltage converters occupying 0.125 cubic inches to precision, multi-output, rack-mount high voltage systems. New options include: RoHS, low out gassing, extended operating temperature and low power consumption.
1545The Company has an enviable reputation as manufacturers of the world's finest test sieves. All our test sieves are manufactured to National or International Specifications including ASTM E11 : ISO 3310 & BS410. Each sieve is supplied with a Certificate of Compliance.Visit our booth and see the full range of products including sieve shakers, calibration samples,sampling equipment & woven wire mesh filters.
Our company is a leading U.S. manufacturer of Mobile Laboratory solutions for chemical testing and analysis. E-N-G’s MobiLab™ line of truck- and trailer-based systems features trouble-free electrical systems, generators, laboratory support systems and equipment, quality cabinetry, and work surfaces designed for safety, efficiency and ease of use. All MobiLabs™ are available instrument-ready or fully-equipped and integrated. Over 350 E-N-G MobiLab™ Systems delivered worldwide since 1988.
4025GC inlet systems and robotic autosamplers for trace headspace analysis. New “Active SPME” technique quantitatively recovers both light and heavy headspace compounds, while eliminating carryover. Proprietary Silonite® coating renders stainless steel tubing, fittings, injection liners, and OEM parts completely inert for GC applications. Other products include thermal desorbers, residual chemical analyzers, mold test kits. Turnkey solutions for Environmental, Aromas in Food and Beverage, Forensics, Homeland Security, Industrial Hygiene, Breath Analysis, Indoor Air Quality and related applications.
Our company is the industry leader in customized optical diagnostic equipment. We will be showcasing two of our products the Spectraline, ES 200 Mid Infrared Spectrometer and VS-100 Visible Spectrometer. The ES 200 and VS-100 are the fastest spectrometers available with data acquisition rates of 1300Hz and 16 KHz respectively. Combining the state of the art in diode array detectors with advanced statistical algorithms in a compact ruggedized package the ES-200 and VS-100 represents the future of spectroscopy in process and quality control.
2603Our core technology affords the finest and most accurate method of gas blending/diluting and calibration. Our technological leadership, specifically our ability to mix and dilute gases to a tolerance of plus or minus 1% of set-point has been unequaled by competition in the field. The systems that we manufacture are a highly precise analytical tool, intended to enhance the accuracy, repeatability and reproducibility of any gas analytic device. We have developed custom equipment spanning ultra clean, high temperature, humidity and pressurization systems
Our company provides environmental laboratory supplies to commercial laboratories, municipalities, water treatment plants and industrial manufacturers throughout the U.S. and worldwide. Our product lines include: HotBlockTM systems for metals digestions; metals analysis supplies; disposable BOD bottles; ProWeigh® filters for total and volatile suspended solids; products for oil and grease testing; TCLP extraction supplies and equipment; distillation systems; Ion Chromatography products and more.  Our staff is dedicated to building mutually beneficial relationships with our customers and providing quality products and services.
Our company is one of the largest and oldest proficiency testing, analyst certification and reference material providers in the world, boasting the largest and most sophisticated data management system in the industry. We serve all markets and applications with either stock or custom-designed products for testing and training. ERA offers proficiency, quality control validation and calibration standards for clinical, environmental, food and pharmaceutical applications. ERA is also a leader in cleaning validation products, such as coupons and swabbing kits.
629We provide full line of routine Raman instrumentation solutions with outstanding performances and best values. The field portable EZRaman systems are ideal for product authentication, homeland security, incoming material inspection, and research/education laboratories. The high sensitivity ProRaman analyzers (CCD cooled to below –70 degree C) are best for industrial process monitoring and laboratories applications requiring high detection speed, sensitivity, and stability. Raman microscopes ranging from low cost to high-end confocal design are suitable for all levels of microscopic Raman analysis
For over 2 decades, EP Scientific has defined clean for sample containers of all types, sizes, materials, and application. EP offers a full line of environmental sampling containers processed to meet or exceed EPA requirements. Containers for Critical Environment applications are processed and certified to each customer’s specifications. EP Scientific, where clean is critical... every container, every time.
Specialist in custom machined plastic components.  ISO 9001:2000 since 2001.  We have ZERO defect quality components. Assured by Statistical Process Control (SPC).  Materials and Manufacturing produced in the USA.  America's premiere plastic machining supplier since 1976.
Eppendorf® offers a full line of liquid handling products and systems from manual to automated including adjustable and fixed-volume, electronic, and multichannel pipettes and pipette tips, liquid handling workstations with accessories for lab automation. We also offer a centrifuge for every application from micro to multipurpose centrifuges a well as tubes. Our smart consumables will help retain your sample integrity and prevent sample loss. Eppendorf will feature PCR thermal cyclers and real time cyclers and consumables. Eppendorf Services include instrument calibration & repair, IQ/OQ services and pipette calibration.
Our company is specialized in environmental services and equipments. We offer expertise in environmental technical solutions, international environmental Law/polices and we design innovative new instruments for pollutions monitoring. We provide services for pollution monitoring, Pilot/feasibility study, chemicals, POPs, pesticide assessments, waste management, and water and air pollution monitoring, Risk Assessment, advices and assistance with international environmental law, Best Environmental Practices (BEP) for corporate. We design and manufacture standard and innovative instruments that fit customer applications.
Our company manufactures high-performance coating materials for various printing techniques, including a broad range of conductive inks used in electrochemical sensors for the detection, quantification and monitoring of bodily fluid and environmental constituents. Ercon's patented chloridised silver compositions and proprietary carbon particles technologies are used in billions of blood glucose sensor test strips and other medical diagnostics each year. Ercon’s electronic coating materials are used in membrane switches, touch screens, fine line RFID antennae, force sensing devices, and EMI/RFI shielding applications.
2085Manufacturer of GreenFumeHood Technologies and Captair Brand products. Brand new product unveilings for 2009 include: 2009 Captair Ductless Filtering Fume Hoods featuring brand new "expanded use" modular design and enhanced filtration. - CaptairStore chemical storage and inventory management system with Erlab filtration technology. Eliminate odors and keep chemicals stored safely right in your lab with 24Hour continuous filtration. - PowderCap Hepa filtered powder weighing enclosures for safe and accurate weighing. - Biocap DNA/RNA enclosures. - Captair Pyramid disposable low cost glove box. Erlab: Industry leader since 1968
Our company supplies the widest varieties HPLC and SFC columns available in the market. HPLC offerings include state of the art fluorinated columns and super base deactivated/pH stable reverse phase columns. We have recently developed columns specifically for HILIC HPLC conditions. These specially designed HILIC columns include a bonded polyhydroxyl-groups, aromatic amines, fluorinated and hybrid reverse phase/HILIC column. We offer a wide variety of SFC columns including pyridine, pyridyl amide, fluorinated and nitro.
1080From the leader in HPLC detection technology the latest in Corona Charged Aerosol Detection for improved sensitivity and consistent measurement of small molecules, carbohydrates, lipids, ions and polymers in method development, degradation studies, impurity testing and cleaning validation. Our premier Coulometric electrochemical systems provide highly selective detection of electroactive species. ESA offers turn-key HPLC solutions providing instrumentation, consumables, reagents and services for application in pharmaceutical, biopharm, chemical, petrochemical, food/beverage, cosmetic, and clinical diagnostic arenas. A subsidiary of Magellan Biosciences
2576, SR21Since 1978, ESCO has emerged as a leader in the development of controlled environment, laboratory and cleanroom equipment solutions. Products sold in more than 100 countries include biological safety cabinets, fume hoods, ductless fume hoods, laminar flow clean benches, animal containment workstations, cytotoxic cabinets, hospital pharmacy isolators, PCR cabinets, thermal cyclers and instrumentation. With the most extensive product line in the industry, ESCO has passed more tests, in more languages, for more certifications, throughout more countries than any biosafety manufacturer worldwide. Visit
1317Since 1988, ESS has been a leading source for PreCleaned and PrePreserved sample containers for environmental analysis. ESS offers specialty cleaning for TOC vials, Low Level Hg/1631, sterile containers, silanizing and chemical packaging. We also offer Tedlar Air Bags, high purity water UPBW DI+ and products for Method 5035(VOC's in soil) including tare weighed PrePreserved vials, Lock N' Load and Core N' One soil sampling tools and 5035 kits. ESS welcomes international distributors.
1816As world leader in VOC instrumentation for over 18 years, EST has introduced innovations to the market including the most versatile Static/Dynamic Headspace system available, the Markelov HS9000. The new Encon Evolution, with the lowest carryover and fastest cycle time available, and the robust Centurion autosampler are the workhorse for any environmental laboratory. We now offer the Cobra semi volatile GC autosampler with dual injection capability and the HPLC LC241 autosampler. EST is the distributor for ThermoCombustion EA in the USA and Canada for their complete line of Total Sulfur, Nitrogen and Chlorine analyzers as well as TOC and TOX systems.
Our company is a Contract Research company focusing on development of new analytical methods and utilization of existing methods in state-of-the-art laboratory facilities for
R & D / Quality Assurance needs. EuTech’s team of experienced professionals works hand in hand with you to achieve your goals. Customers include Pharmaceutical, Medical Device, Nutraceutical and Cosmetic Industries, Lab Consumable Supplies and Scientific Instrument manufacturers. EuTech has been serving the industrial and academic scientific community since 1994.

Our company designs and manufactures a comprehensive line of plastic labware for use in biotechnology, life sciences and clinical healthcare.

This year Evex introduces the Evex-MiniSEM. Evex-MiniSEM is the world’s most advanced, easiest to use, miniature scanning electron microscope (SEM) with the award winning Evex X-ray NanoAnalysis (EDX) system. The Evex-MiniSEM easily magnifies over 30,000 times, identifying the elemental composition of any sample with Evex’s advanced detector technology. Combining SEM & EDX, the Evex-MiniSEM takes material characterization to the next level providing spatial positioning of the elements identified. The Evex-MiniSEM bridges the gap of light microscopy and high-powered electron microscopy.
Our company provides new analytical tools for extremely fast high resolution high sensitivity separation and analysis. Instruments include ion mobility mass spectrometers (IMMS) using proprietary interfacing technologies, patented chiral ion mobility spectrometers, and the first commercial electrospray ionization (ESI) IMS. Our products have applications in many areas of life sciences including ultrafast chiral separation, drug discovery, trace chemical detection, water analysis and pharmaceutical cleaning validation. IMS and related technologies for explosives and chemicals detection for Homeland Security applications are also available.
Carbon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Sulfur, Oxygen (CHN/O/S) Elemental Analyzer. The CE-440 analyzes solids and liquids, organic and inorganic samples. Complete selection of supplies and consumables for all elemental analyzers. We also offer a large selection of aluminum, tin and silver capsules and weigh boats.
MISURA® ADVANCED LABORATORY EQUIPMENT.  The Optical Dilatometers carry out thermomechanical measurements with no contact, determining the thermal expansion or sintering behaviour of several materials, even up to their complete melting.  The Heating Microscopes study the softening behaviour of different materials during a heating process and determine automatically flattening curve and characteristic temperatures.  The Optical Fleximeter is used to perform bending analysis of materials without application of loads.  From now on, also the Differential Thermal Analysis (DTA) can be combined with some of MISURA® equipment.
Our company has been engaged in manufacturing disposable plastic products for laboratories for more than 10 years. We're specialized mainly in producing Pipette Tips, PCR Tubes, Microcentrifuge Tubes, Racks, Adjustable Volume Precision Micropipets, Mini Centrifuges and TE Cooling PCR Thermocycler. We insist on maintaining high quality of our products and our goods are enjoying high reputation for their splendid quality.
Since 1964 Extrel CMS has been known as one of the world leaders in developing Mass Spectrometry equipment for Research and Industry. Extrel’s instruments are known for their high performance, reliability and flexibility and the company has gained a reputation for unparalleled service and application support. We offer equipment for Research, QA/QC Laboratories and Process Control and for a wide range of markets including, Pharmaceutical, Semiconductor, Steel, Chemical, Materials, Energy, Environmental, Aerospace and Automotive. We maintain a large R&D budget to insure our growth and competitiveness in all of these markets.
171655 years experience as manufacturer of laboratory instruments. Specialised in evaporators, chemical synthesizers, chillers, ovens, freeze dryers, cold traps and aspirators.
Please visit our web page
3720For over twenty years, Falcon Electric ( has manufactured award-winning power protection solutions for the NIH, the CDC, Siemens Diagnostic Healthcare, Novartis, Philips, Merck-Rosetta and others. Stop by our booth to learn about the new SVR (Solid-state Voltage Regulators) that protect sensitive instruments against the costly effects of dirty, unregulated power. Our instrument-grade UPS and SVR products maximize your throughput, lower your maintenance costs and ensure sustained runtimes. Falcon's engineers specialize in sizing and supporting analytical instrumentation.
816The FBI's Weapons of Mass Destruction Directorate, in conjuction with the Chicago FBI Field Office, invites attendees to visit our booth and learn more about the FBI and our Chemical Industry & Academia Outreach Programs.
FACSS 2009 will be held October 18 – 22 at the Marriott Hotel Downtown in Louisville, Kentucky. Experience and contribute new and exciting scientific developments in all areas of analytical chemistry and spectroscopy. Network with fellow scientists. Sunday program features include Hands On workshops and a SAS Members-Only Event, so plan to arrive early!"
Our company delivers the most innovative solutions for imaging, analysis and characterization, including new Magellan extreme high-resolution (XHR) SEM which allows scientists and engineers to quickly see 3D surface images at many different angles and at resolutions below one nanometer. As the only company focused exclusively on the success of the worldwide microscopy community, FEI provides the most advanced TEM, SEM, and DualBeam™ solutions to specifically address the needs of materials science, life science, and electronics applications.
660Our company engineers and manufactures high performance elastomer and plastic products used in a variety of markets including HPLC, Biomedical and Medical. Our in-house engineering team designs products to meet customer specifications and works with material suppliers to offer the most current technology available. Engineering expertise and Material Science specialization allow us to provide solutions to the most complex situations no matter what the environment or service.

Multimode, single mode and graded index optical fibers from UV-IR.  Design/engineer assemblies with widest range of custom and standard endfittings/connectors and outer jackets to tailor a product to technical and economic requisites; high density 2D arrays, V-Groove arrays designed for optical switches, WDM/DWDM and arrayed active devices; cables for SERCOS digital interface and VersaLink industrial automation; and reflection/ backscattering probes for measuring specular or diffuse reflection from a surface.  Fiberguide is FDA registered as a Contract Manufacturer.

1939Designer and manufacturer of specialty multimode all-silica, HCS, PCS, Hard Clad all-silica fibers. Core diameters from 10um to 2000um. Also manufacturer of high power laser cables, patchcords, pigtails, spot-to-line converters, bundles and reflectance probes, vacuum feedthrough, linear and spaced v-groove arrays. Spectral bands coverage from deep UV to MIR.
3616Our liquid handling equipments-Accumax Micropipettes and PipetHelp Pipette controllers are popular with end users in more than 100 countries for their accuracy, precision and quality. Our newly introduced innovative features packed Bottle top dispenser and SMART micropipette reiterate our commitment to excellence and so does our calibration laboratory with ISO 17025 accreditation.
Our company is the ideal solution for fast, accurate detection of a growing fire in a fume hood or chemical storage cabinet.  Firetrace’s unique detection can be routed so that it is in the path of the airflow, dramatically reducing detection and suppression times by automatically discharging a fire-suppressant only seconds after a fire starts (available in a variety of fire-suppression agents to suit the hazard).  Systems are UL Listed and FM Approved with more than 75,000 installations worldwide.
3770FTA designs and manufactures specialty contact angle and surface tension instruments with sophisticated software. Application areas include adhesion, cleanliness, wetting, absorption and biocompatibility. The FTA200 Dynamic Contact Angle Analyzer was introduced in 1995 and the FTA1000 Series of Drop Shape Instruments in 2005. Much of our work is custom, so please inquire about your specific needs.
Our company, part of Thermo Fisher Scientific, is the leading provider of equipment and instrumentation, supplies, chemicals and services to the worldwide scientific community. We serve over 350,000 customers working in the life science, chemical, environmental, food, government and academic markets. State of the art e-commerce capabilities and integrated global logistics networks enable us to deliver over 800,000 different products to laboratories reliably and efficiently. Visit Booth 1425 to see the latest technology for today’s scientific research and tomorrow’s discoveries.

Our many FTIR customers are invited to stop by and discuss the FDM Very Large Bundle updates including the FDM ATR Organics, FDM Forensic VPFTIR and the HiRes VPFTIR for Search. The FDM Very Large Bundle (27,000 spectra) is a superior combination of quality, quantity, variety and price.  We are introducing four new Raman libraries: Polymers, Inorganics, Organics (including biofuels and flavors & fragrances), Essential Oils (and food oils). The new FDM Raman spectra were measured on a research grade instrument at high resolution with multiple excitation wavelengths making them equally applicable in research and field applications.
2306New micro volume degassing systems. UHPLC valve module VF series. High flow rate UHPLC pump. Pulseless nano-flow pump MP.
Our company manufactures the FlowCAM©, a continuous-imaging particle analysis instrument. FlowCAM combines the speed of data acquisition of typical particle analyzers with the detailed individual particle information typical of microscopy. Intuitive VisualSpreadsheet software facilitates rapid analysis of particle data and sophisticated pattern recognition operations for particle identification.
2990Precision dispensers & metering pumps featuring FMI's patented CeramPump® "No-Valve" rotating & reciprocating piston design utilizing one moving part for all fluid control functions. Inert Ceramic and fluorocarbon fluid path. Flows from microliters per dispense to 4,000 ml/min continuous metering at 1 % accuracy for millions of maintenance-free cycles. Ideal for dispensing, metering, and sampling in laboratory, R&D, preparative chromatography, chemical synthesis, analytical chemistry, process instrumentation, medical diagnostics, environmental analyzers, particle analyzers, titration systems and much more.
We produce a comprehensive range of high quality chemicals for research and industry. Fluka offers reference standards, high purity chemicals for gas and liquid chromatography, spectroscopy, electrophoresis, microscopy, and sensorics such as GC derivatizing reagents, GC calibration standards, HPLC ion reagents, HPLC buffers, IC standards, CE reagents, AA/ICP standards, MALDI-MS matrix substances, MS mass markers, ion selective electrodes and PPB ultra pure acids. Whether you need HYDRANALR products for Karl Fischer, AQUANALR water test kits, PESTANALR standards, high purity chromatography standards or specialty chemicals,you can find them at Fluka.
Fluid Management Systems, Inc. designs, manufactures, markets, and supports automated analytical instruments used for sample preparation, detection, and measurement of chemical compounds. The Company provides the highest quality instruments available at the best value to our customers. Our products are supported worldwide by an network of field sales and service, and applications personnel. The Company's products are sold worldwide by direct sales, independent representatives, and distributors.
1903, 2003
Our company published by Wiley-Blackwell is the leading trade magazine focused on food quality assurance and food safety from farm to fork.  The magazine, published bimonthly, is complementary to growers, food distributors, processors, foodservice and retailers. Go to our website,, to subscribe as well as link to archived webinars, e-newsletters, online Buyers Guide, and back issues of the magazine.  The magazine, published bimonthly, is complementary to qualified industry personnel by visiting, and clicking on “subscription.”
Our company is specialised in scientific instruments design and marketing for concentrated dispersions analysis.
The scientific instruments Turbiscan are dedicated to the stability or instability analysis and to the characterisation of concentrated dispersions. The Turbiscan range applies from the single lab analysis to the high throughput screening. HORUS, a brand new instrument dedicated to film formation analysis. From the kinetics of drying or curing, displayed in real time, a wide range of information can be extracted such as objective drying times...
Our company is one of the biggest research institutions in Germany engaged in fundamental R&D as well as in product and process development in pre-commercialization phases. Among activities in a comprehensive Nano-Microsystem- Program are diverse detection systems for liquid and gaseous analysis like the miniaturized Lab-on-a-Chip system "MinCE" for capillary electrophoresis in polymer chip format, a multi-channel SAW based Biosensor System, a highly sensitive Nano-Particle Analyzer in liquids based on a new Laser-induced Breakdown Detection method (NPA/LIBD) and a Particle Mass Spectrometer to characterize Nano Particles in gas phases.
Our company supplies LC-MS columns to the pharmaceutical, environmental and foodstuffs industries. Utilising state of the art silica and bonding technologies at its UK site. Fortis Technologies driving goal is to supply innovative solutions to the separation and purification industries, by providing extensive technical support and applications. Featured products include Fortis C18 for high, mid and low pH, Fortis Phenyl for selectivity and Fortis Pace for HTS. Pittcon sees the latest product Fortis 2.1um for UHPLC. International distributors sought.
Our company is the world’s leading supplier of laboratory, at-line and process Near-Infrared (NIR) solutions for use in the pharmaceutical, chemical, petrochemical and related industries. We have more than 40 years of industry experience and over 18,000 successful installations worldwide.  FOSS’ global distribution and support network ensure consistent product and application knowledge and superior customer technical support and training in over 65 countries worldwide. Our customers are provided with the most integrated and tested solutions including hardware, software, method development and documentation.
Fraunhofer Center for Coatings and Laser Applications offers contract research and development services in the field of diamond-related products including: diamond materials, boron doped diamond electrodes, finished and semi-finished products and diamond coatings.  Projects are performed in the life science, advanced manufacturing, alternative energy, micro-electro-mechanical system, homeland-security, and defense sectors for companies ranging from start-ups to large businesses.  Fraunhofer CCL is located on the campus of, and partners with, Michigan State University.
Our company is a manufacturer of gas analysers made for trace detection. G.A.S.’ systems are based on ion mobility spectrometry (IMS), infra-red spectroscopy (IR), gas chromatography (GC) and electrochemical sensors according to customers and application requirements. The systems are unique with respect to usability and almost all of which can be accurately operated even by non specially trained personnel. Application fields are in the area of trace gas detection of VOC, quantification of odorants in natural gas and SF6 quality control in gas insulated substation (GIS) and leakage detection.
1616The British trade association for companies in the instrumentation, control, automation and laboratory technology industries and sponsors of the UK participation. The main industry sectors represented by the association include laboratory based analytical equipment, process measurement and control, environmental analysis and monitoring equipment, electronics test and measurement and industrial control systems. Assistance with sources of UK supply and guides to members’ products.
Our company, established in 1981, has been providing high voltage power supplies to the Scientific Community, Government Facilities, Industry,
Universities , Research Facilities. Typical applications: HV power supplies for mass spectrometers, X-Ray sources, photomultiplier tubes, electrophoresis, electrospinning.  Ourput voltage ranges from 100 volts to 400KV. Power Ranges from 1 milliwatt to 10 kilowatts. OEM, Laboratory and custom designed models are available.  Please visit our web site
4163High technology company, developing new technologies for extremely sensitive gas analysis in demanding environments. Technology solutions are based on photoacoustic spectroscopy (PAS) and Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) principle. Potential applications include, air quality measurements, breath diagnostics, chemical warfare detection, pollution monitoring, and electronic noses in food industry. Gasera works closely in co-operation with measurement industry, universities, and research centres and offers R&D services for developing novel measurement solutions.
2156Gases & Instrumentation Magazine is a definitive source of current information on the technology and application of industrial, specialty, and medical gases. Gases & Instrumentation Magazine is designed for anyone involved with detection, analysis or delivery of gases from the university research laboratory to the production line. Vertical markets covered include semiconductors, medical and pharmaceutical, chemical processing, electronics manufacturing, welding, food and beverage, homeland security, pulp and paper, and others. Free subscriptions available at
2048Gast Manufacturing, a member of IDEX Health & Science, manufactures an extensive and versatile line of air moving products. The company's lab pump technology includes rotary vane, rocking piston and diaphragm vacuum pumps, and compressors, and the medical pump technology includes rotary vane, rocking piston, and miniature diaphragm vacuum pumps and compressors. Gast's oil less pumps are small in size and offer high flow and low sound levels.
Our company designs and manufactures a complete line of detector tube systems and other instrumentation for health and safety.
2343, 2443For more than 30 years, GBC Scientific Equipment has offered a wide range of world-class instrumentation, including AAS, ICP-OES, ICP-oTOFMS, UV-Vis, HPLC, MFR and XRD. See the two new AAS - the XplorAA with Palm Pilot Technology and the SavantAA high-end AAS - and the new Quantima ICP-OES with its patented PIP and Plasma Cam. OEM and suppliers - ask about our new RF 2720 generator. GBC - Providing Sensitive Technology for a Sensitive World. (USA) or (worldwide)
Our company announces its newest Total Organic Carbon (TOC) Analyzer, the Sievers 5310 C On-Line, designed specifically for municipal drinking water applications. This analyzer complements the 5310 C Laboratory TOC Analyzer, and extends the Sievers TOC line of laboratory, on-line, portable, and battery-operated instruments for pharmaceutical, microelectronics, power, municipal, industrial process, environmental, and wastewater applications. Sievers TOC Analyzers provide industry-leading ease of use, analytical performance, and versatility, and are backed by unmatched industry and applications expertise and support.
Our business brings together world-class trace detection, raman technology, computed tomography, and X-ray diffraction technologies into a single business offering that can make a wide range of security activities more accurate and productive. Homeland Protection helps customers protect people, assets and communities.
The latest technology applied in the production of disposable products. Specially manufacturing a complete range of SYRINGE FILTERS and MEMBRANE FILTERS under an advanced and unique applied production technology (Clean Rooms Class 10.000 + Laser Cutting + Ultra-Sound + Robotic Assembling + 100% Quality Control). Quality system certified according the ISO - 9001: 2000 and ISO-13485 : 2003 standards¡; Sanitary Authorization no. 5489-PS issued by the Spanish Agency of Medicaments and Sanitary Products.  Micro Filtration:  Syringe Filters, Paper Filter and Membrane Filters.  Wide Range of Membranes.  Sterilized.

Exhibiting FTIR gas analysis solutions, accessories, and software, Gemini Scientific provides the highest quality instruments of this type available.  Long-path multi-pass gas cells for FTIR spectrometers are designed to be uncommonly rugged and robust, configured for specialty gas and emissions monitoring applications.  For measuring trace constituents in the most demanding and corrosive samples and environments, new products with innovative features like special path-doubling optics, welded VCR connections, all-stainless steel construction and anti-corrosion treatments will be shown.

GE Power Quality offers a single point of responsibility for your facility electrical equipment needs, with a complete portfolio, including:  Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS), Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS), Transient Voltage Surge Suppressors (TVSS), Paralleling Switchgear (PSG), Service and Support, global 7x24 maintenance, emergency, start-up and training.  GE Power Quality can be reached at:
Our company designs and manufactures pressure regulators, fitting, valves and various control and handling devices of high purity gas. GENTEC products are manufactured in a 150,000 sq. ft. ISO 9001 certified facility. GENTEC is committed to providing its customers with high-quality products at economy prices.
4036More than 40 Years of Chemical Analysis Solutions: GC/MS, LC/MS sample introduction and stand-alone workstations with the most advanced software control available. MPS MultiPurpose and PrepStation Autosamplers provide maximum versatility and throughput for liquid injection, SPME, Headspace, ALEX, SPE, dpx® (Disposable Pipette Extraction), Dynamic HS, ATEX, weighing, and SBSE. Twister® performs solventless extraction and provides ultra-low detection limits. The most versatile Thermal Desorption System available for all sample types. Cooled (PTV) inlet, Olfactory Detection, Multidimensional Heartcutting and, Preparative Fraction Collector.
Our company has been a manufacturer of specialty and analytical chemicials for over 80 years. We offer over 4,000 analytical reagents including high purity acids, solvents, standards, organics, grignards,reagent salts and turbidity standards. Call for your new 2009 catalog 800-858-9682 or
Our company is a leading manufacturer of laboratory testing equipment since 1939. Gilson's extensive product line includes sample splitters and rifflers for representative sampling, crushers and grinders for particle reduction to less than 1 micron, sieve shakers to separate particles down to less than 5 microns, and lab essentials such as scales, balances, ovens, and thermometers. Gilson has the largest variety of sieves and sieve shakers worldwide including our legendary Sonic Sifters. Gilson offers technical expertise for application support, free sample testing and product demonstrations from our fully equipped Application Center.
4480Designed for purification and engineered for science, Gilson, Inc. provides high quality, dependable solutions for today’s demanding liquid chromatography, solid phase extraction, liquid handling and gel permeation chromatography clean-up requirements. From the legendary Gilson Pipetman® products to a full range of system solutions, Gilson is the element of purification for your laboratory. Gilson’s innovative products will revolutionize the lab; providing the durability, flexibility, modularity and ease of use the industry has come to expect from Gilson.
1933Inertsil HPLC Columns, InertCap GC Capillary Columns and InertSep SPE Cartridges for critical separation needs. ChiraMix GC column for Enatiomer separation. TiO2 for selective extraction and enrichment of Phosphopeptides. Tips with monolithic silica for DNA and Plasmid purification, Phosphopeptides extraction and Trypsin digestion. Inertsil ODS-4 5um, Inertsil ODS-3 2um, Titansphere Phos-Tio Kit and MonoFas DNA purification Kit for Sub 100pb as New Products
1170With nearly 70 years of experience Glas-Col, LLC is capable of meeting the needs of all researchers and scientists with our new, Point of Use Solvent and Odor Abatement System and a line of hot plates, magnetic stirrers and hot plate magnetic stirrers. We excel with concentrators and evaporators for quick, efficient removal of solvents. Glas-Col offers one of the largest selections of heating mantles and custom heating jackets in the world plus a full line of temperature controls and monitors. Glas-Col, LLC offers a range of safety accessories such as Glovebags, safety shields, flow monitors and lead stability products.
1473We manufacture and supply a wide range of products for ICP-OES and ICP-MS spectrometers. These include nebulizers, spray chambers, torches, RF coils, and ICP-MS cones. Whether you have aqueous or organic samples, samples with high dissolved solids or particulates, samples in HF, or limited sample volume, we can supply the optimum components for your analysis. Innovations include: IsoMist Programmable Temperature Spray Chamber, Eluo nebulizer cleaner, Helix o-ring free spray chamber, D-Torch demountable torch, Niagara Rapid Rinse Accessory, Capricorn argon humidifier, TruFlo Sample Monitor.
Our company has been around for more than 20 years providing solutions primarily in the field of sample preparation to lab professionals, researchers and engineers around the world. We can help with grinding and comminuting equipment (wet and dry), blending and sampling equipment and grinding media of all types.  But we're more than just machines and equipment.  Our knowledgeable staff provides a link between your applications needs and the solution.  See more at our web site.
Our company develops innovative refrigeration solutions. For example, the Free-Piston Stirling Cooler (FPSC) developed by Global Cooling has high energy efficiency and uses earth friendly cooling substances. If you feel your refrigeration products are in need of major innovation, please contact us. Together we can change the way the world cools! Our product portfolio includes a wide range of high efficiency refrigerator and freezer products, ranging in temperature capability from +60°C to -100°C as well as a variety of FPSC modules available for integration into new products with temperature capabilities ranging from +300°C to -120°C.
We are a one source provider of new and remanufactured-to-specification scientific instrumentation. GMI specializes in research universities, medical and forensic investigators, biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, clinics, laboratories, chemical analysis and environmental firms in the United States and in over 50 countries.  GMI’s high tech engineering standards, instrument training, and service contracts provide comprehensive one stop shopping! Additionally; GMI is your source for instrumentation asset management, liquidations, refurbishing and resale recovery.
Our company is a manufacturer and exporter of professional measuring instruments in Taiwan. We are producing a full line of scientific and industrial measuring instruments such as pH, ORP, Temp., RH, DO, TDS and Conductivity by Bench top, Portable and Pen type of Meter, Transmitter, Controller and Calibrator.  We have an excellent R&D team to design new products and as customer required specifications. 90 % of our products has been exported to all over the world and 10 % for local market. We strive to offer our products with good quality, competitive price and fast delivery.
2169Manufacturer of gas chromatographs, GC detectors, gas analyzers (trace, toxic and binary), moisture analyzers, aromatic and total hydrocarbon analyzers, gas leak detectors, and specialty gas handling equipment for industrial, laboratory, and educational applications such industrial, specialty, natural, medical, corrosive and electronic gases; oil and petrochemical; flavors and fragrances; and more. Instruments engineered for hazardous locations and duties are also offered.
929Low Carry-over Autosamplers for LC, LC/MS, IC, FIA and other microfluidic techniques. Electrochemical Instruments for CV, Voltammetry, Tafel plots, Linear Polarization, and Sensor development
An AMETEK company, manufactures a wide range of laboratory instrumentation for every industry. Known for their best-selling vapor pressure analyzer, Grabner also produces flashpoint, gas/diesel/jet fuel composition, color, viscosity, distillation, and water-in-crude test instruments. Stop by to see an entirely new micro-viscometer for measuring dynamic and kinematic viscosity of fuels and oils. The MINIVIS 445 from Grabner provides excellent correlation to standard ASTM D445 capillary viscometers, utilizes automatic sample introduction and offers a temperature range of -20 to 110°C (no external cooling needed).
1413Trust your chromatography results to Grace Davison Discovery Sciences, the premier manufacturer of silica-based media for SPE, Flash, HPLC, and Process chromatography. We help pharmaceutical labs in all stages of drug discovery to optimize their time and improve their results through our decades of experience in silica bonding and the art of column packing. Count on our support for all of your separations needs from high quality HPLC and Flash columns to unique detectors, and much more.
Our company has been developing and manufacturing high quality scientific laboratory equipment for over 50 years. Products include all types of Water Baths, Block heaters/coolers, Thermoshakers, Rockers, Rotators, Shakers and Mixers. Backed by a 3 year warranty and manufactured under ISO9001:2000, products are assured a long and reliable working life.
2085Filtration-Detection-Communication by ERLAB. Committed to safety, performance, energy efficiency and sustainability, GreenFumeHood is an innovative energy saving fume hood technology that has become the standard-bearer for the next generation of fume hoods. Featuring proprietary Neutrodine filtration for multidisciplinary handlings and gGuard monitoring software with Microsoft embedded technologies for network use. For 2009 come join us for in-booth seminars and discover the availability of GreenFumeHood Technologies on fume hoods from the industry's leading brands. GreenFumeHood Technologies: A Global Solution for Green Buildings.
Automatic Petroleum Testing equipment such as: Flash Point, Clout & Pour Point CFPP, Oxidation Test, Softening Point, Penetrometer, D86, D1160, D2892, D5236, Dehydration Unit, Asphaltene Extractor. Gas Chromatographic Analyzer for petroleum products such as: DHA, PONA, PIONA, RON, MON; HT Simulated Distillation GC; SARA Analyzer, Karl Fischer Coulometric Titrator; Catalyst Mechanical Testers: Bulk Grain, Attrition, Abrasion; Catalyst Microactivity Pilot or Semi Pilot Units
Our products include PC/Chrom®, a multi-channel chromatography package for HPLC, GC, or CE. IntelliFORM®, a complete solution for characterizing batch reactions using UV/Visible spectroscopy, fiber optics, and reaction stations. ChromWave, an Analog-to-Digital Interface Verification Package. SLIM, Stability Laboratory Information Manager, for complete management of drug stability management programs, using Oracle or SQL Server. SLIMStat+, a drug shelf-life projection statistical package. IntelliLIMS, LIMS for Sample Tracking. We also offer custom scientific programming and A/D calibration services.
2245Products. Support. Expertise. Hach provide the right solution for your specific application. With over 60 years of experience delivering the right solutions and the greatest number of EPA- approved methods, Hach is your partner in water analysis. Please visit for more information on our company and our products.
Our company is the North American subsidiary of Hamamatsu Photonics K.K. (Japan), a leading manufacturer of devices for the generation and measurement of infrared, visible, and ultraviolet light. These devices include photodiodes, photomultiplier tubes, scientific light sources, infrared detectors, photoconductive cells, and image sensors. The parent company is dedicated to the advancement of photonics through extensive research. This corporate philosophy results in state-of-the-art products which are used throughout the world in scientific, industrial, and commercial applications.
1442Our company is a global enterprise with manufacturing facilities in Reno, Nevada and Bonaduz, Switzerland. We are the worldwide leader in the design and manufacturing of manual, semi-automated, and robotic products for precision fluid measuring. For nearly 50 years, Hamilton has been satisfying customer needs by combining quality materials with skilled workmanship, ensuring the highest level of performance of every precision fluid measuring device we manufacture. Hamilton’s lifelong commitment to precision, accuracy, and quality has earned us a global ISO 9001 certification.
3020(AIT) unit manufactures rugged, reliable spectroscopy and gas chromatography process analyzers for on-line monitoring and process development. AIT will be exhibiting the new RPM series of Raman spectrometers for both process development and on-line monitoring. Other product lines include: Analect FTIR/NIR, PIONIR NIR, the MGA line of process mass spectrometer, and the FXi process gas chromatograph. AIT’s instruments are found worldwide in the applications as diverse as petrochemical, pharmaceutical, steel, fermentation, and biotechnology. Visit us on the web at:
Our company is a 30 year old global leader in the development and manufacture of quality analytical instrumentation. Our instruments are available in portable, in-line and bench top configurations. They meansure critcal parameters such as pH/ORP, COD, DO, EC, TDS, Calcium, Vitamin C, Acidity, Temperature, Chlorine and much more. For example, the Hanna HI9828 can measure up to 13 different water quality parameters and comes with GPS, data logging and a Fast Track identification system.
4845Our company is a world leader in dissolution test technology for the pharmaceutical industry. Founded in California in 1951, we design, manufacture, install, and service equipment for pharmaceutical research and quality control. We offer a complete line of tablet dissolution, topical, and transdermal test systems and premiered our Vision® dissolution product platform in March 2008. We support customers throughout the United States and over 75 countries worldwide. We take pride in our pioneering research, innovative technology, and our ISO 9001:2008 quality program.
Our company builds the toughest, smartest, and most reliable transport solutions in the world. For more than 50 years, we've been designing transport systems to protect sensitive equipment under the most severe conditions imaginable. Today, everyone from scientists and photographers to major military, defense, and aerospace contractors trusts their critical gear to Hardigg cases.  From digital cameras to sensitive testing apparatus, if your equipment requires exceptional protection against mechanical shock, vibration, and extreme temperature changes—or needs complex foam cushioning or other custom features—Hardigg has a transport solution for you.

Manufacturing a full line of spectroscopic accessories for transmission, specular reflection, diffuse reflection, and ATR for the UV/Vis, NIR, and Mid-IR.  Featuring our new VariGATR for monolayer determinations on silicon and metal substrates, our new Omini fiber optic reflection probes, and our complete range of Monolithic Diamond ATR equipment, including the MVP Pro Star and the Video Meridian.  Also, our AccessATR, a new concept for ATR spectroscopy in teaching laboratories and quality control environments.

4150Harvard Apparatus is the world leader in syringe pump technology and offers high precision, smooth flow pumps for a wide variety of applications. These pumps are suitable for life science research to industrial markets applications including microfluidics, nanofluidics, micro reactors, MS, emulsification, chemical analysis and more. Harvard Apparatus also manufactures a broad range of specials order pumps and OEM modules designed to meet your application needs. New SPE sample prep products with Ti O for glycolipids and faster dialysis products.
Our company is recognized worldwide as a leader for stepper motor based linear actuators, rotary motors, leadscrew assemblies, linear rail systems, and sealed switches. The Company, headquartered in Waterbury, CT, develops, designs and manufacturers internationally patented products for the global marketplace. Haydon custom designs and manufacturers electric motors for medical equipment, instrumentation, industrial equipment, machinery automation, HVAC, office equipment, and many other custom applications. The unique designs provide precise, reliable motors with unmatched performance-to-size ratios.
932Digital/glass/bi-metal/infrared thermometers, weather instruments, timers, and hydrometers. We manufacture 100% non-toxic, non-hazardous, non-mercury thermometers - brand named Enviro-Safe®, Easy-Read®, and Double-Safe™. FRIO-Temp® thermometers, glass or digital, are used in Freezers, Refrigerators, Incubators and Ovens. Ask about our mercury exchange program for mercury thermometer disposal and calibration services for thermometers, timers, weather instruments and hydrometers traceable to NIST and DKD/PTB standards. We are an ISO 9001:2000 registered company and have ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accreditation through A2LA.
Our company has developed instrument and system relating to aerosol science. HCT, which has earned trust on its products from government agencies, academic circles and companies that produces the greatest number of DRAM semiconductors in the world, has always taken great consideration on your convenience by thoroughly planning and developing product using their background on the analysis of buyers' demands in the market.
We are an innovative technology company which consists of two divisions. The first division is dedicated to the distribution of a premier mixing technology well known as the Unguator Electronic Mortar and Pestle. The second division of our company is a custom software team who has produced many high quality pieces including well known pharmacy management and compounding software.
4616With our goal of bringing design, function and innovation into laboratories across the planet, we manufacture unique and attractive products ranging from colorful plasticware to patented instruments. We make pipetting supplies, general storage products, various kinds of tube racks, microscopy tools, and several innovative instruments such as our family of pipetting devices known as the Rota-Filler® 1,3,& 5000’s, Sprout® Mini-Centrifuge, and the eCount™ Colony Counter. Stop by our booth to see these and many other fun and innovative products for your lab needs. When you think Consumables, Storage or light instruments, think of HEATHROW SCIENTIFIC.
Founded in 1938 as a manufacturer of precision drive motors and engineering, we are a manufacturer of High Quality laboratory equipment, specializing in rotary evaporation, shakers, overhead stirrers, peristaltic pumps, and magnetic hotplate stirrers.  Heidolph Brinkmann was formed as our North American headquarters and includes exclusive partnerships for Tuttnauer™ autoclave sterilizers, Radleys™ synthesis solutions, and AirClean™ laboratory ventilation solutions.  Our Chicago area office provides National Customer Service, Product Repair, Technical Support, Warehousing, and Field Sales Management.
1826Manufacturer of Hellma Photometer Cells and Accessories including Fiber Optic Immersion Probes, Photometric Calibration Standards, Quartz Microplates. Expanded line of Process probes good to 35 bar, 300C. Unmatched selection of stock and custom Cells. Supplier of Heraeus Light Sources including Deuterium, Hollow Cathode, Photoionization, Spectral Line; Zeiss MMS/MCS Miniature Spectrometers covering 190-2400nm in combination; Tec5 electronics for display/readout of PDAs and CCDs. NEW: Cylindrical and Flat optics for Laser and other applications to Lambda/10, TrayCell for analysis 4-5ul, Reflection probes.
4822UniFlow high performance, low flow fume hoods in models 30" to 96" wide. Benchtop and floor mount, 30" to 48" deep. Available with plumbing and electrical services, worksurfaces, cabinets. and cabinets, and ventilation accessories. Complete line of laboratory furniture, countertop, sink, and fixture options. EnviroMax enclosures to isolate lab automation instruments and processes. Standard models are available in HEPA filtered clean workstation or vented styles. Modular and mobile labs and clean rooms are built to exact size and design specifications. Class 100-100,000. Also, softwall is available.
2620Laboratory equipment from W. C. Heraeus made from platinum and platinum alloys, such as dishes and crucibles or special equipment for X-ray fluorescence analysis, are well know around the world. Based on our extensive materials expertise we are able to produce complex components, as well as semi-finished products for various industrial applications.
Our company is one of the technology and market leaders in the production of specialist light sources. We develop, manufacture and market infrared heaters and ultraviolet lamps for applications in manufacturing, industrial process technology, environmental protection, medicine and cosmetics, research and analytical measurement technology.
Our company is a German manufacturer of laboratory centrifuges. Hettich offers a complete line of benchtop to floor standing centrifuges for use in the research, life sciences and clinical applications.
969Quality innovator of instrumentation focused on the measurement of clean water. Specializing in Turbidity measurement, Chlorine testing, Online Measurement Probes and Streaming Current measurements. Produces instrumentation, test kits and chemical reagents used for monitoring water quality in a variety of applications. Our primary market is in the area of Industrial and Municipal water treatment facilities; however, our products are also found in applications as varied as industrial process control systems and laboratory applications.
2243HPLC Repair Service, Performance Verification/Calibration. Since 1983, HI Scientific Services has been providing professional cost-effective on-site service for all manufacturer types of HPLC instrumentation. Full Service/Performance Verification plans are available.
An extensive range of high performance quadrupole mass spectrometers for plasma characterization, surface science applications, precision gas analysis and vacuum diagnostics. Showcasing systems for residual and process gas analysis, catalysis studies, combinatorial chemistry and reaction kinetics. For atmospheric gas studies the QIC-20 offers the latest in fast response inlet technology, wide dynamic detection range and baseline resolution. Introducing CatLab, a unique, integrated microreactor and mass spectrometer system for characterization and evaluation of catalysts or general thermal studies of evolved species.
5081Ultrasonic laboratory devices made by Hielscher are used worldwide for the homogenizing, mixing and dispersing of liquids. This includes the sample preparation, such as: dissolving, emulsifying, degassing or the disintegration of tissue. Hielscher offers ultrasonic devices for use at any scale: lab, bench-top or production level. For the sonication of very small laboratory samples, Hielscher offers the VialTweeter. This device allows for up to 8 Eppendorf vials to be sonicated simultaneously. Equipment for feasibility studies and process optimization is available on good terms.
Our company is a women-owned, small business located in Charleston, SC. We specialize in the production of standards and reagents of extremely high purity for the calibration of analytical instrumentation such as the IC, ICP, ICP-MS, AAS, GC, GC/MS, and HPLC. Visit us online at If you don't see the perfect mix to suit your needs, we have a wide range of capabilities available and would be happy to quote a custom mix for you. Standard are verified by our ISO/IEC 17025 accredited Certification/Verification Laboratory and are traceable to NIST through an unbroken chain of comparisons, where available.
We are a premier supplier of disposable gloves and apparel serving the healthcare, laboratory, safety, industrial, and food markets worldwide. High Five has earned the reputation as a premium brand known for our exceptional quality, consistency, and innovation. We pride ourselves on being able to offer the latest technologies and materials available for the best fit and feel. Our staff of sales and technical support is available to help you select the right protection for any application.
Our company is a leading specialist for industrial and scientific ultrafast lasers. Products are designed to withstand tough industrial environments and are tested for thermal and mechanical stability. High Q Laser introduced the femtoTRAIN TiSa IMAGING built especially for multi-photon-microscopy. High Q Laser, in collaboration with APE GmbH, offers the ideal light source (OPO & picoTRAIN) for CARS microscopy. As the distributor for APE in USA, High Q Laser offers the extensive range of APE products, including the CARPE autocorrelator especially designed for use with microscopes and FemtoControl pulse compressor, ideal for multi-photon-microscopy.
564Infrared Optical Fiber (1-18um, 500-4000 wave numbers) Infrared Fiber Coupled ATR probes including Diamond ATR, Infrared Fiber Coupled Gas Probes, Infrared Fiber Coupled Reflection/Transmission Probes, Infrared Fiber Coupled Probes for liquids, solids, gases, Infrared Fiber Coupled spectrometers for process control, remote sensing, medical, Infrared Optical Fiber Accessories for FTIR instrument coupling, Infrared Optical Fiber Coupled detectors/emitters, Fiber Coupled High Power LED light sources for spectroscopy, Trace Gas instrumentation for online monitoring
1756LabCiencia con noticias técnicas del laboratorio is the first journal in Spanish that has been providing scientific and technical information to the Pan-Iberian world continuously for 16 years now, and is therefore well known by scientists, decision makers and manufacturers. With 25,000 Copies distributed via Air Mail free of charge in Latin America and the Iberian Peninsula, it is an effective tool to address this market. The Website allows for a quick communication between manufacturer, distributor and end-user.
3108HiperScan´s miniature NIR-spectrometers take advantage from the MEMS-based Scanning Grating technology. Size and price enable new applications and high volumes. We adress mainly OEM-customers to make your products successful.
2006The Hirox Digital Microscope System is a breakthrough in superior microscopic technology.The high quality optical, mechanical and lighting designs give the Hirox Digital Microscope System the highest inspection power (7000x) along with a variety of options and adapters, including the 3D rotary head adapter.The 3D rotary head adapter performs a 360 degree rotation, which allows the user to view the specimen from all angles without having to move it. The uniqueness of the Hirox System is that it provides interchangeable 3D inspection as well as hand held lens.
Our company offers unique, technologically advanced German engineered and competitively priced instruments like; Ceramus® – a bottle top dispenser with extremely durable ceramic piston, Pipetus® – the only rechargeable pipet-aid with LCD and inductive charging stand, Solarus® –solar-powered manual digital burette, New OPUS®- programmable digital burette. As well as micro capillaries, chemically inert glass micro plates, and a line of highly accurate and precise volumetric flasks and pipets calibrated by automation and conveniently packaged.
2232A global leader serving the needs of analytical labs, provides a wide array of advanced analytical instruments and electron microscopes. Our products include Variable Pressure and UHR Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscopes, Biological and Analytical Transmission Electron Microscopes, Focus Ion /Electron Beam Systems, Tabletop Microscopes, Data Storage Systems, High Performance Liquid Chromatography, Amino Acid Analysis, and UV/FL spectroscopy. Hitachi sells and services clinical and analytical instrumentation throughout North America and provides engineering, product development and application training.
Our comapny is the leading manufacturer of photoionization based analytical instrumentation used in portable, process and laboratory detection worldwide. We design and manufacture GC detectors that can be added on to existing Laboratory GC’s. Our Laboratory GC and Portable GC can have two detectors installed. With our unique technology at PID Analyzers, it is easy to build or upgrade your new Analyzer. If you don’t see the Analyzer you want, ask us. Our advanced electronic technology allows us to interface virtually any type of sensor to our electronics.
1608Laboratory, scientific and water quality products will be shown. They cover particle sizing, Zeta Potential, and other particle characterization properties. Several types of X-ray fluorescence analyzers are displayed. The particle sizing analyzers use both dynamic and static light scattering, digital image analysis, optical microscopy and acoustic attenuation technology. A broad spectrum of water analyzers will be exhibited. These include laboratory as well as field meters. They measure pH, ORP, conductivity, specific ions, turbidity, etc.
Our company from value leader to highest performance spectroscopic instrumentation: Raman/PL microscopes with rapid imaging for all performance/budget requirements. World’s most sensitive spectrofluorometers
from the only company offering both pulsed and phase lifetimes. EDXRF microscopes for highest spatial resolution. The new ACTIVA™ family - solid state detector simultaneous ICPs, Glow Discharge optical emission spectrometers and C/S, O/N & H elemental analyzers. Imaging, high resolution spectrometers, CCDs, InGaAs arrays, OEM miniature spectrometers & Raman systems & gratings. SPR Imaging systems.
Our company is a leading manufacturer of automated Sample Preparation Systems for the analysis of organic compounds in aqueous samples and Oil & Grease testing. Environmental testing laboratories who follow EPA methods for semi-volatile organics, Oil & Grease, DRO’s, TPH, Pesticides and Explosives have found our complete, automated sample preparation systems increase sample throughput, reduce operating costs and improve the accuracy and consistency of their data.
1748Measure Color…Measure Quality. A full range of color measurement systems for research and quality control. The instruments measure reflected and transmitted color and quantify how color appears to the human eye. Measure color and metrics such as APHA/PtCo/Hazen, Saybolt, Gardner Scale, ASTM D 1500, Yellowness Index, Whiteness Index and Transmission Haze. These systems are used to measure the color of food, pharmaceutical, chemical, petroleum, plastic, paint, textile, paper and other products.
3507Contract manufacturer providing build-to-print metal fabrication of component parts and assemblies to the medical, scientific instrumentation, and electronics industry. Delivering a wide range of capabilities including close tolerance CNC machining, opto-mechanical component machining, custom electronic enclosures, and sheet metal fabrication. We can suggest material types, tolerances, and finishes for manufacturability. Let us help you meet your challenges by being an extension of your company – giving you the flexibility to focus on the things you do best.
1842An ISO/IEC 17025 Accredited Calibration Laboratory and supplier of A2LA accredited, NIST Traceable Calibration Services for Thermometers, Hydrometers, Weights, Humidity devices and Volumetric Glassware. In addition, ICL offers ThermoProbe Digital Gauging thermometers, Lufkin Oil Gauging tapes & bobs, NIST traceable tape verification services, MMC Intl. Tri-Mode (UTI) Gauging tapes, samplers and vapor control valves, Petroleum Samplers, Factory Authorized repairs and recalibration services for both ThermoProbe and MMC Intl. as well as many more gauging accessories. Please visit
3509Manufacturer of IR light sources and IR gas sensors. We make broadband (2-20um) high power IR sources renowned for their stability and with many packaging options available. We also make narrowband, high efficiency and high Temp IR light sources in the 3-5 and 2-12um bands for use in all types of gas sensing applications. Additionally, we manufacture a MEMS based IR CO2 sensor for use in IAQ and in medical device applications. Custom as well as standard IR sources are available. Please visit us or email for further information:

2048, SR35IDEX Health & Science-liquid subassemblies, gas management systems, components, optical filters. Brands: Eastern Plastics manifolds,machined components;Gast® air motors, compressors, vacuum pumps;Ismatec® peristaltic pumps, controllers, drives;Isolation Technologies™ column hardware;Jun-Air® ultra-quiet clean air compressors;Micropump® gear and micro-annular gear pumps;Rheodyne® high- and low-pressure valves;Sapphire Engineering™ precision dispense pumps, ultrahard materials, flow cells;Semrock® optical filters for fluorescence, Raman spectroscopy, laser systems;Systec® vacuum degassing and debubbling systems;Upchurch Scientific® tubing, fittings.
3977Online Masters’ degrees in Analytical Chemistry, Materials and Chemical Synthesis, Biology, and Health Physics. Part-time programs designed to meet the needs of the working professional. Instead of a thesis, the curricula include courses in communication, leadership, statistics, intellectual property and project management. Classes available via the internet. Accreditation through the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools. Personal convenience and academic excellence from IIT, over one hundred years experience in higher education.
Our company is a major manufacturer of a FULL range of vacuum products; Pumps, Components and Systems. ILMVAC specializes in designing and supplying innovative application specific vacuum products for the laboratory. Our Dry Running Chemical Scroll Pump and ILMDEST+ Vacuum Distillation System to complement Rotary Evaporators are two examples. Our wide selection of Vacuum pumps and Laboratory Vacuum Systems will provide precisely the vacuum you need at the best value in the marketplace. Our factory is certified to the highest quality standards and we provide products and service worldwide.
2119ILS manufactures since 1992 more than 1000 types and variations of precision syringes from 0.5 µl to 100 ml manual dosing, sample injection in chromatography, autosamplers, dispensers and automatic pipetting systems, as well as valves from PVDF, PTFE, PEEK and syringe pumps for automatic dispensers and pipetters.
4919Ilshin - North America is the World's leading manufacturer of Freeze Dryers and Ultra Low Temperature Freezers. New to the US market, Ilshin Lab products are distributed by US, Inc - Scientific Division from their Maryland location. Whether you are looking for a -45 C or -86 C Low Temperature Freezer in an upright or chest type model, consider the qualtity and workmanship of this new line. The freeze dryer product line is available in a "Table Top" and and "Floor" model for whatever your individual need might be. The Programmable Freeze Dryers come in various sizes ranging from 10 to 50 liters and the larger models from 100 to 500 liters.
We are the world leaders in fully automated robotic sample preparation and analytical laboratories for the Mining and Metal Industries. We have delivered the largest Automated Fire Assay Laboratory (Anglo Platinum), the Largest Automated Iron Ore XRF Laboratory (BHPBIO) and the Largest Automated Wet Chemistry Laboratory (Freeport) in the world on 3 Continents - Australia, Africa and America. The establishment of an office in USA will service sampling and analytical requirements of Mining and Metals companies Dave Rogers - General Manager +1 801 755 0768
Our company is the world leader in rigid, fused fiberoptics for commercial use. Our products serve the medical, life sciences, defense, homeland security, scientific, and dental markets. Among our capabilities are faceplates, tapers, microwell arrays, lightguides, and microcapillary arrays, and we continually work with OEMs to develop new products. Incom's fused fiberoptics contribute to cutting-edge applications such as direct contact imaging and X-ray attenuation. Please visit our site at for more information.
616The IGSA is a group of leading specialty and industrial gas suppliers, working together to provide local, regional, and national customers the highest quality products and services while maintaining the quality of service and level of attention customers have enjoyed from a local supplier. The IGSA, with our commitment to quality, service and value, is the emerging supply source providing technology from around the world, with service from around the corner to give our customers a competitive edge.
Our company is a leading manufacturer of instruments and chemistries designed to test water quality parameters. ITS services industries such as municipal water treatment, food & beverage, trucking & automotive, pond & aquarium, pool & spa, educational, and medical diagnostics. ITS has developed over 70 tests and proprietary chemistry many covered by our U.S. Patents and ETV/USEPA performance verified tests. ITS developed the first and only USEPA approved test strip.Visit our booth and learn about our revolutionary new eXact Micro 7+ photometer.

We are a part of INEOS ( which is a global manufacturer of petrochemicals, specialty chemicals and oil products. We provide expertise in problem solving and  testing capabilities in  Chromatography (GC, GPC ) , Elemental Analysis ( ICP, XRF ) , Particle characterization,  Electron Microscopy (FESEM) , Spectroscopy(NMR,  FTIR, UV/VIS), Molecular Modeling and world class capabilities in powder crystallography and surface science.   We provide a unique family of capabilities and experiences which allow us to form problem solving partnerships that add value.

2311Manufacturer of long-path gas absorption cells for analyzing trace gases with FT-IR spectrometers. We also have a library of Infrared Reference Spectra for over 380 different gaseous compounds and software programs to help with the analyses. Visit our web-site and download our catalog or send email to to get a catalog or price list.
2103Manufacturer of InSb, PV & PC MCT detectors. PC MCT arrays up to 128 elements. Preamplifiers and readout electronics available. LN2 dewars and Stirling Coolers. Te cooled detectors with response to >9um.

The Innovadyne brand of IDEX Health & Science offers best-in-class liquid handling instruments providing non-contact, high precision, nanoliter and microliter aspirate and dispense solutions for end-users and lab automation OEMS.

The dynamic and pioneering manufacturer of advanced XRF solutions, is committed to delivering elemental analysis to its customers where they need it, when they need it. Our broad based expertise spans all markets and applications. Innov-X brings XRF technology to the application – making it accessible to technical and non-technical operators alike. Our full suite of XRF products provide non-destructive, real-time analysis, from Mg thru U, from PPM to 100%. Ours is a first class global service organization with a technical team capable of providing customized XRF solutions.
Our company is a world-class technology developer and provider, using its core expertise in optics and photonics to bring to the industry custom solutions that enable more competitive products and production processes. INO offers services such as optical design and system integration. INO designs and produces optical chemical sensors and specialty fibers such as microstructured fibers. INO also has expertise in biophotonics with technologies such as Lidar, OCT, and ultrafast spectroscopy.
2303We specialize in manufacturing custom inorganic standards, plus a wide selection of catalog items. Solutions are primarily designed for ICP, ICP-MS, AA, and IC. We're one of the few manufacturers registered to ISO Guide 34, ISO/IEC 17025, and ISO 9001. All standards include a Certificate of Analysis detailing NIST traceability, certified values, and trace impurities. Over 95% of custom solutions ship in three business days or less. Catalog items ship same-day.
2172Specialists in Raman spectroscopy, we manufacture fiber optic probes, spectrometers and sampling accessories for laboratory, field, and industrial applications. InPhotonics is the world's leading supplier of Raman fiber optic probes, offering a range of standard and customized products for extreme chemical and physical environments. The InPhotote(TM) provides laboratory quality data in a portable spectrometer for applications ranging from forensic investigations to quality control in manufacturing environments. The VERAX and RS2000 high-resolution spectrometers are excellent cornerstones for laboratory reasearch and routine analysis.
Our company offers a full range of high performance Thermal Analyzers including the iSeries DSC, DTA, PDSC, TGA and STA. The STA and TGA modules have special gas interface modules to connect to the Pfeiffer MS and Nicolet FTIR instruments. ISI also offers upgrade systems for the existing thermal analyzers including temperature controllers and interfaces. Our Windows based Infinity Pro Thermal Analysis Software runs all our upgrades and the new iSeries analyzers. We have a wide range of consumable parts that are compatible with TA Instruments, Perkin Elmer, Rheometrics and others.
2115Reduce motion application size, cost and complexity with technology-leading MDrivePlus® all-in-one brushless step motors and drives, now with AccuStep’s revolutionary control technology; new integrated linear actuators and drives; MForce™ and MicroLYNX™ microstepping drives and systems; full/half step drives; power supplies; brushless stepping motors NEMA sizes 14-34. Details at
Our company offers custom design and fabrication of high quality cryogenic equipment and related products. Products included but not limited to: Infrared detector Dewars, Controlled Temperature Cryostats, LN2/LHe Cryostats/Dewars, LHe Transfer Lines, Liquid Nitrogen Transfer Lines, Liquid Helium Storage/Transport Containers, and LN2 Laboratory Dewars, racking systems and dry shippers. International Cryogenics also offers leak checking, welding and repair services.
1485Products: Supplies and Accessories for FTIR & XRF Spectroscopy, UV/VIS cuvettes, E-Z Press Hydraulic lab presses, Air-EZ automated lab press, Polymer Film Making accessories, long path gas cells, FTIR liquid sample cells, diamond cells, Real Crystal IR Cards, PTFE and Polyethylene Sample Cards, optics and prisms for IR Spectroscopy. NIST and PhEur FTIR calibration standards
3832We have been a premier provider of refurbished analytical equipment for over twenty five years to independent laboratories, small and large industries, research institutions, and universities around the globe. We specialize in certified, pre-owned electron microscopes, gas and liquid chromatographs, atomic absorption, infrared, UV-VIS, mass and nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometers from leading manufacturers such as Agilent, Thermo, Sciex, Varian, Bruker, Perkin Elmer, Tekmar, Beckman, Shimadzu, Nicolet, Hitachi, JEOL, and others.
1655We are leading world-wide publishers of Laboratory, Environmental, Petrochemical and Oil related publications. Titles include International Labmate, Labmate UK and Ireland, Lab Asia, International Environmental Technology, Asian Environmental Technology, Petro Industry News, Pollution Solutions and Measurement Analysis China. Our publications are sent out free of charge to qualified readers throughout the world! Visit our stand today and pick up our latest issues or sign up to receive our online e-Bulletins to keep you informed on all the latest products and developments.
World leader in food microbiology analysis, interscience presents its complete, innovative and high-quality products line : BagMixer® lab blenders (100, 400, 3500 ml) with adjustable and removable paddles for our BagMixer® CC ; associated sterile filter bags, BagFilter®, BagPage® ; diluters BabyGravimat®/Gravimat® ; Spiral® plater ; our range of colony counters with our NEW manual Scan® 100, automatic Scan® 500 and the NEW automatic color counter Scan® 1200. We also propose hygiene products : Clinet® disinfecting wipes and sprays and Anabac® autoclave deodorant.
Our company designs, manufactures, and markets sensors, cameras, and integrated spectroscopy systems for low-light imaging cameras and spectroscopy. The core sensor technology is based on patented electron-bombarded CCD and CMOS imagers that provide high sensitivity from 400 to 1700 nm. Back-thinned CMOS and CCD imagers are available that support low-light imaging and spectroscopy from 150 to 1100 nm, as well as high performance integrated spectroscopy systems. All integrated spectroscopy systems are fully tested and calibrated at Intevac Photonics, Santa Clara.
For more than 30 years Invetech has been at the forefront of innovation in the bio-medical, industrial and consumer markets. Invetech’s unique integrated offering in product development, custom automation and contract manufacturing is what separates the company from the rest. With experience drawn from over 5,000 projects, Invetech consistently delivers reliable, high-quality products, on-time and on-budget to ensure commercial success for its global partners.
Take your GC/MS instrument to a new level, guaranteeing faster, more accurate results. Data analysis software featuring a unique set of enhanced deconvolution algorithms for precise, rapid compound identification and quantification provides a one-of-a-kind “fingerprint” for each compound’s mass spectrum. The software is capable of identifying low concentrations of analytes in high levels of matrix interference.  New application-specific libraries for environmental, food, flavor and fragrance provide a total solution for the analyst needs. Compatible with all major GC/MS instruments.
3308PTR-MS (Proton Transfer Reaction – Mass Spectrometry) online mass spectrometers are our mission since 1998. IONICON PTR-MS solutions allow you to detect, monitor and quantify VOCs online, in real-time and in concentrations as low as 5 pptv. Robust, small, easy-to-use and without sample preparation, PTR-MS is THE solution for online trace gas analysis. Applications: atmospheric and environmental research; food&flavor science, emissions monitoring, indoor and cleanroom air quality control, odour testing, medical and security applications. NEW: High-Resolution PTR-TOF-MS – Experience incredible performance!
Developed and is manufacturing, the IONICS 3Q Molecular Analyzer, new and very sensitive triple quadrupole mass spectrometer.  Also develops and manufactures the enhanced performance systems for LC/MS/MS mass spectrometers, including: Sensitivity upgrades for API 300/365 (IONICS EP 10+) and API 2000 (IONICS EP Q+) instruments; and IONICS HSID Orthogonal Sampling Interface for EP 10+, API 3000, and QSTAR, now with higher sensitivity options.
The company completes product development, manufacturing of direct analysis in real time (DARTTM) ionization sources for ambient mass spectrometry and automated sample analysis systems for use with LC/MS and LC/MS/MS instruments.  The technology is utilized in a wide range of industries including drug discovery and development, food and drug production, forensics, and homeland security. DART has already achieved a modicum of notoriety in that the technology has garnered the Pittcon 2005 Gold Award.
4061The leader in optical filter solutions, Iridian Spectral Technologies designs and manufacturers dielectric thin-film filters with the best transmittance, deepest blocking, and steepest edges available. Our filters address needs in applications including flow cytometry, confocal microscopy, and Raman spectroscopy among others. See us for your standard filter requirements or any custom filter needs.
2686We are the official distributor of STEELCO laboratory glassware washers engineered and manufactured in Italy. Steelco is one of the fastest growing washer manufacturers worldwide for laboratories, animal research facilities and pharmaceutical production plants. With the investment into an incredible washer line from under-counter to large pit-mounted walk-in washers, Steelco demonstrates the commitment to enter markets with highest quality standards. For the environmentally conscious there’s no way around Steelco washers. Our goal is to have 100% satisfied customers, not only during the sales stage even more after delivery and the years to come.
2048Ismatec®, a member of IDEX Health & Science, produces a full line of peristaltic pumps for cell-sensitive pumping and other applications requiring gentle fluid handling with high accuracy and repeatability. Ismatec offers interchangeable pumpheads that can be switched in seconds, and can operate as stand-alone units without relying on PC control. Ismatec offers the most precise multichannel peristaltic pump on the market, capable of pumping as low as 400 nL/min..
For the last 20 years our company has been providing a wide range of instrumentation, reagents and consumable solutions. We are the only company in the world who has combined a high level of sophistication in imaging systems with safety of the operator in focus. This unique patented feature, called image positioning, reflects in our whole Proxima imaging line. The Proxima line is dedicated for visualizing gels and blots stained with visible and fluorescent dyes and chemiluminescence’s technology.
2048The Isolation Technologies brand of IDEX Health & Science, includes advanced column hardware and accessories for global HPLC markets. This is the most comprehensive line of column hardware with internal diameters ranging from 250µm to 50mm.
1219With over 30 years experience and formerly part of GV Instruments, IsotopX manufactures, sells and services the IsoProbe-T Multi-Collector Thermal Ionization Mass Spectrometer (TIMS) for nuclear, geological, and environmental research. IsotopX supports and services TIMS legacy products from VG, Micromass and GV Instruments including VG354, VG54, and Sector 54. Contact the US Headquarters at 508-337-TIMS, UK Manufacturing facility at 44-1606 839-810 or visit
We are a joint venture where ISPG is the North American Representative and distributor of Normax glass products.  Based in the United States, ISPG is an ISO 9001:2000 certified FDA registered contract manufacturer of stainless steel and glass components and devices for laboratory automation, dispensing, and medical applications.  Based in Portugal, Normax is an ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 13485: certified manufacturer of laboratory glassware and apparatus serving the laboratory, research, medical, pharmaceutical, industrial and educational markets with glass products.
Our company offers over 30 years experience in the design and manufacture of custom high to low voltage DC/DC and AC/DC power supplies for miniaturized, high-reliability commercial and military applications.
ITT is a worldwide supplier of CERAMAX™ channel electron multipliers, KOBRA™ High Voltage Resistors, and other high-reliability electronic components. Our design and manufacturing success has led to OEM’s selecting ITT detectors as original equipment more often than all the other brands combined. Our products are installed in image intensification, mass spectrometry and analytical instrumentation equipment worldwide.
4418The Indiana University Kelley School of Business, ranked among the top 15 in the country, offers the online graduate level program, the Executive Certificate in the Business of Life Sciences. This program, composed of core business courses tailored to the life sciences industry, is designed for technical professionals looking to "break out of their silos" and those new to the industry. The program allows students to fit an executive business education into their schedule conveniently and cost effectively.
Our company, the largest distributor of SDDs for the microanalysis industry, offers several different SDDs, for basic to advanced EDS systems. IXRF has world’s only commercially available Micro-XRF tube adapted to the Scanning Electron Microscope. A new tube “Super Flux”, is introduced with a 10 micron excitation area along with a 8 position filter wheel to lower detection limits even more. By the addition of XRF to the microanalysis industry, customers can now take advantage of their existing EDS detector and use their SEM as a micro XRF analyzer.
1942Specializing in automating sample preparation. The new PrepLinc System is modular with options for SPE, GPC Cleanup, stand alone concentration and inline concentration. The PrepLinc software gives precise control of each module individually or combines multiple processes. Also available: AccuPrep MPS Gel Permeation Chromatography (GPC) Cleanup System. Add the AccuVap module for inline concentration of GPC collect fraction. We also offer a complete line of columns for GPC cleanup.
2379JAIMA is an Industry Association for analytical instruments manufacturers with 210 member companies. Member companies' products covers wide range of analytical instruments such as laboratory use, environmental monitoring, process use, medical instruments and bio applications. JAIMA organizes the largest trade show for analytical instruments and technologies in Japan with more than 320 exhibitors in over 1100 booth attracting over 23000 registered visitors in 2008. The academic conferences and technical seminars with over 400 sessions are also the part of the show.
3307, SR50, SR51
Our company is one of the independent administrative Institution in JAPAN. One of the JST’s mission is to promote of consistent research and development from basic research to commercialization with particular emphasis on the creation of new technological seeds. At the JST booth, discover the prototype of instruments, latest results of ongoing R&D program, and other activity of Japanese academic societies. JST promote to transfer these from academic sector to industrial sector.
4838, SR40, SR41
Our company specializes in analytical instruments for spectroscopy and chromatography applications, with over 50 years of experience. JASCO’s worldwide presence, superior product quality and outstanding service and support make the company an industry leader. JASCO is recognized for its robust and reliable chromatography instruments including SFC/SFE (analytical and preparative systems), HPLC and X-LC® (UHPLC). The full line of spectroscopy products includes FT-IR, Portable IR, FT-IR microscopes, UV-Vis/NIR, Fluorescence, Raman, portable Raman, NSOM, Polarimeters, Circular Dichroism and Dissolution testers.
3109Custom Optics Product Group: A Tradition of Optical Coating Innovation The JDSU Custom Optics Product Group, which originated as the Optical Coating Laboratory, Inc. (OCLI) in 1948, continues to advance the pace of optical coating innovation through its technological leadership, state-of-the-art processes and facilities, and full-service customer care. We have a diverse portfolio, including visual, near infrared (IR), and IR filters, as well as polarization components. Our newest o9ffering is a line of high transmission UV filters. Other products include beam splitters and optical filters for medical instruments and much more.
3778Look for Jeio Tech and the Lab Companion brand when in the market for Shakers (open air and temperature control), Baths (general purpose baths, shaking baths, and circulating baths), Incubators (warm and low temperature), Ovens, Plant Growth and Environmental Test Chambers. Since 1988, Jeio Tech has been a major manufacturer and international supplier of laboratory equipment. With steady yearly growth of over 25%, we have been able to invest over 10% of our revenue into R&D for new product development. Optimum performance, reliability, and value remain our fundamental ethos.
3827Our company is a recognized manufacturer of quality UV lamps, Light Sources and UV Ozone Generators for various applications such is HPLC, Spectrophotometry, Interferometry, Fluorescence, Pollution Instrumentation, Choromatography, Photochemistry, Medical Instruments, Clibration for UV Detectors, UV Curing, Sterilization.
Manufacturer of high quality, cost effective, microprocessor meters and electrodes for the measurement and control of pH, ORP, 4-wire and 2-wire conductivity, dissolved oxygen, ion and temperature.  Jenco Instruments product line includes bench top meters, handheld meters, pen products, process analyzers, industrial controllers, monitors and transmitters.  Custom design of products, contract manufacturing and private labeling are all available.  Distributor inquiries and manufacturing inquiries are welcomed.
Our company has over 60 years experience as a leading manufacturer of liquid handling products and laboratory equipment supplied worldwide through lab supply distributors. A few of our featured products include Powerpette,Safetypette and Smoothie pipette fillers, Digitrate digital titrators, Zippette bottletop dispensers, Sealpette, Accumax and Accurette pipettors, Autostill water distilation equipment and Perimatic peristaltic pumps. ISO 9001 Certified
2413Gas Sampling Bags with Screw Cap and Locking Combo Valves, TCLP, Stainless Steel Valves, and Others. Liquid Sampling Bags. PFA & FEP Bottles. Teflon faced Bench/Surface Protector, on rolls, to protect work surfaces from corrosive chemicals. Fluoropolymer: Bailers, Bags, Labware, Fittings, Vacuum Trap Assemblies, Sleeves, Filters, Film, Sheet, Rod. Tubing: PFA, PTFE, FEP, Teflon Lined Polyethylene, Silicone, Plastic, Vinyl, Polyethylene. High Pressure Reactors with complete Fluoropolymer liner. Acid Purification System with only Fluoropolymer exposed parts makes economical High Purity Acids.
3948, 4048
Analytical mass spectrometers (LC/MS and GC/MS), NMRs, SEMs, TEMs, EDXRF and sample prep tools. Instruments/demonstrations: AccuTOF™ mass spectrometer system with DART™ ion source technology.
Cyber-enabled ECS-400 NMR spectrometer featuring DELTA™ software. Expandable, automated, broadband NMR systems from 300 to 920 MHz. New, versatile, high-resolution tungsten SEM for research/diagnostic applications. Easy-to-use GUI. New NeoScope benchtop SEM. High resolution and large depth of field; 10X – 20,000X magnification.  High throughput cross section ion beam polisher for clean cross-section slices and challenging SEM samples.
Our company is your reliable supplier for high quality laboratory consumable products. JET BIOFIL is well known for its broad variety of different kinds of products, such as Tissue culture plates, flasks and dishes, Vacuum and syringe driven filters, Serological and aspirating pipets, Centrifuge tubes and much more, giving our customer one stop shop privilege. Our plastic injection, extrusion, blow molding, plastic stretching, silk-printing, assembling and packaging were operated in a total area of 3,000 square meters of 100,000 grade clean-room facility under ISO9001: 2000 quality management system;
3727Hiranuma Mercury Analyzer HG-410. AQUACOUNTER potentiometric and Karl Fischer titrators. New low cost volumetric and coulometric 300 series. Stand alone and completely automated oil and solid evaporators and 2-channel titrators. Low cost and full-featured potentiometric titrators available in semi-automated and complete automated systems. Wide selection of HPLC columns from Shodex, Shiseido, and Cosmosil for all scales of separation. Solvent degassers, manual and automated injection valves, pumps, and HPLC fittings.
We are a technology leader in the development and manufacture of polymeric media for chromatographic separations. Our commitment to product excellence extends through our entire product line: Polymeric HPLC columns for RP & NP; GPC analytical & preparative columns for organic and aqueous chromatography; bulk chromatographic media; and our latest Hydroclean™ SPE product line. Jordi Labs is also a world leader in Polymer Characterization, Deformulation, Additive Analysis, and Expert Witness Services. Our contract services labs feature the latest advances in GPC, LC, GC, FT-IR, LCMS, PYMS, GCMS, NMR, TGA, DSC, TMA, Absolute MW, PIXE and INAA.
2815Two international, peer-reviewed scientific journals – Journal of Chromatographic Science provides application and theoretical information on all chromatographic techniques including GC, HPLC, TLC, size-exclusion, SFC, CE, MS, GC-MS, LC-MS, GC-FTIR, sample preparation and more. Visit Journal of Analytical Toxicology covers improved and novel techniques for use in clinical, forensic, workplace, sports testing (doping), and other toxicology laboratories.  Provides applications for isolation, identification and quantitation of drugs and other substances.  Visit  Search engines on both web sites.
Our company offers a very broad product line ranging from Refrigerated & Heating Circulators/baths from -95°C to +200°C, Highly Dynamic Temperature Control Systems for reactors from -90°C to +400°C, Water Baths from +20°C to +99°C, Chillers from -25C to +150C with up to 10kW cooling power, Temperature Calibration Baths from -30°C to +300°C and Temperature Laboratory Controllers. All of Julabo’s products come with a TWO-Year Warranty and customer support throughout the world.
2048Jun-Air, a member of IDEX Health & Science, manuafacturers an extensive line of ultraquiet, clean-air compressors featuring low noise levels, reliability, easy maintenance, and long lifetime. A unique cooling system and wear-resisting components ensure 100% continuous operation - even under extreme conditions. With a noise level, equivalent to that of country quiet, the Jun-Air range of compressors may be installed directly at the point of use.
4921JusticeTrax, Inc. LIMS-plus ® is a premier laboratory information management system designed for forensic laboratories of all sizes. Since 1995 JusticeTrax, Inc. has provided forensic laboratories with comprehensive case management software, outstanding customer support, software development and integration with other applications and instruments. JusticeTrax, Inc. has just released its newest Version 4.1 on the .Net platform. JusticeTrax, Inc. also provides data migration, custom report development and training by forensic scientists. In 2008 over 125 forensic laboratories in North America and Australia are using LIMS-plus®.
Labware Division has been active on the international market since 1954, a complete range of more than 1400 items is presently distributed in more than 80 countries in the world. Our core business is mainly linked with industrial laboratory (food and beverages) as well as manufacturing sites, healthcare and universities. Quality Management System UN EN ISO 9001:2000. Manufacturer of plastic laboratory items, reusable and disposable, general purpose, bottles, graduated and volumetric, liquid handling, microscopy and microbiology, test tubes, pipettes and accessories, hospital ware, clamps and support, filtration and vacuum pumps, magnetic stirrers.
Our company makes and sells electric fusion machines ( fluxers ), used in inorganic sample preparation for XRF, ICP and AA. Easy to install, use and maintain, affordable, fully automatic, low power consumption, high accuracy sample prep equipment. Zirconium and platinum crucibles, molds. We buy back scrap precious metal utensils, vessels.
1752NEW High pressure syringe pump for delivering precise microreactors or aerosols,. Good for precise gas or liquid delivery. NEW syringes for economical reliable dispensing accurate volumes, glass, stainless steeel and plastic. NEW battery operated syringe pump with alarms for occlusion detection and power failure. Featuring the newest generation of advanced nanoflow pumps and NEW OEM pumps which can be customized to meet your specific needs. KD Scientific pumps are optimal for nanofluidics, microreactors, mass spec calibrant delivery, Electrospray, electrospinning, drug infusions, dosing, microfluidics , organic synthesis, microdialysis systems.
Our company will be featuring our new line of -86C. upright freezers, as well as redesigned lab freezers and refrigerators.
4469We have created what we consider to be the perfect versatile and flexible line of moisture meters. Take 6 1/2 minutes to see if you agree. Even if you aren't ready today, don't miss our exclusive educational moisture report and get helpful information. Finally, eliminate the headaches of constantly having to calibrate your moisture meter. Now calibrate only one-time for your product… for the life of the instrument! We make 103 composition measurement devices, 8 different technologies, in stock today!
Our company is one of the fastest growing manufacturers of laboratory furniture, systems furniture and fume hoods in the United States today.  Keur Industries, Inc. can work with you from the preliminary layout using laboratory design using our CAD design programs through the manufacturing phase in our Spring Lake, MI facility to the final installation.  We invite you to stop at our booth to speak with us about the design of your laboratory today.
Our company manufactures an extensive array of casework and fume hood styles to meet the requirements of a customer base that encompasses pharmaceutical and biotechnical companies, industrial and chemical laboratories, universities, and government facilities. The Company’s manufacturing facilities are located in Statesville, North Carolina. Over 100 years of providing solutions for the laboratory environment.
We are a worldwide leader in factory automation equipment ranging from automation sensors, measuring instruments, vision systems and digital microscopes. As a direct sales company we offer a full range of services provided by our technically trained sales force with experience with various applications and industries.  Come see our new Keyence VHX-600 Digital Microscope. The 54 mega-pixel 3CCD provides exceptional image resolution and color accuracy. A depth-of-field 20 times greater than conventional microscopes and 3-D Image Composition combine to produce imaging quality and performance beyond most high-end optical systems.
We are a premier provider of Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) and related software solutions for testing laboratories. Its current flagship product, Omega 11, is a Best-In-Class LIMS, designed and developed by analytical chemists working in conjunction with experienced software engineers to produce a system capable of improving laboratory efficiency and conformity with the ISO, ASTM, NELAC and AIHA standards. It offers the full power of an interactive database management system capable of organizing, tracking, and presenting information in a concise and professional manner.
1925Your global source for Kimble, Kontes and Chase brands of scientific laboratory glassware. Products for chemistry, life sciences, chromatography, environmental science and education. Custom and OEM glassware design and manufacture also available.
KINEMATICA - in partnership with SEWARD and FUNGILAB - is proud to present you with the latest in Dispersing, Homogenizing, Mixing and Viscosity measuring technology. Among our products you will find new and updated POLYTRON® homogenizers such as the brand new PT 3100 D, the world famous STOMACHER® homogenizers for microbiological testing and the totally re-designed viscometer line by Fungilab for Rotational Viscometers of non-Newtonian liquids. Please join us at our booth for this and more.
We are specialists in the supply and support of Chromatography Consumables. We are committed to offering you a fast efficient service that we believe separates Kinesis from the competition. The ability to work directly with leading manufacturers enables Kinesis to offer very competitive pricing while ensuring that you, the customer, never have to compromise on quality, support or service.
The University, (KAUST) is being built in Saudi Arabia as an international, graduate level research university dedicated to inspiring a new age of scientific achievement. As an independent, merit-based institution, KAUST will enable top researchers from around the globe and across all cultures to work together to solve challenging scientific and technological issues. KAUST has partnered with the worlds leading universities, research institutions, and the private sector to become a major new contributor to the global network of collaborative research.
Our company is introducing new FlexStream™ automated dynamic gas dilution systems, specializing in trace concentrations (ppm, ppb and pptr). Mixtures are prepared by diluting the very small flow emitted by permeation or diffusion tubes with a larger, controlled flow of a matrix gas such as nitrogen. Over 500 compounds including many species unstable in static cylinder mixtures are available. See for details on a full range of instruments for creating NIST traceable complex test gas mixtures with adjustable analyte concentrations.
Gas & vapor concentration measurement products for both ambient air and process control, including the renowned KITAGAWA Detector Tube System for fast and easy measurements on-the-spot, a NEW SPME NeedlEx Sampling System, gas detection sensors and instruments.
Internationally renowned for precious metals since 1977, Kitco Metals supplies a full spectrum of platinum crucibles, dishes, electrodes. Our line of crucibles features the XRF platinum ware necessitated by all the major fusion machines. Kitco also supplies crucibles for crystal growth, components for glass manufacturing, etc. Our refining terms for credit on the used labware are among the most competitive in the industry. Visit our website with access to the metal market prices and charts.
Our company is one of the pioneers in the field of high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) with more than 45 years of experience in developing and manufacturing modular instrumentation in Berlin, Germany. KNAUER is also known worldwide for its reliable HPLC pumps and detectors in custom OEM designs. The company also offers complete systems for analytical and preparative HPLC, including chromatography software, columns, and application support services. Quality management certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 since 1996. To learn more about KNAUER products and services and its new UHPLC system PLATINblue, please visit
870Switch on to the future with KNFLab’s new, SC920 Laboport series vacuum pump system, which brings fast and precise processing, extremely quiet operation and easy regulation of all vacuums, and is the only system available with exclusive wireless remote control. The wireless remote provides full operation of the pump’s different operating modes and functions, allowing for flexibility and optimal use of lab space...only from KNFLab. Visit our exhibit and see the world’s largest portfolio of diaphragm vacuum pumps and compressors for the lab, the OEM designer and the process industry. Talk to our applications engineers and see our new products for 2009.
Our company is the largest domestic manufacturer of instruments for crudes, fuels, lubes and greases. We have a world wide network of trained distributors to handle your needs. We are active members of ASTM D02 and manufacture our instruments to meet or exceed ASTM specifications. Please conact us by phone @ +1-631-589-3800 or send an inquiry from our web-site @ We have a staff of technical sales and service personnel to assist you and answer any questions. Please visit our booth at The Pittsburgh Conference in Chicago. To make an appointment please contact us by phone or the web.
After 30 years in the market offering a complete range of chromatography and mass spectrometry instruments, Konik has redesigned and renewed its GC and HPLC lines lunching the HPLC 600B and GC 5000B (FPGA electronics) with fast and multidimensional GC options. On these bases Konik has continued developing the high performance Analyzers line for the easy sample preparation and analysis of target analites in complex matrices. The new AQUALYZER, PETROLYZER and METABOLYZER increase the number of complex multidimensional systems already patented that go beyond analytical instrumentation.
Full-range line of rotary vane, rotary piston, dry scroll, dry piston, dry process, turbomolecular, ion, and cryo pumps, including worldwide inventory and service. Vacuum pump manufacturers’ models stocked and serviced include: Adixen (Alcatel), Edwards Vacuum, Oerlikon Leybold, Pfeiffer, Shimadzu, Tuthill Kinney, Ulvac, Varian, and Welch. Manufacturer of standard and custom vacuum chambers, components, flanges, gauges, feedthroughs (including electrical, liquid, gas, cryogenic, and motion) and valves. Our manufacturer-certified oil reclamation service offers great savings on your expensive fluids and lubricants.
1519We are dedicating to provide analysis instrument, such as Microscope, Spectrophotometer, PH meter, Conductivity Meter, Pipette, Refractometer and more. Http://
Our company is Canada’s largest and most influential laboratory publication, reaching buyers and prospects in industrial, government, hospital and academic laboratories who need in-depth coverage of new technology and product applications. For more company information visit us at or call 905-886-5040.

We are a leading manufacturer and provider of chromatography consumables and related accessories.

The established, quality magazine reaching analytical and research professionals in the fields of pharmaceutical science, food/feed analysis, chemistry and environmental testing throughout Europe and Asia/Pacific.
662We are the leading laboratory informatics consultancy with the people, processes and experience to handle lab informatics projects of any scale. Our teams of experts, combining lab science, IT, business & regulatory expertise, have worked 100+ informatics projects in the last two years alone. Our services include the entire spectrum of lab IT from Requirements Analysis and Planning to Outsourcing and System Maintenance, and also include LIMS, Electronic Lab Notebooks (ELN), SDMS, Instrument & System Integration. Our services also include RFP development, Vendor comparison/scoring, Project Management, Deployment, Validation, Training and Support.
1179Featuring prepared solutions, reagents and buffers for: Analytical Chemistry; ASTM Methods; Biochemistry; QA/QC; for the APHA Standard Methods of Water and Waste Water Testing; and for Pulp and Paper Testing using TPPI and CPPA methods. Additionally, see us for your custom solutions, proprietary chemicals and reagents, OEM, private label, and for your special chemical packaging needs. We manufacture standard and custom ready to use solutions with NIST traceability in an ISO 9001:2000 certified facility
3888Since 1976, LABCLEAR has been providing specialty gas users with supurb products to fillter out moisture, hydrocarbons and oxygen. These filtesproduce ultra pure gas & air for gas chromatography, crystal and chip manufacturers, robotics and certain burning and welding applications, where gas must be clean, moisture and oxygen free. Remember LABCLEAR, where you get nothing for your money: No Moisture, No Hydrocarbons, No Oxygen.
2677Since 1925, Labconco has manufactured world-class biosafety cabinets, laboratory glassware washers and fume hoods. In addition, we also manufacture balance enclosures, vacuum concentrators, evaporation equipment, lyophilizers, ductless enclosures and glove boxes.
Our company is a manufacturer and distributor of lab equipment and supplies to the Life Science, Industrial and Clinical research markets. Product lines include centrifuges, liquid handling instruments, thermal cyclers, electrophoresis apparatus, bench-top shakers and rockers, incubators and laboratory plastics. From our head office in Edison, NJ, USA, European office in the UK, and via Sales Directors in China, India, and Australia, we are able to efficiently serve our distribution partners and customers worldwide. Labnet’s network of highly qualified dealers provide customers with excellent technical sales, service and quick delivery.
Our company is a manufacturer of precision microscopes for education, research, and medical applications.   Come see our new line of compound microscopes, including our new Lx 400.
Our company is certified by ISO 9001-2000; CE Conformity; and FDA. We manufacture high quality spectrophotometers since 1982 with 50 years experience in manufacturing scientific equipment. Our Spectros provide superior technology for use in all laboratories; best quality at low prices. We carry single, double, dual, and split beam spectrophotometers with fixed or variable bandwidth. Our Spectros are high-performance and exceptional value instruments which is the hallmark of Labomed UV-Vis spectrophotometers. Visit our booth to view our wide array of spectrophotometers. Seeking distributors.
728Labnotes is an "out of the box" solution that has fully configurable forms to comply with the requirements of regulated analytical groups and a sophisticated ELN. The unique flexibility of Labnotes allows data to be collected, stored and retrieved through any combination of forms and/or ELN.
We will be displaying the revolutionary new laboratory countertop Denix and Denix Plus. In addition, Laboratory Enterprises will be introducing Chicago Faucets' S.A.M. line of chemically resistant and anti-microbial faucets and fixtures.
SR22, SR23
Our company is a part of the SAMA Group of Associations founded in 1918. Its member companies are manufacturers and distributors of lab products and services used in scientific research and applied science and life science worldwide. Networking and Business Development Center (9AM-5PM - Monday-Wednesday) (9AM-1PM - Thursday). LPA members are invited to use the LPA center for meetings and networking with their colleagues, partners and customers.
Our company is a premier solution provider representing World Leaders in Analysis and Measurement. Our product range includes titration, viscometry, meters, electrodes, digestion, distillation, extraction, milling and grinding, particle size (sieving and analysis), Atomic Absorption, UV/Vis Spectrophotometry, TOC, TOX, EOX and Combustion Nitrogen. We are an applications based organization, offering product demostration, in field support, applications assistance and full service.
Our company, distributed by Petrolab Company – Offers chillers, baths (high and low temperature), circulators (heating and low-temperature), immersion coolers, viscosity baths and all types of automated viscosity measurement systems. The New TV12LT is a unique small-sized visibility bath that offers a temperature range of -40°C to +100°C. An integrated cooling system is able to lower the bath temperature down to -40°C. The cooling power can be controlled so that the heat removal capacity is trimmed to the desired set point temperature, saving up to 75% of energy in comparison to conventional systems.
We are a free, social networking site that enables scientists, engineers, and other technical professionals to connect, collaborate with, and learn from each other. LabRoots fosters world-wide scientific communication and incorporates the newest social networking technologies. LabRoots allows scientists to connect with each other as they describe their research interests on a myriad of unique features and tools, discovering meaningful collaborations across geographic boundaries and fields of expertise.
A manufacturer and supplier of specialty products to the hospital and laboratory markets since the early 1970’s.  Our products include a full line of High Precision Pipettes, Plastic Laboratory Disposables, Dissolution Filters, Nasal Cannula, and Borosilicate Glassware.  Consulting services for the design, development and manufacturing of specialty products are also available.  We private-label and supply our products through local, regional, national, and international distributors.
2415Labsource is a full line laboratory and safety distributor. Our focus is bringing cutting edge research solutions for the life sciences. Our safety division has everything that you need to keep your workers safe and OSHA compliant. Labsource is your source for everything science and safety.
Our company is focusing on the following businesses - analytical instruments, laboratory equipments, and laboratory software. We develop, manufacture and market a family of products and services that provide essential solutions to customers around the globe. They are UV, HPLC, water recirculating chiller, temperature controllable hotplate, hotblock digester, vacuum pump, hotplate magnetic stirrer, lightwave heater, and LIMS.
Our company (Hong Kong) is focusing on the following businesses - analytical instruments, laboratory equipments, and laboratory software. We develop, manufacture and market a family of products and services that provide essential solutions to customers around the globe. They are UV, HPLC, water recirculating chiller, temperature controllable hotplate, hotblock digester, vacuum pump, hotplate magnetic stirrer, lightwave heater, and LIMS.
1155Our company develops and implements informatics solutions that reduce laboratory operating costs, reduce analysts' workload and speed up delivery of sample results to clients. Nexxis ELN our web-based, electronic laboratory notebook employs ReDI™ technology to quickly create electronic forms that are ready to be scheduled, completed, reviewed and approved on-line. LimsLink and LimsLink CDS interface instruments with LIMS and other enterprise applications. Informatics solutions that create an integrated laboratory environment where data is always available, when and where it is needed most.
Our company, a global provider of enterprise laboratory solutions, serves discovery, development, formulation, process research, raw material testing, and quality management laboratories across multiple industries. LabVantage’s Sapphire, a zero-footprint laboratory information management suite, manages an organization's laboratory information across its R&D pipeline and manufacturing supply chain to optimize productivity and effectively share knowledge. LabVantage is headquartered in Bridgewater, NJ, U.S.A., with direct or partner coverage in the United Kingdom, Europe, EMEA and Asia Pacific. For additional information, visit
Our company is an enterprise-scale web-based solution that offers a true zero-footprint browser implementation. The system is data-driven, highly configurable, and offers comprehensive capabilities for both QC operations and R&D. With the release of LabWare LIMS v6, LabWare offers the most complete and technically innovative LIMS software on the market. Based in Wilmington, DE, LabWare has offices in 15 countries, and has become established as the leading provider of laboratory automation software and services. Based on consistently successful implementations, our product is the most widely implemented LIMS among life science companies worldwide.
Our company is an independent marketplace where scientific professionals communicate buying and selling requirements for laboratory equipment and supplies. Join over 150,000 registered members to purchase new, surplus, and used equipment. Check out the Great Deals section to find amazing promotions from new equipment manufacturers. LabX acquired Lab Manager Magazine® in April 2008. Lab Manager Magazine's editorial mission is to provide practical information on business, strategy, leadership and staffing as well as the industry and technology news needed to effectively manage today's lab. Stop by the LabX booth for a free subscription!
3853A global leader in thermal management solutions, Laird Technologies designs and manufactures products that prevent device damage or failure by removing or dispersing heat. Our innovative technologies provide temperature control for heat-sensitive applications, as well as thermal interface materials for eliminating air and improving thermal transfer. In addition, we provide thermally conductive, single- and multi-layer printed circuit boards with aluminum base, as well as thermoelectric assemblies such as electronic cooling and heating systems.
We make high performance systems, software and optical accessories for Raman & combined Raman/UV-Vis microscopy & other accessories configured for a wide range of applications. Our Dimension-P models provide exceptional sensitivity, signal/ noise with spectral ranges from 40 cm-1 to 3000 cm-1. Our Vector Fiber Probe options permit analysis of solids, liquids, powders or easy mounting on the LSI-XYZ. LSI Micro Raman adapters provide spatial resolution to 1 micron and our unique flow thru modules facilitate high speed in-line monitoring & wet chemistry analysis.
Our company will manufacture the optical sensor, that measures spectrum of light. The molecule and the atom that composes the material do an optical reaction according to a peculiar structure to the material. The material structure at that time is interpretable with capturing. accuracy good high sensitivity of this light response Lambda Vision develops and manufactures an optical sensor for this.
1134A leading manufacturer of portable test equipment for lab and field. LaMotte specializes in hand-held colorimeters for multiple and single test factors, turbidity meters, liquid and tablet reagent systems, test strips and field test kits. Applications include water/wastewater, boiler/cooling tower, food/beverage processing, swimming pool/spa, environmental and education. Featured products include our new TRACER PockeTesters, popular 2020e/i Turbidity Meters, TC-3000 Tri-Meter, and our expanding line of test strips.
Our company manufactures the broadest range of Laboratory Glassware Washers and Dryers, providing solutions for critical cleaning applications including those for general research labs (LX, LXA and LXP), petroleum and industrial applications (TI) and QA/QC labs (all washers are validateable). On-board storage of cleaning chemicals and HEPA filtered drying is standard on most models. LANCER washers feature self-diagnostic microprocessor programming, acid rinse capabilities, and deionized water final rinsing. Additionally LANCER offers cleaning chemicals for use in all high pressure washing systems.
A leading manufacturer and provider of chromatography consumables and related accessories, based in Langerwehe, Germany.
Our company is a global resource for engineers, researchers, scientists and technical professionals providing comprehensive coverage of optoelectronics and photonics, technologies, applications and markets. LFW reports on and analyzes the latest developments and significant trends in both technology and business in the worldwide optoelectronics and photonics industry.
Located in Delran, NJ, LAUDA-Brinkmann is the largest of LAUDA’s six global subsidiaries. Headquartered in Lauda Konigshofen, Germany, LAUDA is the leading manufacturer of temperature control equipment and systems, and highly precise measuring instruments, used in a broad range of scientific research, development and production.  Founded in 1956, LAUDA has more than 50 years of experience developing premium quality temperature control equipment and measuring devices including water baths, low and high temperature circulators, chillers and industrial heating and cooling systems.
Our company, distributed by Petrolab Company – offers high and low temperature laboratory instruments for the fuel and lubricant industry such as Brookfield and Kinematic Viscosity, Pour and Foam testing, octane engines, AIR and liquid Baths; fully automated diffuser stone permeability and porosity measuring; fully automated apparatus for ASTM D4539 LTFT testing; and new heated tube technology for oxidation and heat stability tests!
3780Our company manufactures high resolution data acquisition systems, signal conditioning modules, and special-purpose interfaces, including: chromatography data stystems, electrochemistry, ISE, and temperature measurement. Ask about our new power products. We offer extensive free software and free support. Established 1981.
We are a world-class provider of training and consultation in HPLC and Mass Spectrometry.  See our web site at for a complete schedule of open-enrollment and on-line courses in 2009.  E-mail us at for information about cost-effective on-site courses for groups of 5 or more persons.
2257With over 50,100 qualified subscribers, LCGC is the leading information provider and the most trusted source among chromatographers. We publish practical, peer-reviewed articles and productivity-oriented columns to help our audience of analytical chemists, life scientists, laboratory managers, and technicians become more proficient in the use of modern chromatographic instrumentation.
Our company automates sample handling on-line, off-line, at-line for LC, GC, MS; for custom solutions in analytical processes for small and large molecules in extracted liquids, solids, and human, animal and plant tissues. Specialty CTC PAL customization with over 50 accessories, features small workstations that perform complex liquid handling tasks including, HPLC-Purification, fraction collection, SPE, filtration, weighing, heating, stirring. We offer pumps for HPLC-Ultra, nanoflow with or without splitting. The AutoDART does complete high throughput repetitive analysis of compounds off surfaces.
2325, SR01Recognized globally as a leader in the development of elemental determinators and separation science instrumentation. Our products resolve complex samples and pioneer high throughput using GCxGC, GCxGC-TOFMS, GC-TOFMS, and LC-TOFMS; perform elemental determination in organic materials; and provide primary analysis of organic constituents such as moisture, protein, fat, and ash. We also feature instrumentation and equipment for C/H/N/S/O determination in metals/inorganic applications by combustion/inert gas fusion, as well as glow discharge atomic emission spectrometry (GD-AES).
2036Your partner for: efficient modulated-blackbody Mid-IR Sources for non-dispersive infrared and photo-acoustic gas sensing; compact high-speed sensitive Mass Flow Sensors for responsive carrier gas control and leak detection applications; custom refractive and diffractive Micro-Optics Development for optical instrumentation. With our experienced engineering team, advanced MEMS foundry capabilities and total quality management approach, we turn ideas into solutions. Since 1999, as an ISO 9001/2000 certified and ISO TS 16949 compliant supplier, Leister has been serving OEMs in instrumentation.
(LBSI) has introduced two innovative glass platforms, APEX™ Glass and ORACLE™ Glass that are enabling a new generation of more reliable, more accurate, lab-on-a-chip life science products! APEX™ Glass is a photo-definable glass used for the prototyping and high volume micro-fabrication of microstructures used for microfluidic and MEMS devices. ORACLE™ Glass is a glass-ceramic (Glaseramic™) that directly binds proteins exactly where you want them without the need for finicky organic coatings used for microarray products.
Our company, the step motor specialists, has earned the reputation as the technical leader in 2-phase hybrid step motor design with the ability to “Maximize Torque at Desired Speed”. Lin Engineering’s U.S factory is dedicated to the design and manufacturing of prototypes, samples and specialty motors. Over the past decade, Lin Engineering has gained a tremendous amount of market share and earned a reputation as the “Leader in Step Motor Technology.” Why Lin? See what Lin Engineering can do for you by visiting us on line at
Launching the NEW TR1 Rapid Assay System.  Assay capsules, coated tablets, slurries and other dosage forms in seconds with 1% relative error and no residuals.  Simple, fast, direct and non-destructive method of quantifying API, excipient, polymorph and amorphous content.  Strong ROI/payback in R&D, formulation, QC and lot release areas.  High volume applications in PAT testing – no sample prep required.  Uses the recently developed Transmission & SORS Raman technology (patents pending).
940Designers and Manufacturers of Nuclear Radiation Detectors. Products include: He-3 and Bf-3 Neutron Detectors, X-ray Proportional Counters, Position Sensitive Detectors, Ionization Chambers, GM Tubes, Gas Sampling Detectors, Ultra thin window Detectors.
Lab Gas Generators. H2-Generators up to 1000 cc/min @ 10,5 BAR pressure for carrier gas + fuel gas application (99.9999% purity). Cascading- and remote control options. N2-Generators. MINI and Maxi Versions for Laboratories and LCMS application. Zero Air / Ultra Zero Air Generators up to 30 Liter / min Gas Calibration system for the check of SO2, NO, NO2, O3, HC, NH3 and BTX monitors Ozone Generators for low concentrations (10 ppb to 1 ppm). High precession components for Gas flow and -pressure, Gas blenders used for emission, industrial process and laboratory to linearize and make the quality control gas monitors ...  SWISS MADE
Our company an ISO 9001-2000 company, is one of India’s reputed and well established businesses in the field of organic - inorganic chemicals, Bio-chemicals (Laboratory & Fine Chemicals). Since over 35 years Loba Chemie has been serving various Industries such as plastics, textiles, petroleum, pharmaceuticals & also most Research Institutes with its well-established local network of over 250 distributors/stockists and international network of over 110 distributors/stockists spread out in over 80 countries.
521Now it’s easy to buy lab furniture. Looped Logic offers a simple selection of powder coated, welded steel modular cabinets in one fabulous color. We focus our budget keenly on quality and great pricing, so you can focus your budget keenly on science. Whether you want one cabinet or a whole lab’s worth, it’s available for immediate delivery from inventory. Our pricing is listed on our website. Buy it direct, install it yourself or contact a registered reseller/installer.
What Every LAB Needs! You’ll find it inside the latest Lab Supplies Catalog from LSS (Lab Safety Supply)! You can rely on LSS to bring you a huge selection of laboratory equipment, plastics, glassware, PPE, spill clean-up and SO MUCH MORE! We have all the brands you trust and the latest innovations you need to keep your employees safe and your laboratory running smoothly. Friendly, knowledgeable customer service representatives and a staff of 25 technical experts stand behind every product we sell. Call 800-356-0586 to request your FREE Lab Supplies Catalog or go online at for 24/7 access to the over 130,000 products LSS has to offer!
Our light engines provide illumination for the needs of bioanalytical instruments including fluorescence microscopes. Novel solid state source materials yield bright, multicolor, narrow band, stable, durable and inexpensive light across the UV-Vis-NIR spectrum. Lumencor light engines will enhance overall instrument performance and reduce cost. A four color product in a compact, axially aligned, easy to use box is available with up to 1 kHz switching times. Features include sufficient light for low through high light level imaging, fast exposure times, facile multicolor modulation and long life. No external filtering or modulation is required.
515Manufacturer of the OC line of oxygen compatible and chemical resistant pastes and greases for critical and demanding environments such as cylinder valves, pipeline/manifold/regulator connections/fittings, O-rings, and high vacuum applications. OC products are lubricants/thread sealants designed as superior quality performance alternatives for the compressed/liquefied gas, cryogenic, and vacuum industries. OC products provide the following unsurpassed qualities: dielectric, anit-galling, anti-corrosive, anti-seize, non-flammable, non-toxic, chemically inert, odorless, and non-migrating.
4144Please stop by to learn more about our latest product developments such as: medium-polar OPTIMA 35-MS capillary column with high temperature stability, a new NUCLEODUR HILIC HPLC column with outstanding polar selectivity features, VarioPrep guard column holder system for efficient and low-cost protection of valuable semi-preparative HPLC columns, Spherical SPE resins CHROMABOND HR-X, CHROMABOND HR-XC (cation exchanger) and CHROMABOND HR-XA (anion exchanger) with excellent recovery rates for pharmaceuticals from urine, serum and plasma.
Insulated Ice Buckets, Ice Pans and Round and Rectangular Test Tube Racks made of expanded PVC. Multipurpose, unbreakable, leakproof, stackable, lightweight, nonsweating and long-lasting. Inert to liquid nitrogen and ideal for working with ice, dry ice and most chemicals. Resistant to temperatures -321oF(196oC) to 200oF(93oC). The racks can be used to move solution-filled test tubes easily, even from ice to water baths. Available in 4 colors: black, blue, green, and red.
3928Our company has been manufacturing a broad range of innovative products to meet the growing needs of various segments within the global life sciences market since 1986.  Innovative R&D and new product developing capability, Experienced manufacturing process, Flexibile production plan, Sufficient stock, Delivery of competitive pricing with great values, Superior professional and technical knowledge and backup, International marketing and Product supports plus many of OEM and ODM projects with well-known suppliers are the characters ensuring our outstanding performance to satisfy our customers and distributors.
2203Dedicated to exceeding industry quality standards with two brands, J.T. Baker and Mallinckrodt Laboratory Chemicals. As one of the most trusted and respected suppliers in the industry, Mallinckrodt Baker offers an expanded line of innovative products designed for the most demanding experiments. Product lines include high purity solvents in CYCLE TAINER returnable containers, BakerDRY ultra low water solvents, high purity acids at affordable prices, specialty chemicals, custom solutions, solvent blends and packaging to meet your unique requirements.
Our company provides a range of complementary materials characterization tools that deliver inter-related measurements reflecting the complexities of particulates and disperse systems, nanomaterials and macromolecules. Particle size distribution, particle shape information, zeta potential, molecular weight, chemical composition and rheological properties can all be determined using our range of instruments. The acquisition of Viscotek has added advanced chromatography solutions (SEC/GPC) significantly extending Malvern’s technologies for protein molecular weight, size and aggregation measurements, and synthetic polymer molecular weight and distribution.

Distributor for Man-Tech, manufacturer of automated, flexible and reliable titration, ion analysis and BOD/CBOD systems. For environmental laboratories, EPA-approved methods include pH, conductivity, alkalinity, turbidity, color, fluoride, residual chlorine, ammonia and more. Products include the powerful PC-TitrateTM with TitraSipTM (multi-parameter analysis system for laboratory or near-line analysis), AutoMaxTM autosamplers offering 18-197 samples in a single batch, PC-BODTM, automated BOD/CBOD, and PC-BOD/TitrateTM (dual platform automated BOD and titration system). Petrochemical solutions include automated TAN/TBN and H2S/Mercaptan

622We measure viscosity in process. Our in-line viscometers are rugged and maintenance free. Models are available for up to 450 degrees C and up to 6,000 psi pressure. The smallest full range we can measure is less than 10 cPs and the largest in excess of 1,000,000 cPs. Interface to a DCS via 4 to 20 mA and/or Modbus protocol. We are looking for representatives.
Our company specializes in Thermal Desorption offering the most complete line of instruments and accessories in the industry. UNITY 2 provides a universal cryogen free platform for sorbent tubes, canisters/bags and on-line. Includes quantitative sample recollection. ULTRA 2 autosampler offers 100 tube capacity and automated sample re-collection. u-CTE Micro-Chamber for materials testing. TT24-7 for continuous on-line monitoring. (HS)-TD-GC(-MS) couples HS with TD TubeTAG -electronic labels for sorbent tubes Bench TOF-dx for ultra trace volatiles in complex samples. ClearView GC-MS software for enhanced trace analyte identification.
NEW undercounter lab refrigerators feature electronic touchpad controls, enhanced microprocessor technology and a monitoring/alarm system for high/low temperature, door ajar and power failure conditions. A complete range of spacing saving lab refrigerators, freezers and ice machines, including general purpose, hazardous location, flammable material storage and ADA compliant. Fast cooling/recovery time and reliability in maintaining critical temperatures make these units ideal for storing reagents, serums and specimens. A wide array of options and accessories are available for applications that demand more than a standard refrigerator.
3506Worldwide manufacturer of atmospheric pressure (AP) MALDI ion sources for all major commercial mass spectrometers, including Thermo Finnigan LTQ/FT/Orbitrap, Agilent QTOF/TOF/Trap, ABI/SCIEX Q-TRAP, Bruker Esquire, Shimadzu LCMS-IT-TOF, and JEOL Accu TOF. Our newest line of products includes Pulse Dynamic Focusing technology, which increases the sensitivity of AP/MALDI by more than an order of the magnitude. AP/MALDI PDF+ which includes a high repetition rate all-solid-state Nd:YAG laser used for high throughput applications, better ion signal and gives lower lifetime ownership cost. And AP/IRIS: Infrared AP/MALDI for analysis without solid matrix.
Our company is a single source for industrial, medical, specialty and electronic gases, gas handling equipment, high performance purification systems, engineering and gas management services, and on-site gas generation with a mission to deliver innovative solutions for global customer requirements. Matheson Tri-Gas, Inc. is the largest subsidiary of the Taiyo Nippon Sanso Corporation Group, one of the five largest suppliers of industrial, specialty, and electronics gases in the world.
IT develops & manufactures technically advanced electrochemical gas sensors & pulse-oximeters. Our sensors are used in a wide variety of applications (e.g.medical, industrial gas monitoring, automobile emissions monitoring). IT develops & produces replacement sensors for most measuring instruments. We also, custom design proprietary sensors and accessories for customers we serve in every industry. IT actively supports original equipment manufacturers with 30+ years of experience & innovative solutions. Customer satisfaction & product reliability are our primary goals and focus.
Our company celebrates over 50 years providing microscopy services: McCrone Microscopes and Accessories is the national polarized light microscope dealer for Olympus. They also feature Linkam Thermal stages, a full line of digital cameras, and laboratory supplies. McCrone Associates is a consulting laboratory for microscopy, ultra-microanalysis and materials analysis, including PLM, SEM, TEM, SIMS, XPS, Raman and FTIR. The College of Microscopy provides training in PLM, SEM, TEM, FTIR, sample preparation and digital imaging.
4160Leading manufacturer of high quality industrial & advanced technical ceramics. Our experienced engineers specialize in developing custom prototypes to full-scale production of ceramic components utilizing a collection of ceramic bodies including Alumina, Mullite, Zirconia, & Sialon. Products include a wide range of standard catalog & custom-engineered tight-tolerance tubes, rods, insulators, crucibles, containers, & engineered components. For over 90 years we have been the preferred supplier of technical ceramic products to major industries worldwide for electrical, wear-resistant, high temperature, & corrosion-resistant applications. ISO9001 certified
Our company is a leading manufacturer of liquid & gas flow measurement and control devices. Our product line includes models both for OEM integration and laboratory use. Liquid flow measurement from 0.05 mL/minute to 50 L/minute. Gas flow measurement from 0-20 sccm up to 0-500 L/minute. Measurement technologies includes thermal mass and microturbine. Body materials include PTFE, stainless steel, and other plastics.
717We specialize in Quartz and Borosilicate Laboratory/Scientific Glassware fabricated to your specifications. MD Scientific Glass Corporation manufactures and repairs high quality glassware for the scientific, pharmaceutical, chemical, environmental, chromatography and laser fields as well as educational laboratories. MD master glassblowers and craftsmen will tackle your tightest tolerances to exceed your expectations. Our pride and workmanship are fueled by your convenience and complete satisfaction.
3987Introducing portable palm-sized differential type SPR ( Surface Plasmon Resonance ) sensor system and tiny UV and VIS spectrometers with various accessories with affordable prices. Both products are for personal use in the laboratory, or outdoor measurement. These are suitable for a wide range of applications, including environmental, pharmaceutical, chemical and industrial applications. OEM program is available.

Our circulator – driven Thermal Blocks offer precise (+/- 0.1º C) temperature distribution over the entire Block. Standard or Custom configurations accommodate all glassware and platicware for laboratory manufacturing or robotic systems. Operate hot or cold between  -100C …+ 250C.  All Thermal Blocks easily connect to the circulator and come with a lifetime warranty. Contact us at 877-398-6085, or visit for more information.

Manufacturer of nebulizers, torches, and spray chambers for ICP and ICPMS. Since 1974, Meinhard has been the leading supplier of glass concentric nebulizers, from either borosilicate glass or quartz, in Type A, Type C, and Type K designs. Meinhard's recent innovations include the microconcentric High Efficiency Nebulizer and Direct Injection High Efficiency Nebulizer for ICP and ICPMS. As a division of Analytical Reference Materials International, Meinhard products are available through a worldwide network of distributors.
1448See how the best of Brinkmann is now Metrohm USA. We’ve brought together Brinkmann’s formidable Titration team with Metrohm’s “Peak” Ion Chromatography division to create one powerhouse Analytical Products & Services organization. With 70+ local specialists and 10+ applications experts working in 5,000 sq. ft. of state-of-the-art lab space, we’re refocused and recharged to bring you the best instruments backed by the best support in the industry. Let us show you how we’re ready to serve you better than ever!
Founded in 1990, MICOS offers a full range of micro and nano-positioning solutions with a focus on the research market. Our comprehensive product portfolio ranges from piezo stages to precision hexapods including control electronics with plug-and-play software. Our services include custom designed motion components, product integration, software design and complete system solutions. Additionally, MICOS is known as the premier supplier for vacuum to 10-10 mbar, clean room and extreme temperature applications.
2880We are a full service analytical laboratory to the Pharmaceutical, Dietary Supplement, Agrochemical, Food, Animal Feed, and Environmental industries. In addition, we provide environmental support to a wide range of industrial applications including manufacturing operations and material processing and assembly plants, as well as support to municipal and institutional clients. We not only provide routine analyses, we can also accomodate difficult samples and provide method development and validation.
Our company is the premium, branded disposable and limited-use product supplier within the business-to-business marketplace.
Our company offers a complete product line of vials, caps, septa, inserts and 96-well microplates for the modern analytical laboratory. MicroLiter is also introducing an innovative approach for SPE and Sample Filtration called ITSP. Instrument Top Sample Prep (ITSP) uses a CTC/PAL Sample Handler to prep samples serially while the instrument is analyzing the prior sample. MicroLiter is a recognized leader in supplying convenient ways to store our products to keep them organized and clean until you are ready to use them. View ITSP and our full product line of sample handling supplies in our booth at Pittcon.
Our company specializes in the physical characterization of fine powders and solid materials. We are a cGMP and ISO-17025 compliant laboratory offering particle size, surface area, pore size, pore volume, and density analyses. Micromeritics Analytical Services has the technical knowledge necessary, the experience required, the instrumentation needed, and the lab accreditations appropriate to serve your contract lab requirements. We are FDA registered and DEA licensed for class I-V materials.
Our company manufactures a broad line of automated analytical laboratory instruments that measure the physical characteristics of powders and solids for fundamental research, product development, quality assurance and control, production, and process control applications, including the expanding areas of nanotechnology and hydrogen storage. Physical characteristics determined include: Particle Size, Surface Area, Pore Volume, Pore Size and Pore Size Distribution, Absolute Density, Envelope Density, and Bulk Density, Catalytic Activity, Active Surface Area, and Strength of Adsorption Sites.
Our company focuses on developing, prototyping and manufacturing lab-on-a-chip products. Micronit has extensive experience supplying microfluidic solutions to the life sciences and chemistry industry. A unique combination of expertise in microfluidic engineering and experience in glass micromachining allows Micronit to create customized microfluidic devices for various applications. Micronit engineers have more than 80 years of experiences designing and manufacturing lab on a chip products.
1215Our company's product line includes: Particle size instrument that provides in-line measurement and control of diameter during production of spherical particles, e.g., chromatography resins, beads, etc. The image analysis capability extends over the range 20-500 microns, and will distinguish between spherical and irregularly shaped particles. The instrument's software is designed to function with a process feedback control system to maintain diameter within specs. In addition to instruments, we also custom produce mono-sized particles in above range using equipment based on a novel emulsification process that uses patented metallic membranes.
Our company is developing and commercializing low cost, hand-held spectrometers and analysis methods based on its patented integrated sensor technology. micrOptix's first product is the i-LAB®, a hand-held, visible spectrometer capable of analyzing both liquids and solid surfaces. We are currently developing products for real-time process monitoring and expanding our hand-held product offering into the UV and NIR regions. In addition to developing its own instruments, micrOptix engages in custom instrument design and development.
2048Micropump, a member of IDEX Health & Science, develops and manufactures innovative liquid handling solutions tailored to your specific analytical applications. As the originator of magnetic drive gear pump technology - the leak-free pumping solution - Micropump remains the expert in magnetically driven, small volume external gear and centrifugal pumps. Today, Micropump’s technologies include magnetically driven micro-cavity gear pumps, direct drive valve-less piston and micro-annular gear pumps.
3207We produce microscopes and microtomes for education, laboratory and research. They are designed ergonomically and feature an excellent optical system. Thus they are predestinated to cover a wide range of applications of microscopy. Aside from that, many accessories are available. Our flexibility allows us to focus on extraordinary customer service and to adjust to special inquiries and demands. MICROS US is interested in cooperating with distributors of optical and laboratory equipments. Further information is always available on our website.
1974Introducing 300A for large molecules with silica hydride based HPLC Columns for polar compounds using Aqueous Normal Phase, Reverse Phase or Normal Phase HPLC or LCMS. Separations including Amino Acids Analysis without derivatizing and now Proteins. Dynamic Adsorbents Flash Chromatography and TLC plates, HPLC certified Syringe Filters, Autosampler Vials, Chromatography accessories, Capillary Electrophoresis, CE dynamic coatings and capillaries. Cogent Chiral columns with alternate selectivity that allows a gradient separation. Excellent for basic and neutral compounds and for orthogonal a-chiral methods.
1969Please refer to micrOptix Technologies, LLC
Our company manufactures ergonomically designed microcentrifuge tubes. The 1.5 ml Microstein microtube is the first of this new generation of these ergonomic tubes. Microstein microtubes reduce RSI, eliminates sample contamination, increases sample throughput and are compatible with all available racks and rotors. Coming soon, 0.6, 2.0 and 3.0 ml tubes.
Advanced red and blue laser particle sizing systems for particle size and shape. Particle counters, Zeta potential. Lab Contract Services. Solid State Tri -Laser diffraction technology. Dynamic Light Scatter nanometer sizing systems.
Manufactures of industrial FTIR gas analyzers for emissions monitoring, process gas purity/ end point determination, ambient air monitoring, and open path analysis.  Midac systems range from compact single-line analyzers to NEMA enclosed, fully automated systems with up to 36 sample lines, integrated alarms and data communication for unattended, 24/7 operation. MIDAC has almost 30 years of experience building rugged, reliable FTIR spectrometers.
4162An innovative spectroscopy applications and system development technology company; we provide hyperspectral chemical imaging products, systems integration and applications development. We represent Specim Ltd of Finland and Gasera Ltd of Finland. We offer NIR/FTIR contract analytical and laboratory services; calibration of infrared and near-infrared standards; quality consulting to technology companies. Our products include a hyperspectral prediction computer, spectroscopic standards, photoacoustic gas measurement and sampling devices for viscous, toxic or air-sensitive samples.
4085Manufacturer of state-of-the-art German-engineered laboratory glassware washing systems, including undercounter units for use in the lab and large capacity systems for central wash areas. Looking for green lab equipment? Miele lab washers are engineered for low water consumption and energy efficiency. Miele also manufactures responsibly as labwashers are composed of 90% metal, which boosts performance and increases the life cycle of the products. Miele also takes pride in earth friendly packaging, using recyclables and participating in packaging return where regulated. Visit Miele at booth #4085 to learn more and enter to win a Miele vacuum cleaner.
Our company provides chemists with microwave platforms to accelerate their sample preparation requirements. With a global installed base over 11,000 systems, including; Fortune 500 companies, research institutions, universities, and laboratories, we make a substantial contribution to the capabilities of laboratories. Our technology has expanded to support a range of techniques, including microwave-accelerated digestion, extraction, ashing, synthetic chemistry, clean chemistry and mercury analysis. Milestone works with chemists to solve problems in microwave chemistry to develop systems with superior performance and user safety.
4472Uniquely qualified to address temperature and density measurement quality needs. Staff includes a certified ISO/IEC 17025 lead assessor. ISO17025 Accredited Calibration Laboratory services for temperature and density measurement devices, including glass and all electronic thermometers, hydrometers and handheld densitometers. ISO9001 certified facility manufacturing mercury and non-mercury (PerformaTherm) ASTM thermometers to ASTM E1 and ASTM E2251, a full line of thermometers, ASTM and non-ASTM hydrometers and thermohydrometers. Platinum resistance thermometers, thermistors, custom made probes. Viscosity standards, glassware, densitometers.
Our company is a Life Science leader providing cutting-edge technologies, tools, and services for bioscience research and biopharmaceutical manufacturing. We are committed to supporting customers at every step of laboratory research. While our Lab Water specialists provide individualized water purification systems, our Life Science experts optimize workflows for cell biology, neuroscience, or immunodetection.
Our company manufactures high reliability motion products including motors, controllers, and filters. From our years of experience manufacturing motors for the defense and aerospace industries, MilMotion offers military reliability and precision at industrial prices.
Our company provides comprehensive tools for the life sciences. MACS® Technology encompasses products for integrated research workflows including products for: sample preparation, cell isolation, cell analysis, molecular applications, gene expression profiling and clinical applications.
Our company is a worldwide corporation. Our instruments are used all over the world in Laboratories, food & beverage industry, Agricultural operations, Industrial applications and by hobbyist in many varieties of applications. We manufacture affordable, easy to use, precision meters, testers, monitors and controllers covering pH, EC, TDS, ORP, LUX, DO, all types of photometers and mini-titrators and our list continues to grow. With Milwaukee products you get fast, knowledgeable service, the highest quality of diagnostic equipment available and an excellent warranty program all at competitive prices.
Our company is the leading provider of quality improvement software. Minitab® Statistical Software, Quality Companion by Minitab®, and Quality Trainer by Minitab™ provide a complete solution for Six Sigma and other projects. Companies that rely on Minitab software and services to achieve world-class quality include 3M, Honeywell International, and Toshiba. Visit
716Established as a National Science Foundation Engineering Research Center, MIRTHE develops mid-infrared (3-30 microns) optical trace gas sensor systems for applications in health, environment and homeland security. MIRTHE's goal is to work closely with industrial partners, academic institutions and government laboratories to commercialize affordable tunable-laser sources (especially Quantum Cascade lasers), detectors, and ultrasensitive sensors systems that are compact, portable and reliable. MIRTHE operates testbeds and technology demonstrations in environmental sensing and human health with prototype systems deployed in the US and internationally.
Our company manufactures Ductless Fume Hoods and Sonicator Ultrasonic Processors. New distributors are welcome to visit our booth.
Our company has a broad portfolio of products to support the air and gas analysis market. These include mass spectrometer based residual gas analyzers, FTIR based gas analyzers, control and analysis software, gas and vapor delivery products, vacuum and pressure measurement and control products as well as leak detectors. Our booth will feature FTIR gas analyzers for process analysis, emissions monitoring, gas purity analysis and ambient air monitoring.
Our company delivers on the promise of “More Science. Less Paper.” with the first integrated, workflow-driven, mobile data acquisition platform for QC and QA. MODA offers a proven, flexible means to achieve the goal of a paperless, automated quality organization.  The MODA platform automates SOP and regulatory compliance fast and efficiently. Monitor activity in controlled environments, test utilities and products using the latest wireless, paperless technology. Capture and upload data at point of sample. Track data for immediate analytical reporting. See results through our visualization tools.  Integrate with your LIMS for comprehensive reporting.
4943The CFC Series Centrifugal Fraction Collectors with simultaneous non-vacuum concentration are easily connected to SFC and HPLC systems. This novel technology utilizes centrifugal force to separate the densest mobile phase components from CO2 during fractionation. Only sample molecules and some liquid organics are trapped in collection containers while the gaseous components escape. After concentration, the user is left with pure, dry fractions with greater than 95% recovery. The CFC Series can be configured to collect from 4 to 24 fractions.
Our company develops and produces components and finished devices for chemical analysis, HPLC and IVD. Our capabilities include tube reduction down to 50µm, grading, surface finishing, injection moulding, laser welding and coating systems.  Moeller Medical is a specialist in custom fabrication of HPLC hardware, reagent probes, heater tubes, PTFE tube and pump systems.
Our company exclusively supplies RUMED environmental test and simulation appliances for research, quality control and production. With over 60 years experience RUMED manufacture maintenance free units with outstandinjg longevity to demanding German engineering standards. RUMED appliances generate ideal thermal, illumination and humidity conditions for quality control and research in science and industry. RUMED equipment can be specified for applications in botany, zoology, genetics, microbiology, medicine, and in accelerated aging and testing of pharmaceuticals, foodstuffs, electrical and electronic components.
Benefit from 30 years of experience in HPLC method development: Our software product range supports your separation, data interpretation and representation: DryLab® as assistant for the proper development of HPLC methods, PeakMatch® to handle the peak tracking and ColumnMatch® to compare selectivity of 390 columns. These solutions help with Quality by Design (QbD) and Design of Experiments (DoE). Computerized separations by DryLab® not only save valuable time and money, but they also improve your methods. We offer DryLab® licences, software maintenance, research projects, seminars and consultations in HPLC.
A global microscope manufacturer will demonstrate its full line of microscopes and digital imaging products for the University, Clinical-Lab, Research and Hospital markets. Featured instruments include Motic's AE Inverted and BA Clinical microscopes, both EPI-Fluorescence equipped, and set-up for Digital Imaging with Motic's newest Moticam Megapixel digital cameras. Also shown will be the new BA210 and 310 Upright models, BA400 Dual discussion head, Digilab Digital LAb Teaching Software, 3.2 Advance software for analysis, documentation, measurement, and evaluation along with a variety of microscopy illumination solutions.
2403An ISO9001 accredited manufacturer of high quality steel laboratory furniture, premium grade architectural wood casework, flexible furniture systems, high performance and custom fume hoods. Our reputation and success have been built on consistent product quality and our flexible manufacturing capabilities. Mott can provide solutions to meet your specific laboratory needs.
2714Distributor of Fume Extraction and Filtration equipment for Laboratories, Pharmaceuticals and Electronics Industries. A full range of fans, control equipment and accessories.
4517The x-ray division at MOXTEK® manufacture and develop x-ray for a variety of applications. Today, MOXTEK is well known for advanced technology, innovative solutions, and excellent customer service. MOXTEK manufactures ultra-thin films, specialty coatings, ultra-low noise electronics, junction field effect transistors (JFET), Beryllium and ultra thin polymer (ProLINE) x-ray windows, and Si-PIN detectors, and other radiation detectors. MOXTEK xray components are used in high performance xray instruments for a variety of applications including microanalysis, spectroscopy, EDXRF, WDXRF, XRF and XRD.
Our company provides analytical scientists with software and databases for interpretation, confirmation and archival of spectra and chromatographic data. Since the early 1970s the MassLib(TM) software is one of the leading tools for the evaluation of mass spectra, e.g. GC-MS, thermal desorption, LC-MS, etc. Combining a variety of powerful searches for spectra, structures and data, with a convenient and efficient user interface make MassLib an ideal tool for the analysis of chromatography/ mass spectrometry data, and particularly for structure elucidation of unknown compounds with no library reference.
We are a leading European manufacturer in filtration & separation technology. Munktell was founded in 1815 as the first producer ever of filter paper for analytical purposes. Our ambition has always been to provide high qualitative products to reasonable prices. The products are being used within various applications in the laboratory, industrial and environmental markets. The product line consists of filter papers, extraction thimbles, membranes, syringe filters, micro glass fibre media and diagnostic papers.
4055We are Europe's largest producer of laboratory furnaces and ovens. Our products range from economical bench-top ovens to sophisticated controlled atmosphere furnaces. Nabertherm gives you more than heat: Our products are attractive, durable, economical and easy to use - at whatever your peak temperature is, from 30 to 3000°C. We build our products with pride at our state-of-the art facility near Bremen, Germany and support them worldwide through local offices, including our North American headquarters in Delaware, and through our many dealers.
1978COSMOSIL chromatography product line includes analytical and preparative reversed-phase columns, HILIC columns, as well as unique stationary phases such as the Cholester (cholesteryl group bonded), PYE (pyrenylethyl group bonded) and piNAP (naphtylethyl group bonded). COSMOSIL Buckyprep (pyrenylpropyl group bonded) and PBB (pentabromobenzyl group bonded) columns are well recognized worldwide for fullerene separation.
2315An emerging growth technology company specializing in nanometer-scale manufacturing & applications development for the life science & semiconductor industries. Using Dip Pen Nanolithography® (DPN®), a patented & proprietary nanofabrication technology, scientists are enabled to rapidly & easily create nanoscale structures from a wide variety of materials. This low cost, easy to use, & scalable technique brings sophisticated nanofabrication to the laboratory desktop. NanoGuardian, NanoInk’s NanoEncryption™ technology division, focuses on delivering brand protection solutions to life science industry & other highly counterfeited markets.
Our company manufactures IBF nanoliter syringes, nanoliter pipettes, nanoliter pumps, nanoliter LC and nanoliter SPE add ons for 3 rd party dispensing and sample preparation systems. Nanoliter devices reduce solvent costs, human exposure and waste. Nanoliter devices are used for mass spectrometry sample preparation. They increase MALDI sensitivity for proteins, peptides, syn polymers and analytes 10 to 100x for $7k! Nanoliter OEM’s patented/pending technology for your pumps, MS systems, chips, fluidic platforms and handheld devices. Nanoliter also does contract research.
We are the first company in the world developed laser RAMAN microscope, RAMAN-11 realizing ultra fast and high quality RAMAN imaging measurement and has opened a new era in RAMAN imaging observation. RAMANplus Nanophoton will announce this time at Pittcon, enables to accurately and quickly measure rough surface of the samples by newly adding the confocal reflection function to the RAMAN-11.
2506Our key products are DFB and Fabry Perot laser diodes from 760 nm to 3 µm as well as quantum cascade lasers from 5 µm to 14 µm. The laser diodes are suitable for applications in various fields such as remote gas sensing, precision metrology, process control or atomic clocks.
Our company develops, manufacture and market advanced nano-porous hollow fibres.  The novel and fully patented technology can be used for selective adsorption or membrane separation applications.  Applications vary from removing liquids or VOC’s from gas streams, to the removal of contaminants from water, separation and purification of liquids and proteins.
Our company develops, manufactures and supplies unique instruments for nanoparticle visualisation and sizing. It provides optical detection and real time analysis of sub-micron particles, offering significant advantages over light scattering techniques. The LM10 & LM20 systems are powered by Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis software. NanoSight’s knowledge and expertise has enabled the delivery of technologies to major multinationals, research facilities and universities for direct visualisation of individual nanoscale particles in suspension, from which immediate quantitative estimation of particle size, size distribution and concentration can be obtained.
Our company produces certified reference materials (NMIJ CRMs) to determine measurement values in chemical measurements such as calibration of analytical instruments and evaluation of analytical procedures. NMIJ CRMs play a hidden but indispensable role in various aspects of our lives. They are necessary not only for industrial technology, and research and development, but also for smooth commercial activities, global environment preservation, and our health and safety. NMIJ aims to develop approximately 250 CRMs by 2010, and is planning to supply them not only to those in Japan but also to those in the Asian region and others around the world.
1125, SR03
Our chromatography products have been manufactured and supplied to analytical laboratories for more than 30 years. We offer more than 1500 products for chromatography, sample preparation and compound storage. A few of the innovative products we have introduced include Target DP® vials, PolySpring® and MicroSert™ inserts. In addition to sample vials, we offer precision glass syringes, laboratory filtration and micro titer plate mats and sample container systems.
Our company brings leading scientific and medical research to your desk top. The NPG portfolio combines the continued excellence of Nature and its associated research and review journals, over 42 leading academic and society journals and 8 Nature Clinical Practice journals. Visit Booth 3415 for complimentary sample copies.
(NRL) is the Department of the Navy's corporate laboratory. NRL conducts a broad program of scientific research, technology, and advanced development. The Laboratory, with a total complement of nearly 2,500 personnel, is located in southwest Washington, DC, with other major sites at the Stennis Space Center, MS; and Monterey, CA. NRL has served the Navy and the nation for over 80 years and continues to meet the complex technological challenges of today's world.
Range of multiple sample (Thermogravimetric analyzers, TGA) macro sample moisture, volatile matter, LOI and ash, analyzers for: (Coal with patented automatic crucible-covers placement and removal for improved results) minerals, ores, paper, plastic, rubber, fertilizers, food, snacks, pet food and many other products. Our MMS-3000 quick moisture-ash analyzer with a patented ejector system allows moisture or ash analysis with a hot furnace, ideal for large sample throughput for ash in coal, flour and any application requiring speed and high number of analysis, crucibles of different sizes for analysis of non homogeneous materials like tobacco or others.
2039NResearch® Inc., a USA based manufacturer of Miniature Solenoid Operated Teflon® Isolation and Pinch Valves has provided 35 years of dedicated service to the Analytical Chemistry, Bio-Medical and Laboratory Marketplaces. The 500 + Standard item inventory offers lines of Teflon® isolation valves, pinch valves (single, dual and synchronous switching), inert fittings and connectors. Patented designs feature small size, low power consumption, high cycle life and fast response time. Product developments include Solenoid valves with Position Sensor, Panel and Manifold Mount Valves that include wetted Materials such as Teflon®, Kel-F, Peek and PPS.
1585Thermal Analysis, Calorimetry, & Thermal Properties instruments, w. contract testing services; a new STA (TGA-DSC/DTA) w. world's-leading 25 nanogram resolution over a full 5 gram range, DSC, DTA, TGA (sub-ambient to +2400C), coupling to FTIR & MS for evolved gas analysis, a new line of Adiabatic Calorimeters, ARC, to screen thermal hazards, optimize process safety, and for process development. We offer DMA, TMA, Dilatometers for high accuracy CTE, in-situ Dielectric Analysis (DEA) of thermosets, Laser Flash & Xenon Flash Thermal Diffusivity & Conductivity Analyzers, Steady-State Thermal Conductivity by Guarded Hot Plate & Heat Flow Meters, and more.
2141, 2241
Our company provides a comprehensive line of microbiology and chemistry equipment for the American market. A group of companies specializing in industrial microbiology, food, environmental, and pharmaceutical includes the distribution and support of Sample preparation solutions (Dilutors and Mixers), Automatic Colony Counters, Spiral Platters and Air Samplers from IUL Instruments (Barcelona, Spain). We offer a large selection of Food and Feed analyzers and Stirring and Environmental equipment solutions from Velp Sci. (Milan, Italy). Cost effective Agar Fillers and Media Preparators from Biotool Swiss are also presented.
Supplier of laboratory instruments and accessories including canister based air samplers and pre-concentrators for the analysis of VOCs, identifying TO-14 and TO-15 compounds. Canister cleaning systems, dynamic standard and sample dilution systems, canister timer/flow controllers and hydrogen generators will be on display. Also showing a full line of vacuum pumps/compressors, sample manifolds, hot plates and stirrers, hand-held particle counters, syringe filters, membrane filters and cascade impactors for viable/non-viable particle sizing.
Our company provides liquid analyzers for many different types of wet chemistry measurements (for example): chlorine, cyanide, fluoride, hardness, hydrogen peroxide,nitrate, sulfite, and sulfuric acid. NEXTChem analyzers are designed to operate FILTER-FREE! NEXTChem analyzers are multi-stream and multi-analysis for maximum performance at minimum cost. NEXTChem specializes in automating chemical measurments; see if NEXTChem can place your measurement on-line.
Our company is the trusted leader in the safety and industrial hygiene industries offering solutions for gas detection, first response/hazmat testing, and respiratory protection.
3965We are an ISO9001 and 14001 certified Japanese manufacturer, specializing in liquid handling products since 1944. Our product line includes fixed and adjustable pipettes, automated samplers, robotics and pumps. We also offer unique products such as our newest long lasting pipette featuring new sealing mechanism to dramatically expand durability of air-tightness, ceramic nozzle tops to eliminate worn-out by tip fitting and ejecting, new locking mechanism, and enhanced durability against aggressive solvents. Nichipet ECO with glass pipette tips that allows dispensing liquids faster and more accurate than using glass volumetric or serological pipettes.
3079For over 30 years Nippon Instruments has been a world leader in the design and manufacturing of innovative mercury analyzers. Nippon features a suite of revolutionary mercury analyzers for completely automated analysis of solid, liquid, and gaseous sample types. From discrete technology-based analyzers, fully automated digestion systems, portable field analyzers, and online process units, Nippon has a mercury analyzer to fit your specific needs. For more information please visit us online or call us today.
4977Manufactures Near Infrared Transmission Analysers and Spectrometers for the Agriculture, Food, Pharmaceutical, Plastics, Polymers, Cosmetics and other industries. Our range includes portable, benchtop, on line and remote analysers. Our products are based on diode array spectrometers that are compact, rugged and cost effective. We use fibre optic cables for on line and remote analyses. We also have a Chemometrics Software package called NTAS for developing calibrations etc. OEM and International Distributor enquiries welcomed.
4128, 4228
Our Standard Reference Materials supports accurate compatible measurements by certifying and providing over 1300 SRMs with well-characterized composition and properties, or both. SRMs are used to perform instrument calibrations as part of overall quality assurance programs, verify the accuracy of specific measurements and support the development of new measurement methods.
Designed to meet the need for dependable multi-vendor analytical instrument qualification (AIQ), including HPLC and GC IQ/OQ/PQ, without excessive cost the v-kit product line includes: Traceable reference standards, Validation tools, including HPLC and GC flowmeters, Standard operating procedures, 21CFR Part 11 compliant testing software, Kits for self delivery of qualifications, IQ/OQ/PQ services delivered by approved providers. v-kit products allow universal equipment qualifications to be applied across instruments independent of manufacturer or location.
2487NLISIS (to be pronounced as ‘analysis’) is committed to making substantial improvements to techniques used in the field of chemical analysis. NLISIS Chromatography strives to launch innovations that are easy to use, and decrease the total cost of ownership through a faster and better performance. The first product that NLISIS developed is the NLISIS Meltfit One: a new, reliable and efficient method for coupling capillary columns in GC, GCxGC, CZE and all other coupled-column capillary separation techniques.
3405Manufacturer of brushless DC motors from 0.1W up to 500W, ideal for medical lab automation applications. For environments sensitive to interference and where battery operated equipment is in use. Hybrid and permanent magnet step motors in NEMA sizes 14 to 34, gear boxes, hybrid linear and brush dc motors are also available.
As the National Metrology Institute in the Netherlands we offer calibration services for a wide range of instruments. We also offer Reference Materials of which the Gaseous RM's are our most important. Our Company name has changed to VSL, Dutch Metrology Institute per 1 March 2009. VSL Gas Mixtures span a wide range of components and compositions and are typically used as part of quality assurance programs to provide traceability to internationally accepted standards. VSL mixtures are used for environmental gas analysis following EPA protocols but also facilitate accurate BTU calculations for natural gas.
3816The core of the Norgren Life Science Group, Kloehn and FAS are dedicated to developing smarter, more inventive, and more effective solutions for our customers' precision gas and liquid handling needs. By combining technologies such as multi-material manifolds, miniature valves, pumps and syringes, Norgren Life Sciences is unrivaled in our ability to deliver world class integrated solutions and discrete components which provide measurable value for our customers.
Our company manufactures a complete line of refrigeration and environmental storage equipment to meet the most demanding needs and specifications. Laboratory and Pharmacy Refrigerators and Freezers, Stability Chambers, Blood Bank Refrigerators and Plasma Freezers, Chromatography Refrigerators and Undercounter models are available. Environmental Walk-in Rooms and Stability Chambers from Nor-Lake Scientific reproduce and closely monitor any environment with a precise combination of humidity, temperature and light. Environmental Rooms may be customized to meet the customers specific storage requirements
4850, SR34Worldwide leader of electrochemistry products used in laboratory, field and online analysis. Portfolio consists of highly recognizable brands; WTW, Pinnacle, Schott Instruments, Secomam, STM, ebro, Bellingham & Stanley and Global Water. Nova Analytics’ strategic business units encompass many markets, primarily; Environmental, Food/Beverage, Educational, Governmental, Pharmaceutical, Clinical, Research, Water/Wastewater as well as Chemical/Petrochemical industries.
Established in 1991, Novamed Incorporated is an ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratory and headquartered in Skokie, IL.  As a major Midwest market leader in Pipette Calibration, Repair, Novamed provides both On-Site and Mail-in service nationwide. Our environmentally controlled laboratory in Skokie, IL is equipped with the state of the art technology, standard equipment, and LIMS software to check the performance and quality aspects of the pipettes.  We provide our customers required calibration documentation and reports that are in compliance with GMP/GLP guidelines.
Our company’s mission is to develop next-generation, laser-based chemical sensors for a wide range of commercial and military applications. These fieldable, sensors are suitable for numerous applications, including chemical and biological agent detection, trace explosives sensing, greenhouse gas and pollution monitoring, and basic and applied research. NovaWave leverages advances in fiberoptic, non-linear optical, diode, and fiber laser technologies and offers products ranging from the components and systems level.
1160Manufacturer of a large variety of cuvettes for UV/Vis spectrophotometers and fluorometers, from volumes as low as 10ul and path lengths of 0.05mm. We also manufacture microfluidic chips/microfluidic devices for complex flow path layouts and precise groove dimensions, flow channel cells for flow cytometry, particle sizers, and particle counting applications, as well as custom cuvettes and microchips.
Our company is an ISO9001:2000 registered manufacturer of certified reference materials and laboratory reagent solutions for the environmental testing and pharmaceutical quality control laboratories. Products displayed include: A2LA Accredited PT Standards, Certified Quality Control Standards for Environmental Analysis, Microbiological QC Standards, Ready-To-Use LCS/QC Check Standards in single use teflon tubes, AA/ICP/ICP-MS Standards, USP Dissolution Testing Media, USP Reagent Concentrates, Pharmaceutical HPLC OQ/IQ Standards, HPLC and IC Mobile Phase concentrates and Custom Formulation Services.
Quality and Dependability for the future. NuAire has developed a complete line of polypropylene products for the laboratory including: vertical laminar flow fume hoods, conventional and by-pass fume hoods, casework, tables, countertops and accessories. NuAire polypropylene product is an excellent choice for Long Lasting, Highly Corrosive, and Metal Free applications. NuAire is also a manufacturer of Biological Safety Cabinets, CO2 Incubators, Ultralow Temperature Freezers, Laminar Flow Equipment, Small Animal Handling Equipment, Pharmacy Equipment, Custom Equipment Solutions, and much more. Best Products. Best Performance. Best Protection.
4032Instrumentation for environmental, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, water quality, food safety, flavor and fragrance, and homeland security applications, including; selective GC detectors, custom-configured GC/GC-MS systems, Purge-and-Trap Sample Concentrators and Thermal Desorbers for VOC analysis, laboratory and on-line TOC analyzers, SFA/FIA and Discrete automated ion analysis systems, cyanide analyzers, GPC sample clean-up systems, transportable GC/Ion-CCD Mass Spectrometer for air monitoring, and ICAS - isotopic carbon analysis system.
Our people are dedicated to providing innovative, cost effective and on time smart solutions to our clients needs. Registered and operating under the guidelines of ISO 9001:2000, o2si provides a complete line of Organic and Inorganic NIST Traceable Reference Standards used in the Chemical, Environmental, Petroleum, Clinical, Food and Pharmaceutical Industries. At the end of the day, o2si provides what you are looking for – a smart solution to your problem.
Our company is a leader in innovative, reliable water testing instruments and thermometers. We offer a wide range of pH, conductivity/TDS, and dissolved oxygen meters; from pocket sized Testrs to powerful benchtop meters. New for 2009: Oakton data-logging thermometers. Visit
Our company is a diversified photonics technology firm and a global leader in optical sensing. With full-service locations in the United States, Europe and Asia, we serve a wide range of markets, including process control, consumer electronics and medical diagnostics.
Our company is a wholly owned affiliate of Umicore Group, the world market leader in precious metal products and services. We offer a wide range of platinum and platinum-alloy based laboratory products and recovery services. Most products are available in Umicore's unique FKS grain stabilized platinum versions for high temperature applications.
Our company is a leader in providing vacuum pumps, accessories, and services to all industries requiring vacuum. These include turbomolecular pumps, cryo pumps, oil lubricated and oil-free forevacuum pumps, gauges, leak detector, valves, fittings, and a full line of various coating tools. Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum also provides Engineering and Applications support, plus services for all brands of vacuum pumps
Our company has been a global leader in precision weighing for over 100 years, and today stands as the iconic and transcendent brand of weighing. This longevity and popularity in Laboratory, Education, and Industrial applications is a result of the uncompromising focus on providing the finest balances and scales that are so well built, they are passed on through generations. Today OHAUS continues to innovate and develop world leading products with state-of-the-art R&D headquarters in the USA, along with the highest quality engineering and manufacturing facilities throughout Europe and Asia. Please visit the legendary OHAUS Corp. at booth#1685
5015About Olympus Scientific Equipment Group – Industrial Microscopes Olympus Scientific Equipment Group /Industrial Microscopes offers a wide range of both industrial microscopes and micro-imaging systems for metrology, semiconductor wafer manufacturing, inspection, advanced materials analysis, microlithography, metallography and other precision applications. www.olympusamerica/industrialmicroscopes
The leading manufacturer of laboratory scale HOMOGENIZERS for sample volumes from .03mL to 20L in open or aerosol sealed containers. Eliminate cross-contamination with patented Omni Tip™ plastic generator probes. Product offerings include high shear rotor stator, ultrasonic, mortar and pestle, bead mill and multi-sample homogenizers. We offer 30 day no-risk product evaluations for your convenience. Visit Omni at
Our company offers the widest range of efficient, compact and broadly tunable laser systems based on Optical Parametric Oscillator (OPO) technology. Our reliable and robust systems feature the smallest footprint in their category with tuning ranges from the ultraviolet to mid-infrared. OPOTEK recently introduced a new high repetition rate product series based on DPSS technology. All products are computer controlled via USB and designed for a variety of applications including photochemistry, photobiology, hyperspectral imaging, mass spectrometry, pharmaceutical processing, environmental monitoring.
Optek UV-VIS-NIR and scattered light photometers precisely measure liquids and gases inline for real-time process control of dosing, reaction, reclamation and discharge. Optek photometers are available as flanged inline sensors or insertion probes in a variety of wetted parts, from CPVS to stainless steel or titanium with sapphire optics. Applications range from ultra-sanitary CIP/SIP to high temperature (up to 500°F), high pressure (up to 7500 psig) and explosion-proof. Achieve uninterrupted processing of your best possible product with reduced product loss, improved profitability and greater efficiency. For more info, visit
923ORAengineering specializes in optical engineering services, ranging from optical system architecture development to detailed optical design, prototype and manufacturing support. As the design group within Optical Research Associates, we have completed over 4,500 projects for biomed, commercial, government and consumer markets since 1963. Visit us at: or e-mail:
Our company offers a complete line of components and replacement parts for HPLC, UHPLC & LC/MS systems. Core products and accessories include OPTI-MAX® check valves, OPTI-SEAL® seals, OPTI-GUARD® guard columns, OPTI-PAK® traps, OPTI-SOLV® filters, HPLC replacement pistons and OPTI-LYNX™ quick connect products. New products include complete UHPLC pre-column filtration and guard solutions rated to 20,000psi (1400 bar). EXP™ components feature a hand-tight holder and OPTI-LOK™ EXP™ Titanium Hybrid auto adjusting ferrules. Patented technology includes ZDV connections with a floating stem, quick connect HPLC accessories and UHPLC components.
Our company offers full product development services specializing in light enabled technologies for the life sciences. Services include design and development, prototyping, v&v, and early stage production. Drawing from expertise that includes optical, electronic, software, and mechanical engineering, OTI's skills and experience include infrared molecular spectroscopy systems, custom microscopy,OCT, optical blood analyzers, camera imaging systems, fiberoptic devices, LED illumination, laser systems and a variety of other electro-optical and opto-mechanical systems. FDA & ISO compliant.
Our company, a long-term leader in water quality analysis, presents multiple new products for water and wastewater testing. The Orbeco line offers laboratory and field water analysis instruments and kits for over 100 chemistries including Test Kits, SC400 colorimeters, MC500 Multi-Parameter colorimeters, SP600 Spectrophotometer plus a full line of tablet, liquid and Powder Pack Reagents. Stop by or visit us at Contact Information: Orbeco-Hellige, Inc. 6456 Parkland Drive Sarasota, FL 34243 Phone: USA Toll Free: 800-922-5242 or 941-756-6410 Fax: 941-727-9654 Email: service@orbeco.con Web:
Our company designs, manufactures and distributes a complete line of sample preparation equipment for analytical laboratories. Over twenty instruments are available including N-EVAP, MULTIVAP and MICROVAP Nitrogen evaporators, S-EVAP solvent evaporators and ROT-X-TRACT extractors. These bench top appliances are compact,versatile and easy to set up and operate. They are used by chemists worldwide. Water baths, dry bead bath or aluminum blocks provide heat and are available in 120 volt or 240 volt wiring. Organomation has provided innovative products for 50 years. New international representatives are being sought and are encouraged to contact us.
Our company publishes data analysis and graphing software. Our products provide comprehensive solutions for scientists and engineers who need to analyze, graph, and professionally present data. We have two offices in the United States: Northampton and Wellesley Hills, Massachusetts. Our main product, Origin, has been growing in popularity since 1991. Today, with over 100,000 licenses worldwide, Origin is used in over a hundred “Fortune 500 Global” companies and around a thousand colleges and universities.
4350Established in 1996, Orochem is a biotech and chromatography company that serves the bioanalysis, genomics, drug discovery, and the proteomics markets. We are dedicated to the development of value-added medical devices that feature unique components, custom surfaces, specialized membranes, and highly selective solid phase sorbents integrated into formats that enable high throughput sample preparation and screening. We serve HPLC market, including the analytical, semi-prep, preparative and Chiral Chromatography needs of pharmaceutical products, contract research, API development, genomic and proteomics markets.
Our company introduces a next-generation solution to oil in water and related analyses (patent pending). This environmentally friendly, infrared-based apparatus replaces solvent liquid-liquid extraction techniques. It advances the state of the art and eliminates current method shortfalls by providing a solventless, economical, and accurate measurement of hydrocarbons in produced and waste water. OSS is dedicated to providing innovative solutions for trace level detection and identification of chemical and biological targets through integration of novel sampling methodologies with next-generation spectroscopic techniques.
2904OI Industrial Analysis manufactures handheld and bench-top XRF tools for elemental analysis and/or coating thickness measurement of varied materials for a wide range of applications and tailored to your company’s needs. Our Optical Emission Spectroscopy systems offer precise elemental analysis of metals. OI Nanoanalysis offers detectors for EDS, WDS, and EBSD applications on electron microscopes including a range of new LN free SDD type detectors. All techniques can be integrated on a single platform.
We provide complete solutions from sampling through to measurement systems for the ultra-low level determination and speciation of mercury and the hydride forming elements. Instrumentation is available tailored specifically for the Petrochemical, Chemical and Environmental markets and to meet individual customer requirements. Systems for the measurement of mercury in gas streams form the cornerstone of on-line analysers and continuous emissions monitors, providing measurement data and control for mercury measurement and removal systems.
An ISO9001:2000 certified company provides complete solutions from sampling through to measurement systems for the ultra-low level determination and speciation of mercury and the hydride forming elements. Instrumentation is available tailored specifically for the Petrochemical, Chemical and Environmental markets and to meet individual customer requirements. Systems for the measurement of mercury in gas streams form the cornerstone of on-line analysers and continuous emissions monitors, providing measurement data and control for mercury measurement and removal systems.
Our Instrument Support Group (ISG) provides high quality, cost effective used laboratory equipment, laboratory equipment service contracts and metrology services. ISG can custom-configure a chromatography system to fit your specific needs including GC, GC - MS, HPLC or HPLC - MS. We provide installation and perform qualifications to meet or exceed OEM standards on all used lab equipment we sell. We also offer a competitive warranty and pricing structure to fit your budget.
Our vision: the first is the education of analytical professionals to be well acceptable to the world, and the second is the spread of analytical technology as the social ground. We exhibit catalogs of the analytical instruments and related goods manufactured in Japan which is not introduced to Pittcon yet. We want to talk about the introduction to Japan of your analytical instruments, related goods, and methods.
4620Work with confidence in the speed, ease and reliability of your sample prep. Pall is the largest and most diverse filtration and separation company in the world, and the global leader in the development of related technologies. Pall simplifies sample prep in analytical and life science applications with scalable chromatography, tangential flow, and sterile filtration products; sample prep products for pharmaceutical QC; filter plates for sample prep and detection; and a line of lab water purification systems. Choose from a variety of scalable device configurations for processing single or multiple samples from benchtop to high throughput.
1703, 1803
Our comapny is your supplier for X-ray Diffraction (XRD), X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) and Optical Emission Spectroscopy (OES) solutions. Customer success is our focus, with the largest staff of service and applications specialists ready to assist you. Come see the latest evolutions of XRD, XRF and OES brought to you by the company with over 60 years of analytical expertise.
4079We manufacture gas generators to eliminate high purity gas cylinders from the laboratory. There is no longer need to buy and store cylinder reserves and use laboratory space as protection from late deliveries, transportation interruptions, or periods of tight supply. With gas generators, you control supply. These state-of-the-art gas generators can continuously generate ultra-high purity gases for LC/MS, GC, FT-IR, TOC, ICP and AA instrumentation. All products are backed by fully staffed field sales and service organizations and one-year warranty.

Manufacturer of UHP Laboratory Gas Generators including Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Zero Air and CO2 Free Air and filtration, separation and purification equipment including process water chillers and point of use desiccant dryers which provide a constant flow of clean, dry compressed air.

Our company brings leading motion control and fluidic control solutions together for life sciences applications. From miniature solenoid valves to highly integrated automation systems, Parker Life Sciences develops market-driven tools that help OEM instrument builders speed their products to market faster and lower their overall cost of ownership. With extensive engineering expertise in motion and control, market leading breadth of product, and unequaled global distribution, Parker provides innovative components and complete systems to customers worldwide.
The Pneutronics Precision Fluidics Division of Parker Hannifin is a leading supplier of miniature fluidic components and systems integral to the world’s medical instrumentation. Product technologies include Parker Smart Syringe, miniature solenoid valves, proportional valves, multimedia valves, application-specific manifolds, pumps, and electronic pressure controllers. Visit our website
Our company is the world's leading divesified manufacturer of motion and control technologies and systems, providing precision-engineered solutions for a wide variety of commercial, mobile, industrial and aerospace markets. Parker produces valves, actuators, pumps, cylinders,electronic controls, filters and hundreds of other product used at sites as varied as airplane plants, supermarkets, boatyards, auto factories and car washes. It operates around the globe and employs 61,000 people in 48 countries.
3925Laboratory Reactors and Pressure Vessels, stirred and unstirred, used at elevated temperatures and pressures in the catalytic hydrogenation, organic synthesis and the polymerization processes. Oxygen Combustion Bomb Calorimeters and accessories for the determination of the Heat of Combustion in solid, liquid and refuse derived fuels. Sample Preparation Equipment used in the acid digestion process in either microwave or convection ovens for trace metal analysis.
3782Premier cGMP service laboratory, dedicated to particle size and characterization. Extensive analytical expertise and state-of-the-art instrumentation, help set PTL apart as the leader in their field. PTL has significant capacity to measure particle size, concentration, and shape, as well as surface area, porosity, zeta potential, powder flowability, and thermal gravimetric analysis. Instrumentation includes Malvern, Elzone, Beckman-Coulter, Particle Sizing Systems, Micromeritics and Quantachrome. Method development and validation available. FDA registered. DEA licensed (II-V).
736With 60+ years of rubber manufacturing experience, Pawling introduces the new (patent pending) Cepure Zero™ injection port septa and the Cepure NT™ line of low bleed autosampler septa. Tested to 1000 injections under extreme GC conditions, the Zero’s “no pierce” design combines low bleed and excellent injection life into one, small package. Testing of the NT series shows a 60% improvement in bleed performance when compared to other septa products. For more information, visit our web-site at
2308Premier supplier of PBMT, BMT & MMM laboratory ovens, incubators, steam sterilizers, clean steam generators and water purification units. Dry heat oven models include: Ecocell—natural circulation, Durocell—aggressive substances, Venticell—forced air convection, Stericell—depyrogenation, and Vacucell—vacuum drying. Incubator models include: Incucell—natural/forced air convection, Friocell—forced air convection & cooling, Climacell—climatic chamber, and Co2Cell—Co2 incubator. Our sterilizers range from table top to large pit-mounted units for animal cages. Manufacturer’s reps distribute our products worldwide.
An International Leader in HPLC/SFC Productivity, applies physics, mathematics, chemistry and experience to the development and manufacture of successful scientific instruments and software. Laboratory Productivity Service brings modernizations that meet specific application and budget to existing or new systems. Automation bundles and software include highly advanced features for 24/7 Method Development and Prep Peak Collection. AutoBundles and Advanced Laser Polarimeters are integrated into systems to increase efficiency. PDR’s Contract Services Lab uses these features to deliver method development and prep purification results quickly.
Our company designs and manufactures their own brand (Peak Performer) of fully integrated on-line process / lab GCs for trace gas (ppt >> ppm) analysis. A simple, innovative platform to measure analytes such as: H2, CO, CO2, CH4, Ar, N2, Benzene, THC. Peak platform includes: GC, detector, oven and data software suitable for remote air monitoring, process and lab applications. Our industry partners provide products and services for specialty gases (incl. toxics and corrosives), explosives, narcotics and CWA detection using IMS and GC-IMS.
Our company are manufacturers of laboratory gas generators including nitrogen (both Membrane Technology & Carbon Molecular Sieve systems), hydrogen & zero air suitable to operate most laboratory analytical applications such as LCMS (liquid chromatography mass spectroscopy) & GC (gas chromatography). With varying flow rates, purities & pressures the generators are available with or without internal air compressors. Our generators provide a safe & economical alternative to combustible bottled gas & cylinders & offer a constant purity resulting in accurate analysis.
Our company offers unparalleled support in technical after sale services for analytical instrumentation.  We offer high-quality cost effective on-site field service as well as depot level instrument service.  Our expertise includes instrument installation, validation (IQ, OQ), maintenance, repair, loaner pool management, spare part fulfillment and inventory management.
714Specializing in Karl Fischer titrators and reflectance meters, Penn Hills Scientific is dedicated to meeting your critical testing demands for precision and reliability. Rooted in a firm commitment to technical service and fair prices our customers enjoy a hassle-free access to the most knowledgeable team in the history of Karl Fischer moisture analysis and reflectance colorimetry. Visit us at to learn how PHS can provide you with answers and save you money.
942, SR14, SR15, SR16, SR17We are a global company focused on improving the health and safety of people and their environment. From earlier medical insights and more effective therapies to cleaner water and safer homes, PerkinElmer touches the lives of millions of people every day. Our Environmental Health business develops analytical instrumentation, illumination and detection technologies and support services which include: Atomic Absorption, ICP, ICP/MS, Gas Chromatography, GC/MS, Liquid Chromatography, Infrared (FTIR & NIR), UV/Vis & UV/Vis/NIR, Raman Spectroscopy, Thermal Analysis, Elemental Analysis and Informatics.
Our company offers Analytical Laboratory and On-line Testing Instrumentation for petroleum (gasoline, kerosene/jet fuel, diesel, biodiesel, oils, lubes & greases, crude oil, LPG, and asphalts), rubbers & polymers, foods, flavors, fragrances, pharmaceuticals, environmental, paints and coatings industries. Brands include Grabner, Petrotest, Lovibond/Tintometer, Lawler, and Tamson for tests such as flashpoint, vapor pressure, viscosity, distillation, penetration, surface detection, color, water concentration, gum content, breaking point, pour/cloud/freeze point and more.
Our company, distributed by Petrolab Company – offers a very variety of quality analytical laboratory instrumentation for your petrochemical testing needs, focusing on standardized test methods (such as ASTM methods). The new PetroOXY oxidation stability tester for fuel will be on display along with the new PNR-12 penetrometer with automatic surface detection capabilities. Products include flashpoint testers (Pensky-Marten, Cleveland, and TAG), automatic distillation units, and more.  Petrotest’s product portfolio also includes: sampling devices, density & gravity testing, viscosity testing, auto-ignition testing, LPG testing, fuel testing, biodiesel testing, constituent analyzers (S/Cl/Salt, etc.), oil testing, friction & wear testing, grease & wax testing, bitumen testing, penetration testing and more.
Team up for better analytical performance with Pfeiffer Vacuum. Our recently released HiPace Turbopumps offer the latest Innovation along with the highest Reliability which all ads up to long Service life for your LC-MS, GC-MS instrumentation. Also on display will be, backing pumps, vacuum gauges, helium leak detectors and mass spectrometers to complete our product line. Pfeiffer Vacuum -leading innovations, too fast to be copied.
We are a British company that “lead the way” in affordable Spectrophotometers namely UV/Vis, HPLC, AAS, AFS, XRF and Water Purification instrumentation suitable for Education, Environmental, Pharmaceutical, Medical, Agricultural and Water Quality sectors. Our instrumentation meets and often exceeds expectations in terms of quality, reliability, specification and price offering a cost effective solution you can trust. PGI products comply with various regulatory bodies ensuring complete integration into compliant laboratories. PGI are currently looking for distributors in some areas.
Our company is the leading design and manufacturer of Lab Power System products. We have a full line of powerstrips, power pedestals, power poles, carrier systems and service plates for all brands of laboratory benches.
1903, 2003
Our company focuses on the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical formulation, development, validation, QA/QC, compliance, IT, and delivery of drugs in the post discovery, lab, scale up, and pre-production environment. The editorial content meets the informational needs of research, formulation, development scientists, senior management, R&D, QA/QC, IT, compliance and validation departments. Subscribers have access to archived content, e-newsletters, webinars and an on line buyers guide. Go to and click on “subscription”.
Our magazine, read by over 25,000 industry professionals, is devoted exclusively to drug manufacturing and scaleup. The magazine and its website are dedicated to sharing best practices that will help drug industry professionals improve product quality, ensure compliance, reduce cycle times, eliminate organizational and information silos and reduce time to market for new drugs, drugs that can actually be manufactured., launched during the fourth quarter of 2008, brings the same focus and mission to coverage of drug development.
We are The Online Industry Standard. Our online community serves the needs of pharmaceutical professionals working on pharmaceutical manufacturing, processing, engineering, contract manufacturing, scale-up, and more. The site offers powerful search capabilities, an exhaustive content archive, and timely industry coverage. Visit
Our company produces pure and denatured Ethanol. We also manufacture over 1,000 High Purity Chemicals supported by our class 10,000 Clean Room and Kosher White Rooms. We are FDA registered for the manufacture of Sterile Alcohol and other Medical Devices. PHARMCO-AAPER is a green, 100% waste free, negative carbon footprint company. We supply product from our own production facility, three manufacturing plants, three bulk terminals and nine-finished goods warehouses across the USA. Please visit us at booth 2418.
1960, SR20Phenomenex is a global technology leader committed to developing novel separation, purification and analytical chemistry solutions for the life sciences and related industries. Phenomenex’s core technologies include products for liquid chromatography, gas chromatography, sample preparation, bulk purification chromatographic media, and chromatography accessories and equipment.
We are experts in developing and commercializing spectrometers and sensing technologies, optical meters and analyzers for end users as well as OEM's. We offer optical sensors; spectroscopy products, including high resolution USB spectrometers as well as NIR and back-thinned models. As well we offer light sources, cuvette holders, reflectance probes, collimators, and fiber accessories; optical response keypads and flow metering technoligy. We supply our products to various markets including semiconductor, power & utility, life sciences, labs, oil & gas and the food industry.
3669Photonics Media is Laurin Publishing Company's international suite of media and as such the pulse of the industry. More than 50 years as the leading publications. In print with the Photonics Directory, Photonics Spectra, Biophotonics International, EuroPhotonics, and Photonics Showcase magazines and online at
Leading Designer/Manufacturer of Particle Detector /Electron Tube Products. Extensive range of Standard/Custom Detectors. Mass Spec GC-MS, LC-MS, TOF-MS, ICP-MS, lower cost MS replacement Detectors for all manufacturers. Channeltron® /MAGNUM Channel Electron Multiplier®, Electron Multipliers, MCP/Microchannel Plate, TOF-MS, RGA, FIB, SEM Detectors, Electron Generator Arrays, FieldMaster™ LC-MS Inlet Tubes, Ion Guides, IMS Drift Tubes, Reflectron Lenses, Glass Capillary Arrays, MicroWell Targets, Glass Coated Wires, Photomultiplier Tubes, PMT, MCP-PMT, Image Intensifier Tubes, Hybrid Photo Detectors, Streak Tubes, Neutron/Gamma Detectors, Power Tubes, HV Power Supplies.
Our company specializes in the research, development and manufacture of high quality light sources used in analytical spectroscopy. Photron’s principals have 40yrs+ experience designing spectroscopic instruments & light sources. Lamp designs are based on actual use & experience with atomic absorption, UV-visible spectrophometers & other spectroscopic instruments. Constant development of alloys, inter-metallic species & cathode surface technology ensures the analyst of the best possible line source for AAS. Visit us for high quality Hollow Cathode Lamps, Deuterium Lamps & Graphite Tubes.
1875Discover the analytical speed of light ! The mass spectrometry world reaches new heights with real high throughput LDTD technology, an innovative atmospheric pressure ion source using a Laser Diode to thermally desorb the samples followed by an APCI like ionization. The fully automated analysis of the sample requires no HPLC nor external matrix and takes only 7 seconds per sample, dramatically increasing analytical speed, making it an unmatched alternative to the cost and space of adding new mass spectrometers. http:/
2606Based on Wavelength-Scanned Cavity Ring Down Spectroscopy, Picarro's WS-CRDS analyzers offer unprecedented sensitivity, selectivity and stability all in an elegantly simple, turnkey design. From greenhouse gases and process emissions to isotopic ratios of vapor and liquid phase samples - it simply doesn't get any better or easier.
4337Pickering Laboratories is a leader in both the design and manufacture of biochemical reagents and instrumentation and assures the quality of both. With the addition of LCTech mycotoxin products to the company's product line, Pickering now enables customers to analyze and process mycotoxins with more tools from a known source of quality products and excellent service. Pickering Laboratories sells direct and through 87 distributors in 150 countries in North and South America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and the Caribbean. Headquarters are in Mountain View, California
Our company is a leading manufacturer of sampling accessories for FT-IR and molecular spectroscopy. Products include attenuated total reflectance (ATR), diffuse reflectance, specular reflectance, integrating spheres, polarization, IR microscope, beam condensers and a complete line of transmission sampling accessories. Many of these products are available with optional heating and automation to optimize and speed sampling. We are always interested in working with you to create new and specialized versions of spectroscopy sampling tools. PIKE products are made to be compatible with all major spectrometer models.
2808We specialize in the precision machining of plastic components for the medical, biotech and laboratory equipment markets. Our fabrication and assembly techniques include: ultrasonic and fusion welding, ultrasonic insertion of metal inserts, hot air welding, chemical bonding and thermal diffusion bonding of plastic materials. Injection molding of PEEK, Ultem, PBI, Radel and many other high tech materials. Our molding process allows us to produce thick cross sections (thicker than 1/4") with superior properties and low porosity.
Exhibitor-Distributor Facilitation is a networking service which provides an efficient and easy way for exhibitors and distributors to connect at Pittcon 2009.  A database containing information about exhibitors seeking distributors and distributors searching for products to distribute, obtaining licensing agreements, or act as a sales representative to exhibiting companies will be available to help facilitate the connection process between interested parties.

We invite you to stop by Booth 3194 and find out about Pittcon® 2010 to be held in Orlando, Florida, February 28 - March 5, 2010.  Plan to complete a questionnaire to help us improve our upcoming Conference & Exposition, as well as our services to you. You will receive a photo mug and other items for completing our survey.

Our company is dedicated to preserving and promoting the progress of science. Located in Philadelphia, CHF maintains world-class collections, including instruments and apparatus, rare books, fine art, and the personal papers of prominent scientists, all related to the chemical and molecular sciences.
Our company is the world leader in acrylic containment and isolation technology. Our product line includes glove boxes, anaerobic chambers, nitrogen dry boxes, animal care and animal research equipment, desiccators, environmental chambers and analytical balance chambers. Custom equipment is also available. Over 100 distributors world wide are ready to serve you! Clearly your best choice!!
1019Lebanese manufacturer of laboratory and medical disposables. Our range includes Petri Dishes, specimen containers, test tubes, blood collection tubes, micropipette tips, inoculating loops, histology cassettes, sharps containers, intra-venous cannulas, saliva ejectors, medicine cups, kidney dishes, umbilical cord clamps, medicated paraffin gauze. You can see our full range at
We reach over 90,000 professionals responsible for air, water, wastewater pollution control and hazardous waste disposal products and services. INDUSTRIAL HYGIENE NEWS reaches over 68,000 professionals responsible for measuring and controlling various health hazards in the work environment.
We are a leading developer of innovative cost-effective material analysis, chemical sensing and spectroscopy solutions. Based on a patented MEMS core technology that enables dynamically reconfigurable optical modules, Polychromix is focused on delivering a new generation of portable and powerful analytical tools at unprecedented cost. The Polychromix PHAZIR is the first NIR analyzer to incorporate an NIR spectrometer, lightsource, computer, batteries and color display in a handheld device. For more information, visit our website.
Our company is one of the pioneer in the commercial applications of molecularly imprinted polymers and provides innovative products with high selectivity that serves industry's needs in sample preparation and purification. New product! AFFINIMIP GSH, Unique separation system for Glutathione adducts. POLYINTELL offers also custom made products for selective extraction and purification.
Unique HPLC columns for life science separations.  Introducing ERLIC!  For:  Selective isolation and separation of tryptic phosphopeptides and sialylated glycopeptides; Gradient separations of peptides, amino acids, nucleotides and oligonucleotides - without a gradient.  Products for proteomics: PolySULFOETHYL A for 2-D SCX-RPC separations; state-of-the-art columns for predigest fractionation of intact proteins by mixed-bed ion-exchange, HIC and HILIC, including histones, prions and membrane proteins.  Also specializing in columns for metabolomics, hemoglobin variants, and QC of biotech protein variants.
2256Focus on instruments for Polyolefin Characterization: High temperature GPC-IR instrument with concentration, composition and viscosity measurements (other detectors optionally); Cross-Fractionation Instrument obtaining 3D plots; High-Throughput Chemical Composition Distribution analyser (CEF); Infrared Detectors; a extremely sensitive IR5-MCT and IR4, for concentration and polyolefins composition attached to a GPC or for composition in HPLC; Cryst-EX, fast and automated Xylene solubles analysis in Polypropylene, PREP-mc2 for preparative fractionation; CRYSTAF and TREF instruments to measure Chemical Composition Distribution, all of them automated.
Our company manufactures high strength, high temperature flexible fused silica capillaries; square capillaries; light guiding capillaries; custom precision silica and quartz rod and tubing pieces; custom shaped rod and tubing; multilumen tubing; precision cleaving and laser cutting technologies; multimode, step-index fused silica optical fibers with polyimide, acrylate, silicone and custom buffers; solarization resistant fibers; IR hollow silica waveguides; broad spectrum fibers; fiber optic cables and assemblies; telecom ferrules and sleeves.
2813A leading manufacturer of refrigerating & heating circulators, immersion circulators, water baths, chillers, recirculating coolers, and low temperature coolers for laboratory use. The company has been providing customers worldwide with precision temperature control equipment since 1963 and serves a diverse range of industries, including biotechnology, chemical, industrial laser, medical, refining, and pharmaceutical.
A Division of Parker Hannifin Corporation, Porter Instrument is a leading manufacturer of pressure regulators, flow controllers, valves and flowmeters designed specifically for precise regulation of gas flow and pressure in analytical instrumentation. Porter Instrumet also produces thermal mass flow controllers for liquids and gases, as well as electronic pressure controllers.
952The “Crime Fighter BEAST”, Bar Coded Evidence Analysis Statistics & Tracking. The software suite provides Medical Examiner Information Management that is completely integrated with the Forensic Laboratory Information Management System. These systems are used by Crime Labs, Medical Examiners, Coroner Offices and Police Departments. The system includes full case management, chain of custody tracking, barcoding, evidence/body inventory using Palm Pilots, digital image storage, asset management and user friendly reporting. Porter Lee Corporation provides a complete solution including Software, Hardware, Installation, Training, Support and customization.
Our company provides specialist filtration and separation solutions and manufactures filters, systems and porous materials across a diverse market range. At Pittcon 2009 we will be launching our new Solid Phase Extraction and purification products and materials based on our recent advancements in porous media. As well as exhibiting our exciting, new BioVyon materials, we will also be promoting our range of high quality laboratory filtration products. We are also interested in OEM and distributor opportunities to assist us in the promotion of these products.
Our company is a manufacturer of premium microplates and microplate handling equipment. We specialise in clear-bottom plates for assays and deep well polypropylene storage plates for compound management. In addition we have a large line of microplate evaporators and sealers. We also undertake OEM & Custom manufacture of microplates. We are based in Hendersonville NC and London, England. 
Our company is the leading manufacturer of Field Flow Fractionation (FFF) instruments. Our AF2000 FOCUS Asymmetrical Flow FFF is the most advanced FFF instrument for separation and characterization of macromolecules (500-1012 Da) and colloids/particles (0.001-40 micron). S101 Sedimentation FFF provides the highest resolution for metal/metal-oxide colloids/particles (0.01-40 micron) and liposomes. TF2000 Thermal FFF is an excellent tool for separating and characterizing polymers, micro-gels, and particles in organic/aqueous solvents. SPLITT is a preparative scale separation tool for metal/metal-oxide colloids and particles.
4714Since more than 85 years Poulten & Graf is manufacturer and distributor of high-precision volumetric glassware and equipment for laboratories, analysis and medicine. Besides the volumetric glassware, the product range includes manual and electronic liquid handling systems as well as syringes made of glass or plastic. The trademarks FORTUNA and VOLAC are well known all over the world and stand for high precison and quality.
Our company designs, manufactures, and distributes laser diode products for OEM analytical, biomedical, and industrial applications. Products include laser diode modules with wavelengths from 370 to 2300nm, temperature stabilized modules, lasers with beam circularization, and CW, pulsed, and modulated lasers.
1469The best results depend on the best gases. Praxair offers a wide variety of ultra pure instrument and process gases and liquid cryogens; high accuracy traceable gaseous and liquid mixtures for calibration and analysis in environmental, petrochemical, medical, scientific, industrial, laboratory, and biotech applications. Available in a full range of cylinder sizes and delivery modes, including benchtop gas generators. Protect the integrity of high quality gases with Praxair’s full line of ProStar™ Platinum regulators, manifolds, delivery systems and safety products.
3005Are you tired of complicated robot set-ups, large, expensive motion controllers that take up workspace and don’t have the features you need, and vision software that requires a large amounts of complicated motion control programming? At Precise Automation, we leverage our cutting edge robot, controller and vision technologies and years of experience to make the automation process easier. Precise Automation - automate with ease.
1040We are the manufacturer and supplier of OEM replacement glassware for the ICP and ICP-MS industry. Along with torches, injectors, bonnets, and spray chambers, we offer the widest array of nebulizers in the industry. Also available are ICP-MS cones, flared-end PVC pump tubing, and a complete line of inorganic standards. We specialize in custom manufacturing from quartz and borosilicate glass and offer a broad spectrum of general laboratory glassware.
Our company is a leading manufacturer of osmometers, cryoscopes and chemistry analyzers. The ANALETTE II is bench-top chemistry analyzer for applications including general chemistry, special chemistry and drugs. The WR CRYETTE Cryoscope assists in determining the Molecular Weight of a substance dissolved in a known solvent. It measures the freezing point of substances in solution over the range of -10 to +10°C. Applications are in the petroleum, dairy, beverage, agricultural, research and pharmaceutical industries. The OSMETTE family of osmometers provides a full line of freezing point measurement solutions.
3688Spektron on-line NIR systems are specially designed for industrial applications, measuring directly in/on the production processes. The integrated real-time software has Web-based interface giving easy access to the application, with fast and reliable real time measurements from the process, continuously presenting the results in graphs, trends and numbers. Easy integration with process signals for control and enhanced process analysis. Spektron systems are successfully running in the food and feed industry, with other application areas under development. Prediktor is searching for resellers worldwide.
4880Manufacturer & International Distributor of Specialty Coal testing Equipment & general use lab equipment. Featuring new Auto-loading Sulfur Analyzers, Holmes Crushers, Pulverizers, Splittrers & Riffles. Parr Calorimeters, Ash Fusion Systems, Preiser Rotary Sample Dividers, Plastometers, Dilatometers, Moisture Drying Ovens, Furnaces, Analytical Balances, PH Meters, Distillation Systems, Dimineralizers, Environmental and Water Testing Equipment, Microscopes, Laboratory Furniture, Chemicals, Glassware and Plasticware, etc. Overseas inquiries welcomed.
3203The best results depend on the best sample preparation. PREMIER is the only complete leading Manufacturer, Distributor, and Service provider for any sample preparations required for X-ray Fluorescence. These items include XRF Sample cups and X-ray films, for Liquids; Grinding/Binding additives and Equipment for Press Pellets, Phoenix Fusion Machines for XRF beads and/or ICP Dissolutions including a comprehensive product line of Platinum Labware items for wet chemistry.
2877With over 30 years experience helping researchers solve difficult problems, Princeton Instruments is the proven choice for high-performance spectroscopy, CCD camera, and optical coating solutions. The rugged Acton Series of spectrographs and TriVista Triple Raman Spectrometers offer the ultimate in flexibility and high performance. Applications and techniques include Raman, fluorescence, photo-luminescence, semiconductor, carbon nanotubes and life and analytical sciences. Additionally the Acton Series LS 785 NIR lens spectrograph includes configurations specifically designed for demanding raman and fluorescence applications. See you at Pittcon!
4420The lead manufacturer of Hand-held and Digital benchtop homogenizers with processing volume ranges of 0.03ml – 30L and Programmable benchtop homogenizer lines with computer interface capabilities. PRO’s innovative stainless steel Multi-Gen generators are the better alternative to plastic-tip disposable generators. Global launch of the DPS-20, an automated dual processing mechanical and ultrasonic homogenizing system, will take place at PITTCON 2009. The Lab Plus Series line features Vortex Mixers, Nutating Mixers, programmable Orbital Shakers, Rockers and Hotplate Stirrers. Hettich centrifuges also available.
Our company is proud to announce that our PI-200 On-line Raman analyzer with Safe-Laser InterlockTM is now ATEX certified. Our remote, optical probes have II 1 G, Ex op sh IIC T4 Ga classification, which means that these optical probes can be used in hazardous, applications in zone 0. We specialize in Raman for on-line process applications in petrochemical, petroleum and pharmaceutics. We offer multiplexing capabilities for up to 18 remote locations with fiber optic cable lengths of ~ 500 meters. Detection limits for many species are possible at low ppm levels.
Our LIMS, Element DataSystem is the system of choice for your laboratory. Element was designed by environmental laboratory professionals specifically for environmental laboratories. All of our staff, including the Implementation Engineers and Technical Support staff have previously worked in environmental laboratories. By strategic choice and substantial experience, Promium is singularly focused on providing efficient, effective and comprehensive information management solutions to commercial and publicly-owned environmental testing laboratories. At Promium, we speak the language of your lab.
We focus on automation of sample preparation for trace analysis. Our products automate procedures for sample cleanup or integrate sample preparation with GC and HPLC by using switching valves. Our typical products are SPE-01 cleanup station and portable SPE sampler for offline cleanup, Auto sampler with online cleanup capability, LC-04 smart valve, software for Valco valves, and HPLC column selector.
2816A provider of revolutionary ionization sources to enhance and expand the use of mass spectrometers in the laboratory. Omni Spray® Ion Sources brings the power of DESI the lab. DESI (Desorption Electrospray Ionization) is a simple, sensitive, gentle, and versatile ionization method that allows for the direct sampling of surfaces without any sample preparation and under ambient temperature and pressure conditions. Omni Spray® Ion Sources have been demonstrated in applications that range from the detection of explosives to proteomics.
4119Over the last 24 years, we have proudly manufactured and supplied high quality peptide synthesizers and reagents to the global peptide community. We pride ourselves in our commitment to providing unparalleled service and support to our customers. For 16 years, the Symphony has been the workhorse in the custom peptide field with its unbeatable throughput and reliability. The Prelude’s Single-Shot feature is perfect for specialty peptide syntheses as it can deliver the entire contents of an amino acid vial without priming or waste!
Our company features quality labware including Whatman® filtration products, Pyrex® tubes & flasks, scales & balances, exam gloves, cell scrapers & spreaders, multi-well plates and media. See our huge selection of borosilicate sample & chromatography vials. Value added services include specialized kit assembly, precleaned containers, bottle capping, specialized case pack configurations and labeling. Discover our commitment to performance!
We produce a complete range of GC capillary columns in standard I.D.s and lengths and the widest range of film thicknesses available from any source. Specialty columns for environmental, petrochemical, triglyceride (biodiesel) and high temperature applications are also featured. Choose PHAST GC capillary columns for high speed applications or thick film PHAT Phase columns for L.M.W. applications. In addition. full-featured portable GCs with many injector and detector options, and high purity and high output Nitrogen, Hydrogen or Zero-Air Gas Generators are available. Buy from 32 years of GC column manufacturing expertise.
North America’s leading provider of Pre-Cleaned Certified sampling containers; offering a complete line of certified vials (TOC – VOC), glass, plastic bottles and soil jars; specially prepared in accordance with USEPA specifications. A complete line of Chromatography supplies, auto-sampler vials / septa. Preserved containers including Method 5035 soil vials and field sampling kits, UCMR2. Also featuring En Core and Terra Core samplers, Tedlar bags sterile Coliform vials, labels, custody seals and much more. Let QEC be your One Stop Source. International Distributors are welcome. Stop by to see what’s new!
754QSI Corp is the world's leading innovator in LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) software. Our WinLIMS software is used in over 850 organizations throughout the world to add productivity and savings by optimizing the flow of information to and through the laboratory. WinLIMS.NET provides all of the tools required to operate within full compliance with regulations such as FDA, GLP/GMP and EN 17025 or GLP / GMP to while ensuring a productive laboratory environment through the optimization of work processes.
(QTI) was founded in 1977 to meet the increasing demand for high quality electronic components for the aerospace & laboratory industries. Since then, QTI has exceeded the requirements of some of the most stringent high cost of failure applications, changing the landscape of the supply chain for the entire industry.  Customizable USB Temperature Probe - Sensor, Monitoring & Data Logging System.
We are a Minnesota-based manufacturing company that designs, manufactures, sells and services specialized scientific instrumentation to measure physical, chemical and biological properties of airborne particles. Corporate headquarters are located at 1463 94th Lane N.E., Blaine, Minnesota. The company is a subsidiary of Power Engineering and Manufacturing, Inc. (PEM), a Minnesota manufacturing company with headquarters located at the same facility.
1139Working with catalysts, pharmaceuticals, ceramics, or any other porous or powdered materials? We are the specialists in B.E.T. surface area analyzers, pore size analyzers, density analyzers (gas pycnometers and tapped density), open/closed cell analyzers (for foams), water and vapor sorption analyzers, chemisorption analyzers (metal area, dispersion, TPR, TPO, TPD), rotary powder sample splitters (rifflers). ISO9001 certified manufacturer, renowned scientific staff, worldwide sales and service support. Our products are used in R&D + manufacturing; petrochem, pharma, automotive, battery/fuel cell, carbons, zeolites, H2 storage, pigments, foams, etc.
4040Rent, lease or purchase from our multi-million dollar inventory of new and reconditioned instruments—ready for immediate delivery. Instruments available include: GC, GC/MS, HPLC, LC/MS, Pyrolysis Systems, Thermal Desorption Systems, Universal Injection Systems, AED, Post-Column Systems, SimDis Software, Gas Generators, Micropipetting System, Sample Preparation and Handling, Deconvolution software, Data Systems and Software, ICP/MS, UV/Vis, TOC and XRF; manufacturers include: Agilent Technologies, Diablo, Frontier Laboratories, GeSiM, IST, JAS, LEAP Technologies, Markes International, Matheson Tri-Gas, Pickering Laboratories, Teledyne Tekmar and more.
2790Questron manufactures Vulcan 84 Automated Digestion & Work-up Stations - QBlock Commander Graphite Hot Block Digestion Stations - QLAB 8000, QWAVE 4000 and QWAVE 1000 Closed Vessels Microwave Digestion Systems – Computer-controlled QAsh 1800 Microwave Ashing System and QPro-M Open Vessel Digestion & Synthesis Systems. We also refurbish and upgrade ICPs and Spark Spectrometers. Our line of products also includes ICP and Spark Spectrometers from Horiba Jobin Yvon, C/S and O/N Analyzers from Horiba and Mercury Analyzers for PSA.
Our company is the biggest manufacturer of electronic weighing equipment in Poland. RADWAG manufactures and offers wide range of modern electronic balances, industrial and medical scales, weightbridges and checkweighers. RADWAG has introduced and documented system of quality control ISO 9001:2000 confirmed by TUV certificate. We manufacture weighing instruments such as: microbalances, analytical balances, precision balances, moisture analyzers, high capacity precision scales.  More information:
713Come see us for brand new products, technologies, and consulting services for infrared and other vibrational spectroscopies.
Our company manufactures a line of compact/portable Research-grade Raman spectrometers for use in Field, Plant, or Laboratory settings. We are also leaders in Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (SERS) and manufacture and sell patented substrates for SERS applications. Come see live demonstrations of our Portable Raman Analyzer which provides research-grade performance, outstanding fluorescence rejection, and stable wavelength assignment in a battery-operated, wireless unit that is easily transported for use anywhere.
2152(RPI) is an extension of Cal Sensors, Inc., a manufacturer of IR detectors and emitters. RPI assembles and packages customer furnished detectors and components in hermetically sealed microelectronic packages with TE coolers and temperature sensors. Engineers are on-site to discuss our packaging services and your custom requirements.
We are a FDA-inspected, cGMP-compliant API manufacturer with fifty years of experience in custom synthesis and chromatography products. Regis manufactures specialty HPLC columns, Chiral HPLC columns and packings, high-purity ion-pairing reagents, GC derivatization reagents and performs Preparative SFC Separations. Regis has been a leader in Chiral chromatography since the 1980’s. We manufacturer a full line of Pirkle-type and polysaccharide CSP’s and also offer a free chiral screening service. Our support staff is dedicated to assisting customers with method development and column or reagent selection.
Our company designs, manufactures, sells, and services a full line of refractometers, for a wide range of industries and applications, including beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical and industrial applications. From handhelds to benchtops, we provide intelligent, cost-effective refractometer solutions to real-world problems.
Our ReactionView® range for mid-FTIR reaction monitoring with VizIR™ software offers 3D spectra and realtime trending. The Verax™ system extends our offerings to Raman spectroscopy, with the same user-friendly interface. ReactionSleuth™ post-processing software for PCA/Target transformation, peak deconvolution, etc., completes our line. SpotView® and ValveView™ for in-situ cleaning validation and surface analysis enables realtime, sub-microgram detection of organics on metal, glass, and many plastics, including both flat surfaces and the interior of valves etc.
Our company manufactures a wide range of spectroscopy products, including Raman microscopes, compact process monitoring spectrometers, structural and chemical analyzers for scanning electron microscopes, diode lasers, and state-of-the-art cooled CCD detectors, for end-user and OEM applications. Primary products are the inVia Raman microscopes and the RA series of Raman analyzers, which exploit the Raman effect to identify and characterize the chemistry and structure of materials in a noncontacting, non-destructive manner. Users in research laboratories, development labs and production lines employ the microscopes and analyzers in a wide range of fields.
Our company provides a total solution for your GC, GC/MS, LC & LC/MS needs. We are sales agents for the following instrument companies: Gerstel & Agilent. Additionally we distribute parts, consumables, and subassemblies for all CTC® Pals sold by Gerstel®, LEAP®, Agilent®, Shimadzu®, Cohesive®, Waters®, and others. We are dedicated to the chromatographer, providing columns, valves, and other accessories for analytical HPLC, Prep HPLC, Chiral chromatography, column heaters and chillers, lab automation / liquid handling, and lab safety.
Our company offers compact imaging spectrometers, also known as hyperspectral imagers. These systems provide high-resolution images with a detailed spectral curve for every pixel. Our Visible/Near-IR Pika II imaging spectrometers have been deployed on platforms ranging from microscopes to airplanes. Spectronon software provides user-friendly data acquisition, visualization, and analysis options for near plug-and-play start up. Scripting capability allows the system to be easily customized and integrated into existing systems.
Our company develops and manufactures innovative columns, tools and accessories, and reference chemicals for gas chromatography and HPLC. Our products are used by a broad spectrum of analysts in research and development, production, quality assurance, and teaching laboratories. Work areas include clinical and biomedical investigations; environmental monitoring; food, flavor, and fragrance quality assurance; forensics; petroleum and petrochemicals production, pharmaceuticals research and production; and others. Our catalog describes over 10,000 products for sample preparation and chromatography: capillary GC columns, packed GC columns, HPLC.
Our company is the world leader in solid material sample preparation equipment for quality control and research and development laboratories. Our expertise and devotion to providing the highest quality products for accurate and reproducible sampling methods is unsurpassed. Our selection of mills, sieve shakers, sample dividers, and fluid bed dryers offer the industry standards for sample preparation.
2048The Rheodyne brand of IDEX Health & Science specializes in high, low, and ultra-high pressure fluidic valves for analytical instruments. Models include the low-pressure TitanEX™, high-pressure TitanHP™, ultra-high pressure TitanHT™, and TitanC™
1035We manufacture VROC (viscometer/rheometer-on-a-chip) chip for small sample (> 50 ul) and high shear viscosity measurements. The chip has a small form factor for easy integration to almost any applications. The chip measures viscosity or flow rate. We offer Lab-VROC and OEM chip supply.
4328Leading manufacturer of Kinematic and Solution viscometer systems for Petroleum and Polymers applications. New JETVIS automated Kinematic viscometer for -20 Jet fuels. New AV-2 Automated viscometer for Kinematic viscosity testing of new and used oils, New Polymer viscometer for testing Intrinsic viscosity, Inherent viscosity and Relative viscosity of Polymer solutions.
1950Chemical Testing solutions including standardized acids, bases and other titrants; pH buffers; atomic absorption, ICP, ion chromatography, ion specific electrode and other standards; pH and chemical indicators; in vitro diagnostics reagents; ASTM, APHA, EPA, AOAC, ACS and other solutions for water, environmental, chemical, food, beerage, petrochemical and other analyses.
1128Premier provider of weighing equipment and services to the Pharmaceutical, Life Sciences, Chemical, Food Processing and Precious Metals industries for more than 60 years. Our manufacturing technology, professional staff and service commitment delivers certified solutions for virtually every weighing application: liquid handling, batching systems, precision weights, traceable inventory management software, custom products, mass comparators, precision industrial balances and electro-chemistry products. We produce custom weights to meet color, size, dimension and application requirements; and provide 4-day calibration services.
Our company provides the world’s most complete line of X-ray diffraction and X-ray fluorescence instruments and components, including benchtop XRD and XRF systems, X-ray optics and detectors, the Saturn and SCXmini™ CCD-based single crystal diffractometers for small molecule crystallography, the Ultima IV and SmartLab® multi-purpose diffractometers with SAXS and in-plane capabilities, and the ZSX Primus series of high-powered WDXRF spectrometers with mapping capabilities, in either tube-above or tube-below configurations.
With more than 40 years of know-how in developing and producing high-precision plastic parts, Ritter has turned out to the innovative manufacturer of laboratory and medical consumables. The product range offers a rich assortment of dispensers and syringes, conductive tips and cuvette segments for robotic-systems, microtiter- and deepwell-plates and different medical devices and consumables for OEM-Partners. The company is producing in Schwabmuenchen/ Germany in accodonance with the highest quality standards and is certified ISO 9001.2000 and 13485:2003.
2205Mfg./Supplier of portable and fixed systems gas detection instruments. As the North American subsidiary of Riken Keiki Co, world leader in gas detection and sensor technology for over 70 years, RKI markets Riken products and actively develops its own product lines around Riken sensors. Product lines include watch style single gas monitors, smallest single gas combustible, smallest 4-gas monitor, unique 5 sensor sample draw with 100% volume methane range, and versatile 6 gas portable with over 250 configurations. Sensor technologies include catalytic combustion, thermal conductivity, electrochemical, infra-red, paper tape, pyrolization, and metal oxide
We are an intellectual property law firm specializing in patent, trademark, copyright, and Internet law matters. We provide a full range of intellectual property-related legal services to meet the strategic business and legal goals of our clients.  Services provided include counseling on intellectual property issues, rendering opinions concerning the patentability of inventions, providing patent validity and infringement opinions, preparing and prosecuting patent, trademark and copyright applications, providing trademark clearance opinions, and the litigation of intellectual property issues.
3016A global manufacturer and refiner of platinum group metals specializing in platinum labware for analytical laboratories. As a prime source for platinum, palladium, rhodium, iridium, ruthenium, we manufacture and refine all PGM's in our own facitlity. Products include specialty alloys, rod, wire, small and large diameter tubing, sheet, engineered parts including jewelry. Rochoet offers it's "Full Circle Refining" program to customers needing to replace unuseable platinum products with new PGM materials. All products can be engineered to customer specifications.
Formerly known as Roentgenanalytik Messtechnik GmbH, Roenalytic GmbH was founded in 1982 with the specific aim of developing and selling high value measurement and analytical equipment based on X-ray analysis principles. The range of equipment that we currently offer consists of: Coating Thickness Analysers, µ-XRF-Analyser, X-ray Analysers for Bulk and Liquids, GoldCheck X-ray Analyser for noble metals. The company is located near Wiesbaden and Frankfurt and all products manufactured in Germany. Our customers have rewarded the quality of our products, and the technical excellence of our sales and service personal.
3210We will be exhibiting our line of exclusively fiberoptic dip probes, and will also have on display other types of fiberoptic assemblies and components specifically tailored for spectroscopic applications. Products include: probes, fiberoptics, connectors, adapters, patchcords, bundles, arrays, collimators, couplers, tapers and filter packages. We routinely take concept to product, creating solutions to the most difficult problems.
Our company is the largest organisation in Europe for advancing the chemical sciences, supported by 45,000 members worldwide and an internationally acclaimed publishing business. Visit our booth to take a look at our analytical databases and the award-winning RSC Prospect, and pick up a free copy of the new journals in our collection. Also why not pick up a bargain in our book sale, learn about our RSC eBook Collection and discover the benefits of RSC membership.
665The Drug Development Division (D3) of RPS offers custom tailored, fully integrated scientific solutions to the pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device industries. Through the proven RPS business model, the D3 offers a better alternative over traditional staffing companies by reducing employee turnover, increasing efficiency and improving business processes. The combination of D3 Scientific Operations and Recruitment in identifying specialized individuals and project teams further increase the Return on Investment for client companies engaged in: R&D, Analytical Chemistry, Formulation, Process Development, QA/QC, Regulatory Affairs and CMC.
Certified Reference Materials for Pharmaceuticals, Waters, Soils, and Sludges. Secondary pharmaceutical standards (validated to major pharmacopoeias), custom packaging and characterization. Organic CRMs including Volatiles, Semi-Volatiles, PCBs, Herbicides, Pesticides, and Petroleum Hydrocarbons. Inorganic CRMs. Laboratory Proficiency Testing Programs (LPTP) for microbiological, aqueous and solid matrices, and pharmaceuticals, meeting NELAC and ISO17025 requirements. Authorized distributor for IRMM (BCR), NWRI, BAM and LGC. Distributor of the EP, BP, and other pharmacopoeias. Your single source for CRMs.
Our company is a seller of new and used analytical instruments including: thermal analyzers, rheometers, FTIR, UV-VIS, GC/MS, MS, Lab Hoods, Balances, Glassware, and others. RT Instruments also provides instrument servicing and spare parts.
3776New DigiPol Polarimeter Technology UV/VIS with eight (8) wavelength coverage meeting the requirements of USP, EP, JP, for Pharmaceutical and Forensic Analysis and Synthesized Compounds applications. Full GLP and 21CFR part 11compliant software. Integrated Polarimeters/Refractometers for Sugar Analysis,HP 100 Hand Held Polarimeter, and 16 models of High Resolution Digital Refractometers. High Quality cost effective HPLC Columns, Trace Metals Analyzer TEA 4000 with detection limits matching ICP.
3663Polarimeters, Refractometers, Density Meters, Automation: Automatic Polarimeter line includes 12 different models with features including 21 CFR Part 11 compliance, multiple wavelengths, electronic cooling and heating. Automatic Refractometer line includes 6 different models with electronic cooling and heating, wide Refractive Index range (1.29 – 1.7 RI). Automatic Density Meters with innovative features designed to meet the most demanding applications. Models to satisfy needs of the pharmaceutical, sugar, food, flavor and fragrance, chemical, beverage, and petrochemical industries, as well as education and research.
We are a trading company in Japan focusing on Liquid Chromatography field. We introduce high technological and advanced products made in Japan every year, such as HPLC columns, pumps, degassing units, consumables and unique products to the world, and also introduce products for HPLC from whole of the world to Japan.
2216Manufacturer of the Radiation Alert® handheld ionizing radiation detection instruments: Geiger counters, dosimeters, multi-channel analyzers for surface and air contamination. The Abacus utilizes hand-held and desktop computers to pack unprecedented functionality into an ergonomically designed instrument. The Inspector+ and Abacus can be used with Wipe Test Plate for gross wipe counting. NEW Sentry, used to track and alarm X-ray technicians’ exposure. All models convenient and useful for laboratories, industry, petrochemical,HAZMAT and educational fields. Calibration services for GM instruments below 1R.
Our company is the manufacturer of a broad range of high performance and ultra-pure plastic laboratory supplies including: Tygon® laboratory tubing, silicone and fluoropolymer tubing; Chemware® fluoropolymer bottles, beakers and utensils; Bytac® surface protector film; LabPure® capliners, septa, microplate sealer pads and silicone stoppers. Our unique process technologies and incomparable knowledge of materials combine to bring customers innovative products that enhance performance and productivity. SGPPL has a long history of pioneering products that meet our customers’ most demanding applications.
Our company offers the Scientific and Medical Instrumentation community an unparalleled line of Sealing Solutions proven to outperform in hostile environments. Our OmniSeal, OmniLip and OmniFlex seal designs and Fluoroloy materials display unequalled resistance to aggressive chemicals, extreme temperatures and high pressures. Our expert engineering team works closely with customers on a co-development approach to push the limits of fluid sealing engineering performance. With a worldwide support staff, Saint-Gobain offers fast response, the highest degree of quality, and proven reliability that withstands the test of time.
2048Sapphire Engineering is a brand of IDEX Health & Science - Using positive displacement pistons instead of traditional syringes, Sapphire Engineering™ manufactures precision-dispense pumps which accurately dispense volumes from below 1µL up to 5mL. For HPLC, we offer custom flow cells and HPLC and UHPLC pump components. We also provide complete dispensing modules for OEMs, such as our PVM, which includes a pump integrated with a valve and appropriate motor controller.
Our group develops, manufactures, and markets equipment and consumables for medicine and research.  The company’s range of laboratory products is the result of in- house design and stringent quality control procedures.  Products for the research laboratory include tissue culture labware; consumables for PCR, molecular biology, microbiology, and cryopreservation; and benchtop instruments.
Our company manufactures equipment and systems featuring weighing, measurement and automation technology for laboratory and industrial applications.  Products include: balances, scales, weights, online and inline moisture analyzers, low profile floor scales, load cells, indicators/controllers, batch controllers and level by weight. In addition, there are high speed checkweighers, metal detectors, process software and X-Ray Detection Systems.  Our electrochemistry products consist of the unique Docu-pH Meter and complete pH meter line including high quality electrodes.
Our company is a leading provider of cutting-edge equipment and services for the development, quality assurance and production processes of the biopharmaceutical industry. Our integrated solutions covering cell culture, filtration, purification, microbiology and lab water technologies are supporting the biopharmaceutical and life science industry to develop and produce drugs safely, timely and economically. Strongly rooted in the scientific community and closely allied with customers and technology partners, we are dedicated to our philosophy of "Turning science into solutions".
JMP® is the SAS® software designed for dynamic data visualization on the desktop. Interactive, comprehensive and highly visual, JMP enables you to interact with your data – all of it – to explore relationships, see hidden trends, dig into areas that interest you and move in new directions that you hadn’t yet considered. Because JMP dynamically links statistics with graphics, it makes information accessible in ways a spreadsheet never could. Around the world, analysts, researchers, executives and engineers in almost every industry now rely on its powerful analytics and graphs to understand their data and make informed decisions.
1750Established in 1864 in Berlin Schmidt+Haensch is the leading company for Polarimeter and Refractometer. This year's highlight will be our enhanced new Polarimeter e.g. the Unipol-L 2000 especially designed for pharmaceutical applications including GLP and 21 CFR part 11 compliant software, Aquisys©. The improved multi wavelength Refractomer (DSR-L) for characterising multi component materials measures refractive index now with extended wavelengths of 365nm-1000nm. For inline sensing of Ri and Brix we present the iPR compact with an exceptional price-performance ratio.
An independent, AIHA / NELAC accredited, woman-owned, commercial lab, specializes in the analyses of organic compounds, asbestos and metals in various matrices including paint, soil, wipes, building materials, wastewater, drinking water and hazardous wastes. Since 1987, SLi has experienced tremendous growth in IH, Environmental, Lead and Asbestos testing. Sli was the first lab in the nation to receive accreditation through AIHA's ELLAP Program in 1994; was accredited by NVLAP in 1989; was listed in the first group of labs to receive NELAC accreditation in 2001; was the first lab in Virginia licensed for asbestos analysis.
1136A newly patented weighing technology is being showcased in the Zeta Series line of electronic balances and scales. This new technology yields an analytical balance that has a sensor that cannot be broken. This design is ideal for rough environments including educational institutions. Capacities range from 50g to 600g and readabilities vary from 0.1mg to 0.1g. Also available is our Series 12000 line which includes semi-micro (0.01mg) balances and our High Capacity Series which weighs up to 30kg to 0.1g.
Our company, home of the world renowned Vortex-Genie, is the world leader for vortex mixers and shakers. The Company's major products include a complete line of Vortex-Genie mixer products and accessories, microplate shakers, cell disruptors, rotator/rockers, refrigerated incubators, and various magnetic stirrers (low to high speed).
Our company provides supplies & services for Mass spectrometers, Gas & Liquid Chromatographs, Vacuum Systems and other scientific equipment. SIS specializes in the manufacture of filaments for mass spectrometers and other instruments. Contract Machining. Our expanded machine shop manufactures parts for scientific and medical instruments. Our shop includes modern CNC equipment for the machining of components from virtually any material to the high quality standards of precision and cleanliness required by the scientific and medical community.
Our company is a leader in the manufacturing of acid resistant products for the lab industry. With items ranging from Faucets, Traps, Sinks, Cupsinks, and Waste Assemblies to Acid Neutralizing and Dilution Tanks, we have solutions for your acid waste handling needs. Also, we have over 200 standard sizes of spill containment trays to protect your equipment, expensive cabinets, and workers from harmful acid spills. See us and let us explain our products and how they can benefit you.
1216Specializing in titration, moisture and surface analysis. Instruments displayed include Kyoto Electronics Mfg’s (KEM) MKC610/MKA610 dual Karl Fisher Titrator, Surface Electro Optic’s (SEO) contact angle analyzer and CSC Scientific’s Interfacial Tensiometer and Aquapal III. This full range of titration, moisture and surface testing equipment provides operators with a selection for conducting Quality Control and Production testing. We offer technical support, training, and application testing. Call during show 800-998-6429. You can also find helpful topics on our company blog at: Our website is
Leading manufacturer of rugged, reliable PDA UV-Vis Spectrophotometers of the fast measurement for the whole wavelength in 20 msec. Launched the high resolution Double Beam Spectrophotometer, NeoSys-2000. Spectroscopic products also include highly sensitive Fluorescence Spectrometer with fast scanning, highly precise Color Spectrophotometer, etc. Provide the high performance HPLC-Diode Array Detector for OEM. Also provide variable Thermal Analyzers(DSC, TGA, STA) and the state-of-the-art X-Ray Systems(XRD & TXRF) for a wide range of applications in various analytical fields.
Nearly 40 years of experience of manufacturing Lab-equipments all made in Japan, specialized in temperature-control units. For Pittcon2009, our new products will be introduced for their world premier; Cool Plate, Cool Stirrer, Peltier Cool Bath Unit, together with our CE-certified Cryoporter. From low temperature to cryogenic temperature, our new products will make Chicago even "cooler"!
Founded in 1980, SCP SCIENCE is a manufacturer and worldwide distributor of analytical equipment, supplies, standards, reagents, and certified reference materials for the inorganic analytical laboratories market.  SCP SCIENCE offers a complete range of products for sample preparation, ICP, AA, and XRF. Our most popular lines include: the DigiPREP family of graphite block digestion systems and accessories; PlasmaPURE high-purity acids and PlasmaCAL calibration standards for ICP-AA fusion; and the Conostan® line of oil standards. While our headquarters is located in Canada, SCP SCIENCE also maintains offices in the US, Europe, and China.
3877Global leader in manufacture and support of Discrete and Continuous Flow automated analyzers. Following the acquisition of Bran+Luebbe Continuous Flow Analyzer (CFA) and Near-infrared Analyzer (NIR) businesses from SPX Corporation in November 2006, we guarantee a CHOICE of ideal solutions to scientists looking for greater productivity in their laboratory. Offering genuine spare parts and consumables, full on-or off-site repair services, dedicated Technical Support via telephone and email, training courses and a comprehensive choice of support contracts, we focus on what is important to us . . . YOU.
Our company develops since 25 years the Low Temperature Evaporative Light-Scattering Detector technology, through a full range of Universal detectors to fit all HPLC applications from R. and D. to Q C. To keep up with evolving user needs regarding Speed, Efficiency and Sensitivity, SEDERE presents the two latest Models: SEDEX 85 LT enables conventional HPLC (analytical and preparative), U-HPLC and HTLC (analytical and micro). This unique detector in the World can measure peaks with sub-one second widths and data rate of 100Hz.  SEDEX 80 LT meets the highest technology for Research and Routine applications at a very competitive price.
Our website is the laboratory industry's leading online publication, providing application, news and product information. Visit the SelectScience booth to watch, the first dedicated video news resource for laboratory scientists and receive your free membership gift!
563Selerity Technologies provides solutions to the separation industry by offering products for both High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) accessories and Supercritical Fluid Chromatography (SFC) Systems. Products include: the Polaratherm high temperature column compartment, the Caloratherm mobile phase preheater, temperature stable silica columns, a fully automated turnkey SFC system that is dedicated to pure supercritical carbon dioxide and FID detection, and a high pressure supercritical fluid pumping module that integrates into existing HPLC systems.
Our company is introducing a versatile bench top liquid chromatography instrument capable of simulated moving bed (SMB) and other continuous protocols. The system carries eight column positions and can handle up to four input and output streams per column with a proprietary pneumatic valve design. Advantages include small size, reliability, ease-of-use, and biocompatibility. The instrument makes the high resolution and efficiency afforded by SMB technology available for preparation of milligrams to grams of high-value chemical and biological compounds. Chiral separations and protein purification are two key applications for this versatile system.
We are a vertically integrated manufacturer that provides focused sales, marketing and logistical support to those in need of hand protection. Sempermed® offers a full line of latex, nitrile and vinyl disposable gloves in both exam and industrial grade. We are pleased to introduce our SemperCare® Nitrile powder-free exam glove which is now manufactured as a co-polymer glove to provide improved physical properties and additional comfort.
2048Semrock, a member of IDEX® Health & Science, offers durable hard-coated optical filters that set the standard for Biotech & Analytical instrumentation. Products include the highly acclaimed BrightLine® fluorescence filters, popular high-performance filters for Raman spectroscopy, and unique laser analytical instrumentation filters. Semrock's wide stock of innovative catalog products carry an industry-leading five year warranty. Semrock manufactures in Rochester, New York, a well-known center of optics, and has OEM sales offices across the country.
Our company manufacturers quality pH Electrodes, ORP Electrodes, Conductivity Sensors, Dissolved Oxygen Probes, Chlorine Dioxide Sensors, Free Chlorine Sensors, and other specialty analytical electrochemical sensors as well as a full line of sensor accessories. Sensorex sensors and accessories are designed for both laboratory and industrial process applications. Sensorex specializes in custom design and OEM packaging of electrochemical sensors.
4069SensoTech is one of the first companies to center its philosophy on market-driven innovation. After analyzing the market and discovering a need for a practical temperature monitoring solution, SensoTech responded with the first ever break-through monitoring solution on the market. The zero cost infrastructure model eliminates the need for
computer hardware, network servers and software. Now, with the advances in temperature monitoring technologies
from SensoTech, the web-based embedded wireless system can substantially reduce your cost of technology ownership.
4715Premier provider of innovative gas chromatography (GC) analyzers custom engineered to solve complex analytical problems of gas & liquid analysis in chemical, environmental, research, emissions, energy production i.e. biofuels, oil&gas, hydrogen... ASTM compliant 60-second simulated distillation on Agilent 7890, high-precision natural gas & proprietary BTU software; low/non-drifting refinery gas, high reproducibility detailed hydrocarbon analysis/DHA, simultaneous GC/MS analysis of middle distillates, sulfur sim dist... ASTM GPA EN. Liquid&gas calibration standards including biodiesels. World class technical support with 24hr response & prompt service.
We manufacture full line of HPLC columns and bulk resins.  We continue to introduce innovative products in the Bioseparation area which includes SRT SEC, Antibodix IEC, Proteomix IEC, and Carbomix IEC columns.  Our portfolio includes silica and polymer based UHPLC, HILIC, SFC, GPC, Mix-mode line of columns with porous and non porous particle sizes range from 1um to 50um.  We offer capillary, analytical, semi prep and prep sized columns for all of our available phases.
We offer 8x parallel HPLC and 8x parallel SFC systems for rapid screening applications such as chiral column screening. For the automated isolation of compounds from natural sources different two-dimensional preparative LC systems are available for various amounts of extracts.

One of the leading companies in water purification. SG Water A Siemens Business, offers a full range of central systems, ultrapure water systems, and reverse osmosis systems to meet all your water treatment needs. Standard purification procedures as well as advanced state-of-the-art technologies such as electrodeionization ensures the highest quality water for the most demanding applications. High quality, economically priced units and low running costs are important points which differentiate us from the others. The product range includes systems with production rates from 5l/h up to several 10.000l/h.

4427, SR47, SR48
Global Partner to Analytical Science. SGE Analytical Science, the global manufacturer and supplier to the analytical science industry with expertise in Gas Chromatography, Liquid Chromatography, Mass Spectrometry, Liquid Handling and Sample Preparation invites you to visit our booth. Some highlights for Pittcon 2009 include:  New 5% Phenyl-equivalent GC capillary column,  New HPLC C18 product line of highly-inert columns,  SilTite FingerTite™ leak free finger tight GC connections,  New compact MagneTOF™ detector,  New Xchange syringe interchange system for robotic platforms.
Serving science and industry since 1979, Shamrock Glass promises fast, friendly service.  As a manufacturer of vials, caps and septa, Shamrock Glass provides dealers and end users top quality and fair pricing.
Our company offers an extensive line of tapes and labels, designed for use in today's laboratory procedures, that are latex free and glove friendly yet stick tightly to a wide variety of flat or curved surfaces. Shamrock offers stock barcoded and/or consecutively numbered labels, tapes and labels that withstand solvents, sterile indicator tapes and labels, labels for use in dry ovens and ones for cryogenic use. For on-site printing, Shamrock thermal, laser and pinfed labels may be ordered in a variety of materials to accommodate your most routine or complex processes.
For over 17 years, Shanghai LIDA Instrument Factor has been a leader in industry of manufacturing analytical instruments. Its main products are pH meter, Conductivity meter, TDS, Salinity meter, Polarimeter, Melting point analyzer, Magnetic meter, Dissolved Oxygen meter and so on. Most parts of products are exported to overseas such as America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Middle East etc. It has paid much more attention to research and development and strived to offer more excellent products. Now, it enjoys good reputation in domestic and overseas market for its high quality and good service. Meanwhile, We also welcome OEM and inquiry.
3979LISUI E-TECH CO.,LTD. has established a reputation for producing the highest quality turned products for a wide range of industries; including, automotive, defense, dental, electrical, electronic, food service, hydraulics and medical.
560As a professional manufacturer of Spectrophotometer, MAPADA attaches importance to the Products Quality, After-Service and Market Exploiting. It has got ISO Quality System Certification and CE Certification. MAPADA provides the market with full range of UV/VIS Spectrophotometer.
Established in 2003, Shanghai Mucun Jingling Glassware is a Joint Venture between a Japanese company and Chinese company. By combining Japanese QA/QC programs with favorable manufacturing conditions in China, we produce high quality laboratory glassware at economical prices. We provide custom design and commodity laboratory glassware.
Our company is a make-to-order manufacturing company. We offer high end laser optics and components. Prism, lenses, cylindrical lenses, cubes, x-cubes, filters, windows, wave plates, micro optics, and custom applications. Shanghai Optics also offers full design and assembly services for our broad market base. Over the last 50 years we have become industry leaders when working with the following materials from the DUV to IR wavelengths. Fused Silica, BK7, CaF2, MgF2, ZnSe, Ge, Sapphire, filter glass, and many more not listed. Shanghai Optics US corporate head quarters is based in New Jersey with branch offices in CO, NC, and WA.
3978SPSIC is a high-tech enterprise, which covers the whole spectrum of product development, manufacturing and services. Its main products are power-supply units. It enjoys a good reputation in the Chinese domestic market. Parts of products are exported to more than 20 countries in Europe, America, Asia and Africa.
Specialized in manufacturing quality electrochemical sensors to users and OEM customers. The range of production includes pH, Conductivity, DO and ISE electrodes. Our goal is to offer high quality products, competitive price. For more information, please refer to our website:
Our company was founded in 1991. As a manufacturer of electrochemical analysis instruments and electrodes, San-Xin offers a range of standard and custom products to end-users and distributors around the world. The products comprise pH, conductivity, TDS, DO, salinity, water hardness meters, magnetic stirrers and relative pH, ORP, conductivity electrodes and various ISE. So far, many of our products have been exporting to the U.S.A, Japan, South Korea, Russia, Taiwan and Europe countries.
A div. of Aven Inc manufacturers the revolutionary iVue and iScope “All in One Optical & Video Inspection Systems” The self-contained iVue & iScope, both American-made innovations dramatically enhances precision optical inspection and image-sharing capabilities with plug-and-go simplicity. It's the first digital microscope and video inspection system with on-screen image capture, on-screen measurement, on-screen annotation and networking ease. No external hardware or software is needed, avoiding compatibility concerns.
Our company is a world-class leader in the manufacture of constant temperature equipment. Our focus, for nearly forty years, has been designing and manufacturing scientific, research, and medical equipment for the laboratory and industry. Our products combine craftsmanship and technology with continuous innovation. Product groups include incubators, CO2 incubators, ovens, vacuum ovens, water baths, and humidity chambers. We welcome OEM and foreign dealer inquiries. Visit
1460, SR18
Our company offers a full line of analytical instrumentation, including UV Visible and Fluorescence Spectrophotometers; FTIR Spectrometers; Automated FTIR Microscope; HPLC systems and components; LC/MS; Gas Chromatography; GC/MS; Data Stations for Spectroscopy and Chromatography; Thermal Analyzers, TOC, Atomic Absorption Spectrometers, ICP, EDX, Particle Size Analyzers, Balances, Capillary Rheometers, Mooney Viscometers, Universal Testing Equipment and more.
Our company has a long history of developing stationary phases based on its original polymer-coating technology applied on high-purity silica. Packed columns of CAPCELL PAK series have shown a remarkable stability against extreme conditions (pH 1-10) and the inertness towards analytes difficult to efficiently separate. PC, a novel phosphorylcholine-modified silica-based stationary phase for protein separation and Ceramospher, chiral columns made of unique clay base, with superior loadability will be exhibited as well. Our new autosampler for high-throughput analysis with minimized carry-over by ultrasonic cleansing will be introduced.
1069"Capture the Essence" with Shodex polymer-based HPLC columns. We are best known for innovative size-exclusion chromatography and sugar-analysis columns. In addition, we have introduced highly effective Restricted Access Material (RAM) columns for both polar and non-polar small molecule analysis. Our solid-sphere ionic exchange columns for ultra fast protein analysis can be used in conventional HPLC or UHPLC instruments. The new ultra high-temperature reversed-phased columns operating at up to 150 Degrees Celsius give you ultimate control in selectivity.
We offer many innovative products for chromatography. Our mixed-mode RP and HILIC columns are "one of a kind", offering unique and unprecedented selectivity and reproducibility. Among new products this year are PHLEX Buffer Pump and inexpensive PHLEX Analyzer for quantitation of Melamine (1 ppm). The buffer pump is able to deliver precise amounts of concentrated buffers directly into a high-pressure HPLC stream. Other products include innovative affordable low and high pressure fittings/connectors and stylish, advanced performance, and competitively priced analytical and preparative column hardware. All our products are unique in the market.
2180, 2280The world leader in water purification offers water systems and services for the laboratory. From water polishing systems for the most stringent analytical & biological applications, to pretreatment reverse osmosis systems to central distribution systems that supply to multiple labs, Siemens does it all. Together with efficient replacement cartridges, accessories and expert servicing, we provide you with peace of mind in knowing your lab’s water will meet all necessary standards and requirements. Stop by our booth to see what is new at Siemens Water Technologies.
2180, 2280
Our company is a leading provider of on-line and automatic process analyzers and process measurement systems. We offer superior solutions for your measurements based on innovative analysis technologies, customized system engineering with more than 40 years of knowlege and professional support resulting in long term stable and reliable measurement systems. Siemens SIMATIC PCS 7 LAB control system solution supports customers in R&D to optimize their work process. State-of the art information management using SIMATIC IT Unilab plus the R&D Suite library improve quality and throughput significantly.
4332, SR46
We are a leading Life Science and High Technology company. Our biochemical and organics chemical products and kits are used in scientific and genomic research, biotechnology, pharmaceutical development, the diagnosis of disease and as key components in pharmaceutical and other high technology manufacturing. We manufacture and supply a wide range of chemicals, reagents and Labware for analytical applications from Sigma, Aldrich, Supelco, and Fluka. For the latest product and technical information, visit our web site,
Our company offers custom, high performance silicon coatings for process and industrial applications. Improve stainless steel corrosion resistance by 10 fold with Silcolloy™. Reduce process/engine carbon coking by 8 fold with SilcoKlean™/ Eliminate sulfur, moisture and mercury sampling adsorptive effects with SilcoNert™ . Improve automotive component appearance and performance with Silcosteel. Accelerate vacuum pump-down with SilcoGuard™. To learn more, go to our web site at
Our company is a leading manufacturer of flash silica gel (SiliaFlash®), SPE and Flash cartridges (SiliaPrep™ and SiliaSep™). Our large production facility enables us to provide a wide range of products to OEM and private labels customers. For these clients we provide turnkey solutions and good technical support. We also specialize in functionalized silica gels. SiliCycle has the largest offering of functionalized silica gels (SiliaBond®) in the market. These are packed in SPE for various applications in organic chemistry. We are looking for distributors for Latin America, Europe, Africa, Middle-East and Asia. Please set a meeting with us at our booth.
1603The UN-SCAN-IT software converts scanned graphs to useful (x,y) data, and can automatically digitize strip charts, instrumental output, published graphs, old graphs, etc. Additionally, the UN-SCAN-IT gel software turns your scanner into a high-speed densitometer and allows you to automatically analyze and quantify electrophoresis gel images. Windows and Macintosh versions under $400.
Our revolutionary high quality HPLC columns offer extremely high resolution with up to 100,000 plates/column. Our columns provide 20-50% lower back pressure than similar columns, as well as excellent durability and reproducibility. Our wide variety of stationary phases provides users with unique chemistries. Columns range from nano to prep scale and from lengths of 10mm to 500mm. Imtakt is celebrating its 10th anniversary. Silvertone is Imtakt's North American partner company.
3881Manufacturer of disposable plasticware for hospital, industrial and research laboratories since 1975. We offer in over 70 countries around the world hundreds of innovative products, including a great variety of tubes, containers and racks for transport and sample storage, embedding cassettes and accessories, many models of microcentrifuge tubes, PCR tubes, strips and plates, cluster tubes, and a full range of deep well plates, cryogenic vials and storage boxes.
742We design and manufacture standard catalog and OEM optical component mounts as well as linear and rotary positioners, with thread pitch from 20 to super-precision 170 TPI. Our products are used in a wide variety of industrial systems and research applications, notably laser-based optical systems, optical instrumentation and life sciences research. In business since 1972, our specialty is component miniaturization to help you meet design goals for next generation systems. All products are RoHS compliant, and are manufactured in Grants Pass, Oregon, to strict environmental standards.
Complete automated Total Cyanide Analysis. EPA approved and adapted in the Federal Register: “Method Kelada-01” Latest in discrete analysis technology for wet chemistry automation truly designed and dedicated for environmental applications. Continuous Flow Analysis for both nutrients and industrial applications including Total UV Nitrogen/Phosphate, MBAS, Phenol. Robotic analyzers automated BOD analysis, pH/EC, Titrations, sample-prep. Total Organic Carbon Analysis (solids and liquids). Total Nitrogen analysis (solids and liquids). ToxTracer for rapid Toxicity analysis.
Our company founded in 1992, is an all-in-one company specialized in developing, producing and selling X-ray fluorescence analytical instruments. X-ray fluorescence technique is rapid, accurate and non-destructive. It can be used in fields that require elemental detection or compound constituent analysis from Na to U.
Manufacturer of instrumentation and accessories related to VOCs analysis and GC. Key products are SMart Nose®; a mass spectrometry based electronic nose, and INDEx; a needle for solid phase extraction. Global fingerprinting with SMart Nose® is faster, easier and more reproducible than GC-MS. The technique combines the advantages of e-noses and MS. INDEx, a micro purge-and-trap system, allows the VOCs’ extraction and concentration for manual or automatic GC analysis. SMart Nose Inc. provides services, applications development and is distributor of the polymers and GC columns from CTChrom for complex environmental, food and chiral compounds analysis.
Our company has built a solid reputation as a reliable, responsive and friendly supplier serving independent distributors and private label agreements world-wide in over 90 countries. The Hta brand of autosamplers for liquid, headspace, SPME and Solid Phase Extraction applications are extensively used by many GC and HPLC manufacturers and sold through many distributors onto existing chromatography models. Our Cronus line of syringe filters, chromatography vials, small instruments and HPLC columns complement one of the largest ranges of UV and Hollow Cathode lamps available and the QLA range of dissolution products. See for more information.
Our company provides rapid application focused solutions for material research and identification, industrial hygiene, cleaning validation & quality control. We use a range of advanced technologies that include microscopy, FT-IR spectroscopy, and IMS to provide you with the most rapid, easy-to-use, and accurate tools available for chemical analysis needs.  Increase the speed and reliability of your chemical analysis with solutions including:
IlluminatIR — Infrared Microprobe,  IdentifyIR — Portable FT-IR Spectrometer,  IONSCAN-LS — Ion Mobility Spectrometer,  FT-IR Accessories & Libraries.
The Society is a professional membership organization that has been providing scientists with the educational and networking tools they need for 50 years. We are the official publishers of the internationally recognized, peer reviewed journal Applied Spectroscopy.

Spectrum is a 21 CFR Part 11 compliant industry standard software which has the capability to cater to complete Product Quality Management and Process Optimization.  Integral to Spectrum is the SPC (Statistical Process Control), which provides an efficient means of collecting and presenting process information in order to facilitate process understanding, provide the required information to achieve continuous improvement and share information and knowledge. Spectrum provides the right foundation to enable an organization to keep improving on quality standards for Total Quality Management (TQM).

1940As the ELSD Innovators, we set new standards for performance and affordability with 5 models for any lab, from high throughput pharmaceutical to educational. Evaporative Light Scattering Detectors replace or complement other detectors for sensitive detection independent of absorbance, fluorescence or electro-activity. The NEW Model 1400, designed for use with Rapid Resolution and Ultra Performance LC Systems, maintains peak widths <1 sec, and fits Agilent systems with ChemStation control. Exclusive Thermo-Split™ technology provides sub-ambient operation and a continuously variable split ratio, for precise vapor phase control and optimized sensitivity.
4281Vibra-CellTM by Sonics & Materials, is the most technologically advanced high-intensity ultrasonic liquid processor available to the researcher and industry. The equipment is both capable and versatile, with process applications such as nanotechnology dispersing, deagglomeration, blending, cleaning, cell disruption, sample prep, homogenization, emulsification, particle size reduction, transesterification (includes biodiesel production), soil testing, degassing, and atomization. Vibra-CellTM safely process a wide range of organic/inorganic materials (microliters-liters) with units from 50 watts to 1500 watts. Ancillary accessories are available.
HPLC: systems, modules, spare parts (micro, analytical, prep). NEW PUMPS: dual-piston, hi-lo mixing, isocratic-quatenary. NEW HIGH SENSITIVITY ABSORPTION DETECTORS: fixed, multiple, variable. RI: analytical, prep, fluorescence. NEW AUTOSAMPLERS: Basic (QC), Midas (analytical), Triathlon (methods development). NEW SPARES: lamps for ABI-PE, Beckman, Hitachi, Agilent, Shimadzu, TSP, Waters. SMB (Simulated Moving Bed): process chromatography enabling substance mixtures to be continuously separated and extracted in two fractions.
Our company designs and sells picoliter-scale ultrasonic fluid dispensing systems and chemically functionalized substrates. Sonoplot's products are aimed at applications such as biological microarrays, polymer-based and printable electronics, and semiconductor packaging. The Sonoplot GIX Microplotter Desktop is a bench top picoliter fluid dispensing system capable of drawing spots, lines, or arcs as narrow as 5 microns. The patented ultrasonic fluid ejection enables the deposition of a wide range of fluids, including high-viscosity solutions. Integrated digital video and precise positioning allow for targeted dispensing.
Our company is dissolution, content/assay testing and physical testing equipment for laboratories in the pharmaceutical, medical device and nutraceutical industries. Dissolution testing from manual, semi-automated and fully automated for USP Apparatus 1, 2, 5 and 6. USP 4 Flow-Through Apparatus for poorly soluble products, stents, APIs, suspensions, microspheres, implants, and more. Automated physical testing of tablets and powders including tablet hardness, thickness, diameter, weight, disintegration, friability, tap density and flowability. New Fiber Optic Dissolution, Tablet and Active Ingredient Pharmaceutical Processing Systems, Automated NIR.
3013VirTis, FTS and Hull brands offer a full line of premier freeze-drying systems for the benchtop, process development, pilot and production scale. The Genevac product line ranges from personal evaporators for benchtop research to high throughput systems, designed for parallel processing of large solvent volumes. Hotpack products provide high quality scientific equipment including environmental chambers, stability chambers, incubators, and glassware washers and dryers. FTS Thermal offers low temperature baths, traps, immersion probes, chillers and air streams to meet any low temperature process control requirements. OEM inquiries are welcome.
Our company is a leading supplier of autosamplers, Online SPE and uHPLC components & systems for OEM and end-user solutions. With an impressive track record, Spark is the industry standard for OEM autosamplers, ranging from cost-efficient to high-end state-of-art instrumentation. Furthermore, Spark Holland supplies the unique Symbiosis™ online SPE system. Using disposable SPE cartridges, Symbiosis systems combine automated sample preparation and (u)HPLC into one efficient solution, enabling true integrated LC-MS applications for Pharma, Environmental, Clinical and Food analyses.
Sales, Distibution and Service in the Americas, for Specac LTD.
2210We design, manufacture and supply infrared (IR) spectroscopic sampling systems for the laboratory, pilot plant and process stream. Products include the Golden Gate Diamond ATR system, diffuse reflectance accessories, gas and liquid transmission cells plus a full range of Atlas hydraulic (XRF) presses and dies. Also, we will be showing process cells, probes and turn-key NIR spectrometer systems for on-line and near-line industrial applications and our Portable Liquids Analyser.
Exhibiting a complete line of Optical Components and coatings for spectroscopy: Beamsplitters, windows, lenses, prisms, mirrors, filters, ATR elements, spheres, aspherics, hemispheres, cylinders, dichroics.
Coatings include: Beamsplitters, filters, environmental protection, abrasion resistance.  All substrate materials of interest in spectroscopy. 
Our company designs, manufactures, and services a broad array of atomic spectroscopic instrumentation used to analyze the elemental composition of solids and liquids.  Using ICP, optical emission or energy dispersive x-ray fluorescence (ED-XRF) measurement techniques, SPECTRO's instruments address the analysis requirements of a variety of end markets, including, metal production and processing, environmental testing, hydrocarbon processing, aerospace, food processing, and pharmaceutical.
2041Instruments, training, service, and applications support for machine condition monitoring based on used oil analysis. Products include the Spectroil oil and fuel analysis spectrometers, the LaserNet Fines-C particle shape classifier and particle counter, the FluidScan handheld lubricant condition monitor, the Fuel Sniffer fuel dilution meter, the Spectro-Visc automatic viscometer, the Spectro-FTIR, the T2FM ferrography laboratory, and accessories for automation and the analysis of large particles. Services comprise complete turnkey oil analysis laboratories including instruments, software, installation, training and support.
937Manufacturing and supplying quality consumables to the ICP-MS community since 1988. With extensive experience in ICP-MS and ICP-OES techniques, we bring a unique level of expertise to the manufacturing process. We supply sampler and skimmer cones for all the major brands of ICP mass spectrometers, glassware, tubing, electron multipliers, standards for spectrochemical analysis, metals digestion systems (HotBlocks™), autosamplers and inert sample introduction systems (Apex™). Whether sample cones or accessories, Spectron stands behind all the products we sell and is committed to the highest level of customer satisfaction and support.
Our company is a leading provider of consulting and training services in the areas of spectroscopy, multivariate statistics, and analytical method development. We serve numerous industrial markets including pharmaceutical, chemical, nutrional supplement, food, and petrochemical.
2357For more than 23 years, Spectroscopy has been the only publication dedicated to the spectroscopic sciences. The in-depth coverage of this science provided by Spectroscopy continues to connect industry professionals with the critical information, research, and instrumentation they require. Every issue reaches over 24,300 qualified subscribers, leading the way in all areas of spectroscopy, with peer-reviewed research articles and technical reports on innovative applications and instruments, tutorials on key techniques, productivity-boosting columns, and comprehensive news coverage of products and industry events.
1981, 2081We're your best source for over 15,000 fine chemical products in Drops to DrumsSM quantities. We offer more than 2,000 USP/NF/FCC grade chemical products and over 50,000 laboratory equipment and supply items. Our 2,000 page catalog includes organic & inorganic chemicals, reagents, solutions, high purity solvents, life science products, labware, equipment, glassware, plasticware, and gloves. Our California and New Jersey plants are ISO certified, FDA registered and operate under cGMP, and our Shanghai facility is now serving customers in Asia.
Our company is a worldwide leading manufacturer of Glow Discharge Spectroscopy Instruments for analysis of either conducting or non-conducting solid materials, surfaces and layer systems. We are specialized in development of systems and equipment tuned to demanding industrial requirements. SPECTRUMA's competences are in analyzing the chemical compositions of homogeneous and coated materials and offering instruments and user-friendly software solutions that comply with the high-performing requirements of ISO 9000ff.
3725, 3825
Our company: Inorganic and Organic Certified Reference Materials; Organometallic Oil standards; Standards for AA, ICP, ICP-MS, IC, GC & GC-MS. Matrix based CRMs are available through our European subsidiary, SPEX CertiPrep Ltd. SPEX SamplePrep Equipment includes a large selection of laboratory mills including: cryogenic grinders, our tissue pulverizing Geno/Grinder® ideal for DNA/RNA or pesticide extraction using our new CryoStation and CryoBlocks; manual and automated lab presses; automatic electric fusion fluxers and flux, and XRF Accessories.
We are a worldwide leading manufacturer and distributor of sample preparation equipment and consumable supply items for the routine operation of the typical SEM, TEM, LM, SPM and surface analysis laboratory. The SPI Supplies website has become the world’s “reference source” for information about microscopy sample preparation and equipment maintenance items. We are also known as the innovator in our corner of the microscopy and microanalysis market, being the first to bring to commercial realization now familiar products such as colloidal gold probes and silicon nitride membrane window grids.
Our company, one of the leading Chemistry book and journal publishers, offers insightful, sought-after content from the world’s most prestigious scientists. Highlights of the portfolio include journals such as /Accreditation and Quality Assurance/ and the new /International Journal for Ion Mobility Spectrometry/.  References, texts and online book series, such as the renowned Advances in Polymer Science, round out our collection. Interested in a free journal sample? Have a proposal to discuss with one of our knowledgeable publishers? We are happy to hear from you: stop by our booth, or visit us at

Gas and Liquid Chromatography systems.  Sales, Installation and service OEM and Private label configurations available.  Visit our website:

4877US manufacturer with over 20 years of experience providing analytical solutions in Gas Chromatography. Our proprietary Peaksimple USB software is included with each system at no additional charge, including free upgrades. We provide competent technical support, Two year manufacture's warranty, together with a complete line of associated detectors, columns and consumables all made in the USA. Our systems can be used with many EPA & ASTM methods. Let us custom confugure a GC for your application!
Our company designs and manufactures a full line of high pressure OEM pumps and precision fluid path components for HPLC and other instruments. The company also distributes complete chromatography systems (detectors, autosamplers and software), through our worldwide distributor network. Pump capabilities include 18,000 p.s.i. (at 5 ml/min) for UHPLC, Preparative Flows, Flash, LC Column Packing and Microflow. All are available as kits, with Stainless or PEEK fluid path. Since 1967, SSI-LabAlliance has provided innovative products to the HPLC industry, with the highest quality and value.
Leading sales agent in Japan and Korea representing clients producing innovative spectroscopic and analytical instruments, accessories, software and spectral databases. Offering 32,126 ATR-FTIR spectra. These are offered as complete database or in application subsets. Also, 50,000 SDBS FTIR transmission spectra, complete or in subsets; and an over 6,000 Raman Database. Also offering unique FT-IR and Raman micro accessories and sample handling accessories including; Diamond mini-plane; Diamond EX’Press compression cell; micro contact monitor, micro-vice holder, EZ-Pick II sample handling systems and Solar Cell testing equipment.
Our company is a provider of a High Throughput Automation solution for sample tracking, Quality Assurance and complete reagent management. STaCS DNA produces a LIMS product that provides a complete sample tracking solution through all scientific processes, users, instruments and laboratories allowing you to use only one software product. STaCS interfaces with other laboratory software to allow efficient data flow throughout the process, eliminating the need to create separate worklists for each instrument. STaCS is a LIMS solution for the Genomics and Life Science laboratories.
With a 20-year focus on Laboratory Informatics, STARLIMS Corporation is a world-leading provider of LIMS (laboratory information management systems). STARLIMS® is a comprehensive off-the-shelf solution to manage complex lab processes, safeguard valuable data, and ensure regulatory compliance. Designed as an entirely web-based application, STARLIMS represents an important step beyond traditional web-enabled LIMS. The company also offers a unique solution that integrates structured and unstructured data into a single web-based platform. STARLIMS serves a wide spectrum of labs in every industry, and has been deployed in hundreds of labs worldwide.
Our company produces quality cells for applications in UV/Vis spectroscopy, fluorescence, colorimetry and laser applications with volumes starting at 5ul and light paths from 0.01mm to 100mm as well as optics which are manufactured to specification. As an accredited lab by UKAS under ISO/IEC 17025 and ISO Guide 34, Starna produces NIST traceable UV reference materials, near Infrared reference materials, DNA and RNA 260/280 ratio references and fluorescence reference materials. Starna also manufacturers glass filters for micro plate readers as well as a 96 well micro plate adapter for validation of micro plate readers with Starna's reference sets.
Our company is introducing the Vortex Mixer, a lab size model designed to mix difficult to blend materials such as silicones, polymers, epoxies, waxes, pigments and powdered additives. The centrifugal force created by spinning the material in two opposite axes simultaneously produces a high shear blending effect, thus mixing the materials inside the cup and deaerating them at the same time.
We manufacture a variety of low cost, miniature spectrometers and accessories for the UV-VIS-NIR wavelength range (190-2300nm). Complete systems available for absorbance, transmittance, reflectance, fluorescence, OES, and LIBS measurements. The instrumentation is designed rugged for research quality results in the lab, process line, or field.  Along with our free SpectraWiz Spectroscopy Software, customizable LabView and VBA+Excel programs are included free to allow users to implement their own analysis techniques to their favorite StellarNet spectrometers.  Come see us at booth 528!
4362Manufacturer and marketer of membrane filters, specializing in the production of silver metal membranes. Our disc filters can withstand high pressure and harsh environments, and make an excellent surface for XRD, SEM, and IR analysis. Additional products include: high-pressure stirred cells, cross-flow membrane holders, solid phase extraction (SPE), Empore SPE Extraction Plates, track etched membranes, membrane filters, syringe filters and glass microanalysis holders.
Displayed are: new field viscometer, portable and disposable viscometers which include disposable sample tubes and multi- sample preheating block, high pressure and temperature viscometers (up to 50,000psi and 350oC), caulking and falling needle viscometers (0.1 to 10^9cP, ASTM adopted).  These viscometers use the same falling needle principle to measure viscosities for Newtonian and non-Newtonian fluids, intrinsic viscosities, zero shear rate viscosities, yield stresses, particle settling rates, and fluid densities.  Absolute accuracy is better than 1% without any instrument calibration.
We produce optical microchip sensors, offering robust real-time compositional analysis and detection of biochemical interactions. In native form the sensors monitor liquids at optical wavelengths allowing ‘concentration tracking’ & ‘compositional finger printing’, when functionalised the sensors become highly selective biochemical detectors. We provide solutions for; laboratory use in life science and chemical formulation research; distributed industrial systems for mulitzone process monitoring within pilot and production environments; and deployable bio-threat detection systems for use in defence/security and medical diagnostic applications.
Our Tri-Stack™ laboratory fume hood exhaust systems meet requirements of ANSI Z9.5 (2003). The award winning Tri-Stack systems are available for single exhaust or manifold systems on a common plenum up to 240,000 cfm. They offer maintenance free, continuous operation. Unsightly tall stacks, with associated expensive mounting hardware and guy wires are eliminated. Smart Fan® option minimizes use of electrical power while maintaining a safe lab environment.
741We offer the largest assortment of scientific and medical refrigeration on the market. Models include built-ins, undercounter, free standing; finished-in-white, stainless steel, and antimicrobial steel with or without glass doors. Sizes range from 20 to 80 inches tall including ADA compliant units. New models include undercounter two or three drawer refrigerators/freezers and frost-free built-in freezers with or without icemakers. Electronic locks available on any model. Options include: digital temperature controllers, locks, dollys, thermometers, alarms and more!
Our products include autosampler syringes, vials and caps; syringe filters and membranes; dissolution vessels, flasks, cannulae; Micro-titerplates, sealing matts and other high quality glass and plastic supplies. These products are designed and manufactured to exacting specifications and subjected to rigorous quality control standards during production, as well as prior to shipment. Once processed into our warehouse, the products are stored in a clean environment to decrease any chances of contamination.
4332We provide chromatography columns and supplies for analysis and purification. Product areas include:Ascentis® HPLC columns, Discovery® SPE product lines, Discovery BIO HPLC columns for biopharmaceutical applications, flash chromatography systems, radiello® sampling system, Equity® and SLB™-5ms capillary GC columns, packed GC columns, chiral columns, SPME, molecular imprinted polymer technology, chemical standards, ProClin™ preservatives, ion exchange and adsorbent resins, carbon adsorbents, TLC, and chromatography accessories. Customized products and services, including application development, resin processing, and small-unit packaging.
2513Equipment for supercritical fluid extraction, reaction chemistry, and high-pressure fluid applications. SFE/SFR systems: 5 ml to 5 liters; automation and data handling options. Stand-alone CO2 pumps. Customized systems for non-standard applications, including SCWO. SFT Phase Monitor is ideal for visual solubility determinations of liquids and solids in supercritical CO2. New: HPR-Series Reactors; custom built to your specifications; 50 ml to 5 liters. Consultation services, contract research, parts and service.
Our company provides Analytical Services for customers needing advanced solutions in Microscopy and Materials Analysis. SVTC Analytical Services support global requests for techniques such as TEM, SEM, Auger, SIMS, FIB, TXRF, VPD-ICP MS for Analysis covering a wide variety of Materials in all Emerging Technology Markets. Leveraging decades of Semiconductor based Analytical skills, SVTC now helps customers in the Bio, MEMS, Solar, Advanced Materials and Major Energy Markets where there are needs for advanced Material Analysis and Microscopy.
Headquartered in Solon, Ohio, U.S.A., Swagelok Company is a major developer and provider of fluid system solutions, including products, assemblies, and services for the research, instrumentation, pharmaceutical, oil and gas, power, petrochemical, alternative fuels, and semiconductor industries. ISO 9001:2000 & ISO 14001 certified custom manufacturer of fluid system products. Fluid system products include fittings, valves, gauges & transducers, regulators, miniature modular systems, tubing & tube supports, sanitary & plastic products, quick-disconnects, filters, hoses, welding systems, sample cylinders, tools & accessories.
3964Established in 1997, Syagen Technology is an analytical instrumentation company that has developed leading mass spectrometry technology for conducting high-speed molecular analysis. The company's patented instrumentation was originally developed for aviation security and chemical threat detection. Syagen has adapted this technology to meet critical high-throughput analysis requirements in rapidly growing niches in biopharmaceuticals, drug discovery and biotechnology.
3277Now you can perform laboratory grade whole-air VOC analysis in real time. The Voice200® SIFT-MS based instrument from Syft Technologies is compact enough, sensitive enough and fast enough to meet the tough demands of commercial, industrial and research applications including container air analysis, food and flavour chemistry, border security, occupational health and safety, environmental monitoring, breath research and medical laboratory analysis. No columns, no solvents, no sample preparation and with accuracy down to 50pptv, gas phase chemistry just became easier.
Our company offers a wide range of particle size, shape, and image analyzers, for both lab and process application. Our HELOS is recognized as the classic Laser Diffraction analyzer, covering a range from 0.1um to 3,500um, with both Mie and Fraunhofer analysis of results. Highly engineered sample dispersion modules include 3 wet dispersers, and the famous RODOS dry powder disperser. The new QICPIC high-speed dynamic particle shape and image analyzer can quickly process 1 million + particles and output shape distribution, as well as sort by user-specified filter conditions. NanoPhox offers PCS with minimal dilution, for nano particles and emulsions.
565The Original oil-free scroll vacuum pump - Anest Iwata ISP/DVSL vacuum pumps; also providing RGA and Turbo Carts; High-capacity oil-free scroll and hydrocarbon-free blower pumping systems & featuring a new line of standard and Chemical-resistant Diaphragm pumps. Pumping capacities ranging from 3.8cfm to 125cfm. OEM parts and OEM authorized service for all Anest Iwata manufactured scroll pumps. Proudly offering Total Support (TM) – the Industry-Standard Setting single point of contact maintenance services for most roughing and high vacuum pumps including repairs, parts and shipping.
We are a Canadian research facility specializing in synthesizing and analyzing pharmaceutical related compounds for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and fine chemical industries. Our focus is on the custom synthesis of reference standards, metabolites, isotopically labeled internal standards, impurities, degradation products and other fine organic chemicals.
A leading developer and supplier of award-winning scientific software products and services, recently released SigmaPlot 11®, the most advanced scientific graphing and data analysis software available. Used by more than 250,000 scientists, researchers and engineers across a wide spectrum of disciplines for data and statistical analysis, SigmaPlot allows its users to present their data using exact, publication-quality graphs. Ask about our new lines of gene regulation analysis and LIMS software.
4475Wet Chemistry Made Easy! The EasyChem Plus and high throughput Pro discrete analyzers utilize the most advanced discrete technology available for environmental applications. EasyChem has been specifically designed with respects to USEPA methods, dynamic ranges, MDL’s, PQL’s, and a wide variety of sample matrices. EasyChem performs multiple parameters on samples without operator intervention. Lowest operating costs with minimal reagent usage and waste generation. USEPA approved Non-hazardous Nitrate methodology now available for water, wastewater. Sample preparation equipment: TKN and metals digesters.
2048The Systec brand of IDEX Health & Science produces multi-channel OEM fluid degassing modules that are recognized worldwide as the standard of excellence in fluid degassing products for manufacturers and users of analytical instruments.
Our company is proud to be the recognized leader in thermal analysis, rheology and microcalorimetry through innovative products, excellent training and superior customer support. We recently introduced the NEW ARES-G2, the world’s most powerful and versatile research-grade rheometer. Our Q-Series thermal analyzers are unmatched in quality and performance and with the recent acquisition of VTI Corporation, TA Instruments now offers a complete line of gas and vapor sorption analyzers. Our NanoDSC, NanoITC and TAM microcalorimeters are industry standards for pharmaceutical and life science applications.
Our company specializes in precision machining of plastics and non-metallics. We also design and manufacture our own line of Spring Energized Seals and Rotary Lip Seals. Tamshell currently serves industries such as Medical, Pharmaceuticle, Aerospace, Fluid Metering, HPLC and many others. With over 25 years of experience in precision plastic machining you can trust Tamshell with any plastic applications that you may have.
Our company manufactures a comprehensive line of wireless and stand alone Data Loggers with innovative web based data collection, and remote monitoring and notification features. Included in the line are models for recording and remotely monitoring temperature, humidity, voltage, current, pulses, events, etc. Data collection options include an innovative hand-held portable unit with graphical display and a network connected data collector with built in Ethernet interface and an 802.11b option. T&D Corporation, the world’s leading supplier of wireless data loggers, has manufactured high quality electronic measurement systems since 1986.
Our company is a premier publisher of scientific and technical books, journals, and electronic databases. Visit our booth to browse our special offers on new and bestselling titles, plus our flagship title, CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics. In addition to traditional disciplines we also offer titles in proteomics, sustainability, computational chemistry, catalysis and drug discovery. Pick up free sample copies of our chemistry journals and sign up for free trials of our online CHEMnetBASE and CHEMLIBnetBASE reference libraries.
Our company manufactures organic reagents. 2008-2009 Laboratory Chemicals Catalog lists 20,000 items including analytical chemistry reagents such as Ion-Pair reagents, HPLC labeling reagents, GC derivatizing reagents and e.e. determination reagents. TCI also manufactures HPLC columns. **Introducing NEW Chiral HPLC columns capable of wide applications and especially effective with carbonyl compounds (esters, lactones, ketones, carboxylic acids and N-block amino acids). Visit our website today:
4843High-quality products for spectroscopy: light sources, light guides, fiber-optic switches and fiber-optic probes, spectrometer modules, operating electronics. (Multi-channel) spectrometer systems for multiple applications in lab or process, e.g. concentration, filter transmission, color, thin film thickness. Optical instrumentation as remote control biomass detection systems. Various software support from programming tools to applications. Custom designed components and systems.
Our company is a leading global player in the Life Sciences supply industry that specializes in solutions enabling the discovery of pharmaceutical substances, as well as for genomics, proteomics, and diagnostics. Clients include pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, universities and laboratories. In 2005 REMP became part of the Tecan Group. Tecan is active in 52 countries and has manufacturing sites in the US and in Europe.
Our company is the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of Vibration Isolation Tables and Platforms. Key features include the Gimbal Piston® Air Isolator for vertical and horizontal vibration isolation and the patented CleanTop™ II spill-proof steel-honeycomb Optical Tops. Active and Passive Tables and TableTop™ Platforms are available as well as Floor Platforms for SEMS, TEMS, and NMR Spectrometers. New products include ElectroDamp PZT hybrid active systems, STACIS ® piezoelectric active vibration isolators, and Lightweight Breadboards. TMC has full custom capabilities.
Our company is online scientific publishers. We publish the only open-access journal for scientific posters ( ). Free publication is available to Pittcon poster presenters - come to the booth to discuss. We also operate a number of sector-specific web portals, mostly in the drug discovery area and thermal analysis. Targeted avertising and ePromotion services are available.
We manufacture a complete line of OEM intelligent drive solutions which embed motion control, drive and PLC functionalities in a single compact unit. Based on MotionChip(TM) DSP technology they cover all type of brushless, DC, linear or step motor applications from 25W up to 3kW. All products are fully programmable using the built-in motion controller and EasyMotion Studio software. Motion modes as contouring, profiling, gearing, electronic camming, PVT are easily executed in stand-alone or multi-axis configurations. Our Motion Libraries compatible with PC and PLC industry standards simplify the system integration. Starter kits are available.
2435Our company is the world’s leading manufacturer of advanced systems for laboratory, ambient air, petroleum, point-source mercury monitoring, and methyl mercury analysis. With pioneering expertise in cold vapor atomic fluorescence detection, Tekran® continues to expand and refine products for measurement of ultra-trace mercury levels. Our equipment is known worldwide for accuracy and dependability, and continues to exceed customer expectations. Tekran is powered by TSI, an international leader in environmental measurement technology providing world-class design, manufacturing and customer support facilities that help Tekran meet global market demands.

Our company is a trusted manufacturer of a wide range of quality Vacuum Instruments and Gas Mass Flow Instruments. Our vacuum product line includes the original DV-4 and DV-6 thermocouple gauge tubes, along with other vacuum sensors used in combination with meters and controllers that cover a wide range of vacuum pressure from atmosphere to ultra high vacuum. The gas mass flow line of meters and controllers cover a broad range of flow rates from 5 sccm to 15,000 slm that includes a variety of flexible options for outputs, calibration, and fittings. We also offer custom flow meters to meet your industry specific needs.


The new CombiFlash® Rf systems provide rapid, productive purification of organic compounds. Method automation via RFID technology instantly detects column type and size, and programs a default method, flow rate, and pressure limit. The system automatically sets flow rate, equilibration parameters, default gradient, and pressure limit for a column – reducing start time and reducing errors.  Our precision syringe pumps deliver accurate flows of virtually any fluid, and are ideal for ultra-HPLC, liquefied gases or supercritical fluids. Flow rates are from sub-microliter to 400 ml/min flows at up to 20,000 psig.

1480A global designer/manufacturer of high performance infrared photodetectors operating from 1-26 microns.  Teledyne Judson Technologies IR photodetector expertise include Ge, InGaAs, InAs, InSb, HgCdTe and PbS(e).  Multi-element and single-element photodetectors are available with cooling options using thermoelectrics, cryogens, and Stirling engines.  Our IR FPA expertise include InGaAs, InSb, & HgCdTe products.  Teledyne Judson Technologies provides custom solutions in design, electronics, and packaging for any IR requirements. Applications include FT spectroscopy and classical spectroscopy used in the pharmaceutical, petrochemical, food, and cosmetic industries.  An InGaAs camera will be demonstrated.
Our company is a US - based designer and manufacturer of instrumentation and chemical standards for trace metals analysis. Our products include a line of ICP Spectrometers, Mercury Analyzers (CVAA and CVAF) and high purity standards. This year at Pittcon, we will introduce a new DC Arc Spectrometer for direct analysis of solid samples as well as a new line of Mercury Analysis products which radically simplify the chemistry associated with Hg measurements. Stop by booth 1480 to discuss how we can help you achieve your trace metal analysis goals.
Our company is the leader in analytical instrumentation for the laboratory. Our world-renown Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) products include systems for Gas Chromatography Sample Introduction, High-Throughput Purge and Trap sample concentration, Static and Dynamic Headspace analysis, Whole Volume Air Sampling and Sample Automation. Our Total Organic Carbon (TOC) and Total Nitrogen (TN) Analyzers provide unparalleled accuracy, precision, throughput and robustness for water samples from semiconductor-grade to municipal wastewater. All our instruments have 21 CFR Part 11 software tools available for your compliance needs, validation documentation, and services and training.
1613TEL manufacturers a complete line of airflow monitors for laboratory fume hoods, VAV fume hood controls, controllers for fresh air bleed and room pressure applications. Air flow monitoring and controls for hospital isolation rooms, explosion proof hoods, kitchen exhaust hoods and bio-safety cabinets. Distributed throughout North America by Holland Safety Equipment (847-680-9930). (
Cryo-Gloves®, Cryo-Apron®, and Cryo-Industrial® Gloves. Provide protection in ultra-cold environments. Designed for bio-medical, laboratory, aerospace and industrial applications. Introducing PINK Cryo-Gloves® and Cryo-Aprons® in support of Breast Cancer Research.  MADE IN USA
Our company is a privately owned, independent service organization whose main goal is to serve you, the customer, in the most prompt, courteous and economical fashion possible. Since we're service-focused, not sales-focused, we can keep 'obsolete' instruments running longer!  Constantly trained in cutting edge technology, we service gas chromatographs, mass spectrometers, liquid chromatographs, concentrators, autosamplers, and more!
3773EasyProbe with Vega SEM technology, featuring the Easy SEM touchscreen control system with fully integrated one-touch EDX analysis. EasyProbe joins Lyra FIB-SEM, Mira-II FE-SEM and Vega-II VP-SEM featuring: Wide Field Optics, In-Flight Beam Tracing, BackChannel diagnostics and remote operation. New features include: Positioner navigation, Drawbeam lithography, In-Beam detector, CL detector, live stereo imaging, and the extremely large 24 cubic foot XXL SEM chamber.
We believe in HARDCORE RUGGED TECHNOLOGY. We only make the strongest toughest gas generators around. What’s amazing is in the long run OUR GENERATORS ARE MORE ECONOMICAL than our competition. Why? Higher grade parts, revolutionary design, and an outstanding lifespan of 10+ years!  Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Ultra High Purity Air (UHP) Generators, Zero Air (Hydrocarbon-Free Air) Generators, and More! Come see our Ultra-Quiet House Air Booster, on display this year!
We are the world’s leading supplier of supercritical instruments for chromatographic analysis, extraction, reactions and purification. The 2009 booth features new products including the SFC-MS Prep 100 and a multi-channel methods development SFC system. Phone: 412-967-5665, Email:  Website:
Our company is a leading manufacturer of general purpose and clinical centrifuges since 1932. Our wide variety of centrifuges incorporate an exclusive and patented horizontal rotor which allows for quick and easy sample loading and complete horizontal separation. The ParaLens microscope adapter offered by our sister company, QBC Diagnostics, provides a cost-effective alternative to fluorescent microscopes and can easily be attached to any conventional microscope. Our personalized, dependable customer service can be counted on before and after the sale.
1972For over 60 years, The Lee Company has pioneered the development of miniature fluid control components for automated liquid handling in medical and scientific instrumentation and medical disposable applications. Products include high quality 2 and 3-way miniature solenoid valves, latching solenoid valves, high speed micro-dispense valves, nozzles, press-in check valves, calibrated flow restrictors, fixed and variable volume pumps, custom manifold systems and other inert fluid handling components.
Our company, ASBPE’s 2008 Magazine of the Year, provides compelling print and online coverage of the latest developments in the life sciences including research, technology, and business. We entertain and inform our readers, keeping them up-to-date with research advances, business, culture, technical innovations and career advice.
Our company is a leading supplier of color measurement systems for various color using industries and is represented in over eighty countries. Products are manufactured and exported globally via a well-established distributor network.   Tintometer will be exhibiting their latest developments including the new PFXi series for the measurement of liquids including petrochemical, edible oil and pharmaceutical products. They will also be showing the latest range of reflectance measuring systems for powders, gels and various opaque samples.
2219Since 1971, Thermcraft has earned a reputation for manufacturing quality heaters and furnaces for high temperature operations. Since its inception, Thermcraft has continued to meet the needs of customers around the world. Thermcraft has continued to expand its product lines and now manufactures a wide range of ceramic heaters along with ovens, furnaces, electronic temperature sensors and controls, vacuum formed insulation, vacuum formed ceramic fiber heaters, diffusion furnace heaters for the semi-conductor industry and a variety of other complimentary products.
1432, SR04, SR05, SR06, SR07, SR08, SR09, SR10, SR11
Run your lab, run your experiment. Demand our products whenever you need to go farther, analyze more and move science forward. Visit our exhibit and see world’s largest portfolio anywhere including analytical instruments, reagents, laboratory consumables, equipment, and services. Whether you need an instrument, an entire application workflow, or laboratory workstations, think Thermo Scientific.  You’ll find Thermo Scientific innovation and the latest products to help you run your laboratory at peak performance and run your experiments from start to finish. See the entire Thermo Scientific line up at
51 years experience in thermal solutions and temperature measurement - Manufacturing of MI shielded cables: temperature sensors to 2300°C, resistive thermometers, heating cables and elements to 1000°C– Specialised in heating devices: heating platens, ovens….: Full engineering capabilities (welding, soldering, brazing, 3D design) - Technical assistance - Customized assemblies: electrically isolated, uniform, reliable, high temperature, high watt density, vacuum, UHV, corrosive environments - Development laboratory - Prototypes, Preseries, Series - ISO 9001 - 14001 - OHSAS 18001 - ATEX - COFRAC ISO 17025
The THINKY mixer; with or without the use of vacuum, mixes, disperses, mills and degasses materials (0.5g to 5kg) in seconds to minutes in your container such as jar, beaker, syringe or cartridge. Patented THINKY mixer is now applied to wide range of application, by 18,000 users in the world.
Perfection in Plastics – we start where others quit! High-precision, microstructured systems and components thinXXS Microtechnology AG develops, produces and distributes micro-structured components and systems made of plastics. We are a certified OEM supplier for companies in the fields of medical technology, life sciences and the commercial industry. Our service offering: Consulting, engineering and production of customized microfluidic systems (e.g. lab-on-a-chip), micropumps and other active microfluidic elements.
Our company specializes in automated sample preparation. Our product lines include DEENA Automated Digestion Systems and ERICA Automated Reagent Delivery Systems. DEENA automates the sample digestion process by adding reagents and standards, agitating, and performing a final dilution. ERICA automatically adds reagents, agitates, and performs a final dilution to the samples. DEENA and ERICA allow technicians to simply load the samples on a rack, select a method in the software, and walk away. DEENA and ERICA free the operators and technicians from mundane and time consuming sample preparation.
Our company has been serving the worldwide scientific market as a distributor of laboratory supplies, equipment and chemicals since 1900. We represent over 1000 manufacturers and carry over 500,000 products. Our goal of finding new and unique products has been constant. This goal reflects the ever changing needs of our customers and the technological advantages of the manufacturers we represent.  Our mission: Helping science to create a better world by providing quality products with personal, timely and efficient service. You Focus on the Science...We'll Focus on You.
Recognized worldwide, Tiger analyzers save our customers time and money through increased yields and reduced waste, with field-proven performance at over 600 points. Our analyzers are the trusted choice, (used by 9 national standards laboratories), with absolute accuracy, fast real-time response, high sensitivity, freedom from calibration, exceptional ease of use and low cost-of-ownership. Tiger Optics is represented in the United States and internationally by a select group of sales and service organizations. For additional information, visit
613Products and Solutions for Scientific Filtration and Separation Technologies. Serving Bioscience, Life Science, Industrial Processing, Laboratory Testing, Food & Beverage and Water Treatment.
Our company is a leading provider of innovative, automated solutions for SPE, HTS and Genomics - specializing in 96/384 well pipettors, microplate sealers, automated tissue homogenizers. Our new Quadra 4 family of pipeting workstations offers the latest in pipetting technology with an embedded PC, easy to program software in a compact, space saving instrument.
873World’s smallest GC-TMS instruments are fast, accurate, and reliable for field or laboratory measurements, and combine rapidly programmed capillary gas chromatograph and toroidal ion trap mass spectrometer. The GUARDION™-7 weighs less than 28 pounds, is battery operated, and hand-portable. A target analyte library facilitates automated compound identification. The miniature GC-TMS is ideal for rapid (~3-min) screening of chemical agents, explosives, and hazardous substances. Torion® also offers a line of CUSTODION™ SPME fiber syringes for sample collection, preparation, and GC injection.
1477, SR19As specialists in liquid chromatography, we offer pre-packed columns and bulk resins under the TSK-GEL, Toyopearl and ToyoScreen brand names, and a dedicated system for GPC analysis, the EcoSEC GPC system. This year’s booth will feature our TSK-GEL ODS-140HTP reversed phase columns, our new non-porous, larger particle sized ion exchange TSK-GEL STAT columns and TSK-GEL SuperMultiporeHZ semi-micro GPC columns. The EcoSEC GPC system delivers unsurpassed efficiency, reliability, and reproducibility and is on display at our booth.
Our company manufactures standard and custom fused silica microfluidic chips as well as highly-integrated monolithic optical analyzers designed for various fluid characterizations. Using proprietary femtosecond laser–based fabrication processes, Translume creates devices or chips that combine optical waveguides, microfluidic components, and micromechanical (glass MEMS) elements. Our products provide robust compact solutions for biomedical, research and industrial applications.
3828TriForest Labware is specialized in reusable autoclavable polycarbonate plastic labware as well as disposable plastic containers for packaging. Our current product line includes: Lexan Polycarbonate media bottles, sterile Erlenmeyer PC flasks, PC culture tubes, vials, centrifuge flasks, and PETG bottles. TriForest also does contract manufacturing for custom projects. We listened to our customers who wanted a choice and created the products they desired, our products exceed the highest quality standards in the industry.
4115Do you have a problem in your life science laboratory that cannot be solved with an off-the-shelf solution? TTP LabTech is a provider of development services to life sciences companies and can help you find the solution. Our design teams mix biology, chemistry and engineering skills drawn from across a number of different industries which when combined with our creative thinking allows us to build a solid understanding of your requirements. Innovative and practical solution can then be fully designed, tested, optimised and delivered along with a comprehensive support programme ensuring long terms value is obtained.
Our company offers compliance services like no other certification body. We offer clients fast world-wide market access because our in-country experts in more than 62 countries and 360 locations allow us to own the process, not outsource it. Besides being an international expert in the field of regulatory compliance, our expertise goes far beyond CE Marking. In the lab and in the field, in highly industrialized and developing countries, our engineers perform product evaluations to certify conformance to safety and quality standards for producers and end-users alike. For more information on TUV Rheinland, please call 1-888-743-4652.
We produce optical components: optics for spectroscopy, FTIR; optics for pyrometry and thermography; optics for THz; astrooptics; passive optics for CO2-, YAG- and other lasers; components for DUV-photolithography. We produce lenses, windows, prisms, mirrors, IR polarizers, Golay cells, off-axis parabolic mirrors, notch-filters, high-precision astro-mirrors and lenses&systems. We deal with materials: Ge, Si, ZnSe, ZnS, GaAs, CaF2, BaF2, NaCl, KCl, KBr, crystal quartz, fused silica, sapphire, different types of glasses and plastics. Different types of coatings (antireflection, high-reflection, separating/combining coatings, DLC).
2104Our program is a voluntary, partnership program whose mission is to promote innovative chemical technologies that reduce or eliminate the use or generation of hazardous substances in the design, manufacture, and use of chemical products and processes. The Program accomplishes these goals through multiple activities including: The Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Awards, designing tools, databases, and educational materials; and supporting research through grants and fellowships.
Our company is an international, non-governmental organization committed to advancing public health worldwide by collaborating with industry, academia, and the government to establish standards for developing and testing quality medicines. Authoritative for drugs marketed in or exported to the U.S., USP standards include specifications for testing, analytical method development, and instrumentation. USP disseminates its standards through official USP Reference Standards, the USP–NF and other publications, and Pharmacopeial Education courses offered online and at locations worldwide.
Our company manufactures a complete line of innovative silica based and poly-styrene divinylbenzene based solid phase extraction columns. Our product line also includes a full array of chromatography products including derivatizing reagents, GC liners, HPLC columns and manifolds. Other innovations include our environmental and agricultural testing products, such as QuEChERS and Universal cartridges, used for extracting pollutants from waste and drinking water following EPA methodologies.
Our company manufactures instrumentation for carbon and sulfur analysis, kinematic viscosity and molecular weight analysis.  Our coulometer-based carbon and sulfur analyzers offer calibration-free analysis in the range of 10ug - 100mg carbon or sulfur per sample. Our unique acidification module allows for the direct determination of inorganic carbon or sulfites.  Our viscosity equipment conforms to ASTM D445 and offers a low cost alternative to fully automated equipment.  Our Vapor Pressure and Membrane Osmometers are used to determine number average molecular weights of soluble materials in the range of 100 - 1,000,000 Dalton.
UKTI is the Government organization that helps overseas companies bring high quality investment to the UK's vibrant economy - acknowledged as Europe's best place from which to succeed in global business. We provide support and advice to investors at all stages of their business decision-making. In addition, UKTI helps UK-based companies succeed in an increasingly global economy. Its range of expert services are tailored to the needs of individual businesses to maximise their international success.
Our company produces over 450 models of high-voltage DC to DC converters. Output voltages are available in ranges from 0 to 62V through 0 to 50kV with output power from 4W to 250W with nominal 12V to 24V inputs. All types can be operated as low as 9Vdc or as high as 32Vdc with derating. All models are analog programmable and DAC ready. Units feature output over-current protection with self-recovery. Ultra-low ripple is available down to <3mV.
2356Visit the UNICO exhibit for our line of Scanning UV/Vis Spectrophotometers, Single, Split and Double Beam units will be on display as well as economical visible wavelength units. Come see our line of Lab Equipment such as Mixers and Centrifuges along with our microscopes: traditional bright field, stereo zoom, compound and inverted microscopes. New Distributor Inquiries welcome. Se habla español
Starline Plug-In Raceway is the next generation in raceway systems and was created to meet the ever-changing power distribution and datacom needs of research, pharmaceutical, university, hospital and data labs.  This innovative design offers a flexibility that no other product has – the ability to add or relocate electrical outlet modules anywhere on the raceway quickly and easily – without shutting down power!  Simply snap the pre-assembled plug-in modules into place on the raceway backplane and the connection is made automatically without having to interrupt power.  Consider making Starline Plug-In Raceway your Flexible Power Solution today!
2048The Upchurch Scientific brand of IDEX Health & Science includes precision molding and extrusion in the manufacture of OEM products as well as standard components. Products include complete fluidic solutions, including tubing assemblies, kits and components. Assembly and kitting products and services include custom tubing (sizes, lengths and materials), fittings and connectors, as well as custom forming, labeling and packaging.
Our BioImaging Systems range from the entry-level BioDoc-It™ gel documentation system to the advanced, automated BioSpectrum® MultiSpectral Imaging System for applications including 1D and 2D, fluorescent, chemiluminescent and colorimetric imaging. New systems include iBox® Small Animal Imaging and Colony Doc-It Counting systems. UVP manufactures a wide range of ultraviolet products including UV lamps and light sources, UV transilluminators, UV crosslinkers and cabinets, UV incubator, HEPA/UV PCR systems, UV intensity meters plus hybridization ovens.
We are a custom designer and manufacturer of a variety of tools for liquid mixing and transfer. Unique magnetic stirrers mix and heat viscous liquids and slurries in bottles, vials, tubes and microplates (from 24 to 1536 wells). Mixing reservoirs for keeping particulates in suspension while pipetting. Increase manual throughput with aspiration and dispense manifolds for microplates and tubes. Small volume liquid transfer pin tools for nanoliter to microliter volumes, use manually or with automation. Come see the V&P alligator!
100% oil free vacuum pumps, rotary vane pumps, digital vacuum gauges/controllers and related products. Our compact diaphragm pumps and chemistry vacuum systems offer 24/7 performance with exceptionally low noise and vibration.  The PTFE/fluoroelastomer construction provides outstanding chemical resistance and long term stability; ideal for rotary evaporators, distillation, concentrators, vacuum ovens, gel dryers, filtration and more; 23 to >200 L/min, oil free vacuum to 0.2 Torr. Several new designs are debuting at Pittcon. See them up and running.
Our company measures relative humidity, dewpoint, carbon dioxide, oxygen and lab environment parameters. Reliable measurement. Dependable service.
4365Manufacturers of pH, DO, ISE, ORP, and conductivity sensors for continuous process or laboratory analysis. Specialize in custom designs and harsh applications.
Produce easy to use, high-pressure V-800 Microwave Digestive System. Manufactures LC-2008 HPLC system and custom manufacture UV detectors. Also manufacture Visible, UV/VIS and AA spectrometers, with popular UV, UV-VIS, and UV-VIS-NIR spectrophotometer cells. Our cells comply with international standards and are compatible with many brands of spectrophotometers.
2141, 2241Italian company with 25 years of experience in design, manufacture, distribution and services of laboratory equipment. It’s nowadays a key reference for laboratory and research centres all around the world. Products range from food and feed, water analysis to stirring solutions. The main activity is to develop, to produce and world wide sales of analytical instruments such as: -Kjeldahl apparatus, fat and raw fiber extractors; BOD, COD, incubators, Jar Test; overhead stirrers, heating magnetic stirrers, vortex mixers.
Our award-winning SmartLab™ GMP Electronic Notebook System and LIMS Accelerator Tool Kit eliminates today's QC process paperwork; replacing it with electronic data capture that can be checked as it is acquired and shared across the enterprise. All lab instruments are integrated and the system works with existing LIMS, CDS and ERP systems. Applicable in Development, Quality Control, and Manufacturing operations, VelQuest’s solutions reduce cycle times by over 50% and labor costs by 20% compared to manual, paper-based processes.
2015Standards and supplies for spectrochemical analysis, analytical chemistry services (elemental analysis) and technical services (including instrument training) for atomic spectroscopy. Products include ICP/ICP-MS: aqueous and metallo-organic calibration standards, autosampler tubes, pump tubing, quartzware, cones; AA/GFAA: standards, autosampler cups, HCL lamps, GFAA tubes; XRF: standards, sampler cups, window film; IC: standards; inorganic QC check samples for water and soil analyses; Physical properties standards for petroleum products, graphite crucibles for gas analysis.
3117, 3217, 3417The VICI Companies (including VICI AG) design and manufacture parts / accessories for precision analytical, and biocompatible instrumentation. VICI Cheminert features injectors and fittings for HPLC and UHPLC. The VICI Valco line includes valves, fittings, pneumatic and electric actuators, sample loops, and temperature controllers, gas purifiers, and GC detectors. VICI Metronics manufacture gas permeation devices for gas standards, peek tubing, containment traps. VICI Precision Sampling produces syringes, Mininert valves, and tubing. VICI Gig Harbor manufactures capillary columns and reduced-breakdown liners.
Our company, is market leader in advanced chromatography (SEC/GPC), offering complete systems for protein molecular weight, size and aggregation measurements, and synthetic polymer molecular weight and distribution. Its dilute solution viscosity (DSV) instrumentation provides manual and automated solutions for polymer characterization. On show are the Triple and Tetra detector for absolute molecular weight measurement without calibration, the new online PhotoDiode Array Detector for chemical identification and new HT-GPC for High-Temperature GPC of polyolefins and other synthetic polymers.
Custom designer and manufacturer of high voltage diodes, multipliers, rectifier assemblies, power supplies and optocouplers. Diodes range from 1kV to 20kV, 3000nS to 30nS reverse recovery time in axial-leaded, hermetically sealed, or surface mount packages. Standard power supplies range from 8kV to 125kV. VMI designs custom power supplies for the medical, industrial, and portable-X-ray power supply fields. Optocouplers range from 2.5kV to 25kV and feature high gain. They are useful in high voltage switching applications, and applications using remotely controlled, lower voltage circuits. ISO9001:2000 Certified.
1834World Leader in Complete Screening Services for over 150 years. We offer ASTM E-11 and ISO 3310-1 sieves, the Industry Standard Ro-Tap Sieve Shaker, and NIST Traceable Certification Services. NEW Technology - Electronic Sieve Shaker, countertop unit, quiet operation to be highlighted in our booth. CPA (Computer Particle Analyzer)

Our company carries a complete line of Mechanical Laboratory Solid Media and Liquid Chemical Blenders, Immersion Blenders (6 1/2" - 21" LONG), Homogenizers, Grinders, Stirrers, Mixers, Food Processors and related accessories to maintain explosion resistance, timing and speed control.  Waring has been a world leader in blender products for over 70 years.  Our products range in size from 12 - 37 ML TO 4 LITER.

Our company specializes in configuring, modifying, and customizing gas chromatographs exclusively from Agilent Technologies for use in the lab and in the field through process solutions. We design a system that may add extra ovens, valves, plumbing, columns, electronics, software, and other specialized components to yield a complete solution for each customer and sample condition. Wasson-ECE also provides complete lab and environmental hardware to assist in every day challenges. These products include sample cylinder autosamplers, Tedlar bag autosampler, SUMMA can cleaner and autosampler, sample concentrator, and dynamic blender.
4240, SR42, SR43, SR44, SR45
Our company helps laboratory-dependent organizations by providing breakthrough technologies and solutions. Pioneering a connected portfolio of separation and analytical science, laboratory informatics and mass spectrometry, Waters provides the tools to improve the quality of today’s science and explore the infinite possibilities of tomorrow’s. Waters, The Science of What’s Possible.
We are a leader in providing innovative thermal solutions for analytical instruments to the life sciences industry.  This year, Watlow will feature miniaturized thermal solutions that help improve system performance for gas chromatography, mass spectrometry, thermo gravimetric analysis and many other applications.  The Ultramic® 600 advance ceramic, FIREROD® cartridge, Cast-in and Circulation, and Polyimide heaters can all help to improve the performance of your applications.  Our sales engineers are readily available to help your project from concept to completion.
Our company is the world leader in peristaltic hose pumps and tube pumps. We have over one million hose and tube pumps for metering, transferring and dispensing shear sensitive, abrasive and aggressive fluids in every industry. As the world's largest custom peristaltic pump source for OEM applications we can supply units designed in the closest co-operation with our customers, so that the pump becomes a perfect fit of their product. Our pumps are a product of our mechanical, electronic and fluid engineering expertise that has been developed over 50 years of being the technological leader in peristaltic pumps.
2318Japanese quality manufacturer of small peristaltic pumps for OEM applications. Tool-free installation and tubing replacement, stable discharge rate, long life of tubing.

Our company has built a strong reputation as a leading source for analytical standards and reference materials. Our native and stable isotope labeled compounds are used around the world in analytical, environmental, toxicology, and research laboratories. Major product lines include chlorinated dioxins/furans and PCBs, fluorinated alkyl acids/sulfonates/alcohols, as well as a full line of brominated flame retardant compounds. Our synthetic and analytical chemists, in coordination with all of our support staff, ensure you the highest quality, purity, and service available anywhere.

Our company specializes in fluid handling solutions for the laboratory. Products featured include Vaplock Closed Systems for solvent containment, the Nanobaume high pressure capillary column packing unit, inert solenoid pumps and valves, LC columns, and an ultrasonic level sensor and control. Ideal for use with HPLC systems, Vaplock products minimize leaks, spills, and vapor escape from solvents in the laboratory, conform to a broad array of standard storage vessels and provide an effective means of sealed solvent delivery and waste disposal. Also specializing in custom solvent closures and OEM fluid handling solutions.
A division of Western Enterprises, a Scott Fetzer Company, is a leading manufacturer of compressed gas equipment and customized gas delivery systems for the Industrial, Medical and Specialty Gas Markets. Western is based in Westlake, Ohio and has been manufacturing quality compressed gas equipment for over 50 years.
4460, SR36
Our company is a manufacturer of laboratory supplies. Our Sample Preparation products include glass and plastic bottles and vials, closures, environmental glassware, filtration glassware and sampling devices. Our Lyophilization Supplies include serum bottles and vials and stoppers. Our Life Science products include media bottles, tissue grinders, bioreactors and roller racks. Our Liquid Handling Products include dispensers and pipettors. Wheaton also offers several custom services such as specially designed containers, linear and 2 D bar coding, critical cleaning, and surface treatment.
Our company will be exhibiting our complete line of environmental water, soil, air, biosolids, and microbiological Proficiency Testing (PT), and Quality Control (QC) standards for NELAC, state and CALA accredited laboratories. Wibby Environmental is fully accredited by A2LA/NELAC and approved to supply PT standards in all 50 states and Canada. Stop by to see our complete line of CALA compliant standards designed for our Canadian customers that are distributed exclusively in Canada by Delta Scientific.
1903, 2003
Our company was formed as a result of the acquisition of Blackwell Publishing by John Wiley & Sons, Inc., and its merger with Wiley’s Scientific, Technical, and Medical business. Wiley-Blackwell publishes approximately 1,400 scholarly peer-reviewed journals and an extensive collection of books with global appeal. For more information please visit
2174On display will be easy-to-use portable mid-IR instruments for such applications as on-site biofuel measurements including % biodiesel in diesel and % ethanol in gasoline, determining fat, oil and grease concentration levels in wastewater, ambient air analyses for measuring anethestic gases or SF6 for fume hood studies or other specific IR gases, and various other quantitative QC or at-line process control measurements.
Service and Support for GC/ LC/ GCMSD Instruments and their accessories. Our services include PM, IQ/OQ, hardware repair, refurbished instruments, instrument recycling and disposal, parts and consumables, parts for older and obsolete instruments. We are Experts in HP/Agilent products and many others. Our Field Service area covers all of the Great Lakes Region. Our Bench Repair and other services reach and serve both National and International Customers. We are in business to serve.
Our company manufacturers high-performance instrumentation for scientific and industrial applications focused on solutions for Optical and Scanning Probe Microscopy. Through innovation and the introduction of new technologies, the company has seen constant growth. Our successful reputation is based on commitment to customer satisfaction through high quality, flexibility and innovation. See all our Products: Product Summary:300/500/700 Series Microscopes: Near Field Optics, Raman Microscopy, Atomic Force Imaging, Raman Spectral Imaging for Nondestructive sample analysis at nanometer scales and minimal preparation.
A member of Imerys, we are the world’s leading supplier of engineered products derived from diatomaceous earth and perlite. The product development subsidiary, Advanced Minerals Corporation, develops and commercializes high performance products based on innovative material science technologies. With an ever growing list of patents and proprietary processes, Advanced Minerals can offer tailored solutions to the most complex processing problems. Brands include: Chromosorb®, Celite®, Celpure®, LRA®, Micro-Cel® and Celkate®. We have sales offices and distribution partners throughout the world.

Light scattering for the Masses! The DAWN family of multi-angle light scattering (MALS) instruments for HPLC/GPC/SEC/FFF for determining absolute molecular weights and sizes of polymers, biopolymers, macromolecules and particles in solution. DynaPro Titan Plate Reader for automated dynamic light scattering (DLS) for particles as small as 1 nm. Optilab rEX (refractometer with EXtended range) can be used over a dynamic range of 2.35 million. The Eclipse field flow fractionation (FFF) device separates colloidal suspensions and can be fully automated, while the ViscoStar is an on-line differential viscometer for determining intrinsic viscosity.

Our company is the exclusive North American Distributor of the ElvaX EDXRF product line. These compact, portable systems are ideally suited for qualitative and quantitative analysis of metal alloys and other solids, liquids and powders. The Elva-X series includes desk top, mini-units including systems measuring from Na to U. Our services include sales of new and rebuilt equipment and on-site service support, system calibration and radiation safety audits on XRF equipment and standards by a variety of manufacturers. We also supply a wide range of EDXRF calibration standards and standards certification.
If you perform LLE, stop by and see why our new FunnelFit™ Conical Filters for Solvent Drying Applications are 10 times faster to use than quadrant folded filter paper. We also provide complete solutions for Oil and Grease monitoring using EPA Method 1664A SPE which will improve your labs profitability and productivity. Our triple layer Xenomax® SPE filters and leak-proof apparatus extract wastewater samples 3-6 times faster than hexane LLE. If you need simple solutions to complex problems, visit with us today.
OEM Electronics for advanced x-ray and gamma ray detectors and related instruments, with applications in research, industry, and homeland security. Our core technology is high-performance digital pulse processors available in both flexible stand-alone and dedicated embedded configurations. From low-power, handheld spectrometry through extremely high count rate applications to integrated multi-element systems, XIA provides solutions that advance the state of the art yet are affordably priced.
Our company is the leading manufacturer of x-ray optics and application specific x-ray analyzers. Advanced x-ray optics can often increase the sensitivity of measurements by more than a factor of 1000, while decreasing the measurement time, increasing accuracy, and decreasing the size and cost of analytical equipment. XOS designed and manufactures the SINDIE-7039® for the measurement of sulfur in petroleum products. The ASTM standard D 7039 was written specifically for the SINDIE technique. XOS recently invented the High Definition X-Ray Fluorescence (HD XRF) technique to serve the toxic measurement needs in the toys and electronics industries.
3781Our company conducts joint research with Kyushu University to develop analytical instruments for the determination of residual pesticides and surfactants in environmental waters, soils and foods etc. One of the products from the joint research is a flow-controlled pumping system, PRO-6000, consisted of a syringe pump and a multi-position valve, which enables programming flow sequences and flow rates on a touch panel display. The developed flow-controlled pumping system, PRO-6000, combined with a surface plasmon resonance immunosensor for the determination of parathion methyl and anionic and nonionic surfactants will be exhibited in Pittcon 2009.
1954, 2054
Our company is the leading provider of YMC brand HPLC columns and bulk packings to the Americas. Located in Allentown, PA, USA, YMC America offers YMC packings in particle sizes ranging from 2 to 150 microns. Other products include prep HPLC columns and systems from bench to process scale, glass columns and microreactors. For more information please see
1954, 2054
Our company maufactures YMC brand HPLC columns and bulk packings. YMC packings are available in particle sizes ranging from 2 to 150 microns. Other products include preparative HPLC columns and systems from bench to process scale, glass columns and microreactors. For more information please see
1954, 2054
Our company is the leading supplier of YMC brand HPLC columns and bulk packings throughout Europe and the Middle East. Located in Dinslaken, Germany, YMC Europe offers YMC packings in particle sizes ranging from 2 to 150 microns. Other products include preparative HPLC columns and systems from bench to process scale, glass columns and microreactors. For more information please see
740We offer not only ceramics parts but also metalized ceramics and assembly ceramic parts. As characteristics of our ceramics, low inclusion of alkali metal and low gas leakage are widely recognized by our clients, therefore, our ceramics are widely used for parts of Differential scanning calorimeter, Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer, X-ray analytical instruments and Focused Ion Beam. We are very careful of Green Purchase. All of our ceramic parts are qualified for RoHS. And we are qualified by SONY GP System. We will work with you to ensure that you get optimum results out of your ceramic designs and characteristics.
We manufacture a line of application driven NIR analyzers that are most often used in the petroleum and food industries.
Our company supplies a range of sophisticated systems and solutions for applications in biotechnology, modern drug discovery, combinatorial chemistry, screening and synthesis, and standard laboratory automation. As a customer you get reliable hardware and excellent software and premium support backed by 30 years accumulated experience in automation and liquid handling.
Our company designs and manufactures Fast GC Accessories that increase productivity and profitability. GC Racer (fast temperature prgramming) and GC Chaser (fast oven cooling) feature simple, rugged designs that are cost effective and provide fast ROI. They can be used independently or bundled together. They are fully automated and controlled by the host GC.
Our company offers zirconia- and titania-based products for chromatographic method development. We provide a wide variety of column chemistries for reversed-phase (including LC-MS), ion exchange, normal phase and chiral chromatography. ZirChrom HPLC columns are renowned for their unique selectivity, exacting reproducibility, high efficiency and ultra-stability. These columns may be used at both ambient and elevated temperature (to enhance LC-MS sensitivity and to reduce analysis time). Specialty products are available for in-line protein removal, phosphorylated peptide isolation and monoclonal antibody purification.
1017Our company delivers oxygen analyzers for gas atmospheres. On the basis of many years of experience we can suggest whether an external device or an in-situ probe will be the best option. Additionally, we can fulfil most unusual requests for model modifications. Examples are variable housing sizes, housing types, probe length, screw-in gadgets, vacuum flanges, customized value output. Besides the serial production of oxygen probes and oxygen measuring devices we offer individual solutions and quality concepts for a wide application spectrum.
4219The Loop Modulator is leading hardware for comprehensive 2 Dimensional Gas Chromatography. We supply GC Image Software for analyzing GCXGC data acquired from various GC platforms including Agilent 7890/ 6890, Shimadzu 2010GC/ 2010PlusGCMS, Jeol AccuTOFMS, LECO Pegasus GCXGCXTOFMS and Varian 450. GC x GC provides about an order of magnitude improvement in the overall performance (resolution and sensitivity) of a gas chromatograph. The technique has found applications in almost every aspect of volatile and semi-volatile organics analysis. On display this year; The ZX2 – Cryogen Free Thermal Modulator, GC Image R2; and applications from Zoex.

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